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(October 2001)

Seth was the most sort after male in the whole of Clement High. He was the star quarter back on the football team and co-captain for basketball, but what made him so poplar was his looks. Seth a six, two lad of nineteen, was as thin and wiry as as an Irish Wolfhound. The firm tight muscles in his shoulders and buttocks, moved under the silk cloth shirt and the tight Levis. Seth had studied ballet as a boy and the training had developed his movements with such a fine line, that he seemed to float across the playing field. Already named the outstanding player in two sports Seth was now working on track and baseball to finish out his senior year with a letter in all four.

The only real problem with Seth was that being as poplar as he was, every girl in the school wanted him. The prom was coming and all the girls on the cheer leading squad were taking about the up coming events and their dates. All shared a common interest in going to the prom with Seth. Mary Lu, the head cheerleader was a very busty, blond with great long slender legs that had a reputation of having opened them for ever member of the team. She made no secret of her desire to once again have Seth's cock in her hot little pussy. However, Nancy Smith had her own plans, "I plan on inviting Seth to the prom!" "You can't invite a boy! He has to invite you." snapped Mary Lu. "Bull shit, this is the age of women liberation and I can invite him if I want to." retorted Nancy.

The two of them want on fighting for some time. Mean while Zoe finished up the signs they were working on and took the box of paints back to the art room. As she turned and walked through the nearly empty building toward the art room she could still hear the other two squabbling over who was going to take Seth to the prom. Boy would it be great to show up Mary Lu and her big tits, just once, though Zoe. When she reached the door of the art room she was struggling with the box of paints and the heavy steel door. "Here let me get that for you." Zoe turned to see Seth striding up the corridor toward the door were she was standing. He was in his running shorts and track shoes.

In his hand he carried his shirt. Her eyes scanned the muscles in his chest and the firm pecks that seem to dance ever so lightly with each step. His legs were long and thin, but not skinny. They were skewed with muscles that formed long bands of rolling power. He smiled to reveal an alabaster wall of perfect teeth, that accented his golden complexion and sparkling aquamarine eyes. His short blond hair was a little disarrayed, but even that gave the boy a handsome frame. His long slender fingers reached out and with a swift jerk pulled the door open and turned on the lights.

"Thanks Seth, I was having a little trouble with that." Oh, god, what a stupid thing to say, thought Zoe. "My pleasure." Zoe walked over to the storage room and placed the box of paints on the shelf. As she turn to come back out of the storage room Seth was standing in the door way. "Zoe, can I ask you a question?" "Sure, what is it?" "Well, I would like to take a girl that is on the cheer leading squad to the prom, but I don't know how to ask her. You see I have date quite a few of the members on the squad, but this one is very special to me." Seth looked down at Zoe with a little boy look. "I am afraid if I ask her, she will say no because of what the others have said." "What might that have been?" teased Zoe as she slowly approached Seth. Seth turned and walked over to one of the art tables and with the ease of a cat turned and plopped himself down on the edge, with his feet dangling over the edge. As he sat there with his legs spread apart and loosely hung over the edge of the table, Zoe was provided a show.

The hairy testicles of Seth, were laying visible just inside of the short shorts. The bulge that was barley concealed beneath the satin green shorts, made Zoe blush ever so slightly. "I guess I have a reputation." Seth was now almost crimson, as his eyes concentrated on the floor as he leaned forward and rested on his arms. Mary Lu, has been telling ever one that she and I did it." "Did what Seth?" Zoe smile to herself, but on the outside she was as solid as a rock. "You know. We made love." The shyness of Seth was apparent in both his face and voice. He truly was embarrassed.

"You mean that you had sex with her! That isn't love." Came the sarcastic retort. "But I didn't! That is the problem. I never did anyone. I'm just a big blow hard. I let people think that I did so that I would be popular, but now it seems to have back fired. Now when I want to ask a truly nice girl out, I can't." "You mean that Mary Lu lied?" "No, not lied. She just embellished the truth." "Then what is the truth Seth?" Zoe was now smiling in spite of her effort to look angry with Seth, but she was enjoying herself to much. "Well, we did a lot of petting. You know, touching each other. Well she want down on me and gave me head, and while she was doing that, I fingered her."

"Mary Lu gave you a 'blow job'?" "Yea." "And you fingered her? And I am to believe that is as far as it want?" "Honest Zoe, When I came in her mouth it was great, but afterwards I was so embarrassed and she was cackling like some old hen about how she took all of me into her mouth and never missed a drop. Well, I just couldn't get it up again. And that's the truth!"

"Okay, I will help if I can. Who is it, if it's not Mary Lu? Nancy? Or perhaps Helen?" In a very soft voice Seth now more then ever was truly out of character. Not the strong independent type, but a timid adolescent. "It's you Zoe." "Me?" Zoe stood there with her mouth open. Zoe was different then most of the other cheer leaders. Unlike the typical norm of blond and big breast, Zoe was a member of the squad because of her athletic and gymnastics skills. When they wanted someone to do the climbing to form the pyramid it was Zoe. If there were to be leaps or splits it was always Zoe. But when it came to the guys, Zoe was always left caring the equipment back to the school and fending off Steve the school weasel.

Zoe was certainly not a homely girl, but she certainty wasn't as showy as the other squad members. Zoe was a very slender and of medium height, with a very nicely proportioned body. Here jet black contrasted with the other members blond or bottled blond hair. She wore it almost to her shoulders and combed down very straight with only a slight turn under at the ends. When she walked her hair danced with her motion. The dark eyes in contrast to her fair eyes captivated those who looked upon her. But Zoe was not known for dating much and those that had dated her said she was a cold fish. But Seth had seen in her the qualities he wanted to touch. "Zoe, I know you think I'm just a playboy and I wouldn't blame you if you told me to go jump in the river, but if you could find it in your heart, I would like you to accompany to the prom."

Zoe was silent for a long time, and during that time she considered the options. If she want with Seth, then she would be the envy of all the girls in school. And besides it would give Mary Lu the royal shaft! But then, if she did go with Seth all the kids would think she was going to go to bed with him. If Seth's story was true or not, didn't matter for she knew that she was still a virgin. Although she had played doctor that one summer with Billy Miller, when they were at camp. But here was an opportunity that most girls only dream about. "What can I say but? Yes!" "Great!" Seth came up off the table like a rocket and took Zoe in his long muscular arms and pulled her toward him. Their lips meet and passion rose in both of him. Although neither touch the other in sensitive areas, Zoe felt a weakness in her knees and Seth was quivering like a leaf in a winter storm. "I'll call you later with all the details. Okay?"

Zoe nodded her approval and Seth turned and bolted from the room in the direction of the locker room. The night of the prom Seth in his black tuxedo and Steward plaid cumber bun, arrived to pick up Zoe in a white full stretch limeo. Zoe was dressed in a gold sequins dress that looked like liquid paint on her body. The single strap was draped down over her left shoulder and carried across her breast and down to her waist. Her normally small breast were pushed up by the stays built into the dress creating a slight cleavage. In the back the strap dip low down her back to slightly below her waist and was coming back up to meet the front.

The material was heavy with sequins and draped all the way down to the floor, with the exception of a slit in the side that allowed her lovely leg to move through the parted material when she walked or danced. They enjoyed themselves during the prom itself and were the topic of conversation by all that were there. Mary Lu was so angry that she could have killed. She had come with a junior boy named Hank. He looked like the biggest nerd to attend the school. After the dance they drove over to a very fancy restaurant for a later dinner. Many of the students had made reservations there also. When the head waiter showed them to their table they were setting next to two couples from Bellwish High only a few miles away. They apparently had their prom that night also.

The two couples at the table next to Zoe and Seth were talking loudly and having a grand time. During the drive from the dance to the restaurant Seth had made some crud remarks about Mary Lu's date and Zoe had scolded him for being so shallow. To break eye contact with Seth, who was looking like a puppy dog that had been caught in the act of chewing up his masters slipper; I peer anxiously over to the girl beside me being served a bowel of soap, hoping the soup was not chicken. Before I could determine what it was, the girl dips her spoon into the soup and drops it with a resounding splash. It happen so quickly and unexpectedly that the girl springs back in her chair with a quick gasp. Her hands rush to her breasts that rise majestically from the pectoral arch to summits barley concealed by folds of red chiffon. The sight filled Zoe with awe. Each globe nestles blissfully beside its twin, compressed into a deep cleavage that Zoe had always wanted. How warm and reassuring it must be to have them so close together! Zoe tried to imagine how their weight and fullness would feel if they were hers. How gently they would jostle each time she would moved. They were absorb embraces differently from anything she has known. She wanted to reach out and touch each smooth, peach soft creamy orb. How totally unlike her own small sinewy body.

The bearer of the bosoms took her napkin in her right hand and, with infinite care, slips her left hand under a red chiffon breast and gently cradles it. With her napkin wound around her forefinger, she dabs tenderly at the bulging sphere. Zoe sat there transfixed staring. At last, the women lowered her hands to her lap and Zoe strained to see if her perfect skin had been scalded. The pale alabaster moons glow luminescent. Zoe leaned closer to inspect the damage to the left breast, which seems to be of most concern to its keeper. It looked just as perfect as the right one; in fact, She had never seen a more symmetrical pair. Miracles like that, She knew, seldom occur in nature.

As Zoe looked back at Seth it became apparent that Zoe was not the only one fixated upon these heaving mounds of flesh for Seth was just as spellbound as Zoe, by the silent drama that had just unfolded. His desire to lower his face into that delicious cleavage and inhale its natural perfume was written all over his face. He wanted to lay his cheek upon those breast, close his eyes and float suspended; to lift them from the gown, one by one and then to caress the pale and pink skin light enough to reveal a filigree of veins beneath. To take her protruding nipples deep into his mouth and suck on them as they would swell and harden under his touch.

Zoe was so furious with him that she got up and left for the women's lounge. While she was in there the girl with these exquisite breast came in and they started to talk. Zoe shared with her that she had observed the accident and was concerned that she may have been badly burned. As we talked Zoe confessed that she was envious of her bountiful treasure. It was then that Renee stood up and walked over to the chair were Zoe was sitting. She reached up and pulled the soft red chiffon of the dress down releasing the two smooth, peach soft creamy orbs from their protective folds. The two jiggles only slightly as they came to rest only inches from Zoe's face.

The nipples were rock hard and protruding outward, with their umber aerials that looked as big as a silver dollar. With out hesitation Zoe's hands were holding and stoking the softy creamy sink. Then as though rehearsed, she took one into her mouth and kissed and sucked on the rigid nipple. The other girl purred like a cat in the middle of a sun beam on a lazy summer day. Her own hands now running down over Zoe's shoulder pushing the golden strap ahead of it, until the heavy material and gravity left Zoe nude to the waist. She reached out with hands gift from experience and cuddled Zoe's breast. Her fingers plucked her nipples with just enough pressure to make them jump. Zoe looked up into the other girls eyes and they were locked upon each others face.

"We can't here." said Renee. "Can you get your date to bring you to a party we are going to after dinner?" "Yes." "Good, when we get back to the table, I'll introduce you around and then ask you to come along and you will quickly agree. All right?"

"Yes!" Zoe stood up holding her dress from slipping off. Before the two girls redressed they held each other and kissed. Their moths were alive with fire and passion, as their tongues explored the others mouth and their breast were nipple to nipple and their skin was alive with desire. Finally redressed they returned to the table. With in an hour the three couples were at the party. It turned out to be Renee's brothers house. He is in the navy and away right then. Renee had arranged with him earlier to have a early morning party at his house. He had left the refrigerator filled with beer and the pantry was stocked with junk food. The three couples were joined by two other couples and the party began.

Renee and Zoe soon slipped into the back bedroom. Renee slipped off her dress and draped it over the chair and then turned to help Zoe out of her dress. The two girls stood holding each other, exploring each others breast and giving and receiving passionate kisses. Renee a tall slender girl with strawberry blond hair that cascaded down over her shoulders and tickled her nipples. Her breast were huge in comparison to the slender frame that supported them. With the exception of the black thigh high stockings, black thong stretch lace panty and a single strand of white pearls she was everything that Zoe wanted. The conflict was boiling with in her mind; she had never thought of her self as being a lesbian, but at that moment the only thing that seem to mater was those gorgeous breast in her mouth and hands.

Renee pushed Zoe back to the edge of the bed and then with a gentle little push, sent Zoe on her back in the center of the white bed cover. She then slipped her fingers inside of Zoe's French cut pantyhose and peeled them off her legs. Zoe lay there with her legs spread open as the fingers of her left hand cursed the rigid nipples, her right was opening up her swollen lips. There barred in the thick patch of festooned black hair was the soft pink of her cunt.

Renee wasted no time in lowering her head to Zoe's cunt, and with a tongue as experienced as the ages sent tremors though her body. With each light touch and stroke fire and cauldrons of flame shot from her mouth to boil the flesh beneath her touch. Zoe was soaked with white sweet sticky fluid that seem to pour from her love tunnel. Renee instead first two fingers and then three as she probed and teased Zoe's hot cunt. Wave after wave of muscles convolutions seem to envelope her body and she feel limp with exhaustion.

It was then that Seth walked into the room. At first he looked shocked, but the sight of Zoe's wet pussy and those gorgeous tits of Renee, soon had him out of his clothes and into Renee's hot little cunt. The two of them were humping like crazy, while Zoe lay beside them lazily running her hand along Renee lips and squeezing Seth balls with each stroke. How had it happen? She had gotten dressed earlier that night thinking that before dawn she was going to have that virgin cock in her virgin pussy, and now that virgin cock was barred deep inside of Renee's mouth as Seth pumped away with the furry of a mad dog. Renee eagerly lapping at his swollen cock.

What had she gotten? She had the pleasure of sucking on the most fantastic breast that god ever produced and having had multiple orgasms as the direct result of another woman.

The bedroom door opened again and this time the light from the outer rooms was blocked by a hug shadow. Renee slipped Seth cock from her mouth and said, "Hi brother. Come on in and meet Zoe and her date Seth. Zoe and I were enjoying each other when Seth decided he wanted fucked." "Poor Zoe. You get to fuck both of them and Zoe gets left watching. I think I had better show her some French Canadian hospitality." Pieree pulled his shirt off over his head and revealed a chest and abdomen knoted with muscles. The broad full shoulders narrowed down to a very thin waist. His arms hung from his shoulder, with layer after layer of muscles that seem to calumniate into a hand. He was huge!

Standing more then six feet four inches and well into the two hundreds, Zoe could only stare with her mouth open. As he slipped off his pants, her eyes became glued to his cock. It was long and heavy, but still limp. As he stroked it, she could see it swell in his hand. The beast took on the shape of its own. Nearly nine inches long it appeared to be twice the thickness of Pieree's. The sides of the shaft were gorged with heavy veins, and the head was a reddish purple in appearance. The thick smooth texture of the shaft gave way to the smoothness of a baby's behind on its head. Renee brother, Pieree, came to Zoe and she sat up to receive his greatest possession.

Slowly her hand took the monster into control. She cupped his balls very gently, and soon her lips were stretch around the head as she felt him start to gentle pump his tight muscular ass. Zoe letting her tongue circle his circumcised head and then the ridge underneath. She concentrated on this area for awhile, then took him a little further into my mouth, then, wrapping her lips tightly around his silky smooth shaft. Zoe could not take him fully into my mouth, but continued to flicked the head with her tongue.

The tree like legs supporting all this mass, moved with a slow rhythmic motion. With each forward motion the hug cock want deeper and deeper into Zoe's mouth, until the head was hitting the back of her throat and she could take no more. Yet more there was. Stroke after stroke. The fire in her mouth was increasing, and the size of the cock seemed to some how grow even larger. It was then that he exploded into her mouth. Zoe choked at first, unprepared she was for what was to happen.

The hot thick salty solution filled her mouth and throat. Quickly she swallowed and again she swallowed and finally on the third swallow, she was able to breath again. She took him in her hand then, and finished sucking him gently, drawing her mouth along his entire length, savoring the feel of that monsters cock. Her tongue searched out the last few drops and carried then back into her mouth.

Pieree, with drew his cock from her mouth and stroked it with slow even motion. Zoe almost in a daze, looked over toward Renee and Seth. Renee was now on her knees and forearms while the slender Seth rammed his cock into her sultry enkindle cunt. His strong slender fingers dug into the cheeks of her ass. There were large red welts were he had repeatedly gripped her and squeeze her cheeks. Her hug breast hug down toward the cover of the bed and the nipples seem to dance on the cover. Zoe lifted herself slightly so that her face was now under the closest breast and with the full erect nipple in her mouth she began to suck and tease the girls breast.

The combination of the two sensation soon had Renee screaming with delight. It was then that Zoe felt pressure on the inner tight pushing her legs apart. She felt the course hands of Pieree lifting her slender little ass into the air. And then she felt a red hot poker drive into her cunt. At first her mouth sprang open, but no sound came forth. Only pain! Pain easing to pleasure, until her body was alive with thousands of needle like pricks to her skin. She looked down to see that hug swollen cock of Pieree, once again disappeared inside her pussy. How was that possible? He was too big for her, she could not take all of him. Maybe the head, perhaps and inch or two, but not all. But there it was the base of his cock squarely against her clit.

The swollen clit looked like a little cock jetting out to tease his stomach with each plunge. Lowering her head back to Renee's breast Zoe reeled under the power and fullness of this cock in her little cunt. She new it could never be like this again and so she closed her eyes and dreamed a life time of Pieree in her. With each stroke he seem to go deeper and deeper. She often reached down and stroked his hard cock, as she thought surely he would rip or break her apart.

Zoe took his hand in hers and guided him to my hard, swollen clit, moaning his name as the pleasure increased. He came then, long and hard. Yet, after nearly a half hour her cunt was soaked and quivering from the experience. As she lay there looking up at Renee, Seth, and Pieree. "Are you all right?" Renee asked.

"I think so." Zoe lower her hand to her cunt and felt the swollen tissue of her cunt lips and the love tunnel that, although oozing with hot sperm, was still in tack. "While what a prom this has been. And to think I owe it all to Mary Lu?

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