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Wife Rules, the prequel

Written by Merlin (June 2000)

What led up to my domination by my wife, and her eventual endless affairs with black men is necessary to understand why and how I succumbed to her and her overpowering attitude.

We had been married about five years and our sex life became very predictable....
I climbed on top, pumped with my five inch cock, and came within a few minutes. I was not satisfied, she was not satisfied (she never came) but neither of us knew what to do to spice things up.

It was not so much that I had no imaginagion, nor that she was fridgid, nor that we didn't want to improve things. But truth to tell, like most married people, we didn't know how to talk to each other about our sex life and our needs, what made us happy and what turned us off.
Besides, she had been raised Catholic and had the often present hangups that nice little Catholic girls just didn't really need to enjoy sex, that her job was to keep her husband happy and have kids.

One night, however, I decided to do something to change it, to find that something that would excite my wife and provide her with some excitement. I felt guilty that she never had an orgasm and had not, as far as I knew, ever experienced one.
We had both had a couple of drinks and were loose and both kind of horny. We went to bed after undressing and kissing passionately for a long time.
I rubbed my fingers over her cunt and noticed how wet she had become.

I decided to give her a nice tongue treatment. I dropped to my knees and motioned for her to spread her legs apart. She looked a little puzzled because she had let me know that she wasn't really into having me lick her "down there", but I decided this time would be different.
I began slowly to kiss and lick all around her slit until I could sense her spreading her legs farther and farther apart, her breathing become more hot and heavy and I began to hear little moans coming from her throat.

I knew I would be able to bring her to orgasm if I was persistent and kept licking her. I was right; she gasped, squeezed her legs around my head and shook with a violent orgasm. I was afraid I might be suffocated but she released me after a minute and let me join her on the bed

"That was amazing," she said after she composed herself.
"I'm sorry I didn't do that a long time ago," I responded.
"Oh, trust me, hon, you will from now on. I really wanted you to do that but didn't know how to tell you. I been talking to Susan about it for a long time. Her hubby licks her all the time and she says she loves it."
"God, hon, why didn't you tell me? We coulda been doing this for months."
"I don't know. You know me. I just didn't know how to bring it up."

My wife was not the most self-assured woman on Earth and just couldn't bring herself to broach the subject. But I didn't care. At long last we had found something that would bring her pleasure and satisfy both my needs and hers. From that first, furtive night, bringing with it the much sought release, we practiced this cunt-lapping for several weeks.

Then one night my wife surprised me. "Hon, how would you like just to eat me and not try to make me cum by slipping your cock in? I can only cum when you eat me anyway so why bother with the other part of it?"
"Hmmm, well I don't know, hon. What will I do for release? If I can't slip it in, how am I gonna cum? I mean, well, I don't know."
"Oh, hon, we can find ways to make you cum. I can jack you off. I might even give you an occasional blowjob or you can jack yourself off while you're eating me. I know you get excited when you eat me. I can feel it when you're down there licking."
"Hmm, you know, you might be onto something. OK, let's give it a try for a while and see how it goes!"

I was actually proud of her for being a bit aggressive about our sex life and I half-suspected she had been talking to her friend, Susan, again. "Is this something Susan told you that Bill does?"
"Well, actually she did mention it but I had already thought of it before she told me. In fact, Bill hasn't been allowed to slip it in for months now, and he really is quite satisfied with the arrangement."
"No kidding! Ol' Bill is cut off?"
"Not cut off, hon, he still gets to play with himself while he eats Susan. If he cums, that's his reward for a good tongue job."
"I see, well if it's good enough for Bill, I can try it."

Suddenly the thought of eating my lovely wife and watching her thrash in the throes of an orgasm was making me very hard and horny And as far as not being able to fuck her, I knew I could get my pleasure from jacking myself off. That was no big deal. So for months, even years after that, I ate her pussy till she came, played with myself during or after and shot my load into a cloth, usually one of my t-shirts.

We both enjoyed it and developed more and more variations of the theme which we had created. Often she would tease me by rubbing my cock, even jacking me till I almost came, then saying something like, "You can't cum yet. You have to eat me first. Get on your knees" My cock would strain, and I would get into position almost like a slave and eat her till she groaned and came.

Usually I would cum instantly just after that. The theme never varied much. I always ended up eating her. Very occasionaly she would kiss or suck my cock-head but never till I came. He art was teasing me. She knew exactly how to get me hard and then leave me suspended.
She knew I worshipped her cunt and ass and was a slave to her body, and my need to get to cum as a reward. Her ass is so lovely and I really do worship it. It has these lovely round cheeks that are nice and firm. I told her once that I wanted to kiss it while I jacked off and she quickly saw the possibility of that. From then on she told me to lick her ass as I jacked off.

So I would eat her, get in position to lick her sweet ass and then jack off furiously. It normally took only seconds to get me off. She loved to tease me. During the day she would say and do sexy, lurid things which were obviously designed to get me horny and compliant. She would bend over, revealing her round ass and panties, she would spread her legs and smile at me, saying nothing, knowing that I could see her crotch.
Often during the day she would walk around in the nude or only in her panties and bra and kiss me, then turn and walk away, looking over her shoulder as if to say, "You wimp, I got you just where I want you."
And she was right, I had become a pussy slave, I worshipped her hairy, wet pussy.
I couldn't wait to go to bed and eat her pussy and watch her cum.
Eventually my needs became secondary to hers and it happened so subtly and over such a long time that I didn't realize it had happened until it was too late. One day I realized that I was essentially her sex slave and it was too late to turn back, not that I wanted to.

Often she would tell me that I was not allowed to cum that night, after I had eaten her.
She said, "You need your strength to eat me. Don't come tonight. Just snuggle up against my ass and go to sleep."
And I would.
Slowly my cock would soften and I would fall asleep, frustrated.
During the night I would wake up with a raging hardon and go into the bathroom and jack off, like a little boy hiding from his mom.

She also made me fuck her without cumming. I had to slip into her, stroke her and not cum.
At first it required the most excrutiating discipline and I would have to pull out and just breath deep and think about something else.
She would then tease and taunt me, "What's the matter? Can' t hold back? You better if you expect to eat me tonight. Now get it back inside and stroke me!"
After a few weeks I learned to stroke her for up to half hour and not cum, which had the effect of getting her excited in preparation for my tongue jobs.
If I lost control and came inside her by mistake, I had to go ahead and eat her anyway and lick out all the cum, my own.
I soon learned to control my explosions. As I was stroking her, I could tell when she wanted me to pull out and finish her with my tongue.
She would say, "get down on your knees and eat me." As she said it I could feel my cock twitch in anticipation of eating her out.

As this happened, she became bolder and more self-assured, not just in the bedroom but in her job and with other people. The little wallflower became a queen bee, attracting both women and men to herself. They could sense her self-assurance. She flirted shamelessly with men, especially really good looking young men.

They followed her around like rutting alphas, and she loved it. As far as I knew she never had affairs with them; she only liked the attention she got from them and the control that attended it.
Why would she need them? She had me to provide all her sexual needs.
That would all change when, many years later, after our daughter went off to college, she told me that the rules had changed.

Prequel to other writings by Merlin

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