Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Young neighbour fantasy

Written by Sydney(July 2000)

Only half awake, I hear the car leave, it is about 9:00 in the morning, and I immediately become excited knowing that I am home alone again.
I open my bedroom window and strip, hoping that a neighbor, someone, is watching me, but I doubt it. I walk out into the backyard and feel the sun hit my body.

As I walk over to the pool I look up longingly at the neighbors' windows, about three are open but one is the old lady's and that doesn't count.
My reflection in the outside windows makes me enjoy my exposure as I reach down to feel my body and make a vain attempt to cover my private parts.

I dive into the pool and immediately get out the other side so as to scurry into the house again. I could see the neighbor hanging out clothes, there was just a small fence with a few shrubs yet our backyards backed onto one another's. I was immediately startled and I felt so naked yet at the same time I was really fascinated. The idea of making someone look at me, to make this housewife want me even for just a second, was so intense that I decide to give her something to look at, but first I had to make sure she is alone too.

I walk up the outside steps, into the kitchen from outside. Still wet from the pool I drip water all over the floor as I run to my parents bedroom to look through the window to the neighbor's garage. I was in luck, all but one car was left, it was hers, her husband had gone to work and her daughter was out. Now I ran back outside ready to brighten her day.

I took a towel and walked over with it around my waist. I was facing away from her but I could faintly make out what she was doing in a reflection. She hadn't seen me yet so I started to dry myself off. I held the towel so it's length covered me slightly and I began to dry my hair, the towel kept moving up and eventually a corner went on the inside of my leg, if she was to look over she could see that I was naked, as my hole side was exposed. I kept going because I could see she was still there, I took the towel and dried my face, she could now see my whole naked ass and I felt so hot.

I really wanted to make eye contact with her, I wanted to accelerate this experience. I slowly turned around, the towel still over my face, I made no attempt to cover myself as I lowered the towel so I would be staring directly in her direction completely naked.
She kept going on with hanging out the clothes, occasionally, as she walked back from the basket, her head would turn towards me and I know she saw me, yet she didn't do anything.

It was the most intense moments when she would look at me, then continue with her work. This continued for about a minute or so until on one return trip to the basket she just stood and stared in my direction. I loved the feeling of eyes her on me and knowing that she was enjoying herself. I stood frozen as she stared at me through the fence, both of us were not going to move. I hoped that she could make out my excitement and, as she stood seven meters away from this completely naked young boy, I think she began to move.

She softly shook her head once at me. A heady feeling over took me, I could feel an ache in my stomach, my heart was racing and I think I was trembling. I was so overwhelmed with the attractiveness of my neighbor and I knew she could not resist what I was showing her. She shook her head again, another shake came and I began to smile, finally I nodded, with that she walked calmly inside.

Feelings of shame began to take me over as I wondered how I'd ever speak to her, yet I felt bonded with her in lust. I went inside as well and waited for her mourning routine. Her bedroom window faced our porch, like usual, she had all the windows open and I stood out on the porch in my white boxers and waited for her. I was rewarded for my persistence when I noticed steam forming on her window.

My body became again overtaken with lust as the mirror in her bathroom showed her silhouette every time she walked passed. I stood there watching her move across the mirror and I slowly began to unbutton my boxer shorts. The figure came to a stand still as I kicked my clothing off. She had a very small, feminine body, and although I could only see dark and light because of the window tinting, I dreamed she was naked like me.

The figure never moved outside the full length mirror that displayed her to me. From what I could tell she was taking off her dress. She held up her clothing in front of the silhouette, I thought I was going to burst when I saw her bra and panties. She must be totally naked too, I thought. Her silhouette began to grow as she walked towards the full length window.
She opened the door! She held out her hands with her palms facing outwards, it looked like she was displaying herself to me. Her tactic was simple, to pretend that I had no effect on her, to show me that she was not uncomfortable with what I was doing.

She may have been trying to give me a dose of my own medicine, or showing me her entire self so as to abolish any mystery. She shook her head at me, walked inside and closed the window. She must have been a little excited or else she wouldn't have teased me at all, this was encouraging as I knew I had an effect on her. She was so stubborn and I couldn't understand why she closed the curtains, I knew she had to put up some resistance.

Nevertheless, I was completely aroused at the sight of her standing naked on display. It only took a minute or so before the curtains opened again, she let some time pass so as to not appear too eager, then her head appeared from halfway down the silhouette. It was again my turn so I turned around to face her, showing her my excitement. I could not help myself as I began to rub it, her head began to move slightly! I picked up my intensity and so did she, I made long soft strokes and so did her head. I couldn't believe what she was doing. She was responding to me and it was a very heady experience.

The more I rubbed myself, the more this perfect black head with such a beautiful hair outline and slim neck would bob up and down like I was fucking her mouth.
She must have sensed how must pain and excitement I was in because she stood up so I could make out her perfect body.
She took a side on profile to show me her breasts. All I could see was a silhouette but she was so unbelievably sexy. I really wanted to let this house wife have her way with me, now I didn't care what she looked like or what the consequences would be. I had to take my hand away because I was about to burst.

And when she began to walk to the full length window again I felt a small amount of cum drip out in anticipation of her previous performance.
Having seen a young, tanned, slim, completely naked seventeen year old boy only meters away from her, and in a state of total lust, earlier this morning, this house wife must have felt some sexual urges. I must have effected her because she never moved outside the silhouette, I stood still and waited for her to make the next move. I thought I was dreaming when she slid the door open and walked outside.

Her eyes never left mine. Without a stitch of clothing she wandered around the yard. Totally comfortable with my nakedness I too walked outside, down the steps, and stood where she could see me, and I could see her, loving the other look at our lustful bodies. I freeze not wanting to scare her off, I slowly lift my arm. She mimics me exactly as I wave, as I walk she walks, until we are both at the back fence, I put my hands on the fence and so does she.

She then takes me hand and I almost cum with her single touch. I am not embarrassed as I know what I look like, she is not embarrassed as she can see how must I want her. Totally silent, she puts one finger up to her mouth gesturing to not say a word and then she begins to descend. Before she even touches me a small drip of cum comes out at the very thought of a woman down there. This calm woman simply licks it and smiles up at me.

She takes me in her mouth, I love the feeling but I have to let myself go. I give her what she wanted as I burst in her mouth. She is taken back with the amount of cum I produce, it dribbles down the side of her mouth, yet she swallows all that she can. My eyes are fixed on hers but she scans my body, she is expressionless as she licks her lips.

Her mouth opens to say, " Nobody will believe you�.you can't say anything�.you started it�.your only seventeen and I'm married for God's sake!�.I have a video of you so please don't say a word, ok? "
I was delighted to hear her voice but she only wanted reassurance, I heard another, " Ok?", so I responded with , "yes miss�.I know I can't say anything."

She helped me back over the fence and I swam naked on and off all afternoon, hoping she was still watching me.

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