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Day Dreams

(October 2001)

The ocean rolled leisurely in across the golden sand. I lay some way up the
beach,luxuriating in the warm breeze blowing gently over my near naked flesh,
and the softness of the blanket underneath me. I looked up at the two young
Polynesian women smiling sweetly at me as they wafted large fans made of coconut
leaves overhead.

I leaned up on my elbows and watched Rob emerge from the surf, slicking
back his hair and shaking his hands, his chest hair flattened wetly against him.
I was glad he still retained his physique, even now in his late thirties.
But I guess I would still have loved him with a beer belly.

My right hand idly found its way to my crotch. I started to massage myself
through my yellow bikini bottoms as he approached. I was looking forward to
another passionate session out here on the deserted beach, with only my
two fan girls for an audience.

"How was the water, my love?" I asked. He turned to look at me and smiled.

"Isn't it your turn to do the grocery shop?" he said.
"What?" I said. He had come into the kitchen and disturbed my reverie.
"It's your turn for the shopping," he said. I sighed wistfully. The beach
had evaporated into a mundane Saturday morning at home.

"Yeah, I suppose it is. Ya wanna come with me?" I asked, hopefully.
"Nah, I got work to do. Don't be long, I need your help with something," he said.

* * *

I pulled the car out into the traffic and headed for the market. The desert
stretched out before me as I pushed the throttle full to the floor.

The speed climbed to over a hundred as the Corvette throbbed into full flight.
My companion whistled. He was a hitch-hiker I'd picked up only an hour
earlier. He was cute, probably barely in his twenties. I squirmed in my seat, as I
deliberately let my short skirt ride up. I knew he would like the view of my thighs.
"Man, this thing can really fly," he said, in open admiration.

"Do you like fast cars?" I asked, turning to look at him. It was my turn to
admire. He was a handsome boy. Broad shoulders, slender hips, kissable lips.
I undid the top button of my blouse. And then another.

"Oh, sure. One day I'll own a baby like this," he said, still lost in
admiration for the car.
"How about fast women. Do you like them?" I asked, undoing another button
and putting my hand inside to massage my breast. He turned to look at me. He was
momentarily taken aback by my wanton display, but then smiled and licked his lips.
"Are you a fast woman, Kim?" he asked. I smiled and ran my tongue around my
lips keeping our eyes locked together, giving him my best "slut" look. I removed
my hand from my breast and slowly slid it between my legs, pushing my skirt up past
the front of my panties. His eyebrows raised as I continued with my display.

"Would you like to kiss me there?" I said, rubbing my hand over my damp
panties. He didn't say another word, just bent down and put his face in my lap.
I tried to spread my legs as wide as I could. It was getting hard to concentrate
on the road, especially travelling at this speed.

"Shit!" I exclaimed. I'd missed the turning into the parking lot. I snapped
my legs back together as I hurriedly looked for a place to turn. This daydreaming was
getting out of hand. I could kill someone not concentrating on my driving like that. I
managed to do a U-turn, much to the annoyance of some other drivers, and headed
back for the market turn off.

* * *

I parked and locked the car. I needed some cash so I headed for the bank
adjacent to the shops. The damn ATM was busted again. I sighed and went into the bank.
There were long lines of miserable looking people. We shuffled along at a
snail's pace.

Suddenly there was shouting and screaming. I froze in horror. A man and a
woman were waving guns about and shouting it was a hold up, like something from a

We all stood stock still, not knowing what to do. The man waved his gun at
us and told us to get on the floor. Nobody moved for a moment, so he angrily stepped
forward and hit a woman customer. She shrieked and fell to the ground. We all followed
suit. I looked over the other way. The woman bank robber held the door guard by his collar
and thrust a gun into his neck. She looked round nervously, backing away from the
door. She screamed to her friend to hurry up.

The man pointed the gun at the nearest teller and ordered her to back away.
He jumped over the counter and started to fill a paper sack with bills.

I eased my hand behind my back and flipped the safety off my nine
millimeter pistol. I carefully pulled it free from its holster and tucked it under
the front of my jacket. I looked over to the woman bank robber. She was busy looking out
the door, only occasionally looking our way. I checked the other bank robber again. He was
busy filling his sack and had even put his gun down.

I stood up and with one fluid movement jumped the counter and landed next
to him putting one hand on his gun and pointing mine at his crotch.

"One wrong move and kiss these goodbye," I whispered. Over the years I'd
found pointing a gun at a man's balls a far better deterrent than merely
threatening to kill him. He raised his hands, and mouthed a silent "Ok". I dropped down to a
squatting position, pulling him with me. I cuffed him to a foot rail running along the base of
the counter. I leaned forward and whispered "Don't move honey, I'll be back for you
later". I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and started to crawl along behind the counter,
towards the front where his girlfriend was.

When I was level with where she was holding the guard I stopped and turned
back to look at the handcuffed man. I put my finger to my lips telling him to stay
quiet. I peeked over the counter. She was still holding the guard tightly and looking out
the door. She glanced back towards where her companion should be and looked puzzled. She
shouted out to him, asking him what the hell was he doing and to hurry up.

I ducked down and looked back at the cuffed man. I was worried for the
first time. Up close, I realized the woman wasn't just holding a gun on the guard, she had
a machine pistol. Enough fire power to kill us all.

I shrugged at the man and made a throat slitting gesture to him and then
pointed at the girl. He shook his head frantically. I reached up to a nearby desk and
quietly picked up a bag of quarters and mouthed a "Sorry" to him.

I threw the money across the room at a water cooler. It made a satisfying
crash. I went to stand up. The man tried to rise, but was held down by the cuffs. He
shouted a warning to the girl, as I knew he would. I looked over the counter and then
ducked down again holding my fingers over my ears. As I'd hoped, the combination of the
water cooler crash and his warning had resulted in her letting rip.

The sound of the machine pistol emptying its clip at the cooler, in such a
confined space, was awesome. It lasted only a couple of seconds before the silence

As I had covered my ears I was probably the only one who could hear the
distinctive tinkling of the empty shells hitting the marble floor. I stood up and
carefully climbed over the counter, keeping my gun on the girl. She looked as shocked as
everyone else, at the fury of the machine gun. She'd emptied the thing, of course, as I'd

I pulled it from her grasp and placed the barrel of my gun against her forehead. I roughly
spun her around and pushed her up against the wall.
"Ok, Honey, spread 'em," I barked.

"I beg your pardon?" the girl behind the counter said. I went to say
something, but for a moment nothing would come out.
"Sorry, miles away," I eventually managed.
"Sounds like you were having fun," she said, smiling. I blushed furiously
when I realized how it must have sounded to her. I hurriedly collected my cash and left as
quickly as decorum would allow.

* * *

I pulled the shopping cart from the rack and headed into the shop. I was
still groaning at myself for that last display. This really was getting out of hand.
I had to get a grip.

I carefully placed items in the cart and tried desperately to keep my mind
on the job in hand. It was the vegetable aisle. I picked up a bag of carrots and studied
them for any imperfections. It occurred to me that I knew exactly who would like these.
She was right on time. She stood there carrying her briefcase and dressed
immaculately in her tan pants suit and prim white blouse. She'd come
straight from work.

"Hello Taria," I said, in my best sexy voice. She smiled and bent forward
for a kiss. I smiled back and obliged. I liked it so much I leaned forward and kissed her
again. We hugged like lovers. I ran my fingers through her hair and closed my eyes in
pleasure. She smelled so good I wanted to drag her to bed then and there. But I didn't.
I ushered her into the living room, told her to kick off her shoes, took
her briefcase and put it away. I returned with a drink and handed it to her.

"So, you decided to come after all," I said. She smiled her wicked smile.
"As if I could refuse," she said. She had been extremely busy lately, I
wasn't sure if she would come.

"How could I turn down a special birthday treat from you?" she said,
licking her lips.

"You can't. It's as simple as that!" I said, laughing. We sat and sipped
our drinks, just gazing at each other and smiling. Nothing needed to be said.
"Are you ready?" I asked, putting down my drink. She nodded. I stood up and
took her hand and led her to the middle of the room. I picked up the silk scarf and
wound it round to form a blindfold. I gently placed it over her eyes and tied it behind
her head.

"Is that comfortable?" I whispered in her ear. She nodded. I reached round
and removed her jacket. I came round to her front and started to unbutton her
blouse. With each button I kissed her on the cheek, alternating with each button.
I pulled the fully open blouse clear of her pants and slid it down over her
shoulders. I kissed down her arms as I slowly uncovered them. I went round to her back,
ran my fingers up and down her spine as I kissed her neck and murmured how beautiful she
was. I undid her bra and pushed both the straps from her pale shoulders.

The sudden exposure of her breasts made her gasp and flush slightly.
I reached under her arms and cupped both breasts as I licked the back of
her left ear. She moaned and leaned back against me. We stayed like that for several
moments. Regretfully I let go her breasts and picked up the bra I wanted her to wear
for her birthday treat.

I put it on her and fastened it at the back. I tenderly lifted each breast
to settle it comfortably into the low-cut cup, leaving them thrusting forward and
completely exposed. Bending down I nibbled each nipple, till it was firm and jutting.
I carried on kissing down her belly till I reached her pants. I undid them
and pulled them down. She held on to my shoulder as she lifted up each foot and allowed me
to remove the pants completely.

I reached up and pulled down her pantyhose and pulled them off. I kissed
her feet then kissed my way back up her legs to her panties. I placed my forehead on her
lower belly, letting my nose nestle into the curve of her inviting mound. I closed my
eyes and slowly rubbed my face up and down as I squeezed both of her buttocks with my
hands. I wanted so much to pull down her panties and lick her. But I managed to
restrain myself.

Still kneeling in front of her I gently put my fingers into the top of her
panties and pulled them down to her feet. She stepped out of them. They were soaked.
I smiled, I hadn't lost my touch.

I gave her one quick kiss on the top of her pubic bush and stood up. She groaned again.
"Not long now, gorgeous, not long now," I reassured her. I put a matching garter belt on
her and rolled up some sheer black stockings and attached them. The last item was a
pair of four inch black shiny stiletto heels. I stood back to admire her sexy appearance.
She was so beautiful. I wanted so much to go to bed with her.

I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Before we went in I kissed her as passionately
as I could. Two last things to do. I applied some of the reddest lipstick I
had to her full lips and then carefully felt between her legs. My middle finger slid in
with no resistance at all. She was panting and trembling as I opened the door and led her

Laying naked on the bed, with a sheet totally failing to cover his impressive erection,
was Taria's husband. I bowed to him.
"I bring you your Queen," I said. Reaching up behind Taria I kissed her neck, and
whispered "Enjoy your birthday treat, my darling," as I undid her blindfold and withdrew,
closing the door behind me.

I smiled as I sucked on my slippery middle finger.
I looked up and focused my eyes on the present. A little old lady was watching me. I
withdrew my finger from my mouth as nonchalantly as I could. She grinned and winked
at me. I smiled weakly back at her and blushed. I left the vegetable aisle as quickly as I

* * *

Shopping done, I stood in the line waiting to pay for my goods. There was a
rack of magazines nearby to tempt bored shoppers. On the cover of one of them was a
picture of the Russian space station with one of our shuttles attached.

It had been an uneventful mission so far. Even my hastily learned Russian
had held up. The place was a mess, but I expected that with mostly men living here. I
had been on board only three days before the subject of sex came up. I suppose it was
only natural, three men cut off from their wives and girlfriends for so long.

To cut a long story short, pretty soon they were becoming resentful. They
wouldn't talk to me any more than they had to. I had to do something to alleviate the
situation, and save the mission. But I wasn't about to become just a fuck-toy for three
horny cosmonauts.

One evening Dimitri called us all together and produced a bottle of vodka.
He proposed a wager. If I could perform a certain task he had in mind, then they would
do my bidding for the rest of the mission. If I failed then I would do theirs. At first I
refused to have anything to do with it. But the vodka and the worsening relations persuaded
me I had to do something to turn things around.

We floated into the biggest room. He took up position in one corner and I
took the opposite corner. We both began to remove our one-piece coveralls. I did an
elegant back somersault as I jettisoned my thermal panties. It was like being
inside a giant washing machine as the discarded clothes floated freely about. I pulled my
hair back into a pony tail. It was fun watching it drift about, but it would be no
help in this situation. Even my normally small breasts gently undulated with a life of
their own in the weightlessness.

Yuri swam about collecting the clothes and removing them from the arena.
Both Dimitri and I were now as naked as nature intended us. The contest began.
Holding onto a hand grip I watched as Dimitri started to play with himself.
He pumped away enthusiastically for about five minutes. I was beginning to think he
wasn't going to be able to do it under the unusual circumstances, but he started to grunt
and shudder. A long string of goo shot forth across the room, followed by several smaller
strings and globules. They floated into the middle of the room with surprising speed.
I launched across to intercept them, as the wager decreed. My side of the
bet was to catch every drop before it stuck to any of the bulkheads or instrumentation.
I was allowed to use any orifice I chose, but I figured I'd stick to my mouth, it
was a lot easier to manoeuvre than my pussy.

I had to laugh when one of them switched on some music and the strains of
the Blue Danube filled the station.

I was after the initial squirt, as it was moving the fastest. It was
beginning to form a complex pattern and tumble over itself. I had to try and get in front
of it and let its momentum take it cleanly into my open mouth.

I got in position and let it come to momma. It was a bit like sucking up a
piece of spaghetti. I had to keep twisting in space to follow the length of its
curved pattern. Having successfully swallowed the first jet I went after the followers.
I swam from side to side sucking up floating spheres of cum like some mad
vacuum cleaner. Eventually I managed them all, though it had been very close run
thing. I triumphantly floated over to Dimitri and sucked the last string of cum
floating free but still attached to his shrunken member. He bucked as I roughly licked
the end of his prick.

He congratulated me on my performance. Why shouldn't he, it had been brilliant, even if
I say so myself. With a wonderfully wicked grin I floated back over to my
original corner and grabbed a couple of hand grips. I lazily floated up parallel with the
floor and spread my legs as wide as they go. This was going to be a fun mission after all.
"Ok boys, dinner is served. Come and get some American fast food. Tongues
only, no pricks invited," I said.

The girl on the checkout frowned at me. "What?!?!" she said.
"Oh nothing, my mind was just... floating for a moment. I paid and left
hurriedly with my shopping.

* * *

Nothing much happened on the way home except for the incident with the
traffic cop, his lady partner, and the handcuffs.

I got home and dropped the shopping in the kitchen. I almost ran to our
home office, where I knew Rob would be working.

"Hi darlin'," he said casually ,without looking up. I grasped the back of
his chair and spun it round to face me.

I frowned at him. Without saying a word I reached up under my skirt and pulled down my panties and stepped out of them. Turning them inside out I sat down in his lap and rubbed the wet panties over his face. My juices
gleamed across his nose and forehead. I leaned down and licked him clean.

"Excuse me, but... did you just do what I think you just did, or am I just imagining it?" he said. I grinned and kissed him. One dream had become reality, at least.

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