Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Story

Written by Anon (June 2000)

I remember when I was 14 I had my first sexual experience since I entered puberty. (I had quite a few prior to that)
I was an over weight white boy, I was on the debate team, your basic loser. I had always liked black girls, ever since I can remember. And at my first debate meeting I saw the most beautiful black girl I've ever seen. Her name was Rochelle and surprisingly she sat next to me and we talked for a while during our first practice she kept flirting with me.
I couldn't get my mind off of her. When I slept I dreamed of her. So we continued our flirting she called me her squishy pimp.
I was never prouder to be fat. Soon enough it was our first debate tournament, I was so excited. She sat down next to me, and we talked and listen to music and flirted some more.

After about 45 minutes of boring conversation she said I'm tired and laid her head on my shoulder. Although we have playfully grabbed at each other sexually, I was more turned on by the subtle things like the way she held my hand and when she laid her head on my shoulder.
But damn that shirt was low cut and with out a bra on she was very exposed I'll just say that. I could see her hard nipples from the inside of her blouse. I was turned on immensely by this view and she could see my pants tenting. And she Took advantage of it.

She laid her hand down on my lap. And started rubbing my meat form the outside of my pants. (Was I glad we were in the back seats!)? So I slid my hand up her blouse from the back and went around and started playing with her nipples. Soon I trailed down to her skirt and I found her wet panties. My hard on was raging up and down. I had never touched an erect nipple or felt a wet pussy before in my life. Sure I've looked at playboy and jerked off. (Who hasn't) but the feel of her wet virgin pussy just drove me insane.

So soon I grabbed my jacket off and threw it over my lap. And then the most wonderful feeling in any guys life especially a nerdy or fat or geek kids life, the first time a girl touches your meat in a sexual way. I did all I could to keep from moaning and screaming. I couldn't believe this was happening. A beautiful girl was jerking me off. And now she was tickling my balls with her other hand and she jerked me off. The sensation was just amazing. I didn't realize what I was doing with my hands. My right hand was fingering her slightly in her pussy, and she was breathing heavy. My left hand was grasping the seat like I was gonna fall out.

Soon I just said hey I'm gonna umm... and my voice was very impatient. So she leaned over and wrapped her hot lips over my meat as I came. I couldn't believe it; I was coming on a school bus. I didn't have very much cum as I was only 14 and still only in early puberty, but she drank every bit of it. And then she sat up quickly and held up a pen dropped my pen. She said quietly. I zipped my pants and quickly retracted my hand from her skirt. I couldn't believe what just happened. Her and me just stared into each other's eyes.

She popped a breath mint into her mouth and swished some water around in her mouth. Swallowed and said yummy. She winked at me. She leaned over and kissed me gently and said don't think this means I love you or nothing. I was heart broken. But I just nodded and agreed pathetically. She still continued to flirt with me and I sometimes flirted back. But this was going to be the very best day of my life. Not only was I getting some on the bus to the tournament but also I didn't know but also I was destined to get a full-fledged blowjob from a hot Latino girl, Cristina.

I was partnered with a girl named Janna. Our opponents showed up and I saw a hot girl, not as beautiful as Rochelle but hot. A nice butt and really big tits. So I basically started getting horny and drooling. And she started flirting with me. While I was debating she held up signs, "lets fuck girls bathroom 5 minutes".
And when she would get up to speak and I would sit down she would say, "I give great head wana see?" So by the end of the debate she was calling me big pops and sitting on my lap. When the debate was over we ran into the boys bathroom, she sat down on the sink and showed me her panties.

She said in a cute baby voice, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" I only had to unzip my fly it leaped out of my boxers and open fly hole. It was 6 inches and pulled down her panties and said you can do what ever u wants just not fuck me directly. So I rubbed my boner against her clit. She was getting wet and dripping on the counter. So I said if u want real pleasure, suck me off then ill work the magic tongue. And got down on her knees and just inhaled my cock into her mouth.
She started moving her head back and forth, her curly black hair swinging back and forth.she stopped and said spray it on my tits. I was amazed I was just breathless. She started sucking me off once again and lowered her shirt and bra. I grabbed her dark nipple and massaged it. I was gonna cum soon but I held it back. I took it out of her mouth and jerked it off, holding back squeezing as tight as I could to keep from spraying.

Then I just let go and it shot all over her tits, she was moaning and tickling my balls and licking her lips from the cum I got on her face. Then she rubber the cum all over her tits and cleavage. She said Dan fuck my tits�. She laid down on the ground and I slid my softening meat between her voluptuous breasts. Her nipples were small but dark and tall. The licked the tip of my cock each time I slid it through her breasts. After a few minutes of us both moaning I came a third time very small but gooey and I came on her tongue. I got up off of her, and sat on the toilet my soft meat pissing into the water.

She got up pulled up her skirt and sat on my lap then we made out for 5 minutes. I closed the stall door. And that's just out luck someone walked in the bath room it was my best friend Corey he opened our stall door and said damn son I thought you were like Bill Clinton but I thought you had a Monica! She bounced on my lap and closed the door and started moaning loud and Corey just left. So so I fingerd her one last time in the pussy then I washed off my dick and we both got dressed.

It turned out we were in the bathroom for and hour having all kinds of sex. And missed the other debate round. But it was worth it. On the way home me and Rochelle sat together. We were talking.
And she told me she lied before that she really did care about me. But I told her what happened.
And she said well well have to do more than that to make up for it.
And that's another story.

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