Thursday, July 03, 2008


Written by Damian(June 2000)

He was working I his office by himself, as often happened.
There was a knock on his door and then it opened, a woman in her mid thirties entering. She was about five foot five, slightly dowdy in appearance and dressed in that manner that women sometimes do when they don't really care about their appearance, loose fitting blue jeans, sweatshirt, covered by a coat. Her blond hair was out of place, she wore glasses and seemed lost.

'Are you a notary?' she asked.

It was sort of a strange question but he answered yes and she told him she had some document that her parents wanted signed and it needed to be notarized, could he do it?

'Sure, sit down and let's see what you have', he said, and she took a piece of paper from a folder in her hand. He looked it over quickly, asked here for some form of ID and then had her sign. He filled out the rest and told her it was done, handing the document back to her.

'Thanks', she said and then engaged him in some small talk, as he got up to escort her to the door. She asked him what he did, and stood close by while he answered. He noticed her eyes taking him in, with that quick glance that he would use with a woman that had caught his eye, a sort of quick top to bottom scan that focused on the interesting parts. He was in his late forties, medium height and slim, with his daily worked out body evident through the well fit polo shirt he wore.

He often caught women doing that, and he was always flattered. She continued the small talk until he turned to return to his office, whereupon it finally dawned upon him that with the slightest effort on his part she would have stayed to explore the territory. He was often late on such uptakes. He wrote it off as another opportunity missed.

Three days later around noon there again a knock, and she entered again, this time dressed quite differently. Now she wore a short skirt and heels, a tight fitting silk blouse and no glasses. Her medium length hair was perfect, she wore light makeup and lipstick. As she entered she said, 'Hi, remember me? I forgot that there was something else I needed done. Could you do this one too?'

So he again notarized her signature, but this time he really didn't need to guess that she was after more than that. She sat before him with legs crossed, and he could simply not avoid looking at her slim, shapely legs. He sat and chatted with her for a while and then asked her if she wanted to go to lunch. She did.

They drove to a nearby fern bar, and for the next hour and a half ate and chatted, making the connections that people make when they first meet. But all the while he knew that she had more in mind, her manner of dress alone sent that message, and the conversation was filled with sexual innuendo, although he was not sure if he had started that element of the conversation. In any event, she was a willing participant.

When drove back to his office to return her to her car she told him she thought that she had left her sunglasses in the one of the wing chairs that served as his guest chairs, so she said she would come up with him to look.

When she got there she made a point of searching carefully, bending over the chairs and searching their cushions, her skirt riding up well beyond mid thigh, her firm ass on display. He stood by and watched the show. When her search was complete she said she must have left them in her car, that she had had a wonderful time and hoped that they could do this again.

He stood near the closed doorway as she approached to leave. She reached up to kiss him, and he took her face in his hands, allowing lips to touch hers, then letting his tongue to explore her mouth. He could hear her sigh and he felt the tension rush from her body as they kissed. He looked into her eyes for a moment, saw a willingness that was unbelievable, and kissed her again. She pushed her body against his, one hand on his neck, the other at his waist, and she moaned slightly. After several kisses they broke, and she said,

'I usually don't kiss like that on the first date.'

'Neither do I,' he said as he locked the door and picked her up, carrying her to the wing chair in his office.

He sat down, with her across his lap as they continued kissing. He unbuttoned the first few buttons of her shirt, and kissed her neck and shoulders as his right hand made his way up her bare leg. She was now moaning softly, and when he reached the juncture of her legs he found her to have no underwear on, and her pussy was soaked with excitement. His fingers quickly found her clit, and he stroked her as her moans grew louder.

He drew slightly away from her and with a smile said, 'Do you usually come on the first date?' She laughed as she unbuttoned her blouse while he used his free hand to undo the light frilly bra she wore. As soon and it was loosened his mouth found her nipples and she let out a gasp that plainly showed her appreciation. He could feel the tension building in her body with each passing second. Her hands ran under his shirt as she felt his smooth skin.

'Oh God,' she panted, 'Fuck me, oh, please fuck me.'

'Oh I will,' he said, 'but not yet, I want something first,' and he continued to stroke her clit, now inserting his thumb up into her pussy, searching for her G spot while he continued to alternatively kiss her mouth and suck her breasts, which were now heaving uncontrollably as her orgasm approached.

Her hips thrust on his hand, then the shutter raced through her body, and she screamed out loud as the orgasm took control, and she temporarily lost contact with reality. Several spasms raced through her, and she sat upright for a moment, holding him tightly, allowing it to take control.

Then, as it began to pass, he turned her so that she would face him, her legs up on his shoulders, while he continued to lick her nipples, now ever so softly, barely grazing the tip. She found herself tearing at his pants, finally loosening them enough to get at his cock, which was fully erect and ready for her.

She braced herself with one hand on the armrest of the chair and with the other hand taking his cock and sliding herself onto him, letting out a groan that she could hardly identify as being her own. She then thrust herself down on him, feeling an exquisite pain as he hit bottom, then she withdrew as he thrust up. His arms were now around her back as she rocked onto him, again and again until she could feel her climax returning, this time with a new urgency, separate and different from the last.

At the same time she could feel him nearing his own explosion as he groaned while sucking her breasts. And then she felt him come, his cock erupting uncontrollably into multiple spasms, each of which she could feel and she felt herself let go, and she bit into his shoulder to limit the volume of the screams that came from within.
Her body twitched with excitement as this second orgasm overcame her, stronger that the first, and then receding into a series of more gentle aftershocks.

They held tight to one another for a few moments, then pushed back and gazed into each other's eyes. Both were smiling, both had gotten exactly what they each wanted, what they needed. He wanted her to stay and then go to dinner, hoping for another round, one in a more comfortable setting where they could continue the exploration of their desire. She said she had to leave.

They would never see one another again.

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