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Summer Bay Passion

Written by Michael(June 2000) E MAIL AUTHOR

I am lucky to live in an absolute idyllic part of the world where I do not have to work because of the income I receive from my successful business.
My home is in a bay settlement of picture postcard setting qualities from an area on the coast near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Crystal clear water protected by the headland allowing only a small shore break to provide the background noise of waves on the shore. There are only 12 residences here and it is off the beaten track so we value our privacy and don't get a lot of outsiders here. Except for this particular day I will never forget.

As I sat down on the porch overlooking the bay from my beach side cottage, I sipped on my mid morning coffee with book on my lap ready for another relaxing day in paradise. It was a quiet, warm sunny Monday when the small group of neighbors in the area had all gone back to the city and their jobs, leaving me almost alone in the little beachside settlement a few kilometers out of the nearby town.

As I sat there reading my book I became aware of couple walking along the beach from the direction of the local town, still about a kilometer away. I grabbed my binoculars for a closer look, only to discover a guy with a girl who looked liked tourists. I watched them walking towards our settlement until they became clearer with the naked eye. They must have seen me as they began heading for my place, eventually coming up close.

"Good morning." the guy said in an accent, "beautiful part of the world around here. Do you live here?"
"I sure do. Where have you guys come from,' I replied.
"From town, we are staying at the motel there for a few days," the girl said.
"We decided to go for a walk this morning and just kept going because it is absolutely magic. We did not bring any water with us and we are very thirsty, could we trouble you for some water please?' she asked.
"Sure, happy to oblige. We don't get many people from town because it is a fair walk. Come in out of the sun and have a seat." I said.

As they collapsed into the chairs on the porch I went to the kitchen and brought back a jug of cold water and glasses. They eagerly drank the water and we chatted for awhile as they eventually recovered from their walk.
I discovered they were from Holland and touring Australia together, which accounted for the fair complexion. Her name was Anna and his was Kurt, not married but just good friends.

"We love the beaches and sunshine every day in this part of the country," Anna said. "I should have brought my bikini so we could go for a swim in the bay."
"Sorry, we could not allow that here as it is nude bathing only," I quick wittedly replied. "OK, we swim naked Kurt," she said.
Kurt smiled and said, "If our host will join us I am sure he can show us around"
"Happy to oblige," I replied, "but first I think you guys should have some sunscreen lotion on you to protect from the suns rays. They are very strong around here and not good for your skin. Get your gear off I will get the lotion."

As I approached the bathroom to get the lotion I was taking my shirt off and shorts to get into the spirit. When I returned they were standing with their backs to me looking out to sea in their naked state. I obviously focused on Anna's beautiful shaped body with her tapered waist and small butt, still with a good pelvic structure that kept her thighs apart to be able to see her pussy region from behind.

"Here we go," I said. She turned around sharply to give me a full frontal view for the first time and it was awesome. Fantastic tits, ample but not big and well shaped with prominent nipples. I focussed between her legs quickly to see an absolute bald pussy with her little slit quite plain to see.

Eventually Kurt turned around to reveal his cock, about average size hanging down in a limp state, contrary to mine as felt my cock starting to rise to the occasion of Anna's presence in her naked state. I noticed her look at me then her eyes moved down to my cock, causing her to smile.

"Can you put some lotion on my back please," Anna asked.
"Wouldn't Kurt like to do it," I replied.
"No, go ahead. I'll just squeeze a bit for myself and wait for you guys," Kurt said. "OK," I said, "turn around Anna," as I squeezed some lotion into the palm of my hand handing the bottle to Kurt.

I began to rub it across her shoulders then on the back of her neck, giving her neck muscles a little squeeze. I felt a reaction as she arched her neck slightly with a little gasp.
I continued down her back with more lotion having received the bottle back from Kurt. I got to the base of her spine and run my greasy finger down into the crack of her butt a little way then slowly over her cheeks. They were firm indicating her fitness level I thought.
As I rubbed her bum I knelt down to reach her legs, as I did that she deliberately took a wider stance to give me access to her inner thigh.
With more lotion squeezed into my palm, I began with the back of her upper left leg, moving inside to her thighs. I thought I would test her response by letting my hand touch her pussy on an upward movement. I did it twice as I felt her smooth flesh without a twitch from her.

I switched to her right leg and rubbed the lotion in and this time pushing my luck a little further by actually cupping her whole pussy into my hand and fingering her slit.
Her reaction was mind blowing as she began to move her hips back and forth slowly, obviously very receptive to my touch.
Then it hit me; here I was touching up this delightful young thing with her boyfriend in the same room. I turned around to see Kurt sitting back in the chair watching me with his dick in one hand having a slow pull. Anna obviously noticed when I stopped rubbing and turned around to see me looking at Kurt in the chair.

"Don't worry about him," she said to me, "he loves to watch."
"Oh," I said, " you sure you are OK with this Kurt?" I asked knowing where this was heading.
"Sure, go ahead. I like to see Anna happy," he replied.
Anna responded, "Yah, he enjoys me fucking other guys and girls while he keeps himself amused, usually still manages to fuck me though if he hasn't blown his load by then."

By now she was completely turned around facing me as I knelt on the floor still, about 9 inches from her pussy, obviously done on purpose to arouse the situation even further. So I took my time to get to my feet and had a good old fashioned voyeur purve of her shaved pussy.

Putting more lotion into my palm I eagerly began rubbing across her shoulders than working my way down to those lovely tits.
They felt great as I worked the lotion all over them, managing to gently tweak her nipples causing them to become hard and pointed with her arousal. I soon was using both hands on her breasts as I could feel my cock rising to the occasion well and truly now. She smiled at me sweetly as she watched me rub her tits then moved closer and placed her open mouth on my mine and began tonguing me, I eagerly responded as I felt her body on mine as she pushed against my hard cock.

My right hand moved down to her body, feeling the smooth skin of her recently shaved pussy. My finger easily slipped into her moist cunt and found that little stick of dynamite, her clit. I began to gently rub it, which caused her to gasp with ecstasy and take in short sharp breaths as she broke off the tonguing. I slid my finger into her hole and moved in and out as she cupped my cock into her hand, gently caressing my balls like two marbles in her hand.

By now her cunt juices were flowing like water, as my hand was becoming very wet. I just had to taste them so I knelt down then placed my hand under her left thigh, raising her leg so it straddled my shoulder. This exposed her slit so I could nuzzle into it. I could smell that magic aroma of a pussy on fire and quickly began licking it as my tongue probed her cunt lips to eventually feel her hard clit.

As my tongue touched it for the first time, I felt her leg muscles tighten as they gripped my head even harder to her pussy. By now she had her hands on my head pulling it into her pussy as well, in fact I was having a little problem breathing but I didn't care. If I was going to die then this was the ultimate way to go. Her cunt was amazingly wet, in fact the wettest box I had ever had the pleasure to touch.

After some considerable time I moved away and stood up. I then simply asked her to suck my cock, so she willing moved into position taking hold of my now very hard tool and began to lick the tip ever so gently, almost teasing like.
Then in an instant she swallowed it deep into her mouth, in fact I am sure the whole seven inches disappeared. She began sucking in shorter bursts to about half way then occasionally slip in a deep throat special, I am sure I could feel the back of her throat on those times.

She was an expert, I never experienced such a blow job as most of my other women seem to have done it reluctantly careful not to do too much in case they got a load of a cum. By now I did not want to waste the event of fucking this girl by blowing my load now so I pulled away from mouth.

I took her by the hand and walked across the room to an armchair where I sat done. My erect dick was now very wet from her saliva and pointing to the ceiling. I looked at Kurt at this stage and he was still there pulling away on his cock, much faster now. He smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up signal, seemingly as approval to fuck his lady.

Anna was already positioning herself on top of me then she took hold of my cock and placed it at the entrance to her passion pit. Once there she lowered herself down the shaft to devour it deep inside her as she began to move up and down. I just seemed to be sitting back as she seemed to be doing all the work while I caressed her tits, managing to lick and suck those bullets of nipples that were so hard. I could feel her cunt muscles gripping my cock as we continued to thrust, then suddenly Kurt was in front of me as I looked over Anna's shoulder. He was standing there with his hard cock still in his grip.

I was amazed at his stamina and patience to be still wanking away for such a long time without cuming. Anyway he moved up behind Anna and placed his hands on her backside, with that she looked around and smiled at him, knowing full well what was coming. She lent forward onto my chest so I could feel her tits against me, which I thought was great. However all she was doing was positioning her arse for Kurt.

Once he could see her arsehole he licked his finger and moved it towards her hole to lubricate it, then he moved forward to begin to insert his cock into her rear. I had never had a group fuck like this before so it was exciting. She began to moan loudly as he thrust deep inside her as I maintained my presence up her cunt.

With our thrusting we seemed to get into unison as Kurt and I pushed deep inside, in fact sometimes I swear I could feel his cock. Anna was obviously loving it as her cries of pleasure or pain, I couldn't tell which, reached a crescendo of delight as I too could feel my load rushing through my cock, eventually blowing inside her as her cunt seemed to grip my cock even harder, squeezing every last drop of cum out of it.

As I opened my eyes I could see Kurt pull out of her arse and wanking away as usual blow his load over her back. As his dick became limp, he moved back against her bum to slide in the moisture running down her bum crack. By now my cock was feeling very limp and drained as I too slowly swished in the juices around her pussy.

Eventually we all pulled away from each other and lay there, catching our breath and feeling the absolute pleasure of good sex. After about 15 minutes, we seemed to recover our strength and went off for that swim.
When we hit that crystal clear water, we seemed to come alive again and enjoyed ourselves even more. I was convinced Anna was a nymphomaniac as she played up to us guys, continually teasing our cocks by touching, pulling and underwater sucking.

The blood began to flow back into our cocks and I had a day to remember as we fucked in various fashions for the rest of day. To this day I still on my beachside porch looking down the bay to see if she is coming back, in the meantime I have my memories of a great fucking session.


The titles are all ending in "�. Passion" like "Angel of Passion" in the Top 20 List.

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