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Young Penelope (Third & final part)

Written by Bruce X (June 2000)

"You're looking at my pants aren't you?".............
Richard Bruce looked aghast........
He was lost for words. He had watched Penny from his seat while she stood at the window, her white pants clearly on view.

She was still at the window, arms folded on the upper sill but now, instead of looking out of the window, she was looking back at him, knickers still on view. She had stood there for what seemed like an age, her St Tropez memories flashing by. In fact she had only been at the window for a few minutes.

Two days of glorious sexual adventure, passing, fleeting, rushing, flying through her mind. Two days of incredible enlightenment and passion, condensed and compressed into the space of a few minutes, the passage of which, moistening her tight vulva. He looked up at her, eyes alarmingly open.

Richard Bruce, thirty, married, two young children, decent, pillar of society. He tried to swallow but couldn't.
"I'm what?"..........
"You know, the white things under my skirt, you've been looking at them!"...................
He shook his head in amazement.
"Don't be so ridiculous, of course I haven't!"
He picked up his paper again and pretended to read. He couldn't, he just sat looking at the same words and he began to sweat.

She turned around and leaned against the window with her back, one knee bent and raised with her foot flat against the carriage wall.
"You know I think that's really rude of you, I'm talking to you and you ignore me and start reading the paper"
He lowered his paper to his knees, "For God's sake, I just want to read my paper, I just want a bit of peace, now please leave me alone" .........
She smiled devilishly............
"Ohhhhhhh I think not, it's a bit late for that" .........
"What the hell do you mean "a bit late for that".......
"Well, I caught you looking up my skirt........... DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD I AM?"

He forced the paper down onto the adjacent seat. "Now listen to me young lady, I've had just about enough of you, what's your name and which school do you go to?"..........
She raised her right hand to her mouth and feigned biting her nails.
"Oh no, please don't tell my headmaster, I'd DIE"

She laughed out loud at his threat and then became suddenly serious. Pushing herself away from the wall with her bent leg, she approached him and, stooping down to within an inch of his face she whispered, "Don't you "young lady" me you fucking perv"
He froze as her menacing words hit home. "Look, what do you want from me? why don't you just go and sit down and behave yourself"

Her menacing attitude changed immediately, she smiled into his face and flippantly said "OK".
He watched as she moved over and dropped into her window seat.
"So why have we stopped? We've only been going for five minutes!" He looked over, relieved at her more conciliatory attitude.
"This always happens, we stop here every morning at the signals to let another train through" She nodded her head to show her understanding and then lifted her right leg, bent at the knee and placed her foot on the seat.

Her short skirt slipped down the elevated thigh to expose her white pants again. In fear of another onslaught, he went to pick up his paper.
"Don't do that........... Talk to me, I mean it's not everyday that you get the chance to talk to a pretty young girl is it?"

He placed the paper back down and just looked at her. Her elbow was resting on her raised knee with her clenched fist under her chin.
"You can have a proper look now if you want to"
She uncurled her forefinger and pointed down to her groin. "What makes you think that I have the slightest interest in you or your knickers?" ...................
"Are you gay then?"
He shouted at her "No I am bloody not!"

The train jerked into motion again and they both looked out of the window. The click of the wheels going over the rail joints accelerated slowly and then settled into a monotonous rhythm.
"You married then?" He nodded.
"Got kids?" He nodded again.
"Good job?" ................... "Yes.......... Very"

He was getting annoyed and looked straight ahead. She lifted the other leg from the floor and placed it on the seat beside her exposing her full mound. He didn't flinch. She stared at him relentlessly.
His eyes didn't move. Penny became frustrated at the lack of interest. She lowered a hand and began to traverse the indentation between her lips. He looked over at her face and then lowered his gaze to her beautiful slim bronzed thighs and then at her travelling finger.

She smiled. "I asked you before if you knew how old I was, how old do you think I am" ...........
"I haven't the faintest idea but I do know that you're a little slut" .........
"Well I wouldn't say that I was a little slut........... More of a randy little girl............. Go on, how old am I?"

He looked her in the eyes again, "Do you mean how old you really are or how old you THINK you are?"
"OOOOOohhhhhhhh nasty...............don't be nasty with me, I want to be your friend!"

She stopped traversing her slit and moved both hands to her blouse. She grasped the material on either side at breast level and began to pull gently but relentlessly apart. He looked in horror as the first of the buttons looked as if it was about to pop.
"What are you doing?" ............ "I'm just about to pull my blouse apart"...................
"What for?"...............
"Well, it won't look as if you've tried to rape me if I don't rip something" ...............
"But I'm not going to rape you" .........
"I know but the police won't know that will they? I mean, when I get off the train with my clothes ripped and sobbing crazily, they'll automatically assume that I've been raped........Won't they!"

She released the tension on her blouse.
"Now remind me, did you say you were married with kids and that you've got a good job?"
He ignored her questions and just kept looking at her incredulously.
She clicked her fingers bringing him out of his stupor, "Hello, hello, anybody there"
She laughed as she witnessed his realisation of the predicament he was in, creep across his face.
"Don't worry, I won't hurt you.......... As long as everything goes all right"

She opened her legs and displayed the full expanse of white pants between her thighs. He looked down and saw her mons protruding above her vaginal lips. He looked lower and saw the outline of her lips and the indentation of her slit. She looked at his groin and saw that he had an erection.

She could see his penis forcing the material encasing it. It was well defined and lay at an angle pointing it's way towards the pocket.
" My, my, you do look a big boy" He said nothing. He was still in a state of shock but could not take his eyes off her white clad vulva.
"What's your name?"
He answered automatically, "Richard" ..........
"Well Richard, I want you to get your cock out and start wanking while your watching me.
He was startled. "You want me to what?" ...............
"You heard, get your cock out" He pleaded with her, "Look, I can't do that, I'm a married man and............
" She broke into his sentence,raising her hands to her blouse again as if to rip it apart, "Get your fucking cock out............. Or I will!"

She stood up and walked over to him "Well?".....
He didn't answer. She kneeled in front of him and began to unbuckle his belt looking him in the face, "Are we shy then?"
He said nothing but looked at her fingers working on his apparel. She slipped open the clasp at his waist band and undid the zip.

She saw the outlines of his hard penis through the material of his underpants. She grasped the waist band of his trousers and pulled downwards. He remained motionless as she struggled to pull his trousers over his hips.

"Lift your arse up Richard" He obeyed and the trousers were pulled to his knees. He sat in his underpants, the large bulk of his erect penis still at an angle, forcing itself into the elastic waist band and preventing it's onward journey to it's rightful perpendicular position.

"WOW....... That's a big one Richard!" She placed a cupped palm over his hardness and he shivered. She gently nudged it upwards and, To her delight, the tip of his penis extracted itself from the restraining elastic waistband, exposing the full extent of his considerable glans.
She pulled at his underpants and slowly revealed the full length of his member. Her eyes opened wide as the full extent of the prize before her unfolded. It was huge, not only in length, which had to be eight inches but at it's impressive girth. She kneeled, staring at it's size, wanting to touch it and suck it but resisting the urge.

"Let's take these off altogether Richard"
She started to pull his trousers and underpants over his knees. He grabbed at both garments at the crutch "NO................... You cant, not off altogether, were on a fucking train for God's sake!"

She smiled at his embarrassment. "Why Richard, how long have we got before we get into London?"
He looked at his watch, "Twenty five minutes" ...........
"Well that's OK then, we have plenty of time!" He stared incredulously as she slipped his shoes off and then pulled both garments over his feet. She dropped into the seat directly opposite him and stared at his penis.

He had really large balls and his penis was thick and long. The skin covering the shaft was pale and smooth and terminated just below his considerable glans, giving the effect of being circumcised. Although the shaft was pale, the glans was darker and the large rim overlapped it's hard support. She opened her blouse and pulled the material apart. He gasped as her small pointed breasts became visible.

She began to circle her tight nipples with her forefingers. "Now Richard, stand up and start wanking" .............
"I can't stand up, people will see me through the windows!" .............
"No they won't, were going too fast for anybody to focus and anyway, even if they do, they won't know who it is will they? And I certainly won't tell anybody........ If you do as your told! Now stand up and wank"

He stood and his large cock, under it's weight, stuck out at right angles to his body. He grasped the shaft with his right hand and, staring at Penny's small breasts, began to slowly move the skin backwards and forwards over the glans.
Penny opened her legs again and slipped one of her hands inside her white pants. Her fingers delved down to find her wet slit and she inserted a finger. She noticed that his glans was covered in pre cum.

"Come and wipe your cock on my face"
He moved forward and pressed his flesh onto her cheek. He moved it around her face leaving traces of clear syrup over her cheeks and nose. He slid the tip from side to side over her closed lips and she licked the sweet lubricant off with her tongue. She stuck the tip of her tongue out and he pushed his wet glans onto it. She pushed with her tongue and the small hole gave a little. He shuddered and moaned as the tip of her tongue entered the core of his shaft.

He continued to wank slowly as she probed the small hole. She looked up at him, "Hit me with it" He began, softly at first, to tap her on the cheeks, first one side then the other. She pushed another finger inside herself as he began to hit her. "Harder" He continued the onslaught, with more force now, over her nose and forehead. Her head shuddered with each blow of the heavy member.

She grasped hold of his cock, her fingers unable to encircle it and held it tight. He pulled back as the pain of her grip almost made him come.
"Do you know how old I am?"
She squeezed tighter until he whimpered.
"I don't know,........... sixteen? She squeezed even tighter, "Try again"

He tried to pull away but she held on tight and his rearward movement only served to pull his tight foreskin over his engorged glans.
It seemed impossible but she had managed to grasp so tightly that the foreskin, aided by his retreat, had advanced completely over his glans and was gathered together at the end, like a flesh coloured rose imprisoning his aching penis. She pulled him down to his knees by his cock, his face now inches away from her mound.
She let go of his huge member and he let out a grateful gasp of air. She opened her legs as wide as they would go, stretching the white material and allowing wisps of blonde moist hair to escape from the voids at the sides.
"Don't touch, just smell"
He leaned forward on his knees, his cock still hard, but now pointing to, and almost touching the floor.

He breathed in hard and smelled the unmistakable aroma of sexual vaginal secretions. It smelled sweet and clean.
"Feel how wet it is with your lips"
He obeyed and pushed his lips against the material. He began to rub his tongue up and down the indentation between her lips.
She started to breath heavily as his tongue brushed passed her cotton covered clitoris. He inserted two fingers into either side of the stretched material where her inner thighs joined her vulva and searched for each side of her labia.

He found the swollen flaps of flesh and pulled them outwards until they appeared on either side of the white gusset. The sight before his eyes was enough to make him come. Two swollen pink labia, sparsely covered with light blonde hair. The white material of her gusset had narrowed into a single string which emerged from the cheeks of her bottom and passed through, and delved into her inner lips.

He licked each labia separately and tried to delve into her hole beneath the cotton. Her hands left her nipples and, slipping both forefingers under the panty material just above her clitoral area, she extricated the material from her hole, slipping the garment over her knees and then her feet.

She pushed his head away and turned over onto her knees so that her buttocks stuck out into the general direction of his face. He looked at the vision before him and could see her swollen lips pouting from excitement. Her lips were apart and he could see clearly her inner lips and the beginnings of the hole within. Above the enticing moist flesh he could see her pinkie brown anus surrounded by young brown buttocks. He could hardly contain himself as he guided a finger into her hole.
She thrust a hand out behind and held his wrist stopping him from entering her.

"Lick.......... My .........arse" He straightened himself up, "Listen, I'll do most things to keep your mouth shut but I draw the line at licking your FUCKING ARSE"

She looked round at him, "It's up to you, you either lick my fucking arse or we stop here and I'll have to start ripping my blouse. Don't forget, the forensic evidence is already there, I mean you've just been licking my fanny, they'll find your saliva in there......... Lick my arse.

He didn't question, he didn't comment, he just leaned forward, resigned to his fate and pulled her cheeks apart. Her back arched as his tongue made contact with her sphincter. She began to sigh as he circled the small brown hole.
"Stick your tongue in"
He didn't protest at this latest command. He was surprised to find that he was enjoying this new found depravity.
He pushed with his tongue and it slipped into the tight hole. She began to shake as his tongue pushed it's way deeper inside her. She lowered one hand from the backrest of the seat and he watched as she inserted two fingers into her vulva.

He was amazed that he could actually feel with his tongue, her fingers working inside her vagina through the thin membrane separating her anus from her vagina. His face became flush with her cheeks as his tongue reached it's ultimate destination, deep within her adolescent anus.

She cried out as a powerful orgasm shook her lower body. As the orgasm subsided she withdrew her fingers from her vagina and pushed his forehead back, extracting his tongue from deep within her. She turned over once more and presented her now open hole to his face, "Put your face into me" He began to lick her hole.

"No, put your face into me" He opened the lips until they would stretch no further and sunk his lips and nose into her. His lips were deep within her slippery vulva and his nose was encompassed by the flesh surrounding her erect clitoris. She began to orgasm again and she slipped a hand underneath her buttocks and gently probed her now moistened anus.

Another orgasm racked through her young body as she closed her legs tightly around his head. Eventually her body stopped shaking and another orgasm had passed. She pushed his face out of her vagina but held his face close by holding onto his hair.
"I've got a little present for you Richard"
He looked up at her through her tangled and moist pubic hair. He saw her abdomen tense and then watched as the small hole beneath her clitoris opened and a short jet of warm urine splashed against his face.
It only lasted for a second but it was enough to shock him. He shook his head from side to side, as much in surprise as to rid himself of the fluid.
"Did you like that?"
He wiped his face with his hand, "Does it matter?"
She laughed, "No it doesn't matter, you got it anyway!" She pulled her lips apart again exposing her erect clitoris.
"Watch the birdie Richard......... Oh, and open your mouth"
He looked up at her again, "You sick little fucker"

As he spoke she squirted him again, hitting his neck. "I suggest you lower your face Richard or you'll be going to work with a piss wet shirt and jacket" He lowered his head and opened his mouth.

"Watch the birdie Richard" He saw her stomach muscles tense again and watched as the hole opened and then felt a jet of urine hit the back of his throat. She began to rub her clitoris with her fingers and splashed him again.
He dribbled the piss back into her hole as she fired again. She orgasmed once more and then released the skin around her clit. "Right Richard, it's your turn" She leaned forward and grabbed hold of his huge cock. "Would you like to fuck me now?" He looked at his watch.

They had fifteen minutes left before the train pulled into the station.
"I don't think you could take me, I mean you're a fucking expert at this weird stuff but I don't think you could put up with the real thing" She guided his huge cock towards her cunt and placed the head at it's entrance.

"Try me Richard" He pushed forward and was amazed to feel the glans advancing into her hole. The tight entrance framing her vaginal flesh squeezed his glans thinner as it was forced slowly into the waiting depths.
She winced as the head pressed further, attempting to carry her labia into the concealed depths below.He pulled out to release the pinched lips and pushed in once more. His thick member passed further this time and he felt the release of the sphinctal Restriction as his glans passed into her vaginal tunnel.
Her eyes, hitherto closed, opened in ecstasy as she felt his fullness slide up into her.

"Oh my God Richard, you are so big, fuck me slowly............Oh God!" He withdrew again and immediately pushed and slid back into her. Her eyes were now closed as he slowly stretched her depths. He filled her completely, both depth and breadth. She embarked upon a long journey of incredible orgasms.
Warm air escaped from down the sides of his member as he forced his weapon deep within her. She began to cry out as she came, wave after wave of shuddering orgasms. She probed her anus with a finger and could feel him inside her vagina. She used the other hand to open the skin flaps encompassing her clitoris.

She was crumpled against the seat as he forced himself in her, relentlessly, thick and hard, the noise of her vaginal exhalations combining with her cry's of orgasmic ecstasy. She felt him go really hard as he raised himself up on the edge of the seat with his arms. She knew he was coming. His thrusts became quicker and harder as he sunk deep down to his balls.

She could hear his balls slapping against her buttocks, quicker and quicker. He cried out, "I'm coming........ Oh fuck......... I'm coming"
At the last moment she pulled herself off his huge member and held it in front of her wide hole. She wanked him slowly as the sperm started it's long journey. His cock was rock hard and his back was bent and jerking. She tensed her abdomen and sent a stream of hot urine directly onto the crimson head. As she peed, she came again.

A long and powerful stream of amber liquid played on his fierce glans and his shaft started to jerk as she wanked him. He cried out as thick white creamy spunk shot out and battled against the urine onslaught. His shaft spasmed over and over again, each spasm issuing forth more and more sticky liquid, splashing and clinging to the front of the seat. Their orgasms finally subsided and they collapsed onto each other.

They suddenly felt the brakes of the train being applied. Richard looked at his watch. "Christ all fucking mighty, were here, get fucking dressed" They both, in a blind panic, began to dress and just about regained their composure as they heard the doors of the other carriages open. Richard went to open the door.

She held him by the arm and looked at him menacingly "You'd better be at the station tomorrow, ............Oh and Bring some oil"
She smiled, flipped her skirt up at the back and then jumped down onto the platform. She walked away from him swinging her bag. She looked back over her shoulder, "Oh by the way, I'm fourteen!"

Story by BRUCE X. E mail:

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