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I Spy . . . Innocence

Written byBruce X (June 2000) E MAIL AUTHOR

Gentle persuasion Fuck off! ........fuck off!
Johns hand reached out from under the covers and slammed down hard onto the alarm clock..........Fuck off! He was used to swearing at this inanimate object, every morning he would go through the same procedure.......
FUCK OFF YOU BASTARD he screamed as the object of his hatred refused to be still. Finally it fell silent and he turned over to cuddle his wife.
"I wish you wouldn't swear like that John it'll wake Jake up and then we'll both be knackered all day".
John and Kate had been married for three years and the excitement of young love had subsided somewhat of late, they had married young and had a wonderful relationship but thing were getting a bit mundane, a bit predictable.
"What are you doing today Kate?"

As he spoke he slipped his hand in between her thighs from behind in the vain hope that she would be too busy answering his question to notice his incursion from behind.
Well.......... If you don't stop doing that I won't be doing anything much will I?"
"Thats OK then, I'll just carry on then"
His fingers slowly traversed to her warm nest and started to open her lips. Kate never wore pants in bed, she preferred the freedom and sensual pleasure of having her lips open and accessible.

She had always been a randy sort of person and found great pleasure in most forms of sex and god knows, John was always randy!
"John, as much as I'd like to stay here and have my fanny played with, I think it might be a good idea if you got ready for work....don't you?".
Bollocks! Fucking work, I'll be glad when I'm fucking retired, at least I'll get a chance to fuck my own wife when I want to" he threw the covers back and dragged himself out of bed, he walked to the bathroom door and turned
"are you sure I cant interest you in this" He pointed with both fingers to his erect penis and grinned.

She had watched him from behind when he had walked to the bathroom and had admired his tight and tanned body. He was about five foot ten and was fit and slim, he had a really tight bum and was, she thought, just about perfect. She had just begun to regret telling him to get out of bed and felt herself getting quite moist.

"Yes I'm sure you can't interest me in that", she looked at his erect penis and wanted to have him inside her.
She considered herself to be very lucky to have someone like John, he was kind and considerate and really, really randy. Her eyes were glued to his lovely cock, it was thick and long, she guessed about seven inches, but it was the thickness that made all the difference, she found it difficult to get her small hand right around it and had to really stretch to have it in her mouth, which she loved!
"Will you go and get ready for work".
"When will you be home tonight"?
"About six thirty I suppose, but don't wait for me if you want to eat, I could be later than that, and anyway I might not be hungry".

As he spoke he rubbed his stockinged foot up and down Kate's shin under the table.Kate looked into his eyes ..........
."you know , you've made me feel really randy and I've got all day to think about it.......................I mean you"

They both laughed . John finished his breakfast and put on his shoes.
"Well I'm off then, be a good girl and give Jake a big kiss from daddy, oh, and by the way, when I said that I might not want anything to eat I meant food, I'm pretty sure that there might be something I might want to nibble on if you get what I mean"
"Well I wonder what that might be then"

They kissed and she closed the door behind him. Kate returned to the table and picked up her coffee, she cupped it in both hands and held it to her lips, she glared aimlessly through the steam created by the breath from her nostrils striking the warm liquid.
She wondered what she would be doing for the rest of the day, although she knew that when Jake woke up in about an hour, she would be gainfully employed until his bed time at about seven thirty.

She would have loved to have stayed in bed with John this morning but his work was more important, he was doing well at his new firm and she didn't want to Risk his position. She sometimes felt a bit jealous of him being at work with all sorts of women pampering to his every professional need, at least she hoped that they were pampering to his professional needs and not his personal needs..........but she had put those thoughts out of her mind, "no sense in making life hard for yourself girl, if it's going to happen, it'll happen!
She hated the thought of anybody touching him, well at least without her knowing about it but she had secretly had the odd fantasy about him with somebody else........with her there, watching.........and then perhaps joining in.

She didn't have anybody in mind or any sort of person in mind, it was just a silly fantasy I suppose, everybody has them! They were both quite open about sex, they had been from the start, they had watched blue movies together and had fantastic sex at the same time, at first she had felt a bit embarrassed but that had soon worn off and they both talked openly about the content.

Reality returned as she heard the mail drop onto the hall mat, she rose from her chair and made her way to the hallway, squatting to retrieve the mail she was reminded of her vaginal nakedness underneath her dressing gown as a cool shaft of air met her still moist lips, it was not unpleasant, and armed with a pile of letters in one hand, she slipped her other in-between her legs at the front and felt the folded flesh give way under her still warm fingers.

She felt slightly ridiculous as she continued to squat and enjoy her searching fingers........however she knew that this, of all positions, was immensely pleasurable! Her lips became swollen and moist as she gently massaged the inner sanctum of her pleasure, she was careful not to touch her clitoris as this would bring on an immediate orgasm and she didn't want that, she knew what she was doing..........she'd had plenty of practice, she first reached a climax at the age of nine and had been perfecting the art for the last eleven years, at twenty she considered herself to be pretty good at it! Her fingers were gently probing inside her pink vagina and were extremely wet, she froze as the phone rang next to her, without thinking she withdrew her fingers and picked up the phone............hello........
Hiya baby, it's was John......
Hi darling how are you she asked, at the same time noticing the wet finger marks on the receiver, "I'm fine, I just thought you might like to know that I wont be late tonight after all and I should be home at about six, how about us going out for a meal"?

Kate caught her breath " that sounds wonderful to me partner, what shall we do afterwards then"?
There was a short silence..............."well, if you don't get too full in the restaurant I might be able to fill you up a bit more afterwards" .............
"That sounds pretty OK to me partner, and just to get you in the'll never guess what I'm doing? ........
"What"?......."well my fingers are all wet and..........."
"Your not then".........
"Yup".................... "What on the phone?"
"Well not exactly on the phone, you see the postman came and"......
THE BLOODY POST MAN"............ " be quiet and let me tell you" Kate went on to tell him the sordid details of how she had bent down to pick up the post and had felt all open and wet and ................... ...............................................

John listened intently as she explained away her little sexual indiscretion, "What are you doing now then" ? He whispered,
" well I'm just standing by the phone talking to you".....
"What would you like me to be doing" "Well you could sit on the bottom of the stairs and open your legs wide for me".

She threw the mail back onto the floor and moved over to the stairs. " right I'm doing that"..........
"Are your legs wide open?" ...........
"They sure are honey, what do I do now?"
This last remark came out with a smile in the voice!
"Well, just open them lips with just two of your fingers and then push the third one inside you"......

She obeyed him to the letter and slowly began to slide her finger in and out of her tight and wet hole.
"What are you doing now John? Have you got a hard on?"....
"What do you think,"......
" Where are you now, in your office"? Are you alone?............He whispered the answer down the phone "Yes to both of those questions".......
Kate felt herself becoming really randy as she prepared her next request.......
"Then get your dick out and start wanking"......
"What if somebody comes into the office, I'll never be able to put it away in time" .....
"Thats your problem my love but if you want me to keep on playing this little game, thats the forfeit you'll have to pay"......
"You'll get me fucking sacked " As he spoke he began to slowly unzip his flies and hooked his finger over the top of his pants, he had to bend slightly to unfurl his huge member from underneath his belt.

"Right, I've got it out and I've got my hand right round it and I'm slowly wanking myself off..........I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do if I come or somebody walks in"

Kate began to insert her fingers deeper and faster as she thrilled at the risk he was taking.
"John......... I want you to start wanking yourself faster and faster now so you come" .........
"How the fuck can I do that, where do I put my spunk?"..........
" I really don't know darling but while you are thinking about it I'll just tell you what I'm going to do.........You know that window at the bottom of the stairs?"

She didn't wait for the answer and just carried on as if he had replied.......
" Well that window starts at about the fourth stair up, you know darling the one that opens up onto the street,........well I'm on the second step now as I speak and I'm just about to move up one, my legs are really wide open now and I can see my lovely little pink hole glistening in the mirror next to the window, you know which window I mean don't you darling? The one that starts at the fourth step. I'm really wide open now and I can see my little man pushing through the flesh at the top, I dare'nt touch him yet but I will when I get to the fourth step, are you wanking fast now Johnny boy?"

She could hear him breathing heavily down the phone and she could just imagine him in his office, alone with his big thick cock wanking quicker and quicker. In his eagerness to please and his desperation to come, John had placed the telephone in the crook of his neck and had retrieved his hanky from his pocket, he stood with his head tilted to one side, a hanky cupped under the end of his cock and was wanking with his other hand. John had got a really fat cock and it was now fully engorged with blood, he felt his fingers ripple over the massive head on both forward and backward stroke.......... Kate was pushing three fingers into her whole now and had begun the long slow journey to orgasm, breathing heavily, almost in time with John. ..............

"Where are you now Kate, on the third step?"
It was almost an effort to speak, "Yes"..........

" Put the phone on the stair beside you and then really open your cunt up wide and then go up one".
She put the phone down and then placed a hand either side of her wet fanny and raised herself up two steps showing anybody that might be walking past, her wonderful sex. She allowed the forefinger of her right hand to detach itself from her lips and touched her clit, she immediately came,wave after wave of fiery orgasm, groaning and whimpering, oblivious to her own exhibition. John heard his wife's orgasm and he pictured her, legs wide, in front of the window, he felt his hard cock get even harder and then jerk, He came into the hanky, loads of it, it went on for ever, soaking the linen through to his fingers...................................

The day seemed to linger on forever, Jake had woken at about ten o'clock and had been niggly ever since.
Kate had really enjoyed their phone sex and was still randy, she couldn't wait until tonight when she would feel John inside her.
"I must stop thinking like this or I'll never get anything done".
"SHIT...........tonight.............were going out for a meal.........Baby fucking sitter...........Quick".

She dried her hands and threw the cloth onto the table. Her finger traversed up and down her little brown leather telephone book, a,b,c,d,.....
"What's her fucking surname.............. not's her fucking name you daft cow!............Mellor,yes Mellor."

Her finger rammed the little brass bar to "M" for Mellor. ........
".Hello Mrs Mellor"
"Yes" ...... "It's me , Kate, how are you?"
"I'm fine love thanks, and you?".....
"Yeah I'm fine thanks, listen I know it's a bit late with Lucy doing her mocks and everything but do you think she could baby-sit for us tonight?
"I'm not sure love because I don't know what home work she's got tonight but I should think it will be all right!"
"Your a love.........can you ask her to be here at about seven thirty."..........
Yes of course dear, where are you going , somewhere nice?"......
"Johns taking me for a meal but I don't know where,..........a curry I think, it'll just be nice to get out of the house for a while"................

"I know how you feel dear, anyway, have a nice time, I'll send lucy round for seven thirty then................ Bye".

It was six fifteen by the time John turned the key in the lock, " Hi, it's me!" He closed the door behind him and instinctively looked at the lower stairs where he and Kate had had their pleasure this morning.
He leaned to one side and looked out of the window that had so heightened their sexual imaginations, and true enough, the window was completely exposed to the street outside.

He found himself counting the stairs when he felt two soft hands on his shoulders, She breathed into his ear, " how did you like that then" ?..........
He turned and smiled putting a false innocent expression on his face, " like what, ....what do you mean? I haven't done anything missus, honest,...what do you mean?"
He felt himself getting hard again and pushed his groin into her's. .........

"Well, somebody rang me up this morning and asked me to ............... She paused as if in embarrassment.................. Asked me my lips and push my fingers in" "NEVER" he gasped in shock........
"Who was this blighter? I'll do for him, the swine," He broke into his mock German accent..........

He broke away from Kate and turned his back, simultaneously withdrawing his thick cock from his trousers, it stood proud and hard, he placed his left forefinger horizontally below his nose, raised his right arm in a Fascist salute and began goose stepping around the hall.

Kate became hysterical with laughter at the sight of him goose stepping with this big cock bouncing all over the place. "VE HAF VAYS OFF MAKING YOU CUM"
Kate could hardly contain herself and dropped heavily upon the stairs, almost in tears with laughter. John marched down the hall and returned, halted level with the lower stairs, turned smartly left and shuffled forward until his huge member poked through the bannister rails and into Kate's waiting hands.

"VAT CAN YOU DO WIZ ZISS" ? ........ Kate cradled his penis with one hand underneath and stroked the top of it as if it were a little dog, "Listen my little Oberleutnant" She spoke quietly and lovingly, " Ive got just the place to put that, but I'm afraid we haven't got time at the moment"

She kissed the tip. "VY EFFER NOT MY DEAR" She resumed her restrained commentary, "Because" she kissed the tip again, "We"........kiss.......... "Are going".
"Out"............... "For a meal"................. "Tonight".
"Lucy"..............kiss.............. "Is coming"............... "At seven"............... "Thirty".

"Christ almighty Katy why didn't you say, it's five to seven already, I'd better go and have a shower"
He withdrew his member from the bannister and swung around the lower stairs brushing past Kate on the way.
Kate grabbed him by the cock again and he screeched to a halt half way up the stairs. This time it was Kate's turn to be the interrogator............


"Your wish is my command" He joined his hands together in mock prayer and bowed reverently. She let him go and watched as he jumped the final six stairs in two's. By the time Lucy arrived, both John and Kate were almost ready.
John stood in front of the mirror combing his hair and although he was right next to the front door he shouted to Kate in the kitchen, "come and get the door Katy, it's Lucy I think".

Katy hurried along the hallway her right arm outstretched to turn the catch, "honestly John, you could have just moved over one tiny little step and opened the door yourself"
.......... "Nope, I'm sorry, I was at a critical moment just perfecting my lovely hair", He turned to her and placed a cupped hand under his imaginary perm and set at the back of his head and blew her a feminine kiss

"HIYA LUCY, you look gorgeous again tonight"
"Hello" Lucy was a shy girl and was used to John playing the fool.
"I hope we didn't mess up your plans for tonight" Lucy entered the hallway and turned , "no, not at all, Ive just got a bit of homework to do for tomorrow but other than that I wasn't going anywhere".
"Well that's bloody great, do you wanna come out with me then honey?"
"John, will you leave the poor girl alone".
Lucy smiled consciously and walked into the living room.
"Is Jake still up?" "No thank god, I put him down about half an hour ago and he seems to have gone off"

Jake was a good little sleeper and generally, if he wasn't disturbed he would sleep until the next morning. "Take your coat off Lucy and sit down" Kate held her hand out to take her coat. John stood in the doorway as she slipped her coat off.

"I know she's only sixteen but she's bloody lovely" thought John as he surveyed her small body.
She had shoulder length blonde hair and was very pretty. She wore tight black stretch trousers which showed her bum up lovely and a thin stretch top. You could see she was wearing a bra but the thin material failed to conceal the small raised mounds in the middle of her juvenile breasts.

"I know she's shy but she must know she's got a lovely little figure, otherwise she wouldn't dress so". ..
Kate broke his train of thought........
"Everything is in the fridge Lucy, just help yourself, we shouldn't be too late, probably about elevenish"
Kate turned to the door where John was standing " come on little boy, put your tongue away and get your coat on"

John snapped out of his dream "what do you mean LITTLE BOY?"
He looked over towards Lucy and she instantaneously blushed. "Oh come on I'm starving" She dragged him out by the arm and slammed the front door behind him. On the short journey to town there seemed to be a slight tension between them, " O.K. What have I done now?".......

"Nothing really, it's just that you don't half embarrass that poor girl, she's only sixteen you know and if we aren't careful she'll stop coming round"...
"Rubbish,.... She loves it, I bet she's thinking of me right now, I bet she's on the fourth step already"
They both broke into shrieks of laughter and Kate put her hand on his thigh as she kissed his cheek.
"Watch me gear stick missus". John parked the car and they both made their way to the restaurant, she linking his arm, "do you think she's nice John, I mean really?"
" Now hold on Kate my dear, I've got to think very carefully how I answer this one, careless talk cost's wife's you know!"..
"No really, I mean it, I won't be snotty if you say yes, I just wondered if you did that's all"
"Well, let's look at the evidence" he mocked.
"Are you slim and pretty?" ..
"Who me?" She turned to him walking slightly sideways.
"Yes you"........ "Of course" "And are you young and fresh and full of life?".........
"Of course" ....
"Then there's your answer!" .....
"So you do like her then"...
"Yes, but not as much as you my love, anyway, I don't think she could cope with my weapon could she?".........

They both giggled, "Oh I bet she could if you eased it in really slowly"... They reached the restaurant door. John stopped her from walking in, "Of course you know what you've done now don't you?......
He opened his jacket at the front to reveal a thick swelling lying horizontally at the front of his trousers.
"I suppose I'd better straighten it up and tuck it under my zip then" Kate laughed and dragged him towards the door.
"I cant walk in like this, it'll knock somebody's fucking drink over"

They fell through the door in fits of laughter., The meal went well and they both rejoiced in the fact that they could both still enjoy each other's company. They hadn't been married long but things sometimes got a bit mundane and they needed the odd excursion to brighten things up a bit.

One thing that hadn't got boring was their sex life, indeed it had gone from good to downright perfect. John looked at Kate enjoying her meal " Don't you go eating too much or else you'll not have room for later"
She looked up, " oh I think I might find room for something else, that's if it's really special"
John felt himself getting hard again at the thought of what was to come "just hold your tongue there lady or you'll see this plate rise from the table" He pretended to hold a cigar from his mouth and spoke like groutchow Marks.

They both laughed as Kate rose from the table " where are you off to then?" "I wont be a minute, I'm off to the loo". John rose in mock respect as she brushed past him " don't go away big boy"
Kate pulled the door behind her and locked it, she felt incredibly randy as she lifted her cotton dress and pulled down her sexy white pants.
She enjoyed wearing sexy underwear, it always did the trick with John, he enjoyed them so much that sometimes he would ask her to keep them on while they made love, it was a bit tricky and sometimes a bit sore but the excitement they generated was well worth it. She emptied her bladder and was about to pull up her pants but just couldn't resist stroking her hard clit with her finger, "that's what's lovely about being a woman"she thought, "Just a finger , anywhere, anytime and you can have a really nice quickie, no mess, no spunk, lovely"

She only needed to stroke her clit a few times when she felt that lovely warm glow rise in her groin, "I hope I haven't got any bloody chile on my fingers, that'll be a bit uncomfy" she thought.
She strolled back to the table and waited for John to move to one side in order that she could get to her seat
. "That took you a while my dear, everything all right?".....
"Yep, everything is absolutely fine, .............John?." He looked up, "Just look in my bag....She passed it to him.............and see if you can see my comb anywhere" He looked puzzled but took the bag anyway and opened the zip, He looked in and was presented with a pair of gleaming white pants folded and laying at the top of the bag. He instantly realised what she had done and grinned as he looked over the table at her.

"You've taken your.........."
"Yes you daft sod but don't bloody broadcast it"..........
He went to put his fingers inside to retrieve them........
"Don't you bloody dare" she reached over quickly and retook the bag, zipping the top shut tight.
"WOW.....can I feel?"
"Well I don't know now, you keep showing me up and I don't know what your going to do next you sod".....
He pushed his chair close to the table in an effort to close in on his intended target, as he got closer Kate moved back away from the table, "I mean it John, I've only done this for a bit of excitement for us both and if you embarrass me I'll not play any stupid games again, I mean it's all right having a laugh but sometimes you go too far"

She was suddenly serious and John realised that he had, indeed, gone too far, "I'm sorry Kate, I promise I wont embarrass you, I just don't realise I'm doing it sometimes" Kate smiled at him and moved closer to the table "My legs are wide open under this table cloth and I can feel lovely cool air going up and down my lips, my clit's really hard and I want you to find it and ...........well,......... do something with it."

John's hand crept under the table as he looked around the room, he found his goal and inserted his middle finger in-between her wet lips and then started to rotate his thumb over her clit.

"Well this is a first and if I'm not careful I'm going to come in my pants" He looked over to Kate and saw the tell tale expression on her face, he knew she was coming, he always knew when she was about to come, he could just tell, "How's it for you then pretty lady?"
She didn't speak, she just concentrated on keeping her face straight and tried not to shake too much as she exploded into a powerful orgasm, "Stop.......... stop........stop.... STOP now"

She whispered as the words accelerated. She pulled back slightly from the table which automatically expelled John's fingers, she looked drained, a sure sign that it had been a good one.
John continued to look across the table at her as he secretly wiped his fingers on the table cloth below.
The first few minutes of the journey home were quiet, John concentrating on his driving and Kate just staring through the front window.

She turned to him slowly, "Wow"
John smiled to himself then turned to her "I'm sorry, what do you actually mean, Wow?"
She leant over and kissed his ear slowly and sensuously, "THAT, my love was a real turn on, I'm still dripping wet,get me home quickly James I want to be given a good seeing to"
"Yus M'lady" John changed down a gear and accelerated away.
"John?" He didn't answer, just turned his head and looked at her, waiting for her to continue.
"Do you fancy Lucy?"
"Kate,...... she's only just sixteen!"
Kate prodded him in the shoulder with her knuckles and pretended to be cross "I know she's only just sixteen"
She spoke with her teeth together and spat out each syllable in time with her prodding knuckle.
"But Do...You.........Fancy her?"
He pulled into the side of the road and stopped, he left the engine running and took it out of gear. He turned 90 degrees in his seat and faced his lovely wife.

"Look we've already had this conversation, I'll ask you again, are you small, fresh looking, pretty, got lovely pert 34 inch tit's, really randy little smacker?"..........
"Who me?" "Yes you"
"I wasn't asking about me you daft sod,I was asking about LUCY"
John faked annoyance as he shouted "ARE YOU ALL OF THE ABOVE ?"

She put her hands around his throat "Yes I am all of the above, so what?"
"Well there's your answer then, Lucy is all of the above aswell, just a bit younger that's all"
"So you do fancy her then?"................
"Yep I think she's fucking lovely....but......."
They both shouted together "SHE'S ONLY JUST SIXTEEN"

They both laughed as John turned in his seat, put the car in gear and sped away. "It doesn't make any difference anyway, cause I don't think she could take my weapon do you?"
"Well we could have a good try and just think of the fun we could have while we were trying, loads of oil, sliding it in, bit by bit, me holding her legs wide while you pulled her tight little".................................. " FUCKING STOP, you'll have me coming"

He turned to her again, "What do you mean,we could have a good try? ...How?" There was no answer, Kate just glared through the windscreen. "How Kate? If there was a safe way of doing it, I'd be there mate, hand straight down her pants but she's under age and guess who'd go to fucking prison?"

She could sense John getting irritated and turned to him "It's no big deal John, I just thought that it would be a bit of fun that's all, any way, she's not under age!" "Oh don't go all snotty on me Katey, I didn't mean to get ratty but I have fancied her for ages and dream about having sex with her but it's just not possible, even if somehow we managed to get her to agree, we'd always be shit scared that she'd tell one of her mates or something and I for one, don't think it's worth all that worry"
" I know your right John, it's just that"....
Her words stopped as she searched for the right phrase..........Johns voice broke the silence
" I'm fucking stupid aren't I ? I mean it's staring me in the face, You fancy her aswell don't you Kate ?"

He knew that Kate was curious about other women and had fantasised about watching her with someone else. She turned to him and almost shyly said " I really, really like her and do you know something else? I reckon she likes me too!"
" Now you are really turning me on Kate, can I watch?"
They both laughed loudly as John slid his hand into his wifes still naked sex , "Watch the fucking road you sex mad pervert"

Within minutes they were at the door of their house and John was inserting the key into the yale lock, "I bet it's as tight as that"
"What mine?" Oh no my dear, I've just felt yours and it's far from tight at the moment"
They both laughed as they fell through the door only to be greeted by Lucy coming out of the lounge doorway.

" Hiya Lucy" Kate shouted at a volume level that was certainly louder than discretion would suggest given the fact that their young son was asleep in the room above.
She immediately put her forefinger to her lips and whispered " I mean , hiya Lucy" Lucy looked quite embarrassed at the sight of Kate being obviously a little too worse for wear.

"Hello, have you had a good night? It looks as if you have" John moved over to where Lucy was standing and put one arm around her shoulder, he moved his face closer and looked into her eyes "Lucy, you'll never know how good that night was, the meal was wonderful and the drinks were wonderful and the company was wonderful, in fact it was all so wonderful that my lovely Kate got all excited at one point and..............."

" Kate moved in-between both of them in an effort to put an end to the list of wonderfulls before it got too ...embarrassing..... And shepherded Lucy into the lounge again.
As she guided Lucy into the room she looked back over her shoulder at John and mouthed silently "Fucking stop it you"

Turning back she looked at Lucy "Yes Lucy, you'll never know how lovely it was tonight."
As she spoke John was ascending the stairs to the loo "She might yet my love, she might yet!"

"Your both mad you know, you and John, I haven't got a clue what your talking about" As she spoke they could both hear John's urine hitting the well and they erupted into laughter.

Kate couldn't waste the moment and turned Lucy towards her, placing an arm over each shoulder and pulling her even closer. She looked into her eyes and found no displeasure at her intimacy, " Woman to woman Lucy........... NO.......... girl to girl Lucy"
She pulled her closer until her lips brushed Lucy's ear and whispered " I cant' tell you why, well I suppose I could, but I'm not going to, I don't think, well not tonight anyway, but I've had a really" She emphasised the word "REALLY" and dragged it out to last longer and to give it more effect "A REALLY....... em......... what's the word I'm looking for?...... Raunchy, there, I've said it........... Raunchy night"

As she confided in Lucy she could feel her own nipples contacting the firm breasts of her newly found sixteen year old confidante.
Kate didn't wear a bra and she knew that her nipples were standing proud, she also knew that Lucy would be able to feel them through her clothing. She couldn't resist a very slight circular motion of her breasts against Lucy's body and was almost certain that she felt Lucy's nipples become erect.
She drew back her head slightly until they were face to face again. "Really raunchy" There was a silent pause, only for perhaps two seconds and then Lucy said quietly... . "

I think I'd better go Kate"..........
"Why?" Lucy motioned with her eyes in the direction of the doorway.
There, standing at a slant, leaning on the door frame with his arms folded, stood John. " Katey, your as pissed as a fart, let the poor girl go home, you'll embarrass her"
Lucy pulled herself away from Kate's grasp and blushed.
"No I'm fine, don't worry about me, you've obviously had a good night out and I'm pleased for you, mind you Kate, I don't think I want your headache in the morning"
Kate backed off .
"You know Lucy, your lovely, really lovely, a really nice person,................I..............have had toooooooooo much to drink and I'm sorry if I've done anything wrong" With that she promptly sank to the settee.
"No, you haven't done anything wrong, honest, but I'd better get going anyway, it's getting quite late"

John turned to the hall "I'll get your coat then" He helped her on with her coat and opened the door for her "You'll have to forgive her Lucy, I think she's had too much orange juice or something"

They both laughed and Lucy made her way down the path. Kate appeared over John's shoulder and threw a forced whisper towards Lucy "How are you fixed for the weekend Lucy?"
"O.K. I think, give me a ring later in the week, byee" John stood over Kate who was by now half laying across the settee, " Whiskey?" "Why not"
She held out her hand and beckoned him to advance the half full glass of Malt. He returned to the drinks cabinet and poured himself an equal measure.
He turned to her "Your not pissed at all are you?"
"Nope" "Then why did you pretend you were?" "Well, my little unassuming fella, if you hadn't so rudely interrupted me, I might have gone a little farther than what you saw standing in the doorway, and if she had have protested, then I could have blamed it all on the drink..................with me? And if she hadn't protested, then who knows what we might be doing now,when I say we, I mean all three of us"...........

John moved her legs and sat down beside her "Your fucking crazy! I thought I'd told you in the car, it would be brilliant, but it's just not fucking worth it, I'm the fucker who would end up in the slammer!"

She raised her legs and stood up quickly, walking briskly to the window. Although the curtains were closed, she glared out as if looking into the garden.
"Don't be such a whimp John, she's as horny as I am AND SHE'S NOT UNDER FUCKING AGE"
"How do you know she's horny? She didn't look that horny to me, in fact she looked downright embarrassed"
Kate turned on him, "I .....KNOW"
"How do you fucking know, did she say so".........
"For Christ's sake John, I could tell when we were close together and I was whispering in her ear that she was horny"

John opened his mouth and was about to Question her again when Kate stopped him abruptly " ONE..............She didn't pull away from me when I got close to her, she didn't even try to, and TWO"..................
She turned away again and faced the curtains, and in a much lower voice, as if she was ashamed said "I felt her nipples"

"Oh Christ you've been feeling her tit's, Oh shit, Christ all fucking mighty Kate, you've been feeling her tit's? That's it then, judging by the way she looked when I walked in, she's going to tell her Mum"

He leaned forward on the settee and put his head in his hands. "Do you think I'm that stupid John? I haven't been feeling her tit's with my hands you stupid sod, I could feel her nipples getting hard when I was close to her, do you know how? I'll tell you"
She kneeled in front of John who was now looking through his fingers at Kate "I could feel her nipples through her clothes when I started to press these into her" She started to circle her nipples with her forefingers and they immediately stood proud.
"Can you see John? You know, nipples, you can feel them when they stand up, remember?..........
"So you haven't been groping her tit's then?"

"Thank fuck for that" Kate stood up and put her hands on her hips "On that note you fucking whimp, I'm going to bed and you can go and take a running fucking jump for your shag tonight"

She turned as she finished her sentence and John could detect her voice was breaking slightly, he knew she was upset and guessed that she was embarrassed. He stood and went to follow "Katey, don't cry, come on now, I'm just worried that we would get caught"
Kate didn't slow her pace towards the stairs "You've completely ruined what could have been a good night, something that we both wanted"

The familiar cry of a woken child emitted from the bedroom "And you can sort that fucking out as well"

The bedroom door slammed behind her.

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