Monday, July 28, 2008

Casual Labour

Written by the Smooth rebel (July 2000)

I walked up to the front desk of 'The Richardson Hotel', I'd successfully completed my interview with the restaurant's manager, David, the previous Saturday and today was my first day at work. He was very welcoming and friendly, young for a manager he looked only about 28 or 29, with short dark hair and thin glasses.

I wore a plain white shirt with a blue name tag, reading 'Hi My name is MATT', and black trousers. The uniform was the same for girls but skirts instead of trousers. I didn't really know anyone there but a few used to go to my college, so I could recognize some faces. The woman behind the desk directed me to the dinning room which was nothing more than a hall filled with about twenty round tables, each seated four.

David greeted me and showed me through into the fairly small kitchen where she introduced me to a few of the other waiters and waitresses. They were all around my age, eighteen, and seemed friendly enough. The restaurant was due to open for its evening meal at a 6pm, having half an hour until then, he decided I needed to be shown around. He called out for a girl called Sophie, when she arrived I was amazed. Most of the girls here were fairly good looking, probably because the manager could pick the employees himself, but Sopie stood out from the rest.

She had natural blonde hair tied tightly back away from her face in a ponytail that fell down past her shoulders. Her complexion was immaculate and her body was perfect. She wore a tight fitting black skirt that was dangerously short for work, her long, bare legs were smooth and slender with curvaceous calves that showed she obviously worked out. The shirt she wore was buttoned up but was tight enough to hug every part of her rounded breasts.

Confidently I smiled and said hello as David introduced us and asked Sophie to take me round the grounds. She smiled as we made eye contact, her lips parted and I remember admiring her large mouth that I dearly wished would one day be wrapped around my eager cock. I tried to concentrate as we went from room to room and she explained where everything was kept and what I would be expected to do. But my eyes constantly wondered over her amazing figure, imagining all the things I wanted to do with her.

At the end of the tour she said I should stick with her for the evening, she would look after me and make sure I know what I'm doing. We spent the evening laughing and joking about the customers and other staff, she must have known I was hot for her because I think she caught me admiring her body on more than one occasion. At the end of the evening I realized I would probably not be working with her next week.

As I went to get my coat she ran up to me. "You're not in any hurry to get home are you?" she asked "only I know where an empty suit is and I thought we could grab a drink from the mini-bar". I was not about to turn down an evening with a beautiful girl like her.

We entered the room, fairly well furnished with wooden cabinets and doors, we sat next to each other on the foot of the large double bed.
As the drink started to flow we talked about many subject but inevitably the topic of sex came up. "So, do you have a boyfriend?" I asked in as unconnected a way as possible.

"Nah, my last boyfriend left to go to college on the other side of the country and I promised him I'd stay single until he gets back at Christmas"
"Jeez, that's nearly a year, you must be going mad" I ventured.
"I am Matt, I try not to think about it but I need some action soon, I want you Matt but I don't want to break my promise, we can't have sex"

I moved closer to her, my heart pounding in my chest, "I can think of a way round that..." Slowly I ran my fingers up her legs, past her knee, up her smooth thighs, towards her knickers. She sighed a long hard sigh and lay back on the bed. I ran my hands further up her skirt until I could feel the soft cloth of her panties. She pushed her hips upwards and released the zip at the back of her skirt then pulled it off.

I removed her knickers lowered my head to her womanhood, she was obviously really horny as her panties were already soaked. Fist I flicked my tongue gently across her clitoris, Sophie let out a long grown of pleasure, as I stimulated her more and more, sending my tongue deeper and deeper into her sweet vagina she started to grind her hips. "I've needed this for soooo long, please, don't stop!" She begged between short shallow breaths. Her breathing increased noticeably before her whole body shook under a powerful orgasm.

Suddenly all her muscles relaxed and she lay on the bed with a huge smile on her lips. "That was wonderful, thank you Matt" she said softly. "My pleasure" I replied. I went into the bathroom to splash cold water on my face and when I returned Sophie was sitting on the sofa watching TV, still without her skirt or panties on. I sat down next to her and placed a hand on her knee as she smiled back at me. She noticed the huge bulge in my crotch that had still not died down. "I guess I owe you one" she said as she brushed her hand over the sensitive area.

I flinched then she started to unzip my flies. Now it was my turn to lean back and enjoy the ride. She eased my tight trousers down and off my ankles as my long cock sprung up and pointed to my navel. She wrapped her petite hands around it and squeezed gently before starting to jerk me off.

My heart was beating wildly, I'd had girlfriends before but none this good looking or this uninhibited! She wet her finger and rubbed it over the head of my cock, globs or precum emerged and she massaged the slippery liquid all up and down my shaft. I opened my eyes to see she was now kneeling between my legs, her face just inches from my very eager member. Her big brown eyes caught mine and with out breaking contact she lowered her mouth to the head of my cock and slowly drew her tongue across it.

I groaned and closed my eyes again as she put my entire body in heaven with her expert hands and tongue. I felt her lips close in on my shaft and sink slowly to the base of my cock.
Up and down, slowly at first, applying a gentle sucking action that was nearly making me cum. I desperately tried to hold off as she moved faster and sucked harder. "Oooooohhh" I groaned as my cock started to jerk, ready to dump its load. She took her hands from my cock and wrapped them round my buttocks as I ejaculated spurt after spurt of cum into her soft wet mouth. After sucking me dry she stood up and calmly continued to watch TV, unaware of me struggling for breath next to her....

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