Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nice to meet you

by Linda Chorlton.
(September 2001)

Camilla and I had talked online, cyber-chatted as they say, close on a year. We'd enjoyed that wonderful way to spend my time, chatting over the internet. I realised that I was falling for her, as Camilla soon became one of those people who make you smile when you see that she's on-line.

Understandably, she was too shy and reluctant to actually to arrange to meet me at first, so I am very pleased to say that gentle requests did the trick. It was obvious that pressure or pleading was a waste of effort. Patience is a virtue - must be the only one that I have got. I finally talked her into taking the plunge, when she told me that her job would take her to Leeds, the next city to where I lived, Manchester. No expense spared, I arranged to meet her at the swishest hotel in town, selected and booked over the Net. What the Heck, I'd not even seen a picture of her, but that didn't matter to me. I was there to meet a friend.

Camilla entered the foyer, I saw her, a drop-dead gorgeous girl, come through the main entrance door, looking for a bloke holding a big bouquet of red roses. Approaching me, she blushed and hesitantly asked, "Paul?"

Immediately I beamed my smile, feeling that same feeling I feel when I see that she is on-line, too. I'm soon chatting with my old friend. Of course we're both just a little nervous, but that dissipates quickly. After all, we've already been cyber-friends for quite a while.

A shy smile, a nervous laugh from her,and our first encounter becomes more of a reunion of old chums. My new friend is my old friend. We talked for a couple hours, which of course flew by in a matter of minutes. Time to go, it is late and suddenly we both become silent. We say goodbye with promises to do this again and walk towards the exit door.

As we walk together, I am surprised as she suddenly takes my arm in hers. I look down at her, she looks coyly back. A most marvelous communication took place just then, without a word being spoken. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when her gaze met mine, that look spoke volumes. At that moment, months of chatting, innocent flirting and simple conversation gave birth to passion. I'm sure my blood pressure jumped and I could feel my heart racing.

All of this I got from her shining eyes and wonderfully warm smile. Instead of walking her to the door, we cuddled, and headed down the hallway towards my room. We'd agreed to meet in the lounge of the hotel where I was staying, not because of some planned encounter, but only for the convenience of the location. I'd assured her that I wanted to respect her good name, by arranging to meet in a "neutral" location.

Public, yet private at the same time, so she had an escape route available if she wanted to stop things. The lift doors closed, and we fell into a bear hug of an embrace, I wanted time to stand still at that moment. When we arrived at my hotel door, I looked at her and started to ask if this is what she had in mind, but the words never came. Instead, she smiled again and took the room key from my hand and opened the door herself.

Just as well, as these digital entrance keycards defeat me, working lights, airconditioning and TV too. I followed her into my room and as soon as the door closed, she turned and we were instantly locked in the most erotic embrace I have felt in a long time. I kissed her full on the mouth, hard and passionate, my tongue and hers dancing together as we kissed. She was extremely arousing as she alternately kissed and nibbled my lips. I did likewise, sucking, nibbling, my tongue tracing the outline of her mouth.

Her lips slightly parted, my tongue lightly touching her as I began to kiss her neck, her shoulders. The wonderful softness of her skin inviting me, as all my senses drank her up. Her Issy Miyake perfume filled my nostrils, making my head swim. Camilla's soft blonde hair tickled against my cheek and she gave the sweetest, soft gasps, faint sounds came from deep within her. Rather clumsily I began to undo the buttons of her pink blouse, still kissing her, and nibbling her ear, which turned her on, somewhat.

The blouse soon fell open revealing the wonderful fullness of her breast, their faintly visible teats still hidden beneath her black, lace bra. These now erect nipples ached to be touched, growing firmer at each stroke of my fingers on the delicately stitched lace outer fabric. It was as if her tits were trying to burst through their fabric prison.

Camilla pushed a hand against my chest, she backed away a little, starting to slowly remove her haute couture clothing. Purposely she slid off each garment revealing more of herself, and she performed this more sensuously than any stripper I'd ever seen. Smiling that same wonderful smile, inviting me to watch this "dance of the seven veils" from an arm's distance. As soon as she was completely naked, she came back to me and then began to remove my clothes.

I started to help, but she insisted that my arms remain down by my side, as she deftly undid the buttons of my shirt. Softly kissing my chest, my nipples became hard too. As she pulled my best Van Heusen shirt off, she loosened my belt, and, in a moment that seemed like an eternity, I found myself standing completely starkers in front of her. Boldly, she took hold of my hand and led me to the bed. Almost commanding, but very gently she beckoned me to lie back onto the bed and she positioned herself over me. I love the face-sitter position, as you get a moment by moment image of how a woman is successfully arousing herself, as well as your own sensations.

Kissing again, I became completely engulfed in her actions, her tenderness turned into passion as she started to kiss my neck, and then again, my chest, all the while her hands were stroking my body. Faster this time, she had worked her way down and found that passion was not the only thing swelling. Her hand alternately caressed my balls and my now throbbing cock. I was aching for this; I yearned for more of her touch. So gentle, yet commanding was her manner.

Those soft lips found their way along my swollen shaft, tongue flicking and licking as she took me in her mouth. Sucking hard and deep until I felt as if I may explode, she would stop, then use her tongue to lick my balls and the underside of my cock in one motion before taking me in her mouth again. Deep throat. Before long I was crying out, seeking release from this wonderful torture I exploded in her mouth.

Almost greedily, Camilla received those love-juices that she had so purposely coaxed from me. I love women who can take your jizm in their mouth, when fellating you, they are rather special. All was swallowed. My body still flinching uncontrollably, I pulled her up to me and as she kissed me, I rolled her over, onto her back. Still kissing her, my hand finds its way along her side to her waist.

My lips explored her now heaving breasts, my tongue slowly encircling each nipple, my left hand soon found her parted legs. A shaven haven, or bald pussy, just goes that extra mile for my money.

The extra softness of her inner thighs inviting me to find that sweetest of spots between her legs. By now the labia had become so aroused that I thought they reminded me of miniature elephants ears. I wanted to return the favour of cocksucking, by teasing and arousing her clitoris into a similar erection. This varies from woman to woman, but Camilla's had potential, it was standing up proud in a matter of moments. The moistness invites me as my hand begins to stroke her there. Softly at first, my fingers probing each fold, searching for hidden treasures.

The sounds coming from under the laboured breathing tell me this is what she wants. Her sex swelling, labia turning brighter red at each stroke. After all, that is why harlots and starlets put on lipstick, to be attractive and flash the come-on signals. I begin to probe her rim of pink with my fingers. First one, the two fingers find their way, finger-dippingly, deeper inside her her love canal. The time has come, it is my turn to outline the curves of her body.

My lips tracing downwards, in a path from each nipple to her stomach and playfully teasing along the edge of her Mound of Venus. Her hands stopped playing in my hair, pushing me harder in to her pelvis, almost smootheringly. Soon she tells me she is ready. Firmly, I kiss her Mound of Venus. Giving those lips as passionate a kiss as those on her mouth.

My tongue lazily, slowly probes each fold, seeking out her G-spot, passion button. Slowly and deliberately I find each tantalizing spot as I purposely lick the entire length of her cunt. Sucking, licking, probing until it is she who explodes, in uncontrollable climax. Her body going rigid, back arched, head back as the most wonderful noises emanate from her lips. A silent scream at this moment is off-putting, she lets out yells, uncontrollably. Very satisfying, to both of us. I pull myself up to her, still over her and hook one leg behind my elbow, drawing it up. In this position I enter her, now wet and tight from her climax.

Slowly at first, all the way in and then backing out again, slowly, repeating this movement. A Tom Jones swivel action, after every ten or so pumps, works the magic, trapping her clit on her pelvic bone, and wanking it off, at the same time as we fuck. Each thrust burying myself inside her until my pubic hair tickles her already excited erogenous zone.

Every time just a bit harder than the last stroke, falling in ever deeper. I can feel myself swell with each stroke, getting harder and harder. The sounds she is making now, more primitive, primal even, as each stroke takes me deeper inside her. In, and out, it's becoming harder to hold this slow motion. Very soon excitement becomes lustful recklessness. Passion regained, lust takes over as I'm pushing myself ever deeper into her, grinding ever faster with each stroke.

Camilla is hugging and pulling me in now. Her hands at my waist, tugging me deeper, even as I push harder. In a burst of uncontrollable energy I explode again, this time deep within her, her cunt then grips me even tighter, as well. She is locked in a wild spasm; her body, at first completely rigid, slackens its tenseness, then we both melt into each other. Nirvana washes around, through and over us both, we slip into an easiness.

Later, after lying together, in that ecstacy that only shags can give you, she gently rolled me onto my back, clambered on top of me, and taught me a position that was new to me. She licked and sucked, and gently caressed my limp dick back to a firmness that I could not believe could happen. Then she mounted my prone body, but faced away from me. The sight of her hand guiding my rampant rod into her red clouds has given me plenty of fantasies to wank to since.

Her rising and falling onto my stiffy, her fierce gripping of the shaft, all served to make this second fuck even more sensational. I was a voyeur at my own lovemaking session, as I gazed at this cock, shafting this pulsating cunt that was seemingly eating me alive. Camilla's clitoris lips were like elephants' ears again, by now, as Camilla, too, was raised to excitement's peak in this dominant position.

My thrill had fired her to new heights of gay abandon, she whooped and screamed. Slowly at first, then in a swirling motion, she would rise and fall, as though impaling herself on my eight inches of delight. My woody rose to the occasion. Passion soon took over the situation.

Sight and sound disappeared into euphoria, almost a drug induced nirvana enveloped us. Less frantically this time, we melded into a single overwhelming cumming together when she pumped greedily and faster. It is obvious that our exclamations were heard in the adjoining bedrooms, because next morning in the restaurant, we got some distinctly funny looks from several tables.

That was the only time we ever met, a nice meeting, I'm sure you'll agree. I found out later, that she is married, has her own very successful book publishing company in Germany. Rarely visits England, because of a nasty divorce from husband number one.

This affair only happened because she was on the rebound, wondering if to get wed to her newest lover, her Finance Director.

I will never forget Camilla. The girl-on-top position has become my first choice when any women asks me "How do you want to make love to me ?" I can dream.......


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