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by Linda Chorlton
(October 2001)

My friend Linda-Anne's a school teacher with a fantasy about big cocks. She's gone so far as to order a selection of toys to experiment with. Guess what? They came in the mail today! I've been invited round to watch her try to shove the biggest of the bunch into herself! Linda-Anne has a large walk-in (and around) sauna room and combined shower, with handmade birch wood benches to sit on, and slatted racks to lie on in it. There is an electric stove of lava rocks, on which you throw witch-hazel essence, which fills the room with an invigorating odour, and perfumes the pores of your skin, for hours. She lives in a wonderful penthouse apartment.

Extra spacious and light filled, it opens directly on to a roof terrace, on which she has garden ornaments, statues, a large illuminated fountain and rare exotic plants. The total cost would easily have bought an average family car, new! Its aspect had been chosen so that it not only enjoys the most wonderful, panoramic views, but is an arbour sheltered from strong winds. Consequently, it has sun on it for most of the day, making it idyllic for nude sunbathing.

The bathroom is bright and roomy like the rest of the apartment. It too opens onto the terrace. It's main feature is a large and circular shower, surrounded by glass bricks, which had a son et lumiere effect inside, for nights. When she first moved into her apartment, she invited me over for some lunch saying if the weather was nice we could maybe eat outdoors and sunbathe, catch a few rays and relax. I was really looking forward to seeing her apartment and as it turned out it was a beautiful summer's day that Saturday. I decided to go and get a bottle of wine and cycled to the shop to get a nice Californian Zinfandel, can't stomach these new spritzers.

By the time I eventually got to Linda-Anne's new apartment I had worked up quite a sweat under the hot sun. Linda-Anne buzzed the entry-phone and beckoned me out to the terrace where she had laid out a picnic on the table. I set down my bottle of wine which was a lot more chilled than I was. We went inside and I was stunned by how beautiful her apartment was and told her so. She showed me around and when I saw the large bathroom I felt drawn to it.

I felt so hot and sticky and a nice shower in the beautiful glass drum before lunch would really hit the spot. Linda-Anne must have picked up on it because she asked me right there if I wanted to have a shower. I didn't need to be asked twice and told her that I'd love to. She got the water running at a nice comfortable temperature for me and I couldn't wait to get in.

I unpeeled my T-shirt, undid my bra and peeled my cropped trousers off. I slid my panties down and stepped out of them and it was only as I walked over to the shower that I realised that Linda-Anne hadn't left the room and was now looking at my nude body. I didn't mind at all, it's not like it was the first time she saw me naked but there was just something in her eyes. I couldn't quite place it but I felt good, I felt myself wiggling my bum just a little as I stepped past her. I got in the shower and it felt great. I just put my head under the stream and didn't hear anything. When I shook my head out from under I heard Linda-Anne ask me would I mind if she joined me.

My heart jumped, I suddenly felt excited, I don't know why. I had always been strictly into guys, I found other girls attractive but I was never tempted to...and there was something about the way she asked me that was...sexual or something. "Sure", I said, enthusiastically and she just let her light summer dress fall to the floor, she wasn't wearing any underwear.

She stepped out of her sandals and as she joined me I noticed straight away that she had no pubic hair left. A shaven haven, as they say. I have never had the nerve to go bald pussy, exposing the rim of pink.

I couldn't help myself and I cupped her bare pussy. She smiled at me and raised an eyebrow. There was water splashing off me onto her but she was still mostly dry, my wet hand was on her pussy and I felt a little moistening of her pussy lips. She asked me what I thought of it and tilted her head down to her BP ( bare pussy).

I blurted out that I thought it looked lovely, realising as I said it that I certainly did think so, I wasn't just saying it. I looked down at my own little strip and tried to imagine it gone. She told me that she shaves every day, not that she needs to but she can't bear to have even the slightest bit of stubble there. She enjoyed looking at her own rim of pink. I asked her would she shave me and she said that she'd love to, "but let's shower first".

We washed each other and seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time on each other's breasts, pussy, and ass. She had got me quite worked up and we embraced in the shower and let the water cascade between us. We shampooed each others hair and it felt sensuous running my fingers through her blonde hair mussed up with foaming shampoo. When she rinsed my dark hair, it felt so sexy. Suddenly La-La kissed me full on the lips as the shower ran and I came over all weak-kneed. I had never been kissed that way by a woman before and it just made my heart beat and my pussy throb. She had one hand on my bum cheeks and she held me firmly, her other was caressing my nipple.

I had my arms around her and was running them up and down her back. She was so soft and smooth, unlike my rough rugged engineer boyfriend, and it felt disconcerting but powerfully erotic to feel another body as soft and smooth as mine. I felt the elephants ears starting to rise. She abruptly turned the shower off and led me out, I felt maddeningly horny, she had brought me to the brink and then left me dangling. She got some oversized towels and we dried off. I let the towel fall and stood nude in front of her, my hair still wet, my body moist. I looked at her without saying anything as if to say, "Well? Now what?" and hoped there would be more.

You never forget the loss of virginity. She smiled enigmatically and went over to the bathroom cabinet returning with a razor and some shaving foam. I love watching a man shave, now I was into a totally new realm of fantasy come true.

"First" she said "We'll have to do something about that unruly mop of yours" and smiled. "If you want cunnilingus, from me, away with those wisps, I want lips to lips, not spitting feathers" I smiled back. I always thought that I had kept a fairly neat bikini line, it was like a little landing strip, but compared to Linda-Anne it suddenly looked bristly and wiry.

I was looking forward to being as smooth as her, but I was also eagerly anticipating the feeling of being shaved. She told me to sit up beside the vanitory basin and to spread my legs. She put some foam in her hands and rubbed it all around my pubic area. It felt wonderful and sensuous. She filled the basin with hot water and dipped a fresh blade. She held the blade over my vagina and I waited, a drop of hot water fell onto me and alerted my senses.

I held my breath. She looked up at me for a moment and then lowered the blade slowly and moving deliberately, carved into the foam and shaved a smooth clean track across my pubes. I exhaled. She dipped the blade into the water, shook it and returned for another track. Slowly but surely she removed every blade of hair from my mound. When it was clean she told me to lift my knees up to my chest and hold them there. I was a bit like a turkey and said as much, causing her to get a fit of the giggles. It helped to ease the tension.

She turned her attention to my lower area and held my labia to one side as she shaved one pink rim delicately but deliberately, then the other. She took a cloth and wiped off all remaining cream, but she wasn't finished yet. Very carefully she scoured my whole pubic area to see if she missed any hairs and removed every last one. She wiped it down this time with a cold wet cloth and it sent a shiver though me. I looked down I was completely bare of hair, I could see the exact shape of my mound and the beginning of the parting of my lips.

She brought a mirror so I could see the rest. It was very pleasing. I stayed in my position and she rubbed some soothing lotion into my skin and planted a little kiss on my pussy. That sent another shiver through me. I stayed where I was and hoped she might continue but she teased me for a moment. She turned to walk away, then as if it just came to her returned to me and lifted my head and kissed me on my mouth once more.

She continued to kiss down my body until she got to my pussy and slowly started nibbling at my clit, and pussy. She licked me like she would like to have licked herself and it felt delightful. It felt wonderful to feel her soft woman's mouth on my pussy and not feel any stubble on either mouth or pussy. I drifted off until she made me cum too. She began to work a finger up into my butt while her thumb was just in my pussy. It was all slippery and I noticed she had covered it in baby oil or something similar. Whatever it was, it worked because the combination of her tongue on my bare pussy, her thumb anchored in my pussy and her fingers up my ass brought pleasure like I hadn't felt before.

My whole body shuddered as she brought me to a furious orgasm. I was panting, still shaking and Linda-Anne stood up and kissed me on the mouth, her lips straight from my lips, tasting of me. I got off the counter and embraced her between deep breaths. I wanted to return the favour and I was also curious to taste her smooth pussy. Linda-Anne just put a finger to my lips and breathed in an uncongrously sexy way "Lunch..... first"

We went out onto the terrace, both still nude and had a wonderful lunch and a few glasses of wine. When we finished Linda-Anne looked across the table at me as if to say "Ok, are you ready?". I was nervous but I led her by the hand to a sunbed and she laid down on it. I lay on top of her and kissed her sexy beestung lips.

A bloke once told me that he always takes especial notice of a woman's mouth size, and lips' fullness shape, because he had noticed a correlation with their labia and clit size. If he was right with the theory, I was in for a petulant cunt experience.

I let my body slither down hers until I was planting kisses on her smooth mound and he was right, it was full, juicy and like a cream pie. I was eclectic, licking and nibbling. It felt unusual and was incredibly sexy. I tried to imagine how I would like it and did accordingly. When I felt her body jerk and little spasm and whimper exploded into moans coming involuntarily out of her mouth, I not only had a sense of accomplishment but it was also really turning me on. With one hand I grabbed her firm breasts and with the other I tried her little trick and, with the help of some nearby tanning oil, worked one, then two then three fingers up her tight warm bum.

It seemed to do the trick as I began to feel her ass tightening around my fingers as she came. I stifled her moans by moving my hand to her mouth and the feeling of her hot mouth and tongue sucking and nibbling my fingers was wonderful. Finally she couldn't take any more and squirmed deliciously from my embrace. I kissed her with her juices oozing out of her luscious, quivering cunt, and we lay side by side for a few moments to catch our breath.

Then the real fun started, she fetched over the box of toys, and took out the biggest one for herself, it was an exact replica of a large veined penis, with a glans and balls moulded in purple plastic or rubber. La-La loves it in her tight, mature ass.

The only problem is, her boyfriend can't reach her special pleasure spot with his above average cock. So she let me watch her jab this absolutely huge plastic penis into her asshole! I felt bold enough to use a much smaller vibrator, a first for me.

We both came together, little whelps at first, staccato "Yes, Yes Yes" screams and then arching backs, shafting pelvises and sucking mounds of venus bore witness to each of our orgasmic convulsions, and a long lovers' hug to finish.

We sunbathed nude for the rest of the day and had great fun applying tanning oil to each other which mostly seemed to end up in my ass or her pussy but it was sensuous fun nonetheless, and when her boyfriend arrived later he had quite a sight, of two tanned sooth oiled girls lying side by side on the terrace, each wearing nothing but huge smiles.

This gave Linda-Anne an idea for a "freezer" as she termed it, but I had a dental appointment, booked, so it will have to wait for another day.

Very soon I hope.......

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