Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Temp

Written by Dr Jest (July 2000)

She walked up to the bus stop and stood next to me. I didn't notice her at first because my nose was stuck in a book. I felt a tap on my shoulder and the face of an angel was looking down at me. I was sitting on the ground waiting for my bus and she was squatting down beside me looking at me with questioning eyes.

"When does the next bus come?" I watched her perfect lips form the words but couldn't quite seem to hear because my heart was pounding in my ears. My face must have made it obvious how flustered I was. She smiled and asked again slower this time, maybe she thought I was deaf. "When...does....the....next...bus....come?" I focused and answered her.

"In about ten minutes." I was looking deeply into her eyes when it happened. It was a reflex action and could not be stopped. My eyes drifted from her icy blue eyes to her ample cleavage and back again. Her smile was even wider than before and she replied, "Thanks."
She stood up and stood right next to me. My eyes traveled all the way up her body. She was wearing brown leather sandals that lead to the longest legs in existence.
They were sculpted and firm from running or jogging was my guess. Her blue short shorts were painted on her fine ass.
Her flat stomach was adorned with a crystal belly button ring that only accentuated her powerful abs.
The button up shirt she was wearing had only three buttons done; the lower part was tied under her gravity defying 36C's. The top three buttons were undone hinting at the luscious globes just hidden under the cotton material. Her neck was long and regal and her reddish brown hair framed the face of a goddess.

I was in lust. Pure and simple and being kinda shy I felt damned at the same time. There was no way she would ever want anything more from me than 'when is the next bus coming.'
So I did what I would normally do, I burned her image into my brain and enjoyed the view. The bus arrived and we boarded, as luck would have it she got on just before me and I got a close up view of her lovely ass as it wiggled its way aboard.
Was it my imagination or did she look over her shoulder as she waited to pay her fair? Again I chalked it up to the charmed morning I was having. I slid my bus pass through the scanner and sat across from her. I watched her breasts wiggle and jiggle as the bus drove on to its next stops. I didn't stare, but I looked up from time to time from my book. I felt a breath of warm air on my left ear and looked up to see she was gone. Well not gone but moved, she was sitting next to me. I again made eye contact with her and swallowed hard.

"Must be a very interesting book." She whispered in my ear and I could only nod in reply. "How about I give you a new bookmark?" Again I nodded, she slipped a piece of paper in the crease of the pages. "This is my stop, enjoy the bookmark." And she was up and gone. My heart dropped in my chest, she vanished before my eyes.

I closed the book and then my eyes. I should've said something, anything.
Hey I think your cute, care to go out? Nice tits wanna fuck? Just something� fucking coward. But beautiful women do that to me. I just shut down. Ten minutes later and I was walking through the front door of work and was already chalking the morning up to an interesting start to the day. I do temp work and move from place to place, it pays the bills and keeps me from getting bored.
I have been working at this particular sight for about a month. I was a glorified gopher, I did whatever the boss wanted, when she wanted it.
The work was mind numbing but the boss was incredible, beautiful and quite married. I got to my cubby and made my rounds to the coffeepot for a cup of the nectar of the gods. On my way back I heard my name called.

"Morgan." I turned to see Theresa, my boss, standing there. "I need to see you in my office at ten. Bring two cups with you." And with that she turned and walked to her office. I stopped as always to watch her go. She had an incredible ass and her walk was devastating. I blinked myself out of my trance and returned to my desk wondering what she wanted.
Ten o'clock arrived before too long and I headed to Theresa's office with two cups of coffee in hand. She opened the door to let me in and closed the door behind me. I offered her one cup and then sat down. She remained standing and was sipping her coffee as I covertly took in her beauty. She was petite, around five feet, with a very firm body and tits that were to die for. Today she was wearing a white blouse and knee length skirt, both here a little tighter than what she normally wore. Her long raven hair was wore loose and cascading down her supple back. All in all a vision of desire, god knows I have had enough dreams about her.

"You are probably wondering why I called you to my office on such short notice. Well I am looking for a personal assistant on a more permanent basis. I am looking at a promotion and will need someone to take care of the daily chores I just don't have time to attend to. I know you are only a temp but are you interested in a more fixed form of income?" When she said that she set her cup down and leaned forward towards me.
"There are a few perks in the position I have in mind for you." When she said that I blinked and almost thought she meant something entirely different. I couldn't resist, it was after all only a temp job.
"What kind of position and perks did you have in mind?"
When she smiled I almost melted right there.
"Well," her voice was like liquid silver, "why don't I show you."
She went over and locked the door.

She lifted her skirt and I saw she was wearing white stockings and crotchless panties. My eyes were riveted to her crotch as she sauntered over and straddled me, grinding her pussy into my lap. I looked up into her deep green eyes and she leaned down and kissed me.
No! That is an understatement, she welded her tongue to the back of my throat. She took her hands and put my hands on her tits and I squeezed with delight.

They were soft and pliant and she moaned in my ear. My dick went from limp to steel in seconds flat.
She raised an eyebrow and smiled wickedly at me. She reached down and freed my iron hard cock from my pants and rubbed the head against her pussy lips.
"I need you now, later we can have a more in depth meeting, okay?" The way she said okay as she impaled herself forced a deep groan from me.
"Sure." Was all I could get out right then and there. She bounced up and down on me and the sweet caress of her pussy wrapped around me was so intense.
I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the ride. She wanted to do all the work and I was more than happy to let her. She rode me with abandon, her face a mask of ecstasy. She groaned in my ear as she went.

"Fuck me Morgan! Fuck my wet pussy! Do me soooo good!" I grabbed her ass and helped her along as I felt her pussy start to spasm. I licked my finger and eased it into her ass and she nearly went ballistic at that point.
She bit back a scream and I fingered her ass as she rode my cock. She made a cute little uh-huh sound as she got closer to her orgasm. She kept repeating her little noise until she bit my shoulder as she came and I could actually feel her pussy spasm around me.

That almost set me off, but I wanted this to last. So I stopped and let her come still impaled on top of me. After she finished thrashing around I gripped her ass again and started fucking her. Theresa's breathing started coming faster again as she closed her eyes and went with it. She lowered her head to my chest and I could hear her moan each time I buried my cock inside of her.
I entered her slowly and hilted myself each time, just feeling her pussy grip me like a velvet hand was sheer ecstasy. I could feel my dick getting bigger as I got ready to blow, she leaned forward and whispered to me.

"If you are going to come tell me, I need to taste you Morgan."
"Soon," I said, "real soon." She pulled off of me and wrapped her luscious lips around my cock and started bobbing her head up and down on me.
It didn't take long for me to come shooting deep into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed like a pro and wiped the excess from the corner of her mouth. She got up and smiled and raised her eyebrow again.

"Well?" I sat there stunned for a moment enjoying my orgasm and it took me a second.
"Sorry, sure I'll take the job." She knelt down again and put my dick back in my pants and she zipped me up. Theresa helped me to my feet and couldn't suppress a smile.
"We work beautifully together." She said as she unlocked the door.
"I will tell you when I get the promotion and we can have that more in depth meeting."

I staggered back to my cubicle and sat down hard. I just fucked my boss. It all hit me at once. I just fucking screwed my fucking boss! Is this a great country or what! I reached for my book and noticed a piece of paper flutter to the floor. I picked it up and read what was written on it. It said Melissa and a phone number.
No fucking way! I need to buy a lottery ticket.
My luck was running red hot.

(Look for my wonderful encounter with Melissa)

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