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Young Penelope

Written by Bruce X (May 2000) E MAIL AUTHOR


The train pulled into the station gradually decelerating by the intermittent use of the brakes. Each application caused the wheels to moan under the stress until it eventually came to a halt.

It was seven forty five and the station was deserted except for a lonely figure standing near the platform edge. The solitary figure was of a man about thirty years of age and wearing a smart city suit. The tannoy announced the arrival of the train and then it's ultimate destination.

This was Elcombe Edge, a tiny village in the heart of the Surrey country side, a sleepy hamlet which had managed to stave off the ever pressing reality of development. The lonely figure of Richard Bruce had stood at this spot every working day waiting for the 7.45 to London for the past three years. He preferred it this way, not having to make idle chat to fellow travellers and not having to share a compartment with god knows who.

He reached out and caught the brass door handle of the ageing train and turned it clockwise to release the lock. The door swung open and he stepped in pulling the door shut behind him.

He sat in his usual place with his back to the locomotive and opened his morning paper.

In the corner of his eye he caught sight of rapid movement on the bridge above which enabled passengers to cross the lines in safety. In an instant he witnessed a young schoolgirl hurtling down the steps in a desperate effort to catch the train before it began to pull out of the station.

With seconds to spare she managed to reach the carriage in which Richard was settled and opened the door, threw her school bag in and jumped into the carriage. She dropped into the seat opposite Richard and attempted to catch her breath.
"Oh God" she panted.
Richard looked over his paper "Nearly missed this one young lady"
She raised her right hand to her chest "I know and it's my first day"

Richard lowered his eyes again to his paper and continued reading. He listened as her breathing gradually returned to normal and then without looking at her spoke from behind the paper "I take it you've just moved to Elcombe Edge then?"
She didn't answer until he finally made eye contact, "Yes, we moved in over the weekend and this is my first day at my new school"
"Well I'm glad you caught it or you would have been in for a bit of a roasting I would imagine" She said nothing but just smiled and looked out of the window. The train slowly accelerated and they both settled into the journey that lay ahead.

"How long does it take then?" He lowered his paper, "How long does what take?"
There was a silence as she looked at him inquisitively, "The journey...... How long does it take to get to London?".........
"Oh I see, erm, about forty five minutes....... On a good day"
He smiled at her, noticing for the first time how pretty she was.
"Are there any stops on the way?" ..........
"Nope, we go straight there !" He raised his paper once more and perused the FT Index.

He heard her stand and then felt the draught as she opened the top window.
He turned his head slightly towards her and saw that she was almost on tiptoes trying to look down the line in the direction in which they were travelling.
He was able for the first time to appreciate what a beautiful young girl she was.

Her hair was blond and shoulder length and She wore a scarlet blazer and a short black skirt which had risen provocatively to her upper thighs. She had short white socks on and black shoes. Her skin was tanned and she was a picture of health and perfection. He sat admiring her form and didn't notice when she turned her head to look at him.

"You can see all the way up the line here if you really stretch!" His eyes diverted instantaneously from her thighs to her face as she spoke and he became not a little embarrassed.
"I bet you can but be careful" He felt his face reddening. She smiled at his discomfort and then turned once more to the view outside the window. He tried to return to his paper but was lured once more to her young body and to his amazement he watched her placing a hand on each side of the waste band of her short skirt and raised it by about an inch.

She leaned out of the window once more and this time stretched until her white pants became visible. Richard instantly got an erection.

Penelope Dawn Whitley,.......Penny to her friends, knew he was looking at her tanned legs and white panties and she loved every moment of it. The feeling of power her little arse gave to her was always a turn on for her, she had become aware of her attraction to men years ago, even at the age of eleven she had flashed her white pants at anyone who would care to look.

It amazed her that even older men couldn't resist the temptation of a quick glance when she wanted them to. Her favourite times were when she was on holiday, nearly always at the south of France. She'd spend almost all of her time in her swimming suit which was always tight and sheer. There would always be a person or persons eager to look at her fine body on the beach, even at the tender age of eleven. She would sun bathe for hours on the beach and would play up to every man, or woman for that matter, who found her body exciting.

She remembered once, when she was thirteen, laying on the beach at St. Tropez, a young woman of about twenty approached and lay her towel out directly in front of her.
She was only about ten metres away and had a perfect view of penny's slim body lying on her back. At first the woman had lain on her back and was looking skywards. Penny could see that she had a beautiful body and was turned on by her firm breasts which were pointed and uncovered.

After about five minutes the woman turned onto her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows. She looked directly at penny who was by now also propping herself up on her elbows but on her back.
The woman smiled and silently mouthed "hello". Penny returned the smile then lay back down again.
She knew that the woman was looking at her mound and couldn't help opening her legs slightly.

Penny became really randy and felt herself becoming damp. She raised herself up onto her elbows again and was pleased to see that the woman was still looking at her body.
She decided to excite the woman even more and, slipping her hands behind her back she grasped the material of her swimming suit and pulled it tight, the effect of which was to tighten the material around her small vulva and clearly define her now swollen lips.

The woman looked surprised at such a display and penny noticed her clench the cheeks of her bottom and press her groin into the sand.
Penny began to slowly slacken and then tighten the material of her swim suit, the effect of which was to create stimulus to her labia and clitoris as the material dug into her small lips.

The woman looked into Penny's eyes and smiled again. Penny was caught by surprise as the woman rose to her feet and walked towards her. "I don't suppose you know if there are any toilets here on the beach do you?"
Penny looked up at her and shielded her eyes from the glare of the sun, "Yes, they're right behind you there on the promenade" The woman looked in the direction of Penny's pointing finger, "where, I can't see them".........
"There, that white portacabin thingy" .....
"Oh yes, I see it now, thanks" She smiled and walked away. Penny knew the woman was going to the toilet to satisfy herself and she grew increasingly randy.
She watched as the woman arrived at the portacabin and noticed her look back towards her as she entered the door.

It took a great deal of courage but Penny knew she had to follow, she was so randy and the woman was so beautiful that she couldn't miss the chance of some sexual action.

As she entered the portacabin she found one of the two toilet compartments occupied.

She immediately entered the vacant compartment and locked the door behind her. She sat down on the toilet seat not bothering to pull her costume down, she wasn't there for a pee, she wasn't quite sure what she wanted but it certainly wasn't to go to the toilet.

Looking around the interior of the compartment she noticed several examples of sexual graffiti and even began reading some of them but she knew her interest was really centred upon the occupant of the stall next door.

She noticed that the dividing wall between the two stalls had a gap of about nine inches at the bottom and by peering down slightly she could see one of the woman's bare feet.

She would have expected to see the woman's bikini bottom around her ankles but there was no evidence of such. She surmised that either the woman still had them around her waist or that she had taken them off altogether. Penny listened carefully through the wall and could hear the woman breathing quite heavily.

As she listened further she noticed that the woman's breathing was becoming even more laboured and she just knew that she was playing with herself. Penny slipped her right hand between her own legs and started to very gently caress her lips through the material.

She wanted desperately to make some sort of contact with the woman but didn't know how. The predicament was solved when the other woman slid her foot towards Penny under the partition, her foot came to rest directly under the partition and it would have been easy for Penny to touch it with her own foot.

It was now possible for Penny to initiate some form of contact but she felt reluctant to do so, she didn't know what would happen, she didn't know what the ultimate outcome would be. The woman edged her foot even further into Penny's compartment leaving no doubt as to what she wanted.

Penny lifted her foot and slid it over to the woman's foot, placing her little toe gently over hers. It seemed ridiculous to Penny as the two of them sensually played footsie under the compartment, Penny was still gently rubbing her lips when Suddenly, the woman's foot pulled away and Penny was aware of movement next door.

She kept looking below the partition and saw the woman's hair appear, she was obviously kneeling down and looking at Penny underneath the partition.

She immediately leaned backwards on the seat so as to avoid eye contact with the woman, she didn't know why but she just didn't want to see the other woman face to face, perhaps it was because she knew she was going to do wrong or perhaps she was just embarrassed. She knew though that the woman could, by now, see all of her beautiful young body and that really turned her on.

Even at thirteen, she was an experienced exhibitionist and gained a great deal of pleasure showing off her juvenile attributes. She was now centre stage and was now able to perform for her new found friend.

She moved her bottom forward to the edge of the toilet seat and opened her legs wide until her feet were propped up on either side of the compartment. The material of her costume was taught and defined her swollen lips beneath. She began to traverse her thumb nail up and down her concealed slit and shuddered slightly every time it made contact with her clitoris which was hard and protruding.

After a few moments she hooked her two index fingers inside the hem of her costume and pulled the material outwards slightly to reveal a few of her blonde and very fine pubic hairs.
The woman next door was obviously enjoying the spectacle as her breathing became louder.
Penny heard a whisper "Take it off........your costume.......take it off"
Penny was now really enjoying her performance, she had succeeded in getting the woman to ask her to do things for her.........delicious!
She released the material around her groin and, lifting her right index finger, swung it from left to right, not unlike a metronome signalling "No".

The woman whispered again..."Why?".........
Penny repeated the same signal but then lowered her legs from the walls and stood up. She stood facing the partition wall with her legs apart and slowly lowered herself into a crouching position, she knew that her mound was staring the woman in the face and only a few inches away. She heard a sigh from the woman and saw a hand, inverted, emerge tentatively from underneath the partition.

Penny could hardly contain herself as the woman's hand cupped her vulva and allowed her middle finger to trace her now fully open lips. She could sense the woman's hand trembling and guessed that she was about to orgasm.

She imagined the woman fingering herself simultaneously and the thought nearly brought her to her own orgasm. The caressing fingers created the most wonderful feeling within Penny's vulva, she loved the feeling that the crouching position gave to her and she often masturbated in this very same position. The woman allowed her index finger to wander and attempted to pull the material away at the side so as to feel the young lips without the hindrance of the material. Penny immediately pulled away and signalled with her metronome finger again.

She heard the woman whisper again, "Can I come round?"......
"What for?"........ What do you think for?" ........... Penny remained silent for a few seconds adding to the sense of excitement,

"I don't know, tell me what you want to do to me"........ "I want to make you come".......

"How?"............... "I want to lick you.......... Open your door............. Let me lick you"

"I don't know, I'm a bit scared, what if someone catches us" There was a sigh of frustration from beyond the partition, "Nobody will catch us, anyway it's quite normal for two girls to be in the same cubicle together, you could be my younger sister".

Penny thought for a while, she resumed her position again crouching against the partition and felt the woman's hand touch her groin again. "Let's just do it like this for a bit, it's nice"
The woman continued stroking her young lips through the material.
"How old are you?"............ "Thirteen, and you?".......
"I'm eighteen and my names Amanda, what's yours?"...........
"Penny"............. "Well Penny, you are beautiful and I know we could have some real fun together, open your door and let me lick you.......... Please" ...............

Penny stood up and noisily unlocked the door, she immediately heard next door's lock flick open and within a second Amanda was standing facing Penny in the same cubicle. They stood staring at each other, Penny in her full costume and Amanda clad only in her bikini bottoms.
"Hi".................. Penny looked embarrassed..........
"Hi"........ Amanda stepped forward and kissed Penny on the lips slipping her hands behind her back and caressing her bottom, pulling her towards her at the same time.
"Shall we take this off Penny?" Amanda's hands moved to the costume shoulder straps,..........
Penny held Amanda's wrists and gently pushed her away, "No, take yours off first"

Amanda slipped her fingers inside each side of the waist band of her bikini and slowly pulled the pants down revealing a completely shaven vulva. Penny's eyes grew wider as she took in the sight before her.

Amanda's labia were swollen with sexual excitement and Penny could just see her inner lips protruding. In contrast to her white shaven outer lips, her inner lips were pinkie red and she noticed that they were wet. At the top of the slit she could see the tip of Amanda's clitoris poking through the swollen flesh.

Penny began to slip the shoulder straps over her shoulders and pulled slowly down to reveal her immature breasts, she was only a size 32b but her erect nipples stretched the surrounding skin into tight domes. Amanda moved forward and rubbed her own taught nipples upon Penny's. The feeling for both of them was electric and they kissed again.

Amanda knelt down in front of Penny and, slipping her thumbs into the waist band, pulled the costume over Penny's hips. The material at the gusset was retained within Penny's slit as the costume was pulled down but finally dislodged itself revealing a damp patch, the result of Penny's juices on the thin fabric.

She stepped out of the costume and was guided to the toilet seat by Amanda. Amanda put her hands behind Penny's knees and pulled her gently "Come forward a bit Penny"

She placed her bottom on the edge of the seat and Amanda pulled her legs open until they were touching the cubicle walls.
The sight which greeted Amanda was electrifying.
Penny wasn't shaved but she may as well have been, her pubic hair was so fine and blonde and so sparse that it almost looked shaven.
Amanda just stared at the sight before her of this thirteen year old girl, so young and immature that she had barely began to grow pubic hair.

Her lips were open but because of her immaturity, her vulva hadn't developed enough for her inner lips to protrude. Amanda placed her fingers on either side of Penny's vagina, but not touching her lips, she was determined that the first sexual contact with her vagina would be deep within her, the most sensitive part of her body.

Amanda knew that, of all the parts within her own body, the most erotic of her sensations had been derived from her inner lips and deep within her vagina. It was true that her clitoris was capable of bringing her to almost immediate orgasm but the sheer feeling of being caressed deep inside, by a tongue or even a single finger was the most sensuous feeling attainable.

She stretched the skin on both sides and pulled Penny's lips apart exposing her tiny inner lips.

The tight hole, the entrance to her sexual soul, opened and she saw how pink and moist it was. At the top of her slit she could see her clitoris, pink and erect. Looking higher, she noticed that Penny had her eyes closed and her nostrils flared as she breathed heavily in anticipation of what was to follow.

In a well practised manoeuvre, Amanda extended her tongue and, being careful not to touch anything on the way, entered Penny's hole and licked the very depths of her vagina. Penny orgasmed immediately as she felt the tip of Amanda's tongue deep inside her. Penny orgasmed over and over again, she broke into a sweat as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

She placed her fingers either side of her clitoris and pulled the skin apart so as to expose the small erectile tissue. This in itself caused her to experience shuddering orgasms as Amanda's tongue worked within her. Amanda noticed Penny's exposed clitoris, withdrew her tongue from her hole and very gently licked it with the tip of her tongue.

Penny started to moan loudly as the orgasms increased in intensity and Amanda raised a hand to Penny's mouth to stifle the sound. "Quiet Penny, someone might come in and hear us"............ Penny opened her eyes............ "I want to feel you" Amanda raised herself up and smiled at Penny, she leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. Penny could taste her own juices on Amanda's lips and it tasted good.

"Listen Penny, I have to go now but I really think we should see each other again, don't you?"

Penny lowered her legs, "Why do you have to go?"........... "I just do, ......... When can I see you again Penny?" ........ "Well I come to the beach everyday, I could see you tomorrow"

Amanda's thumbs started to caress Penny's nipples as she looked into her eyes, "This has been fantastic Penny but it would be so much nicer if it was a bit more........erm intimate"

Penny looked at her inquisitively............. "What do you mean?"....... " Well I live here and I have an apartment just over the road, you could visit.......... If you wanted to" Penny nodded.

"Well what about tonight then?" Penny shook her head.......... "My Mum and Dad won't let me out at night on my own" ................. "OK then, what about tomorrow afternoon?"..........

Penny nodded again............ "They let me come to the beach all day if I want to, I could come and see you then" Amanda smiled,..............
" Right, let's get dressed now and when we go outside, I'll show you where I live and I could meet you tomorrow at the front of my apartment at, say, 12.30.......... Is that OK?" ...............
"Yep, that's OK" She stood up and started to pull on her costume, her legs trembled but her body glowed with satisfaction.

They both emerged from the toilets into bright sunlight and had to shield their eyes.

As their eyes became accustomed to the bright light Amanda pointed to her apartment block,

"There's my place over the road, CROWN TOWERS, if you go through the glass doors I'll be waiting for you in the lounge at twelve thirty."
They hugged each other momentarily and Amanda whispered into Penny's ear, "I've got some wonderful toys to play with" Penny smiled......... "See you tomorrow".


As Amanda opened the glass doors to her apartment block she heard running footsteps from behind.
"Amanda....... Wait" A young boy caught her arm and swung her around,...........
"Who the hell was that then?"
Amanda smiled roguishly....... "Oh just somebody I met today, why?"
He held onto her arm and began to accompany her into the building.
"How do you mean, met?" ................
She giggled and pulled his arm to her side, looking down at his young face she said " I met her on the beach and then we erm......... Had a bit of fun, Why, do you like her Ben?"
His eyes opened wide as he looked up to her face, "Like her ............. She's fucking lovely, how old is she?" ..........
"Same as you little brother, thirteen"

They began to climb the stairs to their second floor apartment, talking as they went. "It looked as if you'd known her for years, the way you hugged each other" They reached the apartment door and, turning the key she turned around to him.......

"Well let's say I've got to know her pretty well today" She laughed as they entered the room. Ben walked over to the couch and dropped into it. He was a typical thirteen year old but very handsome. He was five foot three inches tall and slim and was dark skinned with short black hair. He wore brilliant white swimming trunks and was bare footed.
He too had been on the beach all day playing volleyball with his mates............
"So, go on then, tell me about her" Amanda pulled out a chair from underneath the dining table and sat facing Ben.

"Like I said, she's thirteen and....." She looked at the front of his trunks,........ "Are you ready for this you randy little sod?"...............
"For Christ's sake Amanda, get on with it"..........
"She's thirteen and she's got a really lovely,.......... Clean,...............tidy,...............almost hairless, juicy slit"

She looked at his trunks again, and smiled as she watched the progress of his erection. The soft smooth pubescent penis had begun it's journey from below but was now straining at the material and was, in it's semi hard state, at right angles to his pelvis.

To relieve the strain, he lifted the waist band of his trunks at the front allowing his penis to proceed to it's ultimate destination..........the flat toned plateau of his abdomen. He sat back on the couch, opening his legs and cupping his right hand under his balls...............
"How the fuck do you do it Mandy? I mean how the fuck do you get off with a thirteen year old?................. I fucking dream about it all fucking day................ I see them on the beach but can't even get a sniff.......... And then my sister............. My fucking sister just clicks her fingers and then gets them all sticky...... HOW"?......

Amanda had begun to giggle........... "I'm just a nice person that's all........... Oh, and I've got nice tit's............... Oh, and a nice arse............ Oh, and a nice fanny......... But most of all.......... I know what and how a girl of thirteen thinks, They're a bit like you boys in some ways, I mean they are always thinking about sex and playing with themselves but, I have one BIG thing in my favour................. They don't see me as a threat!"

She watched as his left hand began to squeeze his shaft through his trunks...........
"I mean we aren't fucking daft you know......... We do things in a more".........
She lifted her right hand and extended her little finger and purposefully stared at his hands kneading his genitals,....... "Refined manner"

She stood up and walked over to him, "When you and your mates are all huddled around a porny magazine in the sand dunes, laughing and giggling, pumping yourselves dry, girls like me and Penelope are sitting quietly and gently licking each other ................... Lovely............... No threat, no violence............... No pressure............. Just licking.............. And other little pleasures........ But you wouldn't know about that because you, my dear little brother....... Are a fucking boy!" .......................
"So that's her name then, Penelope" He looked up at her smiling, "C'mon Mandy, tell me what happened, how did you manage to get it off with her?"

She lowered herself to her knees in-between his open legs, raised both hands in front of her and extended all her fingers like a cat about to claw..................
"You know you love it when I'm catty with you" They both laughed together and Ben grabbed both of her wrists, "Tell me about it Mand.............. And give me a wank" She slipped her fingers into the waist band of his trunks and pulled them down over his knees and finally over his feet.

"My, my little brother, you are getting bigger by the day" He smiled, placing his thumb at the base of his cock and pressed it outwards so that it was vertical. She held it gently in her hand and very slowly began to raise and lower the skin over the small head.
She would be the first to admit that he was beautiful, slim and slender, tight and bronzed. His cock wasn't big but was beautiful and smooth and as hard as rock. She guessed that he was about five inches and of medium girth and when erect, his glans just about protruded from his silky foreskin. This was the beauty of his penis, it was smooth, hard and clean.

She continued to slowly traverse his hard shaft, teasing him. She knew that he would have been happier if she would have pumped him rapidly but she wasn't about to do that, she wanted to savour the moment and give herself some pleasure. "Listen you little wanker, is this all you want to do......... Wank?"

He looked at her with puzzled eyes......... "You fucking bitch, I've been desperate for a fuck or even a suck from you but you won't!" He smiled and clipped her softly around her head. "Well I've been thinking, I've been wanking you since you were eleven and I think it's time you experienced something a bit more............... Erm................ Exciting." She felt his cock grow even harder as the implications of her statement sank in.................

"Suck me Mandy.......... Then let me fuck you" She shook her head in disapproval. "Well what the fuck do you mean then?" She looked him in the eyes, "Do as your told now and don't dare do any more and I promise you, you'll fulfil your wishes soon................... Agreed?"

He looked puzzled again but nodded his head. "Agreed"
She let go of his cock and stood up. "Stand up Ben" He stood up and Amanda took his place on the couch. Leaning forward she held his cock and guided it to her mouth.

She pulled his member down from it's near vertical position and placed it close to her lips, pulling the foreskin back to expose the full glans. "Don't forget what I told you Ben, you must do as I say or you can forget it"
She opened her mouth and slid the head of his cock into her mouth rubbing around the tip with her tongue. He tried to push the rest in but she stopped him.

"I'm warning you Ben, if you don't do as I say you'll forfeit your prize. "OK,OK, but I'm on the virge of coming"............ She looked up at him "Don't you fucking dare" She enclosed his glans with her mouth again and began to work with her tongue.

He was under immense pressure to fuck her mouth but somehow he managed to control himself. She withdrew and looked up at him. "OK Ben, I think you're ready for me now, come down here and take my pants off" He couldn't believe what was happening, She'd been wanking him for two years now but she'd never allowed him to see her cunt or even feel it and she certainly hadn't sucked him off before.
He dropped to his knees and grabbed at her panties. She grabbed his wrists and held them away, "Slowly Ben, slowly. I'm trying to show you how a woman likes it, not rough and rushed, a woman needs to be handled gently. Now take them off really slowly, pull them down slowly and see what happens" Amanda was wet now and she wanted her young brother to see her wet lips.

He complied and pulled them slowly down revealing her swollen labia. "I'm going to fucking come" ......... "No your not Ben, just watch, you can wank if you want to but don't come" Ben put his hands on Amanda's thighs and got closer to her slit. "Can you see how lovely and wet I am?" He nodded as he watched a droplet of liquid run from her slit to her cheeks. "Well that's because I'm really randy. She ran her fingers slowly up and down her labia, "These are my outer lips and they are really sensitive but if I pull them apart, you can see my inner lips". She opened her outer lips to expose her crimson red inner lips.

Ben began to wank his five inches faster. Amanda shouted "Don't you dare come............ If you do, it's all over...........OK?" He nodded.
She lifted her fingers to the top of her lips and pulled them apart exposing her now enlarged clitoris. "This is my clit and if you touched it now I would come straight away.......... But I don't want to"
He looked at her "Let me lick it Mandy" .......
"No, not tonight, just come closer and smell me" He moved forward and put his nose close to her lips. He breathed in slowly through his nose and smelled the musky aroma.

"Smells good aye!" He couldn't speak, he didn't want to open his mouth and lose the sensation through his nostrils.... "Mmmmmmmm" She began to rub her clitoris with her fingers..... "Just watch" She quickly came to the point of orgasm and her hips were rising from the couch. He was so close to her slit and he couldn't help pushing his tongue forward, He touched her clit and she exploded into a strong orgasm. She shuddered and closed her legs around his head........
"I told you not to touch" He was surprised as her vagina released air into his face. She pushed his head away "Can you see Ben, how we are so different from you?"

He nodded...... "Listen Mandy, I've got to fuck you........... Please" "Well you aint gonna fuck me tonight but I'll just let you feel how it's going to be when you do fuck somebody" She drew her legs back until they were wide.............
"Now................. Just slowly put your dick into my hole and HOLD IT STILL!" He moved forward on his knees and placed the tip in-between the pouting lips.

He pushed and his young cock slid, without effort deep inside her. She reached behind him and pulled his buttocks hard so that he was as deep as he could be "That's what we feel like Ben, that's what a woman feels like, is it better than a wank?" He nodded and tried to pump himself inside her. She squirmed out of the way and pulled him out..........

"Come on my face Ben" He raised himself and placed his jerking penis over her face and within a few seconds he was squirting his thin semen over her nose and mouth and eyes. She looked up at him through a vale of semen "I think we might have some more fun tomorrow Ben................... If you're game?"

He squeezed his foreskin over his glans forcing a droplet of come onto her face "I'm going to give you a really good fucking one day!" For Penny, the night had lingered on interminably. She had dined with the family but had eaten hardly anything. She had watched the TV for half an hour but had then made the excuse that she had a headache and she was going to go to bed early.

Her mother kissed her goodnight and gave her a hug "You've had too much sun young lady, I don't think you should go to the beach tomorrow" .............
"No, it isn't the sun mum, I'm just tired........... I really want to go to the beach tomorrow..................please".........
"OK Penny but if you feel bad again........... come home"

Penny opened the door to her bedroom and went in. At the bottom of her bed was a dressing table with a large adjustable mirror. She stood in front of it and began to take her clothes off.

As she undressed she couldn't help thinking about the sex in the toilet, it had been wonderful, Amanda had been wonderful. Her big regret was that she hadn't had the chance of feeling Amanda. She reached behind her and undid her small white bra, pulling it forward over her arms and throwing it onto the bed behind. She cupped each small breast from below and raised them slightly.

Her nipples were hard now as she continued to think about the events of the day. She raised each forefinger and began to gently caress both nipples, sending a wave of tingling down to her pelvis. She let go of her breasts and in one swift movement removed her pants, leaving them on the floor.

The image in front of her was beautiful, her small breasts, tight and domed, her slim waist and hips, the tiny triangle of wispy hair barely covering her adolescent labia. She moved her legs slightly astride and could see the narrow channel dividing her vagina, a few small wispy hairs clinging to each other with the moisture still being generated by her erotic memories of that day.

She tilted the mirror forward and lay back upon the bed. She wanted to see just what Amanda had seen that day. She wanted to see what her vagina looked like with her legs wide apart and damp. She opened her legs and held her ankles apart. She watched carefully as her outer lips began to slowly peel apart exposing the moist inner recesses of her hole. She let go of her ankles but still kept her legs wide apart.

She placed her fingers on either side of the slit and gently pulled at the labia until they would go no further. Raising both forefingers she stretched the skin at the top of her lips and exposed her hard pointed clitoris.
She pulled tighter until her clitoris throbbed and without warning she orgasmed, a long and deep orgasm sending waves of pleasure through her tiny body. She was surprised that such an intense orgasm could have been brought on just by the very act of stretching the skin around her button, she hadn't even touched her clitoris, it just happened. She slept soundly that night! At twelve thirty the next day, penny opened the glass doors of Crown Towers.

She looked inside and saw Amanda's figure approach her.
"Penny, your here" The two girls hugged each other and Amanda whispered in Penny's ear......
"I was afraid you wouldn't come" Penny blushed "Well I am a bit scared but after yesterday, I couldn't miss it" They walked to the stairs with their hands around each others waists.

"You enjoyed it yesterday then Penny?" Penny looked up and blushed again, "Did you?" ...............
"It was the best experience I've ever had Penny, I couldn't believe it when you came into the toilet after me, My pussy's wet just thinking about it!"

Amanda opened the door to the apartment and stood aside as she ushered Penny inside. "Welcome to my den" Amanda closed the door behind her and looked at Penny. She was wearing a short khaki skirt and a thin white T shirt. She could see that Penny was wearing no bra, her tiny breasts made the material swell slightly and she could see clearly her tiny hard nipples.

To finish this picture of utter youthfulness, she wore trainers but no socks. "You look really sexy Penny" Penny smiled, "Thank you" .........
"Why don't you sit down on the couch Penny"

She walked over to the couch and sat down. At the same time, Amanda kneeled down in front of her, siting on her calves.
"I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to this Penny, I don't know how I've managed to keep my hands away from my pussy, I just couldn't sleep thinking about you. What about you Penny, have you been thinking about me?" ............. I've been the same really, I was awake at seven this morning and I couldn't wait either" Amanda smiled at her and then looked up at the clock, "Well it's 12.40 now Penny, what time do you have to be back home?"

Penny's eyes widened as she lifted her right hand and extended her thumb then her index finger then the next, counting as she went........ Three, four, five. As each finger appeared Amanda's face began to brighten " Five O'clock?".......
Penny shook her head and Amanda looked pussled then, Penny raised her left hand and extended her other index finger and giggled ................."Six O'clock !"

Penny let her arms drop by her side on the couch. She looked Amanda in the eyes as if to say "What now?" Amanda shuffled over to where Penny was sitting and began to undo Penny's laces. She pulled both of them off and threw them over the room.
"Stand up Penny" She complied and stood looking Amanda in the eyes again.
Amanda grasped the hem of her T shirt and slowly pulled it up over her head. As Penny raised her arms high Amanda noticed that her tiny breasts had almost disappeared with the stretching leaving only the hard nipples protruding. The garment was removed and she lowered her arms.Her breasts reappeared and regained their beautiful 32b proportions, the hard nipples stretching the surrounding flesh into tight domes.

Amanda bent her head and started to gently lick Penny's nipples, one at a time. Penny put her arms around Amanda's neck and sighed softly.Amanda withdrew from Penny's nipples and undid the clasp at the back of Penny's skirt. Pulling the zip down, she allowed the garment to fall to the ground. Penny stood there with just her pants on feeling slightly self conscious.

"Pull your pants down Penny" She hooked her thumbs into either side of her white pants and slowly pulled them down exposing her tiny triangle.
"Let me smell them Penny". Penny looked surprised but offered the pants to Amanda.
"No, put them under my nose, the damp bit" She turned them inside out and offered them up to Amanda's nose. Amanda breathed in deeply as she smelled the pure aroma of Penny's sex.
She cupped Penny's hands holding the garment and pulled them to her. The damp material touched Amanda's lips and nose.

"I think you are the most sexy creature I've ever known, you smell so good Penny" Penny was somewhat surprised at this latest request but she had to admit to herself that it was extremely horny. "Let me take your clothes off Amanda, I didn't get a chance to touch you yesterday and I've been thinking of nothing else all night"
Amanda stood straight as if to say "Help yourself" Penny started with Amanda's shirt, unbuttoning it from the top. At the last button she pulled the material out of her shorts and pulled the whole shirt over her arms.

Her nipples were erect and Penny kissed them sending shivers down Amanda's back. She undid the button at the top of her shorts, pulled the zip down and pulled her shorts to the ground. Penny was surprised to see that Amanda wore no pants and she immediately cupped one of her hands under Amanda's vulva.
They were now both naked and they kissed each other softly on the lips. "We've got five more hours of this Penny!" ...............
"I know and I'm getting really randy"...............

"Sit back on the couch Penny and pull your bum to the edge"
Penny obliged and looked up at Amanda.
"Open your legs wide poppet, let me see.......... And taste that beautiful little slit again."

Penny obliged once more and opened her legs wide placing her feet on the couch either side of her own thighs. Amanda kneeled down in front of Penny and gently opened Penny's lips. She placed her middle finger on the outside of her hole and then slowly and gently pushed.

"How's that Penny, do you like it?" Penny just nodded and, lowering her hands, began to circle her own nipples with her fingers.
"Push it in farther Amanda....... Slowly"
"Amanda obliged and sank her finger slowly into the wet hole until it could go no further. She withdrew and then pushed in again. She was fucking this tiny girl with her finger. Penny's slit was so wet and the juices began to ooze out with every extraction of Amanda's finger and run between her cheeks. "That's just one finger Penny, do you want me to put another one in?"

Penny just nodded and then she felt her slit become fuller as another finger was inserted. "I think I'm coming, go faster Mandy" Amanda quickened her pace and she felt Penny's muscles begin to tighten on her fingers. With a moan and a shudder Penny orgasmed as Amanda continued to fuck her slit, "Don't stop, keep going, quicker" Penny was having a second orgasm, her vagina was making slushing noises as the fingers relentlessly pushed and pulled.

Finally she slumped in the couch and reaching down, grasped Amanda's wrist and stopped the movement.
"Stop......Stop...... I can't do anymore yet" Amanda looked into Penny's face and saw that she was sweating. Penny opened her eyes and looking at Amanda in the face they both smiled........."Wow"
"Is that the first time any body has been inside you Penny?" She closed her eyes again, smiled and just nodded. After a few seconds, Penny opened her eyes and looked at Amanda. "I want to do it to you, I mean lick you and everything"
Amanda jumped up, "Well we'd better change places then"

Penny rose from the couch and Amanda took her place. She felt the wet patch underneath her bottom where Penny had deposited her cunt juices.
"Open your legs Mandy"
She opened her legs and Penny moved forward. She ran her fingers along the wet slit from top to bottom. "Oh that feels good Penny"..........

"It feels good to me aswell, so wet and smooth"
She pulled the lips apart at the top and touched her clitoris.
"Don't touch my clit yet Penny or I'll come straight away" ............ "Can I put my tongue into you Mandy?"

Amanda closed her eyes and just murmured, "MMMMMMmmmmmmm"
Penny opened the lips wide and leaned forward. She pushed her tongue into Mandy and began to lick in circles. "Oh my God Penny that's wonderful, push in harder, as deep as you can
Penny pushed until her nose was touching Mandy's lips. Amanda lowered one hand and splayed the skin covering her clit with two fingers and her clit almost popped out, standing large and erect.

Penny was surprised to see Amanda put a hand behind her back and onto her bottom. She started to moan loudly as the beginnings of an orgasm gradually rose in her loins. "Lick my clit now Penny" She sounded almost in a panic as she voiced her request.
Penny moved upwards and licked her protruding clitoris very gently.
"Oh yes Penny, keep doing that, just like that, don't stop, Oh God" Amanda's legs began to shake as she reached the pinnacle of her orgasm and Penny was surprised to feel warm jets of clear liquid splash on her face.
Amanda lifted her hips from the couch in an attempt to heighten her pleasure and Penny saw one of Amanda's fingers in her anus.
The orgasm lasted forever with waves of intense pleasure thrashing through her body. Finally it subsided and Amanda closed her legs around Penny's head.
Her legs were still shuddering as she lowered her hips to the couch.
"That, my dear young lady was the best come I've ever had in my life"
Penny looked through Mandy's still tight legs and into her face............. And smiled.

They sat together on the couch with their arms around each other "Was it really the best come you've ever had?"..........
"Honestly Penny, I've never come like that before, it was fantastic"
Penny turned to her "You said you had some nice toys to play with Mandy".....................
"Oh don't worry Penny, I haven't forgotten, I'll go and get them you randy little sod"

She returned a few seconds later with an array of dildo's. She put them on the couch beside her. "Let's start with my favourite little friend"
She selected a small pink dildo about three inches long and about an inch thick.
"I take this everywhere with me. It's handy for when you really want a fuck and there's no one to fuck you.
She handed it to Penny and she fingered it all over.
"It's soft and bendy"................
"All my dildo's are soft and bendy, they're just like the real thing"

Penny looked at her,"Have you been with a man then Mandy, I mean, you know, been fucked?"..........

"Oh yes Penny and it's wonderful, that's why I have these dildo's, if you do it properly it feels just like the real thing" ...........
Penny looked disappointed, "But I thought you said that I had given you the best come you'd ever had!"..............
"You did Penny, it was fantastic, You don't have to be fucked by a man to get the best come ever you know!" She turned to her collection of toys again picking up a medium sized cock.

"Now this one looks just like a smallish cock, can you see all the veins and the head?" Penny nodded and took it from her.
She felt it's softness, "Is a cock really like this?"
"It certainly is my dear although this one is quite small, about five inches I suppose but it feels really good inside you!".........
"Would that go into me?" ...............
"Oh yes Penny, it'll go into you and you'll love it" Amanda picked up the next one.
"This is a bit bigger, I suppose it's about seven inches long but it's really thick" She handed it to Penny. "Now I know this one won't go inside me" ................. Well you'd be surprised Penny, when you get really horny you really open up a lot, mind you, if any of these prove to be uncomfortable for you then we just won't use them."

Amanda picked up the last one in her collection, "This definitely won't go in you little girl"

She fingered the last one lovingly. It was black and massive. It was still about seven or eight inches long but it was so thick. Amanda couldn't get her fingers around it. Penny looked in false horror as Amanda passed it to her.

"My God, it's huge.................. Have you put this inside you Amanda?"............
Amanda smiled at her, she didn't need to say anything, it was all in her expression. "What does it feel like? Doesn't it hurt?" ..........
"Well as I've just said Penny, you'd be surprised how much you open up when you're really randy"
Penny looked at her
"Can we try one of them Mandy?" Amanda jumped up and gathered all of her prize possessions
"Of course we can Penny but, we have to get into the right atmosphere"
Penny looked pussled, "What do you mean?" ........
"Well, I find it nice to be in a lovely warm, dark environment, and of course we have to be in the right position"
......"How do you mean, the right position?" ........
"Well, it goes in just nice when you take it from behind, it seems to slip in much easier if you put it in from the back, let me show you"
She pulled Penny out of the couch by her arms, "Now turn over and kneel on the couch with your legs open"

Penny was surprised "Are you sure?"..........
"Trust me Penny, I won't hurt you and I do know what I'm talking about, now kneel down"

She obeyed and got on to the couch. Amanda couldn't believe the view in front of her. This young thirteen year old was on her knees with her head resting on the backrest of the couch.
She could see the perfect form of her body, her slim legs and hips and her beautiful small breasts hanging down. She looked at her lips and they were slightly open and moist and looked just like a small open pouch. "My God Penny you are fucking lovely!"

She rubbed her fingers over her open lips and Penny arched her back slightly. Amanda lowered her head and began to lick Penny's lips.
Penny was in heaven. In between licks, Amanda spoke to Penny, " Now I know you like this Penny.............. and I know you like your nipples played with but.................... did you know that there is another place............. that's incredibly sensitive?"

Penny's head was now hung over the back of the couch and she had her eyes closed.
"No, tell me".............. "I won't tell you Penny, I'll do it to you" Amanda raised her head from Penny's pouch and gently touched her anus with her tongue. Penny's head shot up from behind the couch backrest and she covered her bottom with her right hand.

She looked backwards at Amanda. "No not there Mandy"............
Amanda looked up at her "Now I know that you might feel a little embarrassed"..... Penny interjected, "A little embarrassed? ...........
"Trust me Penny, as I was saying, I know it's a little embarrassing but the pleasure you get from your bum is incredible, everybody does it, it's normal, the pleasure you can get far outweighs the embarrassment you feel. Anyway, once you've done it a couple of times you won't feel so bad about it".. .............. "I saw you putting your finger up your........erm, thingy when I was licking you, is it really that good?" ............
"Haven't you ever tried it Penny when you've been playing with yourself?" ..........
"No, never" ..............
"Then you don't know how good it is do you?" She shook her head.
"Well then, just turn round and enjoy"

Penny reluctantly turned around and waited for this new experience. Amanda lowered her head once more and began to lick Penny's labia again. Penny was getting very aroused and began to breath heavily. Amanda pushed two fingers into Penny's hole and then raised her head and gently touched Penny's anus with her tongue.
She felt a shudder go through Penny's body and guessed that she was enjoying the new experience. Amanda circled Penny's pink anus with her tongue while she slowly pumped her fingers into her wet hole. Penny became more and more excited and began the slow journey to orgasm.

As she got closer to orgasm she pushed her bottom upwards almost begging for more. She was not disappointed. Amanda pushed her tongue harder against the ever slackening entrance and the tip slowly but surely entered her anus. Penny began to moan and push upwards, attempting to accommodate more of Amanda's tongue. "Oh put more in, push it in"

Penny grabbed hold of her buttocks and pulled them apart. She shuddered and orgasmed............ Long and hard. She whimpered as the thrill ripped through her body.
Her toe's clenched as Amanda's fingers worked in and out of her vagina while her tongue delved deeply into her virgin anus. "How was that then Penny?".............
"Oh my God, Oh my God, do it again, make me come again" ...........
Amanda stood up and walked to the window, "I like it nice and dark Penny, it seems so much more thrilling, you can imagine anybody fucking you"

She closed the curtains and the only light in the room was the dim sunlight being diffused through the closed curtains. She walked over to the Hi-fi and turned the knob sending soothing music through the room. "There, that's better, now we can really have a nice time"

Amanda moved over and kneeled down behind Penny's open legs. She reached down to the floor and picked up the five inch vibrator.
She covered the end with lubricating oil and placed it between Penny's waiting lips. "I think you'll like this one Penny, are you ready?" Penny didn't say anything, she just sighed and raised her bottom. Amanda pushed gently and the vibrator delved slowly into her tight hole.

"How's that Penny?".............
"Fucking lovely Mandy, fuck me slowly"
Amanda began to fuck Penny with slow and deliberate thrusts and Penny was once again sighing in heaven. Behind the louvre doors Ben stood naked in a pool of semen. He had watched the whole procedure through the slits in the door and had come twice already. He had spunk on his feet and legs and there were several deposits all around his feet. He knew that he was about to be initiated into the real world of sex and he was waiting for the signal. He watched Amanda's face intently as she fucked Penny with the dildo. Suddenly, Amanda looked over to the door and nodded her head.

This was the moment he had been waiting for and he quietly opened the door. He walked over to where Amanda was kneeling and continued rubbing his hard cock. Amanda whispered to Penny, "I'm just going to put some more oil on the dildo Penny"
She withdrew the dildo and moved quietly out of the way.
Ben took up position and waited for Amanda to speak. "There, that's lovely and slippery again, are you ready?"........
"MMMMmmm" Ben pulled back his foreskin to expose his glans and slowly pushed his hot member into her tight young cunt. Amanda spoke again, "How's that Penny?" .....
"Oh that feels good, Oh my God that feels good"............

Ben slowly pumped his juvenile cock into her tight pussy and couldn't believe his luck. Amanda spoke again, "Do you remember that tiny little dildo I showed you first Penny?"
There was no answer.
She continued, "This is how it feels" She gave the tiny dildo to Ben and mouthed to him "Slowly" She coated it with oil and Ben placed it at the entrance to her pink anus.
He pushed gently and Penny sighed as the tip entered her tight hole. He continued slowly thrusting his penis as the dildo sank ever deeper into her. Penny became almost delirious as wave upon wave of sensation coursed through her body. Amanda walked quietly to the back of the couch and kneeled down in front of Penny's face. Penny's eyes were still closed and she was oblivious to her presence.

Amanda lifted her right hand and stroked Penny's nose. The effect was electrifying as Penny's eyes opened wide. She couldn't at first comprehend what was going on. She knew that she was being fucked from behind by two dildo's but at the same time she saw, in front of her, Amanda. ..... Amanda was smiling.
"Is that good Penny?" .........
"What's happening?" Amanda repeated, "Is that good Penny?" Penny couldn't answer coherently, she was still coming and coming with the effects of the administrations behind her. She drew in a deep breath and looked behind her, shaking with utter exhaustion from her now almost continuous orgasms.

She saw Ben, a beautiful young slim boy, her own age thrusting his hips against her and she also saw his hand manipulating the now deeply embedded dildo into her anus. She didn't care, she just knew that she couldn't stop him, she had been overtaken by her pleasure and she just watched this young boy sweating as he forced his member inside her, harder and harder.

She was like a rag doll being used, she wanted to go on and on. She moaned as he pulled out both the dildo and then his cock. She watched as he raised himself slightly and thrust his five inch member deep into her anus. Her orgasm was so intense that her senses began to fade and she lost consciencness. She awakened to see Amanda above her wiping her brow with a damp towel.
"Who was that?"............
That's Ben, My little brother, do you like him?" She saw Ben standing above her, his dick still hard.
She raised her hand and gently held his cock. She closed her eyes again,.............MMMMmmmmmmm. Amanda lowered her head to Penny's ear, That was your first real fuck, How was it?" Penny's other hand moved to her now red and swollen lips. She traversed the slit and then moved to her anus, slowly massaging her pink opening. "It was .... Wonderful!"
Her eyes closed again and she fell asleep. Amanda whispered to Ben, "What did you think of your first fuck then Ben?"
He shook his head as if in shock, "I can't fucking believe it" He looked down at the sleeping Penny.
"I mean I knew it was going to be good but that was just unbelievable" She looked at his dick, "It looks as if you haven't had enough yet" .......
"Listen Sis, I could go on forever the way I feel now" .............
"Well, there's no need to stop you know, I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you .....erm, helped yourself"

Penny was now deeply asleep sitting slumped on the couch. He looked at her and smiled, "What, have her while she's asleep?"............. "Why not!" Amanda moved behind the couch and leaning over, grasped Penny's ankles. She pulled her legs slowly and quietly apart.

She whispered, "She's all yours broth". Penny's lips had opened wide and her anus was in view. Ben kneeled down to lick them. He delved his tongue into the now slack hole and began to wank as he did so. He lowered his tongue and licked her tight anus between her cheeks.

"Do you reckon she'll wake up if I fuck her?"
Amanda smiled, "Well I don't suppose she'll mind if she does wake up" He raised himself up and slipped his young cock straight into her wet hole. This was even more exciting than before. He couldn't believe he was fucking this young girl and she didn't even know it.

Within a minute or so he felt himself coming and he thrust his cock hard into her. He pumped his now dwindling stock of semen into her vagina and then almost collapsed in-between her open legs. Amanda gently lowered Penny's legs and moved around to the front again.

She gently pushed Ben with her foot, "Move out of the way broth" He moved away and Amanda took his place. She licked Ben's come now oozing from Penny's slit.
"MMMmmm, that tastes good Ben"

The sight of Amanda licking Penny and the sight of Amanda's open vulva from behind was too much for him and he instantly got another hard on. He positioned himself against her bottom and thrust his cock into his Sister's vagina. ......
"Give me a good hard fucking Ben, fuck me hard"
He complied and began thrusting wildly into her. His thumb went into her anus and they both came simultaneously. He went to pull out but Amanda pushed backwards, "No don't pull out yet Ben, just slide it in and out slowly" He obeyed but his cock started to go soft.
She looked behind her at Ben. "See that big black dildo Ben?" He nodded, "Go and get it. ......
"What the really big one?" She nodded. He picked up the didlo and tried to put his hands around the shaft but he couldn't.
"This I have to see" He moved behind her again and put the massive head to her lips.
She spun around quickly, "Ben, cover it with oil and then put some in my cunt. He grabbed hold of the oil and dribbled it into her hole, massaging it deep inside. "By Christ that feels good Ben" He covered the dildo with oil and placed it once again at her lips. Amanda put her fingers on either side of her lips and stretched the skin tight, "Now slowly Ben"
He pushed gently and was amazed as the large head started to enter her hole. Amanda started to moan, "Twist it a bit Ben as you push it in, that's it, slowly"

He watched as the massive girth sunk deeply into her. The black member completely filled the space between her legs, it looked an impossible task but it went in, it went fucking in. Amanda's outer lips were pressed so tightly at the sides that they almost disappeared.
He pushed the dildo even farther into her until the base of it was flush with her hole. He couldn't believe it, the whole seven inches was inside her, completely enveloped within her stretched cunt.

She began to moan. He didn't know whether it was because she was in pain or whether she was in ecstasy, he didn't care, it was so exciting. He began to withdraw the dildo intending to pump her and fuck her with it.
"NO BEN, push it back in and just move it about a bit, twist it slowly"
He complied and pushed it back deep inside her. He collected some oil on his middle finger from the base of the protruding dildo and gently probed her brown anus. She moaned as he slid his finger in. As his finger went deeper he could feel the hard dildo through the thin wall which divides the vagina from the rectum. He was surprised as Amanda, quietly and under complete control, spoke to him, "Oh God Ben, I'm coming, Oh I'm fucking coming"

Her whole body shook as the orgasm shuddered through her body. Her anus dilated and contracted.
He took the opportunity to push another finger in. She was full, full to the limits.
As her contractions intensified, warm and humid sexually scented air escaped from the sides of the dildo.
The orgasm lasted for at least a minute and Amanda almost growled with the sensation. She lowered a hand to her groin and felt the large black dildo secured deeply with in her body. She touched her exposed clitoris and almost collapsed with pleasure.

She cried out loudly as the orgasm reached it's pinnacle. "Ben, let go of the dildo" .......
"What, take it out?".......... "No, just let it go, leave it"

He did as he was told and watched in amazement as the huge member began to slowly, inexorably, millimetre by millimetre, extract itself from the tight grip of Amanda's muscles.
The dildo was now half out and he was amazed to see her tighten her muscles again and watched, spellbound, as the black dildo's progression halted. She moaned as the last of her orgasm faded.

"Pull your fingers out Ben" He reluctantly withdrew his fingers from her anus and, in an instant, the large member slid from it's moist imprisonment and onto the floor leaving a large gaping hole between her legs.
She straightened her bended knees and collapsed to the floor resting her sweating head onto her fore arms.
She lay there for a few minutes and then murmured, "What time is it Ben?"
He looked over to the clock , "Quarter past five"...............
"Shit" She raised herself up onto her elbows and looked at the still slumbering Penny.

"Penny............... Penny" She woke up with a start, looking around the room. At first she didn't know where she was. She looked down at Amanda and Ben, both sitting on the floor and smiled.
Amanda raised an arm and slipped a finger into Penny's open lips.
"Hi Penny, how do you feel?"
Penny just smiled, the fingers of her right hand joined with Amanda's in her own pussy.
"I feel fine, in fact I feel more than fine, I feel ......erm............. Warm and satisfied".

Amanda stood up "Penny I hate to say this but it's quarter past five and you have to be home at six"
A look of disappointment spread over Penny's face.
"I suppose I'll have to get dressed then and go home"
She rose from the couch and hugged Amanda looking over Amanda's shoulder at young Ben.
She smiled at him.
He smiled back "Are you coming back tomorrow Penny?"
Penny's head dropped into the nook between Amanda's neck and shoulder and tears welled in her eyes. "

I can't Ben, I'm going back to England tomorrow"
The train suddenly ground to a halt and Penny was suddenly aware of the present. The man opposite had put his paper down and was looking at her inquisitively.

She looked him in the eyes, "You're looking at my pants aren't you!"

PART THREE TO FOLLOW. Mail the author : oscar1@ctv.es

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