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Loving Family

Written by Johnny Hayden (July 2000)

Here I am, thirty-five years old, divorced, two kids to raise by myself and no real prospects of finding a good man to take care of all of us.
I guess that is why I stopped off with the girls tonight and had a few drinks before coming home. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids more than anything and would do anything for either of them. Tim, my handsome seventeen year old son that looks like a Greek God, with beautiful black curly hair, beautiful sky blue eyes and the build of a professional weight lifter.
At six feet tall, he had perfect white teeth and a smile that would melt an iceberg.

His sister, Angela, at fifteen was a drop dead gorgeous young woman. Like Tim, she also had dark black curly hair that hung to the small of her back. The same sky blue eyes, with full, sensuous lips, high, firm breast that were a robust thirty-eight D, slender waist and full wide hips that rode on long well turned legs.

Two very beautiful children that were very popular in school and a great help to me around the house. Some people say that Angela and I look more like sisters than mother and daughter.
I have a good job in an advertising firm and make good money and we really have no worries in that regard, it's just that I get lonesome and would like to have a man around the house to take me to bed and fuck the shit out of me once in a while.
My ex-husband may have been a real son-of-a-bitch in regard to most everything he did but, I do have to say that he could fuck the balls off a pool table and I really, really, miss that part of our marriage.

I shouldn't have stayed at the bar quite so long. The drinks were really starting to hit me and, thank God, I was only a couple of blocks from the house, the bad part was, I had to piss like a race horse.
I didn't know if I was going to make it home or piss in my pants trying to get there. I did manage to get the car into the driveway, unfortunately, I had a hard time getting up the sidewalk to the door.

Once inside I tried getting to the bathroom as fast as possible however, I was slowed down by my staggering walk and bouncing off the hall walls. God, I was really drunk. That's what I get for having all those drinks on an empty stomach. When I finally made it to the bathroom door, someone was taking a shower. I didn't know if it was Tim or Angela, and, truthfully, it really didn't make any difference. This was the only bathroom we had and I had to go and I had to go now; I couldn't hold it any longer. Fortunately the door was unlocked.

Pushing the door open I made for the toilet and just made it. I had my slacks unzipped and they were halfway down my legs when I reached the toiled and hooking my thumbs into the waistband of my underpants and pantyhose, I was sliding them down as I turned around to sit down and just as my ass hit the seat, I cut loose and it sounded like the garden hose filling a tub with water. Coke is not always the pause that refreshes!

As I sat there facing the shower, I couldn't tell which of the kids was taking a shower because of the curtain. That was the least of my worries though. I could feel the bile building up in my stomach and I knew I was going to throw up. I had just finished pissing and had time to slide off the toilet, turn around and hug that bowl when everything came up.

Just as I began to heave the water shut off in the shower and I could hear the curtain being slid back. That was when it felt like my toes were turning inside out and everything from my toes up emptied into the toilet from my mouth. I felt awful and the entire room was spinning around and I had to continue hanging on to that damn toilet or I would fall on the floor. That was when I discovered it was Tim who had been taking the shower.

I could feel his wet body leaning over me but that wasn't so bad, it was his cock pushed up tight against my ass that was the bad part ... it felt to damn good.
'Mom ... mom,' he said, 'what's wrong? Are you all right?'

Irritated with myself for getting into this kind of shape, I snapped back at him, 'No, I'm not all right. Can't you see that I'm puking my guts out here!'

He backed off of me and I felt a lot better because his cock wasn't touching me any longer and I had stopped heaving.
Suddenly he was back and this time when he knelt down behind me, his cock was riding right down the crack of my ass and touching my pussy. In my foggy mind I thought he was trying to shove it into me.
Then he was wiping my mouth and face with a cool, damp washcloth.
With his movements his cock was riding up and down over my pussy lips and they were starting to get wet and it wasn't from the shower water on his body either.

'Here,' he said, 'turn around and sit down on the floor so I can clean your face a little better.' I obeyed his instruction and sat my ass on the floor and leaned back against the toilet. Believe me, I was not sitting like a lady.
My legs were up and apart and my bear pussy was hanging out in full view of his beautiful eyes. I could plainly see that he had a nice big cock hanging between his legs and his nuts looked like golf balls in the their wrinkled little sack. His cock was about the same size my ex-husbands had been, in fact, it may have been just a little bit larger. I couldn't help but wonder if he could fuck as well as he could.

'Can you walked, mom,?' he asked.

'I don't think so.' was all I could manage to reply.

Tim reached down, picked me up in his young, strong arms and carried me effortlessly to my bedroom and lay me on he bed. Without a second thought, he reached down and took my shoes off and finished taking my slacks and underwear off. There I was, naked from the waist down.

Tim sat on the bed beside me and began unbuttoning my blouse and slipping it off. He then pulled me up to a sitting position and, reaching around behind me, unhooked my bra and slid it off my arms as he gently lay me back on the bed. Now I was completely naked and my naked son was sitting there looking at me.

'Here, get under the cover,' he said.

Again I did as he said and as he was about to cover me up, I said, 'lay down beside me for a minute, I want to talk to you.'

Tim slid into bed beside me and covered us both up. I turned toward him and put my fingers on his cheek and he was freezing. 'Oh, Timmy, you're freezing cold, honey. Here, snuggle up next to me and get warm,' I said as I slipped my arms around him and hugged him to me.

To help warm him up faster, I threw my leg over his and pulled him to me even harder and ran my hands up and down his back from ass to shoulders.
'I'm sorry I got in this condition and you had to take care of me, Timmy,' I said. 'I'm also sorry you had to see me naked. That's not something a mother wants her son to do, you know.'

'I didn't mind helping you, mom,' he said. 'I've never seen you in this condition before and, as for seeing you without your clothes, it was a pleasure; you're a very beautiful woman and I enjoyed seeing you.'

'You little devil,' I said as I kissed him on the cheek. You really know how to make your ole' mom feel like a girl again.'
I let my lips brush his as I finished saying that and he pulled me harder to him. His cock was starting to get hard and was again rubbing across the lips of my pussy and I was getting wetter than hell there.
'You had better get up now, Timmy, I think you're getting to warm,' I said.

'Okay, if you want me to,' he said.

'I don't want you to, darling,' I said, 'it's just that I think you really should.' I brushed my lips against his again and held it a little longer.
Suddenly his tongue ran across my lips and, without realizing what I was doing, my lips parted and our tongues were exploring each other.

He had a hand on one of my tits and was slowly pushing me over on my back. The next thing I knew, Tim was between my legs and half his cock was buried in my pussy.
I didn't know what to do. I knew it was wrong, but how could anything that felt so good be so wrong.
'Tim! You can't' I said.

'Do you want me to take it out?' he said.

'Yes! No! Oh, God, I don't know,' I said.

With that he shoved the rest of his cock up my cunt and started fucking me. It felt so God damned good I thought I was gonna' cum on about the third or fourth push. But I didn't. I drew my legs up so he could get it in deeper.
I know it's wrong, but it feels so good and I haven't been fucked in so long, there was no way I could stop, no way in hell.

'Oh, fuck, Tim, just fuck me! It feels so fucking good!'

'I know,' he said. 'I've dreamed about this for so long. I've wanted to fuck you ever since I learned what fucking was.'
With that he leaned down and kissed me again. When we parted he latched on to one of my nipples and sucked on my tit running his tongue around the nipple and biting it softly with his teeth.

'Fuck me! suck my tits! Oh, just fuck me, Tim, shove your dick up my cunt and make me cum all over it!'

With that he started really pounding his dick into me. It was going in and out like a piston in a engine. I could feel my climax building to the breaking point and I know it would not be long before I went over the edge.

Then I felt is cock beginning to swell even larger and his face was getting red and then I felt his cum gushing out into my pussy washing the walls of my insides in his beautiful, youthful, white, boiling hot cum.

As the first squirt shot into me, my climax came and we were rolling around on the bed begging each other to keep cumming because it felt so good. Then he was laying on top of me and his deflating cock was still dribbling the last of his cum into me and he continued to suck on my tit. This had been a red letter day! I had gone out and got drunk; came home and fucked my son. I'm a really good mother.

'Tim, you had better get up and go to your own room,' I said. 'Angela will probably be home at any time now and it wouldn't do to have her find you in bed with me. I think we have done enough damage for one night and I see no reason to let your sister know what we have been doing.'

'Just a few more minutes, huh,' he said. 'Even soft my cock feel so damn good in your pussy. It's so nice and wet and warm ... can't I leave it in there just a little longer and let it soak in our juices? It feels like it's getting hard again and maybe I can fuck you again. I really would like to fuck you again ... I want to do it all again ... fuck you, suck your tits, kiss you, but, most of all, I want to shoot my cum into you again.'

'Timmy, you shouldn't talk like that to me, honey, what we have done is bad enough, much less even thinking about doing it again.' Even as I was speaking I could feel his dick firming up in my cunt and he was already starting to give me little fuck motions and with each one it was getting harder and harder.

By the time I had finished my little talk Tim's cock was rock hard and he was fucking it in and out of me again. It felt so fuckin' good that I couldn't make him stop. I wrapped my legs around his waste and just enjoyed the feel of his wonderful cock fucking in and out of me.

I don't know how long we had been at it when Tim whispered in my ear. 'God, I just love fuckin you. It feels so God damned good ... I'm gonna' fuck the shit out of you. 'Yes, do that, honey, fuck the shit out of me, fuck me until I can't walk, jam your wonderful cock in me as far as possible ... make me cum all over it again.'
Tim would draw it out until just the tip of his cock was between the lips of my pussy and then he would jam it all the way in. He would push it in so fast and with so much force that his nuts would slap against my asshole.

The combined juices from our first fuck and the juice I was producing now was overflowing my pussy and running down the crack of my ass to form a big wet spot on the sheet under us.
All at once, without any warning, he jammed it in and said, 'Ahhhh Fuck! I cummmminnnggg!'

As the first shot of his cum bathed the inside of my pussy I reached my climax and I was cumming so hard that I lost all control and farted so hard and loud that, for a second, I though I was gonna shit right there.
I didn't, but I kept creaming all over his wonderful cock and he kept shooting his cum into me. I thought we were never going to stop. Again, when we were letting the last of our cum pleasure each other, Tim kissed me and told me he loved me.

I looked at the clock and told him we had been at it for about forty-five minutes and he had to go to his room before Angela came home.
We kissed several more times before he finally left but, unfortunately, Angela was already home and had been for quite some time.

Chapter 2

As I lay in bed I couldn't believe it, I had actually fucked my mother.
How many times had I been right here in this bed wackin my meat thinkin what it would feel like to stick it in her and shoot my cum in her.
Now I knew and it felt great! I knew I had to get some more of her pussy. Even after those wonderful minutes spent in mom's bed, the times I had shot my wad in her, I still had a hard on and was slowly strokin' it when I heard my bedroom door being quietly opened. I thought I was really getting lucky and mom was coming to me for some more cock. I couldn't see her because it was to dark in my room.
I felt the cover being turned back and felt her getting into bed with me.
She snuggled up next to me and her lips were right next to my ear and I was almost shocked to death when she whispered in my ear ... 'Did you enjoy fuckin' mom?'

'Angela! What are you doing here?'

She reached over and wrapped her hand around my hard cock and said, 'I was watching through the door as you were ramming this into mom and I just wondered how much you enjoyed going back where you came from,' she said.
'How long have you been fuckin her?'

Not wanting mom to hear us, I put my arm around her to get close to her ear so I could whisper back to her and discovered she didn't have any clothes on. I ran my hand from her shoulders to her ass and she was completely naked.
'Tonight was the first time,' I told her. 'You really shouldn't be here like this, Angela, it's not right.'

'Oh, look who's Talkin,' she said. 'It's okay for you to fuck our mother but it's not right for you and your sister to hug each other while we're naked. You have a strange sense of morality, Tim. Besides, I wanted to feel what you were putting in her and, just out of curiosity, don't you like the feel of my tits against your chest.?'

I had to admit, her hand felt very good around my cock and her tits were almost as big as mom's and I could feel the hard nipples boring into my chest.
I continued stroking up and down her back and as my hand kept running over the cheeks of her ass, she threw her leg across me. When she did that, I slid my hand between her legs and could feel her pussy lips and thick bush of hair covering them.

'Yes, I like the feel of your tits on my chest and I love your hand on my cock. However, if you keep stroking it like that much longer, you're gonna end up with cum all over you.'

'Did you really like fuckin mom?'

'Of course I did,' I said. 'It was wonderful and I hope I can do it again.'

Angela moved my cock between her legs and I could feel it resting against the lips of her pussy, which were quite wet.
'Will you please rub it against my pussy and make me cum, Tim?'
'I've watched you through the keyhole in the bathroom door as you played with it and I've always wanted to feel it against my cunt. I'm still a virgin ,Tim, but I want to feel you against my pussy. I've seen your cock so many times, I just have to feel it next to me, please?'

'Well, since it's already hard and I was gonna play with it anyhow, okay,' I said.

So, I began a slow fucking motion and my cock was getting wetter and wetter as it passed through the lips of her pussy. I had to admit, this was a lot more fun that jacking off and she seemed to really be enjoying it.

'Oh, God, Tim,' she said. 'It feels so good! Suck my tits for me. I want to feel the sensation on both ends at the same time. I've let guys play with and suck my tits, but my pussy has been off limits to them. I want you to do both though.

Bending my head down a little, I took a nipple in my mouth and began running my tongue around it and sucking gently on it as my rock hard cock sawed back and forth between the lips of her pussy.

While I was enjoying it as much as my sister was, she was kissing the top of my head and whispering how good what I was doing felt to her. I raised my head to tell her how much I was enjoying it, too, when she pressed her lips to mine and darted her tongue into my mouth. I shifted position a little to be at a better angle to kiss her and when I did, the head of my cock entered the opening of her pussy.

Angela immediately broke the kiss and, hugging me to her, said, 'Timmy, the head of your cock is in my pussy and it feels fantastic. Keep doing that and I will cum a lot quicker. Oh! Your cock feels great in my cunt.' With that she rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her at the same time. 'Now you can stick it in just a little bit deeper, Tim, please, It feels so fuckin good, I want just a little more in me when I cum.'

Only about half of my cock head was going into her when we started, in this position I was getting the whole head inside and it did feel fantastic. Like mom's pussy, it was wet, warm, a little tighter and it felt fabulous.
As I was fucking the head of my cock into, Angela, I found her lips and started kissing her again. It was a deep tongue probing kiss and I would suck gently on her tongue each time she would stick it into my mouth.

As we kissed and fucked, Angela was rubbing her hand up and down my back, shoulders to ass cheeks. We finally broke the kiss and her breath was beginning to sound ragged and was coming faster and faster. I knew she was about to cum and so was I. I could feel my cum boiling in my nuts and starting its way up my cock shaft.

Just when I was about to pull it out, Angela had her hands on the cheeks of my ass and as I entered her on the down stroke, she pulled my ass down hard and bucked her pussy up at me and my cock was buried in her cunt up to the hilt. Pubic hair against pubic hair, nuts to ass.
By her own choice my sister was no longer a virgin.

Before I could say or do anything she wrapped her arms and legs around me holding me right where I was, my cock all the way in her.
'Oh, God, Tim, my cherry is gone and I'm cummmmiiiigggg! Cum with me big brother, let me feel your cum squirt into me! Fuck me, Tim! Fuck your little sister and fuck me good!'

There wasn't much else I could do. Locked in position by her arms and legs and feeling he cunt muscles milking at my cock, my cum was racing up my shaft and spitting out my piss slit bathing the inside walls of her pussy.

'There it is, baby sister! Take my cum, milk my cock dry with those wonderful cunt muscles of yours. Oh, Angie, fuck me, honey! Fuck your big brother and take my cum.'

I didn't think I would have that much cum left in me but her cunt was full and it was oozing out of her around my cock. She released her grip with her legs and I began fucking my cock in and out of her some more, trying to get every drop of cum out of my balls and into her pussy.

Our combined juices made the going very easy and my cock was sliding in and out of her effortlessly. The cum kept draining out of it and she kept begging for more. Finally, unable to squeeze any more cum out of my cock, I collapsed on top of her and just let my cock soak in all the cum in her pussy.

It was several minutes before we were able to catch our breath and Angie was the first to speak.
She was planting little kisses all over my face, neck and shoulders as she said, 'Oh, Tim, I wish we had done this a long time ago. I wanted to be with you for over two years and now it is complete. I knew it would be wonderful and I love you even more than I did before you made me a real woman.'

I, in turn, was kissing her face, neck and tits and whispering to her. 'I have to admit I have seen you naked a few times but, I'm sorry to say, I never thought about fuckin' you, you were just my little sister. However, after tonight, I don't think I will ever picture you as that again. I think from now own you will be the other woman who lives at our house,' I said.

Right next to my ear she said, 'Timmy, did I do okay? Am I what you guys would call 'a good fuck', I have no way of knowing unless I ask.

'As far as I'm concerned, Angie, you did just fine and I would classify you as a fantastic fuck,' I replied.

'I can feel your dick getting hard inside me again. Can we do it again? Please fuck me again, Tim.'

'Honey, you don't have to beg. I'll be happy to fuck you any time you want and you don't even have to say 'please'. If tonight is any example of what the future holds in store, I will be so busy keeping the women of my family satisfied, I won't even have time for a girlfriend. Why go to strangers when you have such a loving family?'

'As far as I'm concerned, Timmy, those guys I have been going out with are a thing of the past. They will never play with my tits again and it's for damned sure they're never gonna get into my panties.
My tits and my pussy are reserved for my big brother, who is also my lover. The man who is gonna' fuck me right now!'

I did. I began slowly sawing my cock in and out of her pussy until it was rock hard again and we fucked and fucked. It was probably after two in the morning when we finally were so tired we couldn't fuck any more. That's when we fell asleep in each others arms and her pussy full of my deflated cock.

Chapter Three

Both of us awoke being shaken by our mother.

'What the hell do you two think you're doing? No, that's a dumb question. Get up, both of you. Get up now!'

I couldn't help notice that mom was wearing a sheer white nightgown that didn't hide anything. The nipples of her tits and the bush of hair covering her pussy could be plainly seen.
As I turned to get up, I realized two things at once. Angie and I didn't have any covers over us and, even though it was soft, my cock was still in her pussy and when it slid out, it was followed by a stream of our combined fuck-juices.
That juice ran down the crack of her ass to join a rather large spot that consisted of dried cum and blood. Angie hadn't lied to me, she had been a virgin and I did pop her cherry for her. Rather than feel guilty, I felt proud.

'Both of you get cleaned up and get something on ... then meet me in the kitchen.'

If she was so mad, why did she want us to get cleaned up. That was when I looked down and saw that my cock was still slick with cum and blood, too.

By the time I had showered, shaved, put my robe on and arrived in the kitchen, mom and Angie were talking and smiling at each other and drinking coffee.

I was really surprised when my mother said, 'Well, here is our family stud now!'

Not knowing what was, or had been going on, I sat down and began drinking my coffee and looking from my mother to my sister and back again. Both were smiling at me like the cat that had eaten the canary and that's when I said, 'Okay, What's the big funny?'

Mom leaned over and, laying a hand on my knee, she kissed me on he cheek and said, 'Nothing, baby. We were just talking about last night and, Angie, has told me everything. I was a little embarrassed when she described in detail what she had seen through my bedroom door.

Angie got a little embarrassed when she confessed that she had been planning to seduce you for two years.
We've been talking and have decided that we are going to keep it in the family ... that is, if you agree. The way we figure it is, if we limit our sexual activity to ourselves we will be practicing safe sex. We won't be going out with strangers and there is no way any of us can contract a social disease. How about it, honey, think you can satisfy two horny women?'

Again I looked from one to the other and back again. With a big smile on my face I said, 'Well, if you will pardon the pun, I'd sure as hell like to give it my best shot.'

Both laughed and mom said, 'Honey, I think you did that last night, several times as a matter of fact. The way you like sex ... ah, shit, let's tell it like it is. The way you like to fuck, I think you can take care of both of us. Hell, you must have cum six or eight times last night alone. If you can get that cock of yours up that many times in one night, I think your best shot will do nicely.
Bedsides, after the newness of it wears off, you'll only have to cum two or three times a night. Think you're up to it?'

'Why don't you find out for yourself, mom?'

She ran her hand up to my crotch and wrapped her hand around my rock hard cock. Looking at Angie, she smilingly said, 'This randy little fucker has a hard on that wont quit. After last night, I didn't think he would be able to get it up again for several more hours. What does anyone want for breakfast, cock or eggs?'

We all laughed and decided we needed food first and we could eat other things later. It was then that I stood up and pulled my robe off.
Standing there stark naked, I said, 'If you both agree, I suggest, as long as it's only us in the house, we make it clothing optional. I would really enjoy watching the two of you walking around naked. I can't get enough of seeing you without clothes on. I saw quite a bit of mom yesterday but I only saw a little of Angie this morning. It was to dark in my room to see anything last night.'

Angie stood up and took off the shorty pajama top she was wearing and that was all she was wearing ... no bottoms. Mom stood up and, even though I could see everything through her gown, she pulled it off. They came over to me and I put an arm around each of them.
I kissed my mother, a deep tongue probing kiss and then my sister and said 'Good morning' both.
Mom kissed me back and squeezed my cock and told me good morning. Angie said 'good morning,' kissed me again and then bent down and kissed the head of my cock and said, 'Good morning to you, too, my beauty.'

Mom said, 'Hey! That's not fair!' Then she bent down and kissed my cock head, too. Only when she kissed it she let the whole head slide into her mouth. Angie said, 'Okay, my turn,' and started bending down.

'Hey! Wait a minute. There is enough cock for everyone but, if you two want me to be able to do anything with it, I, for one, need some food. It's Saturday morning and we have the whole weekend. Let's eat and THEN we can move on to other THINGS!'

After a big breakfast of juice, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast and coffee, I went into the living room while they finished up in the kitchen. I was sitting on the couch watching TV, well, the TV was on, I was doing more thinking than watching. I was thinking about what had taken place yesterday and last night and what was going to take place in the future.

I was deep in thought when Angie came into the room.
She made a beautiful picture walking toward me without anything on. Her beautiful big breast were standing high and proud with their large nipples hard. She was a lovely sight and I couldn't keep my eyes off the bush covering her pussy.
She didn't say anything, she just walked up to the couch and rather than sitting down, she curled up beside me, laying her head in my lap and taking my limp cock in her mouth and began sucking on it.

With her nose and lips buried in my pubic hair, she had all of my dick in her mouth and was running her tongue around it before she began sliding up and down on it. It didn't take her long to have it back to the rock hard state it was in before breakfast. She leaned up and, putting her hand behind my head, pulled me down until our lips met and lingered in a tongue probing passionate kiss.
When we parted she was smiling and said, 'I think I'm gonna' love our new arrangement. I think it will give a whole new meaning to the term 'brotherly love',' she said.
'Not only that, I love the taste of your cock!' With that she bent back down and took my cock back into her mouth.

I was sitting there enjoying the feel of my dick in her mouth when mom came out of the kitchen and curled up beside me on the couch. Without saying anything she put her arms around me and we began kissing. She had one hand lightly on the back of Angela's head and I had a hand full of her tit.
We continued that way for several minutes and then I had to get Angie off my cock before I blew my nuts in her mouth.

'I think we should get some things worked out before we go much further,' I said. 'It is impossible to fuck both of you at the same time.
There are many things we can do together but, as you know, I only have one cock and I can only have it in one of you at a time. As much as I love having my cock sucked, do you want me to cum in your mouth or your pussy? That question is for both of you.

Mom said, 'For me, either one will work. I love feeling you cock in my cunt and I know I would love the taste of it in my mouth. As for your cum, you can deposit it in my mouth our my cunt .. I like cum in both places.
As a matter of fact, you may not have had the opportunity to do this yet but, just so you will know for future reference, I also like the feel of a spurting cock in my ass. That's something your father introduced me to.

Angie said, ' I've only had cum in my pussy so, I guess I will have to decide for myself if I want it in my mouth and/or my ass. However, with a loving brother like you, Timmy, I'm sure we will have plenty of opportunities to try each place to see just what I do and do not like.
Right now, if mom doesn't mind, I would like to try it in my mouth. I want to feel your cum squirting down my throat and see what it taste like.'

'I think you'll like it, Baby. It's a little salty but it taste wonderful. As long as we are discussing our likes and dislikes, I also like to have my pussy eaten. I love the feel of a tongue running over my clit ... I get wet just thinking about it.'

Why don't we move to the floor. Angie can suck my cock and I can eat mom's pussy and we can pleasure each other all at the same time. We were off the couch almost before I could finish what I was saying. Mom lay on her back and spread her legs for me.
As I got between them, I was on my knees and Angela was on her back between my legs and my dick was already back in her mouth and she was sliding up and down on it.

I began kissing the inside of mom's thighs and in the bush of pubic hair at the top of her pussy and blowing my hot breath on the pussy lips. To make it easier for me, she slid her hands down to her crotch and slowly pulled her pussy lips apart and I could see the sensitive little button the looked like a tiny cock.

It was red and hard and swollen and I ran my tongue over it and mom jumped like she had been hit with a cattle prod. I sucked the little button into my mouth and sucked on it gently and. holding it between my teeth, ran my tongue over the end of it.

Her pussy was juicing up very quickly and my face was getting wet with it. I began running my tongue the full length of her crotch, from her asshole to the very top of her pussy. Then I fastened my lips over her cunt hole and began sucking on her cunt.

Angie was sucking my cock quite nicely and gently squeezing my nuts at the same time and I could feel the cum starting to stir around in my sack and I knew it wouldn't be long before she had her first taste of cum.
I wanted to shoot my load in her mouth. I had a girl suck my cock once before but, just as I was ready to cum, she pulled it out and jacked me off until my nuts were empty. That's how it felt when I came ... empty. I would much rather have shot it into her mouth.

Mom was bucking up and down under the assault my mouth was making on her pussy. Angie was sucking harder and faster and all of us came at the same time.
Neither Angie nor I could express our satisfaction because our mouths were full but mom, with nothing to hinder her, grabbed my head and pulled it to her cunt and said quite loudly, 'Oh, Christ! Suck that fuckin' think, Timmy, suck your mother's pussy ... suck it till I stop cummmmiiiinnnnggg! Your fuckin' tongue feels fuckin' wonderful. Lick up all my juice, Baby. Clean mama's pussy real good for her.

Angie wasn't saying anything but she was sucking my cock so hard I thought she was gonna suck it off my body.
I had started shooting cum into her mouth and she had grabbed a hold on my dick and, keeping her mouth over my cock head, was sucking it so hard I though I could feel my nuts moving toward my cock shaft to make the same journey my cum and made.

That first weekend was a fuckin frenzy. We fucked in the living room, on the kitchen table, atop the TV, in the shower and each bedroom. Finally mom and Angie both said their cunts were just to sore to fuck anymore. I was really glad to hear that because my poor dick felt like it was ready to fall off. Ya know, to much of a good thing.

This all took place six months ago. Ya might know, mom is six months pregnant. We figure I nailed her that first night. Anyhow, her stomach is so big I can't get on top of her any longer. When we fuck now, she has me lay on my back and she gets on top and guides my cock into her pussy.
That way she can control how much goes in, except when she gets real excited and just sits down on me and takes it all up her wonderful cunt. Guys can say what they will about ridden' the ole hump but, me, I like them lean and sexy.

Our best guess is that Angie is about two months pregnant. Mom hasn't decided if she will let Angie have the baby or abort it. Angie says if mom can have my baby then she can too.
They have been at it for weeks on that subject but neither of them has bothered to ask me what I think about it. I kinda side with Angie, but, by the same token, I can clearly see mom's point of view on the matter. At any rate, it hasn't affected our love making, I'm in mom's bed one night and in Angela's the next. I think I can honestly say I'm getting more pussy than if I was married. How many guys fuck their wife EVERY night.

Mom's younger sister, Aunt Mary, (younger by one year) is coming to say with us while mom and Angie decide exactly what their gonna do ... or until the babies are born.
Mom said she had to tell Aunt Mary what had been going on with our family. There just wasn't any way she could avoid not telling her the truth because she wasn't about to lie to her sister about what we had been doing.

Chapter Four

Aunt Mary had been with us for about a week and, her first night here, she gave me her opinion on the subject by saying, 'I wish you would have found some other form of recreation!' Like everything was all my fault. I took it in stride and didn't say anything and just let it slide.

It was Saturday and mom and Angie had gone shopping and left Aunt Mary and me home alone ... the first time we had been alone together since her arrival. Anyhow, we were planning on having dinner ready when the others returned and we were in the kitchen getting things ready.
Aunt Mary was gonna fix a big pasta salad and had me put a large pot of water on to boil. We were both messing around doing things by the stove and, somehow, the pot of water got knocked off the stove. Following a natural reflex I made an attempt to catch it and only managed to receive boiling water on both hands.
Talk about hurt! I was in real pain. Aunt Mary quickly rubbed butter over my hands and wrapped them loosely in clean dish towels and rushed me to the emergency room at the hospital.

We were there for a couple of hours and I left with both hands covered in ointment and well bandaged with instructions not to use my hands for at least a week. The bandages were to be changed twice a day and I was told to see our family doctor as soon as possible.

When we returned home mom and Angie were still not home. I didn't know what I was gonna do ... I had to piss so bad I could almost taste it. Finally, I screwed up my courage and asked Aunt Mary.

'I really hate to ask you, but I have to go to the bathroom and there is no way I can do it with my hands bandaged up like this,' I said.

'I never thought about that, Tim,' she said. 'Come on and we'll take care of that right now.'

In the bathroom she looked at me and, reading the question in her eyes, I said, ' I just have to pee, if you can unzip my pants and get it out for me.'

She immediately unzipped my pants and reaching in she was having a tough time trying to get my cock out through the fly of my jockey shorts. Trying to speed things up before I pissed my pants I told her it might be easier if she just pulled my pants and shorts down rather than try using the fly.
She did and stood there with her hand around my cock aiming it toward the toilet bowl as a very strong stream of piss erupted from my cock and I felt a lot better.
When I was finished I asked her if she could shake it a few times to make sure it was empty.
She did and squeezed it a little harder than necessary while doing it and, unable to control it, my cock started getting hard before she could get it back in my short and get my pants zipped up again.
Still holding my cock she began stroking it lightly and said, 'Do you still have to go, I know boys and men do get hard like this when they have to go.' I told her I was finished, it was just her hand on it that was making it hard. She got my shorts up over it and got my pants up and zipped.
Running her hand over my hard dick she said, 'I certainly hope that will go down soon, it must hurt being confined like that.'

Mom and Angie arrived home about an hour later and made a big fuss about the accident and pampered me like crazy.
Aunt Mary told them that they were in no shape to look after my needs and she would play nurse until my hands were better. Mom and Angie didn't seem to thrilled about that but Aunt Mary would not have it any other way and that was that.

When it came time for bed I went to my room and was attempting to get my pajamas out of a drawer when mom and Angie came in to say good night.
They helped me undress and get my pajama bottoms on. Because of the bandages, I decided to go topless.

I received kisses from both and each had a squeeze on my cock before going to their rooms. I was just about ready to lay down when Aunt Mary came in, dressed in a very filmy nightgown, and asked if I needed to use the bathroom before going to bed.
I thought it might be a good idea so, once again we went through the piss routine and, true to form, I started getting hard when she was shaking my dick for me. She stuck it back in my pajamas and we went back to my room.

She turned back the covers for me and, when she turned around my rock hard cock was once again sticking out the fly of my pajamas. She reached down and took it in her hand and attempted to put it back in my pajamas but it wouldn't go.
Still holding it she looked at me and said, 'I'm awfully sorry you got hurt, Tim, if you need anything during the night I'm right next door and will do what ever needs doing.'
Still holding may hard cock she hugged me to her and guided my dick just above her cunt and hugged me ever harder forcing my cock to press against her very firmly.

I awoke at about two o'clock and by hands were hurting because the pain medication had worn off. I got out of bed and made my way into Aunt Mary's room. Calling her name very softly she switched on the bedside lamp.

'I hate to bother you Aunt Mary, but my hands are hurting and I don't know where you put the pain pills they gave me,' I said.

Throwing back the covers she slid out of bed.
Her nightgown had hiked itself up over hr hips and I had a clear view of the strawberry blonde pussy hair between her legs as she got up. 'I'm sorry, honey,' she said.
'Sit here on the bed and I'll get you a couple of pills and some water.'

She padded off toward the kitchen and I sat on the edge of her bed. She was back in no time and shut her bedroom door before I took the medication.

'Why don't you just crawl into bed with me and I'll keep you company while we wait for the medication to go to work, ' she said.

Not saying a word, I snuggled up in her bed and she crawled in beside me. Switching out the light Aunt Mary turned toward me on her side and cradled my head in her arm and hugged me to her.
In the position we were in my face was pressed tightly against her ample breast and they made a very interesting pillow. I could smell her perfume and I guessed that she must put a little dab in the valley between her big tits. It smelled nice and those soft swollen globes felt very comfortable with my cheek resting on them.

'Have your hands been hurting long, Tim,' she asked.

'I guess, the pain woke me up just before I came in here,' I replied.

'Is the medication starting to work yet?' she asked.

'No, not yet,' I replied. 'I guess it takes it a little while to take hold.'

Each time I said anything my lips were brushing against the swell of her breast and if I licked my lips my tongue would touch the soft, swollen mound of flesh my face was resting against.

'Well, I think you need something to take your mind off you hands so you're not thinking about the pain,' she said. With that she pulled the shoulder strap of her gown down and lifted her tit so the nipple was right at my mouth. 'Why don't you suck on this to help get your mind off the pain in your hands,' she said.

Opening my mouth just a little the swollen nipple of her tit was in my mouth and I began sucking on it and running my tongue around it and nipping it lightly with my teeth. Aunt Mary had very nice tits and the nipples were quite large and very hard as I sucked on them. Her plan was working because I was not thinking about the pain in my hands at all and my cock was starting to grow hard.
To get in a better and more comfortable position to nurse on her swollen globes I turned a little more on my side to face her and, as I did, my cock sprang through the open fly of my pajamas and I could feel it nestled in her pubic hair.

Aunt Mary reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock and said softly in my ear, 'doesn't this thing ever go down and stay down?'

Since my cock was touching her pubic hair, I could only surmise that her gown had hiked itself up over her hips again. In answer to her question I just nodded my head up and down in the eyes' motion and continued to suck her tits. That way I didn't have to release the lip-lock I had on her hard nipple.

Aunt Mary moved her leg over mine and pulled me tighter against her pelvic area. She also guided my cock down between her legs so it was resting on the lips of her pussy. It was only natural that I began a slight fucking motion so my cock would ride along the lips of her cunt. It must have had an effect on her because she was leaking enough pussy juice to make my cock wet as it passed back an forth over the lips of her cunt.
Not only was Aunt Mary leaking pussy juice all over my dick, she was beginning to breath harder and more rapidly in my ear. I was also breathing rapidly and harder; additionally, I was sucking her tit with greater vigor.

'Easy honey, you're sucking a little to hard and my nipple is getting tender. Why don't you lay flat on your back and you can suck the other one for a while'' she said.

So, I rolled over on my back and she rolled over on top of me; straddling me just above my pelvic area so that my dick was resting against the crack of her ass. I tried to get her other tit out so I could suck it but, with bandaged hands, there was no way I could accomplish that small feat.

'Here, let me help,' she said. With the moonlight beaming through the window I could see her grasping the hem of her nightgown and pulling it over her head and tossing it on the floor.
'That should make it a little easier for you to get at what your after, Timmy,' she said, speaking so softly it was almost a whisper. she bent over just a little and I kissed her swollen breast and ran my tongue around the hard bud at its peak before slipping my lips over it and began sucking in earnest.
At the same time I began my fucking motion again but, unfortunately, I was fucking mostly air. In the position she was in, my cock was just touching her ass cheeks and not really accomplishing anything at all.

Leaning down close to my ear again, and speaking in that whisper soft voice, she said, 'Do you like sucking my breast, Timmy?'
Naturally I shook my head in the yes motion again to acknowledge her question.
'Do your hands still hurt?' I nodded my head in the affirmative, she said, 'Are you still thinking about the pain their causing?' I really wasn't thinking about the pain, but they did hurt, so I nodded yes again.

Lifting her body off of mine, Aunt Mary reached down and grasped my cock in her hand again and began rubbing the head of it between her wet pussy lips again. When my cock was soaking wet she stopped with it positioned right at the opening of her love canal.

'This should take your mind off your hands,' she said. With that she sat down on my cock and it was buried to the hilt in her pussy. When we were pubic hair to pubic hair she sat bolt upright and the only sound I could hear was a very quiet, 'Oh, God!'

Aunt Mary began to slowly fuck me. She would lift her ass off of me and then screw her pussy down on my cock until it was once again buried inside her as far as it could go; up and down, round and round.
Leaning down to whisper in my ear, and not missing a stroke, Aunt Mary said, 'I haven't done this in so long, Timmy, it feels wonderful.'
'Now I know how your mother and sister got into the condition they are in. Let me know when you are about to cum, I want to get off so you don't cum in me; I don't think it would do to have three of us pregnant around here.'

Whispering back to her I said, 'Your pussy feels great on my cock, Aunt Mary. Each time you come down on it, it feels like your trying to suck my balls up inside you, too. I really like the way you fuck me Aunt Mary.'

'Oh, I love it when you talk to me like that,' she said. 'It sends chills up and down my spine when I hear a man use the words pussy and fuck; it really turns me on to hear words like that. Talk dirty to me some more, Timmy,' she said.

'I'm not talkin dirty Aunt Mary, I'm talkin honest. I go wild when my cock is buried in a tight, hot, juice pussy like yours.
All that fuck cream inside you is covering my dick and makes it slide in and out of that hot cunt hole of yours real easy. It makes me wish my dick was bigger and longer so I could really fill you up and make you cum all over my horny cock. I want to feel your fuck cream gush out of your cunt hole and bath my cock and balls in your hot juices.'

She was fucking me faster and harder with each word I spoke and I could tell she was getting close to exploding; I hoped I was right because I know I sure as hell was.

'Your cock is plenty big enough, honey,' she said. 'You fill me up just fine and it does feel wonderful in me. Talk to me just a little more and make me cum, Tim, I'm almost there.'

'Go ahead and blow your cum all over me and when your finished, I'll fuck you some more. One advantage about being young is the fact I can fuck and cum and fuck some more because my cock stays hard in a hot juice cunt.
You had better hurry and cum because I'm getting close and you want me to get it out of your sweet pussy so I can't cum in you. That's okay, I can still fuck you and fuck you and fuck you until you beg me to stop because you're cunt is so sore it hurts for my cock to go into it even with all of your cum lubricating it like crazy,' I said.

'Oh, God, Tim,' I'm cuuummmiiiinnng!'

'You better get off me, Aunt Mary, I'm gonna cum, too,' I said. Still pumping up and down on my cock, faster and harder, her lips next to my ear she said, 'I can't stop, honey. Hold back and let me finish before you cum.' 'I can't, Aunt Mary, I'm there and it's ready to ... Aaauuuuugggghhh!. Fuck, I'm cumming, too.' With her head buried in the pillow next to my ear she was screaming like mad but, luckily the pillow was muffling the sound and only I could hear it. None the less, she was cumming like mad and so was I. It didn't do any good for me to tell her when I was ready because my cock was buried to the hilt when the first shot was fired and she didn't move after that; my entire load was emptied into her hot pussy while we were pubic hair to pubic hair. My pajamas were soaked from our combined cum running out of her.
A few minutes later, when we had both caught our breath, she lifted her head from the pillow and, looking at me just inches from my face, she gave me a very soft and gentle kiss. There was nothing rushed about it, it was a very soft French kiss that conveyed love and appreciation.
When she released the kiss she said, 'you are a very sweet and wonderful young man, Tim. I know you tried to do what I told you to do, but, being the horny broad that I am, once I started cumming, I couldn't stop. It just felt to good and I had to experience the thrill of you exploding inside me.
I know I shouldn't have but it just felt to damn good and I haven't been fucked that well in a long, long time. Then she slid off of me and turning around she put my cock in her mouth and began sucking me clean.

True to my word my cock never did go soft after fucking her. It was still hard when she started sucking it and it was still hard when she finished. Turning back to face me, she snuggled up to me and again whispered in my ear, 'You serviced my pussy very well, honey; are you up to servicing another part of this old womans body?'

'You're not an old woman, Aunt Mary. I'm up to anything you want me to do.'

'If I get on my hands and knees, do you think you would be able to get your lovely cock in my ass? I haven't had one in there in a very long time and I dearly love the feel of a strong cock working in there ... there's nothing like a good butt fucking,' she said.

As I told her I would be more than happy to try to please her, she was already in the position and I moved up behind her and slid in between her legs. She reached between her spread legs and grasped my cock in her hand and began rubbing the head of it between the lips of her pussy ... getting the head of it covered in the combined fuck-juices that were still leaking from her pussy.

When she thought it was wet enough, she moved it up to her asshole and held it there as I began to slowly push forward.
Needless to say, her asshole was very, very tight and I wasn't sure my cock would go in. However, not one to give up easy, I began to slowly fuck back and forth against that puckered little brown hole.

It took several pushes, each being stronger than the last before the head of my cock finally popped through the tight little muscle ring and settled just inside her ass. I let it sit there for a minute or so, allowing the muscles to relax and accept the intrusion before I began pushing forward again. Slowly I fucked it in and out of her ass and, each time I pushed forward, a little more of my cock penetrated deeper in her shit chute.
Finally I had all of it in her and I began to really fuck that tight, tight hole. In and out, round and round, up and down. I was reaming her asshole out good and enjoying every stroke of it.

This was only the second time I had ever cornholed anyone.
The first being mom one night when her pussy was just to sore to take my cock again. Even though she had told me earlier she liked being butt fucked, we just never seemed to get around to it. Now, with Aunt Mary, I was really enjoying the feel of my cock up her ass and began fucking her just like it was up her cunt.
Each time my cock would enter her, she would screw her ass back against me trying to get it in as deep as possible.
All the while she was fingering her clit to help stimulate the flow of the love juice in her pussy. Once she reached back and captured my balls in her hand and began squeezing them lightly as I fucked her ass.

Suddenly she let go of my balls and jammed two finger in her pussy and while finger fucking herself, she was also stimulating her clit with her thumb. Then, much quicker that I had imagined she would, she began cumming.

Again, to stifle her screams she buried her face in the pillow and I could just barely hear her just a couple of feet away. It was a good thing she thought to do that because, otherwise, we would have mom and Angie in here wondering what the hell was going on and who was killing who.
As she started to come, I increased my pumping action and she was almost finished before I shot my wad and emptied my load of cum deep in her bowels.
Her shit chute was well lubricated and my cum was oozing our of her asshole around my cock and running down to flow between the lips of her cunt. This time it only took a few minutes before my cock started to deflate and go soft in her ass. However, her asshole was so tight around my cock, it took quite a bit of pressure for me to pull my cock out of her; when I did, it left her with a definite 'pop.'

We both collapsed on the bed and, within a matter of seconds, I was drifting off to sleep. Before I could get to comfortable and to deeply asleep, Aunt Mary was shaking me and telling me I had to get back to my own bed.
She didn't want mom and Angie knowing we were lover just yet. So, with her help and assistance, I got back in my own bed and I must have been asleep before my head hit the pillow because, the next thing I knew, it was almost noon when I woke up.

Chapter Five

Mom made arrangements for me to see our doctor later in the afternoon. Although she was worried about my hands, she thought it best that Aunt Mary take me to the appointment.
Once we were there the doctor agreed with the emergency room doctor that I should not use my hands for a week and the twice a day bandage change. Once we were back in the car Aunt Mary broke down and started to cry. I managed to put my arm around her and tried my best to comfort her by telling her that it was an accident and no one was to blame for it. It was just one of those things that happen and I am as much responsible as anyone. Her tears finally started to subside and, looking around to see if anyone was near, leaned over and gave me a very passionate French kiss.

'Tim, I still feel to blame, but I love you even more for not feeling that way, she said. I loved last night. I haven't been fucked so well in a long, long time.
I want to keep it a secret from your mother and sister for as long as possible ... not that I'm ashamed of what we do together, but I don't want them to feel that I am intruding. Will you come to my room tonight and put that wonderful dick of yours in me again?'

'Of course I will, Aunt Mary,' I said. I doubt if mom and Angie would feel that you were intruding but, if you want to keep it secret, I will respect your wishes and not say anything.'

She kissed me again and we drove home. When we arrive there I had to go to the bathroom again.
Rather than ask Aunt Mary in from of mom, I asked Angie if she would help me with a little project I had to do. Once we left the room I explained that I had to piss like a race horse and couldn't use my hands and needed her help. She took me by the hand into the bathroom and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and aimed it at the toilet bowl and I immediately cut loose with a stream that sounded like a waterfall that had descended a couple of thousand feet.

When I finished, Angie shook it good for me but, before putting it back in my pants, she got on her knees and stuck it in her mouth and began sucking it like a lollipop. It didn't take long for it to get hard and even less time for me to cut loose with a stream of cum that filled her mouth to overflowing.
Angie milked my cock to get every drop of cum out of it and, when she was satisfied that she had, she stuffed it back in my pants and zipped them up.
Standing up she said, 'I've missed that and just couldn't resist.'
She then kissed me and said, 'Who held it for you yesterday, Aunt Mary?' I shook my head yes and she just smiled.

Later, while mom was resting, I was sitting on the edge of her bed talking to her. She really surprised me when she said, 'Honey, I know Aunt Mary has been alone for a long time now and, should she get kind of horny, it's alright if she wants you to fuck her. I know my sister pretty well and she likes the feel of a good cock in her as much as I do. I just think it would be nice to keep it all in the family.
I know it's asking a lot of you to service three women but, the way your cock is always hard, I think you can do the job, don't you?'

'Of course I can do the job, mom,' I said. 'Besides, Aunt Mary reminds me a lot of you and, if she is half as good in bed as you are, it would be a pleasure to fuck her.'

'That's my man,' she said. Pulling the cover down and exposing her bare breast, said , 'now bend down her and suck my tits for me. All this talk of fucking has made your ole mom horny.'

I leaned down and took a hard nipple in my mouth and began sucking it and running my tongue around it and clamping it gently between my teeth. First one then the other. I kept this routine up for several minutes when mom told me to stand up so she could unzip my pants.

I did as she instructed and when she had my pants and shorts down around my ankles, she told me to lay down on the bed and then she was on top of me guiding my cock into her slick, wet cunt. Slowly she began fucking up and down on it and moving her ass in a circular motion. She was really getting into it when, from my position I saw the bedroom door open slightly and Aunt Mary peeked around it. She caught my eye and slowly backed out and shut the door behind her. Mom was unaware that anything had gone on. She was pumping up and down on my cock, eyes closed and breathing hard.

All at once she went rigid, got red in the face and, without realizing what she was doing, sat down all the way on my cock until it was buried to the hilt in her cunt and she was cumming all over it.

'Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, Fuck, Tim, cum in my cunt! Shoot your load of cum up my hole. Let me feel it shooting into me ... Come on honey, do it for mom, shoot that wonderful spunk in my pussy, you cunt eating, mother-fuckin son-of-a-bitch!'

Hearing her talk like that always made me hotter that hell and triggered the response she wanted.
I felt the cum boiling in my nuts and starting it journey up my cock shaft and just as it reached the tip, just before it left my piss slit, I said, 'Go ahead you fuckin bitch, take my cum and milk my cock dry.
Flood your fuck hole with my cum and swim in it. I am a mother-fucking son-of-a-bitch and you're the mother I'm fuckin. Suck it dry with that tight pussy of yours ... take it you bitch, here it Cccccuuuummmmssss.' and my cum shot into her and a smile crossed her face as she felt it jetting into her pussy.

'What do you mean calling me a 'fuckin bitch ,' she said once the pleasure of cumming had subsided.

'I don't know, mom,' I said. 'For some reason it just felt like the thing to say and, besides, it made me hotter and made me cum like you wanted me to.'

'Well, I am a fuckin bitch, honey, I'm your fuckin bitch. As a matter of fact, I'm anything you want me to be. You can call me anything you want to when you're fucking me. I just love it when you talk dirty to me.'

'I like talkin dirty to you, mom, it adds to the pleasure and makes me hotter than hell and I want to cum and cum and cum,' I said.

Mom just smiled and climbed off my cock and stuck it in her mouth and began sucking it to get all of our combined cum off of it. When she finished, she pulled my shorts and pants up and zipped everything back in place.
'There now,' she said. 'Everything back to normal and my man has a nice clean cock to boot. Had to clean it somehow since you can't use your hands.'
As I started to leave mom said, 'Just a minute, Tim. Since you can't use your hands, who has been dressing you?'

'Aunt Mary, why?,' I asked.

'Then Aunt Mary has seen your cock,' she asked.

'Naturally,' I replied. 'She puts my shorts on for me so she has to see it, why?'

'Oh, no reason, I was just curious,' she said, smiling as I continued out the door.

I was curious as to why mom was asking the questions she was and why the curious little smile as I left the room. Well, that was something I would have to think about later because I was getting tired and it was time to go to bed.
Aunt Mary was taking a shower so I asked Angie to help me get ready for bed. She tried playing with my cock but I told her I had just finished fuckin mom and all I wanted to do right now was rest. She was very understanding and, once I was ready for bed, she kissed me goodnight and I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The week was finally up and Aunt Mary again took me to the doctor to check on my hands. Believe me, making love to a woman with your hands all bandaged up is the pits. I love the feel of bare skin in my hands when I'm making love.
Once the doctor had looked at my hands he gave me a clean bill of health and told me to just take it easy with what I do. I'm not supposed to grip anything extra hard for a few more weeks and just keep my hands as clean as possible.
When we got back to the car, Aunt Mary didn't hesitate for an instant ... she put her arms around me and gave me a very passionate kiss. Not being one to pass up an opportunity, I put may arms around her and, during the kiss, I moved a hand around to the front of her blouse and squeezed her tit.

That was when I discovered she was not wearing a bar. In a flash my hand was under her blouse and I was squeezing her big tit and pinching the large nipple between my thumb and forefinger.
When we released the kiss she said, 'You keep that up honey and I'll have to fuck you right here in the car ... don't know about you, but I would much rather do it on my bed at home.' My answer to that was very simple, 'Works for me.' She had the car started and we made it home as fast as the law would allow.

When we arrived at the house, no one was home. Mom had left a note saying she had to go to town for a doctors appointment that she almost forgot about and Angela had gone with her so they could do some shopping afterward.
Dropping the note back on the table, Aunt Mary walked over to me and, wrapping her arms around me, we began a very slow and passionate kiss with out tongues doing battle in our mouths. It felt good to have my arms around her and being able to feel the vibrant body under her clothes.

I ran my hands from her shoulders to the cheeks of her ass, gripping a cheek in each palm. I then move my hand around to the front and squeezed her tit and pinched her nipple again and then move my hand down to her crotch and rubbed her pussy. That was when I discovered she was also not wearing any underpants, because I could feel the thick bush covering her pussy through the thin material of her skirt.
When we released the kiss I said, 'Why, Aunt Mary, you're dressed like a whore looking for business.' She looked me square in the eyes and said, 'I'm your whore, Tim. I dressed this way just for you and I want you to take your whore to bed and fuck the shit out of her now!'

Once in her bedroom I told her that I wanted to undress her. She had dressed and undressed me so many times during the past few days that it was time for me to reciprocate. Kissing her once again I unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor to form a puddle of material around her feet.

Then I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it down her arms to form another puddle of material just behind her skirt. Before I could undress myself, she beat me to it. The T-shirt was over my head and on the floor. The she had my jeans unsnapped and unzipped and she was on her knees pulling them down.

She removed my loafers and socks and had me step out of my jeans. She then hooked her fingers in the waistband of my shorts and slowly pulled them down to join the rest of my clothes. All this time she was covering my stomach with light butterfly kisses and, just as my rock hard dick sprang free of my shorts, she was kissing it and then she had it in her mouth sucking it so hard that I thought she was gonna' pull the cum out of my balls rather than wait for me to shoot it into her.
I was so damned hot that I couldn't take much more of her fantastic mouth action. Reaching down and lifting her up by her arms she continued sucking as long as possible and when my cock left her mouth, there was a loud 'pop' because of the suction she was applying to it. I told her that I wanted to cum in her cunt and not her mouth right now and we moved to the bed.

She lay flat on her back and, grasping my cock in her hand, guided me to her pussy and pushing forward slightly, the head slipped in very easy as she was well lubed and ready for me.

Without any hesitation I lunged forward and buried my cock to the hilt in her sopping pussy and began fucking her like mad. In and out, up and down, round and round. I fucked her like there was not going to be any tomorrow and she loved every minute of it.

'Oh, God, yes, Tim,' she said. 'Fuck me, ram that damn thing of ours into me and just fuck the shit out of me! Make me cum and you cum with me so I can fell all that wonderful cum shooting into me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me ... Christ, fuck me hard and deep, Tim!'

What could I say to that ... nothing. I just kept doing what I was doing and knew the end was close at hand. I could feel the cum starting to boil in my nuts and I knew that Aunt Mary was getting hotter and hotter. The pink aureoles around the nipple of her tits was getting redder and redder.

It was only a matter of seconds before she threw her arms around me and lock her legs around may waist and began banging her heels into me the way a cowboy would spur a bucking bronc. Then she cut louse. 'Oooohhhh, God, Tim, I'mmmm Ccccuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg! Fuck me! Ram it in and fuck me!'

That's exactly what I did. I rammed my cock deep into her cunt and just left it there as my cum began the journey from my nuts, up my cock shaft and out my piss hole to squirt all over her insides. Squirt after squirt after squirt; my cum just kept shooting into her and she kept creaming all over my cock.

As we lay there letting the last of our orgasm dribble out of us, I heard hand clapping behind me and looked over my shoulder to see mom and Angela standing in the doorway applauding.

Aunt Mary was so embarrassed that she threw me off of her and pulled the bedspread over her nakedness. Mom laughed and said, 'Come on Mary, we've known you've been fuckin him all along.
We made a vow to keep it in the family and God knows you're part of the family so, it is all right with us.' I just stood there with a shit eaten grin on my face and my semi-hard cock hanging out.
Angela couldn't stand the pressure and walked over to me and went to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. When she had it nice a clean she removed her mouth from around it long enough to say, 'your combined cum on his dick taste great and will give me all the protein I need for the day.' She gave a small laugh and went back to sucking my cock.

Aunt Mary shot me a dirty look and said, 'Why did you tell? You promised me you would keep it a secret.'

Before I could answer, mom said, 'He didn't tell us Mary. Like I said, we have known since the first time. Tim would not break his promise to you or us. So don't go putting the blame on him.'

Aunt Mary looked more embarrassed and said, 'I'm sorry, Tim. I should have known you would keep your word. I was just striking out because I was ashamed of being caught in the act.'

Mom went on to say that the doctor had told her she would have to curtail any regular sexual activity for the remainder of her pregnancy. It could be to dangerous for the baby. So, if she wanted to continue having sex with me, Aunt Mary could continue taking moms place until after the baby was born. Mom also told us that the doctor had told her that all the test indicate that baby should be normal and healthy. Of course, he had no idea it was mine. He was under the impression that mom had just been unlucky on a date.

'So, Mary, what do you think of my son,' mom asked her.

'You know damned well what I think of him. He is a wonderful lover and makes me wish I had a son instead of a girl.
Don't get me wrong, I love my Terri to death and wouldn't trade her for anything. In fact, I had a letter from her the other day and she would like to come and visit for a while ... if it's alright with you?'

Mom looked at me and we both looked at Angela, who was still sucking my cock, and all three of us nodded our heads yes.

Aunt Mary said that neither Angela nor I would probably even remember Terri. It had been years since we had seen each other. Terri was living with her father and was looking forward to getting away during summer vacation, which began in a few weeks. Aunt Mary said I would really like her because she looked like a combination of her and mom. She also said that Terri had been thinking of getting a breast reduction because she was a size forty double-D in the tit department.

Aunt Mary, feeling a little self-conscious, got out of bed and was standing beside me when she put her arm around me and kissed me on the cheek and again apologized for thinking I had given away out secret. Looked down at Angela, still sucking my cock, which was rock hard again, Aunt Mary said, 'If you don't mind, I would like to fuck your son again, in private, right now.'

Mom tapped Angie on the shoulder and she, reluctantly, released my cock and both of them left the room, closing the door behind them.

Aunt Mary put her arms around me and, kissing me on the cheek, again apologized for doubting me and said, 'I want you to fuck me real good, honey.'

We moved to the bed and when we were side by side I kissed her with a slow, passionate kiss that seemed to last forever and my hands were all over her and her hands were all over me.
Once we released the kiss I began sucking her tits again and playing with her pussy. I moved down her body and planted butterfly kissed all over her chest and stomach and ran my tongue in her belly button and moved down and kissed all around her pubic hair and inside each thigh and pushed her legs apart and her pussy opened up like a flower opening to greet the sunshine.

Her clit was red and swollen and sticking out like a short hard penis. I flicked it with my tongue and she jerked like she had been hit with a cattle prod (just the same as mom had. Funny how sisters react to certain situations.) I began licking from her ass hole to the top of her pussy and she had the same reaction each time my tongue hit her clit. Finally I put my lips over it and began sucking it for all I was worth. Aunt Mary couldn't hold still. She grabbed me by the ears land pulled me harder into her crotch and I kept sucking.
It didn't take long before she said, 'Oh, God, Tim! Fuck me, honey, fuck me now before I cum!'

Sliding back up her body, I kissed her and stuck my pussy juice covered tongue into her mouth and she began sucking my tongue and, as she did, I slowly slid my cock into her cunt.
She was so fuckin wet there was no resistance at all and it slid in very easy. I began to fuck her very slowly as I kissed her and she sucked my tongue. There was no need to hurry at all. Mom and Angela knew what we were doing, we had no secrets anymore and it was just a beautiful relaxed fuck.
Then, without any warning, Aunt Mary released my tongue, she began tossing her head back and forth and said, 'I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg, Tim! Come with me, honey. Shoot your wonderful cum up my cunt and cum with me!'

I just buried my cock to the hilt in her cunt. Her legs locked around me holding me in place and I cut louse. The cum pored out of my cock and filled her creaming pussy. Her legs were holding me so tight I could just barely move my cock in her cunt but, each time it came out, cum would run down the crack of her ass and form a puddle on the bed.
I thought I never would stop and she kept tossing her head and arching her back like she would never stop either. Finally we did begin to slow down and in a short while I just collapsed on top of her as my cock began to deflate.

'Tim, baby, you took me at my word and fucked me really good. It was wonderful, honey.'

'I know, Aunt Mary,' I said. 'I thought I never would stop cumming. I didn't want to stop. I just wanted to go on fuckin you and fuckin you.'

'Honey, ' she said. 'I think from now on you can just call me Mary. You've been fuckin my brains out for quite a while now and 'Aunt Mary' sounds a bit formal after what we've been doing.'

'Okay, Mary,' I said. 'I guess it does sound kinda strange to call someone 'Aunt' when she looks like an angle and fucks like a whore or a bitch in heat.'

'Only for you, Tim,' she said. 'I may fuck like a whore or a bitch in head, but I'm your whore and I'm your bitch in heat. I only act like this with you, honey. I figure if you're gonna let your hair down and really enjoy fuckin , you might as well do it with family where you can really relax.'

Just as we were getting out of bed there was a knock on the door and mom poked her head in.
'Oh, you guys are finished. Well, dinner is ready and we're starved. Why don't you go on out and Angie and I will get undress and join you. You must be hungry too, after two long sessions one right after the other.'

So, we did. It was a nice meal and, afterward, we all pitched in and got everything cleaned up and then lay around watching TV for awhile. Mom was having a bit of trouble because the baby was really active and we each took turn feeling the baby just kicking the shit out of mom.

The little devil was really moving around and quite active. I felt pretty good. Three very attractive women, six large tits that belonged to me and I could play with them anytime I wanted to and three very willing pussies that were mine for the fucking whenever the mood struck me, not to mention three equally inviting and exciting assholes. Who could ask for anything more.

The next few weeks went by quickly and school was over and my sex life continued on just as before. One night I would fuck Angela, the next I would fuck Mary and the next I would be with mom. Naturally we couldn't fuck but mom loved for me to eat her pussy and she would get off on sucking my cock.

Once we tried butt fuckin, but the pressure was just to much for mom and we had to we had to curtail that. Two or three times Angela, Mary and I had a threesome and it was fantastic.
One night I was eating Mary and Angie was sucking my cock when mom came in and apologized for interrupting but she had a surprise for me.
She walked over to us and kneeled down and, smiling, she said, 'I want my baby to have the first taste of his baby's milk.'
She then lifted one of her big tits in her hand and guided it into my mouth. She warned me to be gentle because it was very, very tender. I began sucking and my mouth was filled with warm sweet mothers milk and it tasted great.

Two nights later, at one-thirty in the morning mom went into labor and we all got around and rushed her to the hospital. She was immediately prepped and wheeled into the delivery room. We began cooling our heels in the waiting room and it seemed like each of us took turns pacing he floor.
Finally Mary couldn't stand it any longer and went looking for someone to give us some information.
Needless to say, she was only successful in learning that mom was still in delivery and things were going smoothly.
It was about thirty minutes later when the doctor came out and told us that mom and her son were both doing just fine. He also told us that both of them were resting comfortably and the best thing we could do was go home and get some sleep. We could see both of them later and they would be released later in the afternoon and we could take them home.

We did as he suggested but I don't think any of us got much rest. We were back at the hospital as soon as possible and were directed to mom's room.
She was sitting up in bed and looked the picture of health and was all smiles.
She asked if we had seen the baby yet and told us he was beautiful and we had to go to the nursery and see him. She whispered to me that she was awfully glad she had decided to have him and she was sure I would be very proud of my son/brother. It seemed strange to think of him in that light but, what else could he be but a son/brother. I had to admit she was right. He was a very beautiful little guy and I was very proud of him.

Back in moms room she was getting ready to go home. 'It's not like it was when you were born, Tim,' she said.
'Back then the new mother get to rest for two or three days before going home.
Today it's like a drive-in restaurant. You drive in and have the baby and then you drive out. No big deal, just in and out .. wham bam. They brought the baby in and both of them were wheeled out to the car and we headed home.

Chapter Six

Home life didn't change very much with the advent of little Jimmy. Mary and Angela helped mom greatly with him and still had time for me. All in all, things were just as they were before. Mom still couldn't do any fucking but she was anxious to get back to having as much sex as possible.

One of her favorite things was for me to eat her pussy and just as she was ready to cum, I would slide up and rub the head of my cock between her cunt lips and let her cream on it that way. Then, just as I was ready to cum, she would take it in her mouth and suck every drop out of it. I also enjoyed sucking her tits and getting her milk.

She said she liked it when I sucked them because I was more gentle about it than Jimmy was. He had a habit of rooting into her tit and hurting her when he sucked. With her big tits there was plenty of milk for both of us and she even let Angela taste it a couple of times.

Mary had been talking and writing to Terri about her pending visit and, when the day came that she was to arrive, it was Mary and myself that went to the airport to meet her. When she came down the passenger tube to the waiting room she wasn't hard to miss.
Terri was a beautiful young woman that, like Mary said, was a cross between her and mom, and she had a pair of the biggest tits I have ever seen.
Everything was enhanced by the fact that she was wearing shorts and a halter top. Like I said, she would be hard to miss.

She ran up and gave Mary a big hug and then she turned to me and gave me one, too. Those big tits felt like pillows being pressed to my chest and I'm afraid my poor ole cock started doing its thing in my shorts.

'I'm so glad that both of you came out to meet me,' she said. 'I had a wonderful flight and having both of you here just topped it off.'

Terri hugged me again and kissed me on the cheek. Stepping back she said, 'Mother has told me ALL about YOU, Tim, and I am certainly looking forward to my stay.' I couldn't help but notice the wink she gave Mary when she said that.

We waited to collect her luggage and she stayed right by my side and, it seemed, she took every opportunity to brush those big tits of hers against me. Half the time she also had an arm around my waist and was hugging me to her.
Finally her bags came down the ramp and we were on our way to the parking garage. Once her bags were in the trunk of the car she told me to sit in back with her, she felt strange sitting back there all alone and there wasn't room enough for all three of us up front.
So, I did and she sat right beside me just as close as possible. It was about a half hour from the airport home and Terri was taking advantage of every minute of it.
From the time we were seated in the car she had her hand on my thigh and kept rubbing it from the knee almost to my crotch. She would look at me every so often, smile and wink. She know what the effect was having on me because she looked directly at my hard-on a couple of times and gave me an even broader smile.

When we arrived at the house Angela was still out running errands for mom and mom was busy with Jimmy. Terri made a big thing over him after being reintroduced to mom and I was just standing there taking it all in. Mary asked me to show Terri to her room and asked if I would carry her bags in for her. I did as she asked and then we came back to mom's room

A little while later Terri said she was going to change and would be back in a few minutes. Mom, Mary and I were talking when we heard Terri call to her mom to come and give her a hand. Mary and mom exchanged glances and Mary asked if I would go help Terri with her problem because she had to change Jimmy. Again I did as I was asked.

I entered the bedroom and saw Terri standing in front of the bed, waiting. Her large tits were thrust out hard and her nipples poked stiffly into the thin material of the halter top. I looked at her for a moment and saw her eyeing me evenly.

'What's the problem, Terri?' I asked.

I got my halter top in a knot in back and can't get it undone. Would you be so kind as to help me with it?'

'Yeah, sure,' I said as she turned around.

My fingers probed at the knot and it took a bit of doing, but I finally got the knot undone and then pulled the long straps of material apart.

'There you go, all done,' I said, stepping back.

Terri turned around slowly, cradling her heavy tits on her crossed forearms. She purposely held them so her tits spilled over the loose cups and I got a good eyeful of her ripe tit-flesh.

I couldn't help it as my gaze immediately fell on her tits. I know my face turned red and all I could do was gasp.

Before I could do anything, Terri trapped me against the wall and pressed her body against mine. She smashed her soft tits against my chest and let go of them. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her mouth against mine.

I got the message and encircled her waist, drawing her to me. I kissed her deeply, spearing my tongue into her warm mouth. Terri sighed into my mouth and sucked greedily on my tongue as she ground her body against mine passionately.

My hands brushed up and down along her naked back, my fingers toying along her spine and sending shivers up and down her body. I caressed her hips and gently traced my fingertips along her sides to turn her on even more. I could tell from the way she undulated her body that I was doing the right things.

I slid them up her torso to her tits and felt the large mounds through the material of her halter top. Electric jolts of pleasure surged through Terry's body as I felt her up.

Moments later we were pulling each other's clothes off. Terri pulled my T-shirt over my head and yanked down my shorts and I tugged off her shorts. When we were both naked, we kissed again and our bodies fused together in a lustful embrace.

'Mmmmmmm!' Terri moaned, grinding her pelvis against my crotch. She could feel my cock growing hard and throbbing between her legs. Her tits were plastered against my chest and her hard nipples were burning into me.

'God, you're getting me so hot!' she whispered, breaking the long kiss. She rubbed her body against mine and sighed as I squeezed her ass firmly. 'I'm really turned on and I want you to fuck me!'

Terri led me to the bed and we climbed onto it, immediately melting back into each other's arms. I had my hands all over her, caressing her tits and pinching her nipples.

Terri ran her own hands up and down her lovely body until she cupped her tits and pressed them together suggestively. Her nipples were a deep pink color and throbbed with excitement.
She smiled as I watched her fondle herself, the knowledge that she was turning me on exciting her even further. She took her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and twisted them, making them grow longer and harder. She rolled them around and tugged on them until they were so swollen that they looked like they would burst.

Terri lay back on the bed and flung her legs wide apart. She pulled her knees up so that her pussy-crack was clearly visible and then slid her hands down to her hair-covered cunt. She teasingly ran her fingers through the dense patch of pussy-hair and found the heavy lips of her cunt. She peeled them apart and pulled on them, showing me just how thick and meaty her pussy was. I couldn't help but gasp as she tugged at her cunt and flicked her huge clit with her index finger.

'Come here, lover!' she whispered huskily. 'I want you to suck my cunt for me!'

My breath caught in my throat as I crawled across the bed and buried my face in the dark bush of Terri's pussy. The musky aroma of her ripe pussy reached my nostrils and I inhaled deeply, enjoying the rich smell.

'Go ahead, eat me. Stick your tongue inside me and suck out all my fuck-juice, ' she said, gyrating her hips a bit. 'I know you can eat pussy real good.'

'How do you know?'

'Because my mother told me so. Now I want you to do the same thing to me that you did to her. Eat my pussy real good and then fuck me to pieces.'

Now I knew what all that earlier smiling and winking was about between mother, sister and daughter. So I mashed my lips against her pussy and began giving her cunt a tongue-bath.

'Ohhhh, that feels good!' Terri cried out with delight as I covered her pussy with my mouth. My tongue probed and licked the swollen lips of her pussy and teased at the nub of her clit.

I penetrated her pussy with my tongue and fucked it in and out, drawing out gobs of juicy pussy-cream.

'Uhh, yes! Eat me, honey!' Terri wailed, her voice choked with lust. She rolled her tight ass and humped it up at my face while pushing on the back of my head with her hands. 'Eat my horny little cunt.'

It didn't take long for Terri to reach a climax, and when she came, her pussy spewed cunt cream all over my mouth and face. I sucked greedily on her cunt lips, sucking out all her fuck-juice and chewing hungrily on her distended clit.

'Jesus, you did that good!' she panted when she was through cumming. 'Now get on top of me and fuck me! I want to feel you prick way up inside me, ripping me apart!'

'No, first I want you to suck my cock,' I said. 'Fair is Fair.'

Terri crawled over me and took my rock-hard cock in her hand. She dipped her head and pressed her lips to the tip of my cock head. She felt my prick throb in her hand as she squeezed it firmly.

I entwined my fingers in her hair and forced her face down farther.

'God, its so fucking beautiful!' Terri whispered. 'I think it's the most beautiful prick I've ever seen!'

Her tongue came out and flicked across the head of my prick. She licked it back and forth several times and then licked slowly along the sensitive underside. She could feel the hardness of it and taste the tanginess of it.

Terri licked my cock until it glistened with her saliva. My cock head throbbed and tiny rivulets of pre-cum seeped from my piss slit. She opened her mouth wide and let my dick slide in. Her tongue slid along the under side and she locked her lips loving around it. Her mouth was stretched wide by my cock and she had to breathe through her nose to keep from choking.

She worked her mouth up and down until she had swallowed ever inch of my cock and her lips were scraping against my pubic hair. She worked her mouth and felt my prick growing even harder and longer in her mouth. Then she started bobbing her head up and down.

'Ahhhh, what a mouth! What a fantastic cock-sucker you are!' I sighed happily as she sucked my dick. I closed my eyes and lay back as she sucked me off.

Terri sucked slowly and evenly for a while. Then, as if she were suddenly overcome with the urge to make me cum in her mouth, she plunged her face up and down fiercely, her mouth slipping easily along my cock shaft. He lips were ovaled and clung tightly to the stiff prick. Saliva dripped down the length of my prick. She moaned softly as she blew me, and the room was filled with the lustful sounds of her slurping.

'Oh man, I'm gonna blow!' I moaned. I began jerking my hips up, forcing more of my cock into Terri's sucking mouth. 'Keep sucking me like that and I'm gonna fill your mouth with my load!'

'Mmmmm!' Terri moaned, not letting go of my prick.

She sucked harder, enjoying the way my cock filled her entire mouth as I prepared to cum. Some of my cum was already seeping into her mouth. suddenly, I bucked wildly and my hips jerked off the bed. A second later my cock head swelled dramatically inside Terri's mouth and a thick jet of sticky white cum shot from my piss-slit.

'Oh Shit, I'm cumming! God, I'm shooting my wad and you're fucking eating it!' I cried, bucking my hips convulsively.

Another thick wad of cum exploded into her mouth and covered her tongue. 'Take it! Eat it! Eat it all!'

Huge globs of warm cum shot into Terri's mouth as I continued to cum. She had to work her throat muscles to keep up with the flood of cum squirting between her lips.

I groaned as my prick spewed out more and more cum. My balls ached as they convulsed and pumped out their fuck cream.. I grunted each time I shot off and felt my prick being bathed in my own hot cum as Terri trapped it in her mouth.

I squirted another thick blob of cum into her throat and then stopped cumming. I lay on the bed panting, but my cock didn't shrink. While I recovered, Terri drank down the huge amounts of cum I had blasted into her mouth. By the time she had finished swallowing, I was climbing on top of her to fuck her.

Terri spread her legs and pulled them back, allowing me to press my cock against the opening of her cunt. 'You put it in,' I said. 'Stuff my prick inside your pussy!'

She grasped my prick and wrapped her fingers around it. It was still as hard as before she had sucked me off, and seemed to get even harder as she held it. As she aimed it at her pussy, I pushed her knees back until they touched her huge tits. She was wide open and as she guided my dick between the swollen lips of her snatch and gasped when the head of it scraped across the sensitive skin.
When it was wedged inside her, she let go and I began pushing down. She gave a long, low groan as my prick head fucked into her and spread her open.

'Ahhhh!' she moaned hotly as more of my cock eased into her. 'Give it all to me! It feels so good! Fill me with your cock.'

Terri gasped as my cock head disappeared inside her. My cock was sliding into her, filling every inch of her cunt as it drilled deeper into her. Finally I lunged forward a bit and drove the rest of my prick into her hot cunt. My prick was buried balls deep inside her and Terri moaned hotly as her cunt muscles tightened around my cock shaft.

'Come on, Tim, do it to me now!' Terri cried. 'Ream me with your cock.'

She screwed herself up along the shaft of my cock as I began fucking down at her. Her cunt was so open that my cock slid in and out easily, and on each stroke I could feel my prick head thump against her womb. The walls of her cunt were soft and wet and clung to my dick like a greased glove.

'Yes, honey, yes!' Terri cried. She rolled her ass on the bed and clasped her fuck muscles tightly around my cock. 'Give it to me, darling! Fuck me to death!'

'Do you like it like this?' I gasped. 'You like being fucked with my hard prick?'

'Oh, God, yes! I fucking love it! I love it so much!'

Terri's wet cunt felt wonderful and she really knew how to use it.

'God, you've got such a hot cunt!' I groaned as I fucked my cock in and out of her pussy. 'It's so tight! I could fuck you all day and all night!'

'Go right ahead,' Terri said hotly. 'I love the way your prick feels inside me. Fuck me for as long as you can, and when you come, I'll make your cock hard again so you can fuck me some more.'

I fucked her harder and faster, drilling my cock into her with long, hard jabs. I could hear the rhythmic squishing noises of her pussy sucking on my cock. I felt like a crazy animal as I plunged my prick in and out of her pussy, making her grunt and groan with pleasure.

'Oh God! Oh Christ, it's so good! So good, so fucking good!' Terri panted, moving her head from side to side. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh Christ, Tim, just fuck me!'

I panted and grunted as I slammed my cock into one very horny girl. I dipped my head and sucked one of her big tits into my mouth while I ground my pelvis around in tiny circles in an attempt to heighten her pleasure. I chewed her nipple and scraped it with my teeth, making her squeal with delight.

'Ahhhh! Aiieeee, yesssss! Fuck me and suck my big fat tits!' Terri cried. 'I love your prick and I love the way you fuck me! Don't stop! Don't ever stop fucking me! I want to be your fuck-slut! Just keep fucking me!'

'I will, Terri. I'll fuck you till you can't walk,' I said. 'I'll give you cock till it comes out of your mouth.'

'Yes, yes, yes, give me cock! Fill me with it! Shove it up my cunt so I can feel it in my belly. I want my whole body stuffed with your beautiful prick!'

Terri's thighs were spread wide apart and she was holding the backs of her knees to keep them pressed against her massive tits. Her tits were pressed together between her knees and they jiggled and bounced obscenely as I fucked her with hard, vicious, cunt-jarring thrust.

'More, baby, give me more! I want more cock!' she yelled, as if she were beside herself with lust.' I can't get enough of your wonderful, beautiful, hard and hot prick!'

I was on the verge of cumming, and I could tell Terri wasn't far from creaming. Her cunt was clamped so tightly around my cock that I could hardly fuck in or out of her.

'I want more prick! I want to fuck forever!' she cried. 'Fuck me forever! Don't ever stop! Give me cock till I'm fucked to death!'

My aching cock was so swollen it felt like it was about to explode inside Terri's gripping pussy. I used every ounce of my strength to fuck her to a climax. She suddenly screamed and my cock was bathed in a gusher of hot cunt-cream.

'Ahhhh, fuck! God, I'm cumming! Oh, sweet Jesus, I'm creaming all over your cock, honey! Ugggghhhh!'

Terri let out a scream and forced her ass up even higher. 'Give me your load! Cum inside me now, honey!' she screeched. 'I want your cum! I need your load!'

For a moment I thought my balls would burst, but then they let go and I felt a hot rushing sensation along the length of my cock-shaft. An instant later a thick flood of cum erupted from my prick-head and bathed the inside of Terri's pussy. My cum jetted into her with such a force that she squealed as she climaxed again.

'Annnggghhh, yessss! I can feel you squirting inside me! Shoot off, honey! Fill me with cum! Give me all your stuff!'

'Take me bitch! Take it you fuck slut!' I yelled, gritting my teeth and jerking each time my prick blasted out another thick wad of cum. Knots of the fluid were clogging her pussy now and seeping our around my cock.

'Yes, darling, yes! I love it! Oh, God, I love being filled with hot cum! Give me more!'

I shot off again and again, my prick squirting out more and more creamy cum. 'I'm still cumming, baby!' I groaned as my prick jerked again. Another wad of cum shot into Terri's pussy and swirled out around my cock. 'I may never stop creaming!'

'I don't care. I want all your cum and I want to cum with you forever!' Terri cried.

Each time I shot off again, it triggered another orgasm, and she'd already cum so many times I had lost count. Eventually it had to end though, and my prick finally stopped squirting. As the dregs of my cum seeped from my cock, I collapsed on top of a panting, sweating Terri. Her pussy kept clenching around my prick.

When we could finally move again, I pulled my soft prick from Terri's soggy cunt and we both heaved a sigh of satisfaction.

It was several minutes before we were able to catch our collective breath and get back to normal. It was even longer before we managed to get dressed and leave the bedroom. Once we did, we were greeted by Mom, Angela and Mary and they applauded us as we entered the kitchen. Terri did a little bow and I just stood there looking from one to the other wondering what in he hell was going on.

'Well, I have a confession to make,' mom said. 'We weren't sure if you two would hit it off or not so, we decided to leave it to the both of you to see how it would work out. From what we could hear, standing outside the bedroom door, you seemed to hit it off just fine.

We briefed Terri on what was going on but, seeing as how she is going to be here for a few months, it would be embarrassing for her if she wasn't included and ... well, the three of us couldn't go a few months without having you, Tim, and we had to see how things would work out.'

Terri put her arm around me and kissed me on the cheek and, turning to the others and laughingly said, 'I think they turned out just fine and I don't think I will be embarrassed and no one will have to go without anything ... as long as I get my share, too.'

I looked at the four of them and also laughingly said, 'Don't I get a say in all of this?'
Each of them looked at the other and, looking back at me, in unison said. 'No.'

We all laughed at that and hugged each other and everything was very relaxed after that. Everyone returned to what they had been doing and just went about the business of getting on with getting on.

Chapter Seven

The weeks seemed to just fly by. Mom was back in shape and we were fucking on a regular basis and, before we knew it, it was time for Angela to give birth. I was really worried about her. I wasn't sure if mom had made a wise decision about letting her have the baby.

After all the wives tales I had heard about incest and what would happen to the child, I really had my doubts. Then I would think about little Jimmy ... such a perfect little guy and growing like a weed and doing everything that a tike his age was supposed to do and then I wasn't sure again. It was all just to much for me.

Angela and I were cuddled in her bed and I was feeling the baby kicking the shit out of her poor stomach. She was so damn big it looked like she was going to have an elephant instead of a little baby. She was tired of being pregnant ... just the same as mom had been before Jimmy was born.
We knew she was getting close because her tit were already starting to get milk in them. It was mostly clear liquid yet but, it had basically the same taste as the finished product.

As we lay there talking, I was also finger fucking her ... which is about all she could take for the past couple of weeks but, she liked it so much that I couldn't refuse her whenever she asked me to play with her pussy. She also liked for me to squat over her face so she could suck my cock. For some reason Angie seemed to like sucking my cock almost as much as she liked me fucking her.

Anyhow, we had been at it for about fifteen minutes when, just as she was about to cum, her first labor pain hit her and, knowing how it went with mom, I sounded the alarm and we started getting her things in the car for the trip to the hospital.

Once again we were taking turns pacing the floor of the waiting room and wondering how things were going. Unlike the last time, the doctor came out after about an hour and told us that Angela was having a rather rough time of it since it was her first child and it appeared that she was going to have a hard and long labor period. He jokingly said we might want to get a good book and settle in for awhile. I was early evening and, since we hadn't had anything to eat, it was decided that Terri and I would make a trip out and get something from the four basic food groups ... ya know, burger, fries, ketchup and coke, from McDonalds just down the block.

As we walked to the car, Terri said, 'Just think, in a little while you're gonna' be a daddy again.'

'Yeah, that's kinda neat,' I said. 'But I hate to think of Angie going through all that pain. I knew we should have used rubbers or got both of them on the pill so this wouldn't happen, but they didn't want to so, now I have two kids.'

'Don't sound so glum,' Terri said. 'I envy both your mom and Angela having something of you they will be able to look at every day and recall how it was made and the love that went into it. Makes me kinda' wish I had one of my own. I haven't been using anything either and guess I've just been lucky ... or unlucky ... that I haven't gotten myself knocked up.'

Once we were in the car, Terri sat right beside me and, before I could start the engine, she put her arms around me and kissed me like it was going to be the last kiss she ever gave anyone on earth.
I had to admit that it had its effect on me and, as usual, my cock started rising to the occasion. She even knew me so well that, while we were kissing, she began rubbing my cock through my shorts. I had been in such a hurry to get things ready to leave the house that I had neglected to put on any under shorts and Terri took full advantage of that fact by running her hand up the loose leg of my shorts and was playing with my cock.

When we released the kiss, Terri said, 'You must have dressed in a hurry.'

'Yeah, I guess I was in a bit of a rush,' I said.

'Well, I don't want you to feel all alone and lonely,' she said as she reached under her mini-skirt and pulled her panties down and off and stuck them in her purse. 'Now you can play with me while I play with you as we go for food. That's what we did, too.

When we arrived at McDonald's I went to the drive thru to place our order. When we pulled up to get the food there was a guy there handing it out and that was when I saw the tease side of Terri. We were handed a sack of stuff and she made a big thing about sitting it on the floorboard and bent way over to set it down and her short skirt came up so the guy could see her naked ass very clearly.

Then when she turned back to get the other bag, her skirt was pulled all the way up and he had a clear view of the thick bush covering her pussy. Looking right at the kid, with his eyes bugging out and his mouth wide open, she said, 'Don't forget the drinks, Tim, you know how HOT I am.' I thought the kid was gonna spill everything before he finally deposited it in my hands and I safely handed it to Terri, who immediately took one of the cup and put it between her legs and, with a sigh, said, 'Aaahhh, that's much better.'

As we drove away Terri was laughing so hard I though she was gonna' start crying. 'Did you see the look on that kids face,' she said. 'I though his eyes were gonna bug right out of his head when he got a look at my pussy. I bet he has a hard-on that won't quit and it won't do him a bit of good.'

'Why not?' I asked.

'Because YOU'RE the one who is gonna fuck me tonight ... not him. As a matter of fact, if the food wouldn't get cold, I'd have you fuck me before we even went back in the hospital. Teasing is a business that tends to make one a little horny, honey.'

When we arrived back at the hospital and nothing had changed. Everyone had eaten and we were trying to watch a little TV to help the time pass more quickly. Finally, just before ten o'clock, the doctor came out and told us that Angela had delivered a healthy little boy who weighed in at eight pounds ten ounces and the twenty and a half inches long.
He also told us that Angie was doing fine and we should be able to view the baby for just a few minutes in about half an hour. After he left and we were alone, the three of them gave me kisses and congratulated me on being a father/uncle. Another of those strange sounding titles. It had been decided several weeks ago that his name would be Tommy.

We waited about a half hour and then headed down to the nursery and they gave us a quick view of the baby. Had to admit, he was a cute little guy and appeared to be very healthy, which calmed that nagging fear I had about incest babies. I thought it was just an old wives tale after all.

As we walked back to the waiting room, Terri put her arm around me and whispered in my ear, 'you really do make the cutest babies ... maybe one of these days you'll give me one ... or two.'

I just kinda smiled and said, 'Yeah, right!'

A nurse told us that Angela was awake and asking to see us and we could go in for just a couple of minutes.

She was all smiles and looked more beautiful than I had ever seen her look before.
'Did you see him,' she said. 'Isn't he just the cutest thing you ever saw in your life!'

We all agreed and everyone gave her a kiss and the nurse told us we would have to leave. I was standing right beside the bed, holding her hand, and when I started to leave she tugged on my hand and had me bend over so she could whisper in my ear (because the nurse was still in the room), and she said, 'I love you, Tim, and now you have another son to share tittie milk with.
I can't wait to let both of you nurse me ... one on each tit.' She kissed me on the cheek and said, 'Goodnight all.'

We were home by eleven-thirty and everyone was in bed by twelve. I was laying there thinking about Angie and the baby when my bedroom door opened and someone came in. It was dark and I really couldn't tell who it was until she crawled into bed with me and Terri said, 'I told you that you were gonna fuck me tonight.'

I turned onto my side and finding her lips, pressed mine to them and speared my tongue into the warmth of her mouth. As we kissed, Terri ran her hand up and down my thigh until she moved it over and began rubbing my cock. When we released he kiss, I began kissing her face, neck, shoulders and worked my way down to those huge tits of hers and began sucking one of them.

She was still stroking my dick and she said, 'Sorry there isn't any milk in mine for you to drink, but I'll make up for it by giving you the best blow job and fuck I've ever done.'

Terri slid down in the bed and stuck out her tongue and flicked it over the middle of my prick. Then she pressed her mouth against the sensitive underside and licked up my prick shaft with a slow, sensual motion. Holding my prick in one hand she hefted my balls in the other and began kissing them. When she took one of my nuts in her mouth and began sucking on it, I thought I was gonna cum right then and there.
She released the ball and began kissing my cock again as it grew harder and harder. I watched as Terri's head dipped licking and kissing my cock, which was standing upright and hard as a steel rod. Her moist lips coated my cock with saliva and then she formed her lips into a perfect oval and, finally, she pushed her head down and forced her mouth over the dome of my cock-head.

'Ahhhh, God, That's fantastic!' I groaned. Terri was sucking my cock nice and slow. I watched as inch after inch of my cock disappeared into her face. Her cheeks were caved in and she was a picture of wanton lust, with my cock stuffed between her lips.

As she continued to swallow every inch of my cock, I could feel the head of it bump against the roof of her mouth and begin sliding down into her throat. She almost gagged as her lips and nose nuzzled in my pubic hair. I could feel her soft tongue beating against the shaft of my cock and the placement of her lips told me she had eaten all of my prick.

With her eyes closed, Terri began sliding her mouth up and down on my stiff prick. She pulled her mouth up until only the tip of my cock-head was still lodged between her lips. She plunged her head back down, letting over half of my swollen cock spear into her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out and the hollowed in sequence as she bobbed her head up and down.

'Oh, yeah, what a mouth!' I grunted with pleasure. I dug my fingers into Terri's silky hair and pushed it away from her face so I could watch her hotly sucking mouth. I loved the way her lips slurped wetly around my hard shaft, and the bright red lipstick she was wearing was leaving streaks on my cock-shaft that did nothing but make me even hotter that I already was.
Terri bobbed her head with a steady rhythm. Her saliva made my cock-shaft shiny and wet, and her mouth made obscene slurping sounds as her cock-sucking became more and more intense.

Terri cupped one of her hands around my heavy balls and squeezed and fondled them gently as she sucked me. She kept the other hand curled tightly around the base of my cock pumped in rhythm to her furious blow-job.

'Oh, yeah, suck it! Oooooh, suck my prick, honey Suck it good and hard!' I gasped. I was sure I couldn't hold back my orgasm much longer. 'Keep blowing me like that and You're gonna' get a mouthful of hot cum!' Ahhhh, suck it, Terri, suck it deep!' I humped my hips up, thrusting my cock deep into her throat. 'I'm going to cum! I'm gonna' unload in your mouth!' Terri increased the tempo of her cock-sucking, moving her face up and down faster. Just before my cock started to swell and I would blow my balls, she stopped and removed her mouth from my cock.

'Oh, God!' I groaned. 'Don't stop now, Terri, I'm just about to cum.'

'I want your prick inside my pussy when you cum!' she whispered. She tugged on my prick to get me on top of her, and spread her legs invitingly as I climbed between her thighs. 'Fill my cunt with your prick and fuck me real good! Then shoot me full of your hot cum!'

I grunted obligingly and settled between her open legs.

'Come on, stick it in,' Terri said. 'I'm ready for you. My cunt is just dripping for your cock.'

I lowered myself and thrust forward, pushing my cock-head between the ragged lips of her cunt. The fleshy lips separated and my prick slid easily into her. 'Ohhhhh, yesssss!' she moaned. 'Shove it all the way in and fuck me! Fuck me! Just fuck me!'

I went slow and deliberate at first, easing my cock in and out of Terri's dripping pussy with long, steady strokes. Then I began picking up the pace as she clung to me, whimpering and sighing with pleasure.

'Ahhhh, shit, you're so good! I love the way you're working over my pussy!' she cried. 'You're incredible and your prick feels so good! Fuck me all night! Don't ever stop! Please don't stop!'

A minor orgasm swept through Terri's loins and she shivered and squealed with delight as her clit throbbed excitedly. She was gasping for air and throwing her head back and forth as I pounded my cock into her tight pussy.

'Nice tight pussy,' I grunted. I was enjoying the way her cunt squeezed my prick. My balls were already tight with an unspent load of cum and it ached for release. Terri spread her legs wider as my prick sank deeper inside her and she sighed with pleasure. I could feel the blunt end of my prick thumping against the back of her pussy with each trust. I was fucking into her so forcefully that her body was jerking all over the bed.

'Oh, darling, fuck me! I fucking love it! I love what you're doing to me!' I looked down and watched as Terri's huge tits shivered on her chest. They were so firm they shook like stiff bowls of jello, and her large dark nipples stuck out like thumbs. I fucked my cock in and out of her cunt while ever inch of my body felt like it was being devoured by her greedy cunt.

'Oh, man, you're good!' I panted. 'I'm gonna wear your hot little pussy out tonight!'

'Yes, do that! Wear me out! Fuck me till I'm raw! Fuck me till I can't even walk!' she cried.

I fucked Terri harder and harder, drilling my hard cock into her furiously. My hips drove into her, making her body flop helplessly beneath me. She raised her legs and pulled her knees back until they touched her jiggling tits.
Her cunt opened wider, giving me a better angle for full penetration and stimulation. Each time my cock sank into her, my cock-shaft grazed her clit. She locked her arms behind her knees to keep her legs wide apart and gave herself up to me. She let me fuck my prick into her violently, enjoying every furious thrust of my hard cock into her tender and creamy cunt.

'Unnh, uuuh, uuh!' Terri moaned as my cock stabbed deep into her, drilling her into the bed. Her pussy seemed to be on fire and, what seemed to be rivers of cunt juice was pouring out of her overheated cunt as she matched my thrusts. 'Fuck me, baby, fuck me!

Terri was moaning continuously as her orgasm approached. She clutched at her tits and squeezed them lewdly, making her stiff nipples swell obscenely. She flicked her fingers at the stiff buds rapidly. Her face was a mask of lustful pleasure and her body was responding to my passionate fucking like never before. She jerked and twitched on the bed beneath me as my prick filled every inch of her anxious pussy.

'Oh, God, I'm there, honey! I'm gonna cum!' she cried suddenly as her pussy began contracting around the base of my prick. 'I can't stand it any longer! I've gotta cum!'

I rammed my prick deep into Terri's cunt and felt her pussy grab at it. Then her cunt spasmed and a flood of fuck juice poured from her as she climaxed.

'Ahhhh! Shhhiiittt! I'm cuuummmiinngggg!' she said. 'Fuck me! Fill me! Give me your load! I want it now, baby! Nooowwwww!'

A few seconds later my balls erupted and began blasting my load of hot cum into her dripping pussy. My prick jerked and twitched inside her and my cock head expanded tremendously as the first jet of cum shot into her. 'I'm cummin too, Terri!' I growled. 'Take my cum up you cunt, honey! Suck my balls dry!'

Terri groaned and squealed as she felt the hot wet rush of my cum jetting into her . Her pussy walls were soaked with my cum and she cried out when she felt my prick pulsating inside her. Her pussy was filling with my wet load as I pumped her full of cum.

'Yeeeessss, fill me up! Shoot your stuff into me! Fill my hot pussy!'

I tried my best. My balls forced up wad after wad of thick, creamy cum. The jism shot from my cock-head in long stringy ropes until Terri's pussy was completely filled. Then it began squishing back out around the sides of my cock shaft.

'I love it! I love your cum in my pussy!' she said. 'You're cumming so much and I want more! I just love your cum. I love the way it feels inside me!'

I grunted and spurted out another think glob of cum. Over and over again, my prick jerked, blasting even more white hot cum into Terri's thirsty pussy. When I finally stopped cumming, I collapsed on top of her, gasping for air.
Both of our bodies were covered with sweat and we could scarcely breath. It was quite some time before I could push myself off of her. When I eased my wilted cock out of her pussy, a river of cum flowed from the gaping hole, soothing the raw edges of her thick cunt lips.

'What a fuck! What an absolutely incredible fuck!' I moaned, stroking her face and caressing her tits softly. 'You were amazing!'

'So were you,' Terri said. I told you the kid at McDonalds would have to eat his heart out because I was gonna give you the best fuck of my life.'
Wrapped in each others arms, covered with sweat, cum and pussy juice, we slept.

Chapter Eight

It was Saturday afternoon, Mary and Terri had gone to town to do some shopping, mom and Angie were taking care of the boys and I was laying naked on the couch watching TV. Mom came into the TV room, naked, of course, and said, 'I've got a problem, honey.'
'What's the matter, mom?' I replied.

'Well, Jimmy went to sleep before he finished eating and I have all this milk still left in my tits and it's beginning to hurt. Think you can help me with my problem?' she said.

Smiling, I said, 'Why don't you come over here and I'll see what I can do to relieve that pain you seem to be suffering.'

As she walked over to the couch I could plainly see the milk running out of each nipple. I sat up so she could sit down and then I lay back with my head in her lap. Mom leaned over a little and I took a nipple in my mouth and began to gently suck and received mouthful after mouthful of beautiful mothers milk. While I was sucking, mom was also stroking my dick and saying how much she enjoyed me sucking her tits.
Not only did it relieve the pain of having to much milk in them but it also made her horny. She really didn't have to tell me that because, with my head in her lap and my nose just a little above her pussy, I could smell the aroma of her sex juices escaping from her snatch.

After a few minutes she said that I had taken enough and the pain was now gone. However, if I still wanted to suck on something, her pussy could use a little attention. I sat up and move around so she could lay on the couch and I got between her leg and began eating her pussy. She especially liked it when I would put my mouth over her fuck-hole and suck.

She once told me that I applied so much suction to her pussy it felt like I was trying to suck her insides out. After a few minutes I was really hot myself and releasing her cunt from my mouth, I slid up between her legs and stuck my cock in her and began fucking her like mad. I was ramming my cock into her as hard as I could. For some reason I was angry and I didn't know why.

I only knew I had to take it out on someone and, since she was there, mom was getting it all. Each thrust of my cock into her cunt she would bang her head against the arm of the couch. She didn't say anything, she just lay there taking my anger. Suddenly, I was cumming and there was no satisfaction in it. It was as if she were just a receptacle ... a place for me to dump cum and be done with it.

When I was spent and laying on top of her, I felt awful for using her in that manner and I didn't really know how to go about apologizing to her for taking my anger out in that fashion. It was especially hard since I really didn't know what I was angry about.

Mother knew something was wrong. 'What is it, Tim?' she asked. 'Something's bothering you greatly ... do you want to talk about it?'

The more I thought about it the more I realized what was bothering me. I saw no reason to hold back and, although I didn't know if this was the right time or place to discuss it, I thought I might as well get it out in the open and let mom know what my feeling were and why I was so angry all of a sudden.

'I really haven't given it much thought until just now, mom, and I think the big problem is the situation we are in.
Don't get me wrong. I love all of you and I enjoy being with each of you but, deep down, I am worried. I am worried that, because we are not using any kind of protection, one of you are going to get pregnant either again or for the first time and the incest thing is going to come into play and something awful is going to be born and it will be my fault......'

'Well .....' she started to say.

'Wait, let me finish my say, mom, before I chicken out and can't go on. I think you should also know that I think I am falling in love with Terri and, being her first cousin, there isn't anything I can do about it. You know as well as I do that the law would never let us marry and, even if we could, I would be afraid to try to have children with her because, again, of the incest factor. I guess it all just came down on me today and you just happened to be the one I had to take it out on and the one I had to tell about it.'

'Well, as I started to say before,' she said, 'I can fully understand your concern, Tim, and I can see where it would worry you quite a bit. I never really thought about it before. I tell you what. We will have a family meeting tomorrow afternoon and, after I talk with Mary, I think we can relieve your mind on this subject and the other things that are of such a great concern to you. For now, lets just leave it at that and we will settle everything tomorrow.'

The next afternoon we were all gathered in the living room. Mom started by telling Terri and Angela why we were there. She was curious if either of them had any concerns about our family situation. Both replied that the only concern they had delt with the possibility of deformed or mentally defective babies should Terri have one or Angela have another. Mom and Aunt Mary exchanged knowing glances and Mary took over from mom.

'What I'm about to say pertains to all of you but Tim and Angela mainly. There is no reason to be concerned about your worries. This is something your mother was supposed to tell you years ago and just never got around to it. You are not brother and sister. As a matter of fact, you are not related in any way, form or fashion. Neither of you have any blood ties to this family whatsoever ... both of you are adopted.'

Angela and I just looked at one another and then we both looked at mom.

'I was going to tell you years ago, my darlings, but ... I don't know, nothing ever came up about it and I just kept putting it off and, finally, I just didn't see any reason to bring it up after all this time. I realize now that I should have told you but, as they say, hine-sight is always better than fore-sight. I hope you will forgive me for being a coward in not wanting to bring up the subject after all these years?'

I was the first to speak. 'What about dad?' I said.
'The man you call 'dad', my ex-husband, although he could fuck like a stallion, he was unable to have any children. We both wanted kids and decided the best way was to adopt. We waited a long time to get both of you and we couldn't have been happier when we brought each of you home. Here are your adoption papers and, as you will see, we have had each of you since you were just minutes old and, except for the pain I went through with little Jimmy, it's just like I had given birth to each of you.' she said.

We talked about it for quite some time and finally accepted the fact that we were not related and had nothing to worry about as far as our fears were concerned. Then mom brought up the other part of my concern.

'Now, we have something else to discuss, concerning Tim and Terri,' she said.

I knew what was coming and I tried to stop her because I had not said anything about it to Terri and I had no idea how she felt about me in regard to love and marriage, but there was no stopping mom once she got started.

'Tim tells me he is in love with Terri,' she said. 'The question Mary and I have for Terri is, how do you feel about Tim?'

Terri, looked at each of us without saying anything. She then got out of her chair and walked around the room for a minute and then came over to me and sat on my lap. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek.

Smiling, she turned to the others and said, 'I was debating whether I should attempt to make some kind of a joke and put everyone on and decided against it. Just so you will know, I love Tim very, very much. I have been in love with him since our first day together. I haven't said anything to him or any of you because I had the same worries and fears he had about children. But, after what I've heard today, I think we can lay all those worries and fears to rest and get on with getting on.'

Terri went on to say, 'The big question now is ... how will this effect our homelife.' She looked at me and winked. 'I see no reason why things can't go on as they have been. We all love each other and, even though our love differs in HOW we love each other, I see no reason why things should change.
After all, that was the agreement that was made when the three of you began this loving relationship and, since everything is still in the family, why can't we just continue on?'

Everything was discussed some more and all agreed that things would go on as they had.

That conversation took place six years ago. Terri and I have been married for five years and are the proud parents of two beautiful little girls and a strapping little boy. Little Jimmy is growing like a weed, Tommy has a little sister names Heather and Mary has a three year old son named Michael. Our family is continuing to grow and our love for each other also continues to grow.

I know ... this relationship will make some of you sick and you will think we were even sicker for beginning such a thing. Well, if that's the way you feel, there isn't anything I can say that hasn't already been said to get you to change your mind; frankly I could care less how you feel about it because life is to short for me to worry about you. There are those of you who will understand and accept our way of thinking and secretly wish you could get involved in a relationship like ours. That is something you will have to work out for yourselves.
As for us ... we are happy, living life to its fullest and taking each day one at a time. The way we look at it, whatever will be, will be and there is nothing we can do to change it ... except change our entire way of living and we're not about to do that for anyone.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go take a shower. Terri and Angela are baby-sitting tonight because mom is coming over and the two of us are going to be occupied for a couple of hours in the bedroom. God! It really is nice to be a member of such a loving family.

The End

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