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Tropical vacation

by Sabrina (October 2001)

I am simply going to burst if I don't tell someone, and since it can't be
anyone I know, you might as well do.

Sharon and I have been best friends since her parents split when we were in
grade 9. Both of her parents are loaded, her mom through the divorce
settlement and her dad, well, he's the CEO of some company. Moving into our
middle class neighborhood was a definite step down for Sharon, but her mom
thought the "middle class values" would only help Sharon. Ha! Her dad
still showers her with gifts and a huge monthly allowance. The only problem
is the gifts always have a hook. The most recent was a trip to the
Caribbean. If we both posted a 4.0 in first term, then he would send us,
with Sharon's mom as chaperone, off to the Caribbean during the break after
exams. We didn't exactly "earn" our grades in the conventional way (that's
another story), but we got them.

The first day Sharon's mom set down the ground rules. We got our own room,
but had to be back in our room at midnight. While both rooms were on the
fifth floor, owing to a error by the hotel, instead of adjacent rooms, her
balcony faced ours from the other side of the pool.

We exhausted ourselves trying to do everything in the first afternoon. We
shopped for tiny little thong bikinis we would never wear at home, but which
show cased our tight asses and generous tits. On the beach, and in the
disco after we were rewarded with lots of attention from any male within
visual range. While we dressed for supper with Sharon's mom, I have to
admit we were absolutely brazen when we chose our clothes for the disco
later. I wore a pair of cut off jean shorts that were almost tight enough
to read my lips, topped with a crop shirt so short that anytime I lifted my
arms up I showed a generous amount of my firm white tits, just stopping
below each dark areola. Sharon was just as bad. She had picked up a lycra
mini dress earlier, and having tried various combinations of lingerie,
decided that only going commando would do the dress justice. The friction
of the lycra was giving her a case of permanent nipple hard ons, and when we
walked in the disco I actually saw one guy's jaw drop.

That night we were the cock teases that every guy wants to mount. I drank
way more than I normally do and so did Sharon, but it was like the glass was
never empty, and who cared? We danced until we were absolutely glistening
with sweat, grinding our hips against the changing dance partners, feeling
them grow hard as each dance went on, and then spinning away when the song
was over. One particularly lovely jock managed to dance me against the
wall, and then slid his thigh between my legs so I was actually riding him
with my moist pussy in time with the beat. I was really getting into it
when Sharon showed up and said "C'mon Cinders, we've got to split the ball
if we want to go out again tomorrow". I couldn't believe Sharon was being
so responsible about the time, last time I had seen her she was grinding
between 2 very horny locals who seemed to be both fucking her with their
clothes on.

We made it to our room just as the phone was ringing, and assured Sharon's
mom that yes we were in for the night, and no, we didn't have company, and
she was welcome to come check if she wanted. She declined (I'm not sure SHE
didn't have "company"!), and said goodnight.

"I am having absolutely the BEST time" I said to Sharon, throwing my arms
around her neck to give her a big hug. "Me too" She said, squeezing me
back. Sharon and I have hugged hundreds of times, and this didn't feel any
different-to start with. For some reason neither one of us was letting go.
Her lycra covered breasts were pressing back against me, and I found I was
really enjoying the feeling. She must have been too because although she
pulled back a little so we were face to face, she kept her arms around my
neck, keeping our nipples touching. I could feel her nipples were hard as
rocks, and while it tickled to have them teasing my own erect nips, it was
starting to turn me on. Running her hand thru the back of my hair, sharon
said "I'm really glad we could do this" and have me a short, soft kiss on
the lips. While she had kept her eyes on mine, her weight had shifted
slightly, and now our flat lower bellies were also in contact.

Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was what we had done to get there, I don't know, but
on impulse I leaned in and kissed her again, maintaining contact, and slowly
sliding my tongue between her lips. I expected her to freak, or withdraw or
something, but instead she pulled me closer! her tongue and mine playing
tag around her mouth, her breasts crushing against mine. I had slipped my
hands down to Sharon's ass, and pulled her hips against me, grinding our
rising clits against each other through our clothes.

We broke apart for a moment, almost unsure what to do next. "wow" was all I could say, as we
stood there in indecision. Sharon solved the issue by slipping my crop
shirt over my head so my breasts sprang free to her view. " I always thought
you had great tits" sharon cooed as she admired the rack she had seen a
thousand times. I couldn't believe this was my best friend! She was like
another person, radiating the odor of sex and drink, looking at me as if she
wanted to devour me, and I was TOTALLY turned on by it.

" You can tell me to stop if you're not comfortable" she said, and then sat
down on the edge of the bed and pulled me to stand between her legs.
Sticking out the tip of her tongue, she licked one nipple then the other,
then going back to the first she slowly sucked the nipple into her mouth.

The hell I was going to stop her. I massaged her hair and the back of her
neck as my best friend gave me the best titty sucking I've ever had in my
life. I was absolutely dripping by this point and was desperate for some
attention to my pussy, but was afraid to ask. Remembering my friend at the
disco earlier I mounted Sharon's thigh as she continued to suck my tits,
grinding the seam of my jeans hard against my clit. Sharon must have know I
was close because slipping a hand on my ass she stopped me, and slowly laid
back so I was on top of her. Rolling me over, she pulled my denims down,
and moved down my body to position herself at the end of the bed, her face
only inches from my dripping gash.

In a sudden case of deja vu I thought back to when I had bought my first
bikini, and Sharon had told me I would have to shave to wear it. Unsure
just how to go about it, Sharon had actually been the one to do the shaving,
spreading me out naked on her princess bed with her dad's old razor and a
wash basin. I had been dripping then too when she had finished, for while
she had never touched my clit, having her gently pinching my labia as she
opened them to closely shave down my little bush had been a real turn on. I
remembered wanting her to accidently slip and finger in me, or brush my rock
hard clit, but it never happened. She had rubbed shaving lotion all over my
shaved mound when she was done, and the sting had given me a fast and
intense shudder of orgasm which I thought she hadn't noticed.

And now she was poised above my pussy, smiling as she pushed my thighs wide
and buried her face in my dripping mound. I was quick to discover that
only another woman can really know what exactly to do. Lapping at my clit
like a dog she slid 2 fingers in me and began to finger fuck my G-spot.

She ran the hardness of her nose up and down my gash, causing me to writhe
against her, grabbing her silky blonde hair I humped her face from beneath
her. I would have loved for it to last forever, but the intensity was
getting too much. Reaching up to pinch and pull my own nipples, I closed my
eyes as sharon slid one dripping finger out of my pussy, and forced it into
my tightly puckered anus. I groaned as Sharon attacked my clit with a
ferocity I had seen only once before. "lick me, lick me, oh ya" I moaned as
she sucked vigorously on my clit while fucking both my ass and pussy with
single fingers. "be my friend, eat me sweetheart, oh my god, you are such a
goood friend.... ahhh, ahh, yess!" Shuddering and bucking against her I
climaxed as I pulled viciously at my own nipples.

Sinking back into the bed, I watched sharon slowly rise, and climb up with
me. Kissing Sharon and tasting my own pussy, I pulled at her lycra dress,
slipping it up so her bare pussy was exposed. Slipping down a little on
the bed, I nuzzled her tits on my way down to her pussy. Could I do this?
I was still really drunk, but satiated, and I didn't know if I could
actually eat another girl out, even if I had really liked receiving her

I think Sharon sensed my indecision, because rolling a bit, she straddled my
face, my nose buried in her slit. Lifting her hips back so she was sitting
more of my chest, I gave a tentative lick of her clit. MMMM, she tasted
just like me (and any girl who says she hasn't tasted herself is a liar).
Sucking her clit into my mouth, I ran my long finger nails all over her ass,
scratching gently as she ground against my face. Looking up I saw the lycra
dress fly off, and she began to massage and pinch her own tits.

Sharon was much more vocal than I had been, whispering "there, there, harder, more
tongue, suck it sabrina, oh please, more, please, get in me" she commanded
as I sorted out how to lean her forward to shove 4 fingers deep into her
cunt. She screamed as she came, my fingers crammed into her, her clit
clamped carefully between my front teeth, riding the line between pleasure
and pain.

My mom is coming, I'll have to tell you more later. Promise. ;-)

Well I might as well tell you how we got the 4.0 By midterm it was pretty
obvious that neither of us was going to make it. It's not the we're stupid
or anything, it's just that we would rather party on the weekend than hit
the books.

Our school has all of our marks on a central data base, so the challenge for
us was not earning the marks, but having our report cards look like we had.
We needed a hacker.

Money was no problem as Sharon's monthly allowance was more like my parent's
pay cheque. Finding the right person was the issue. Most of our friends
were jocks and Barbies. Having asked around (a LOT) we finally found the
right guy. To say he was the archetypical computer geek would be kind. He
wasn't awful looking or anything, he just looked like he spent a lot of time
by himself, and not looking at a mirror!

I drew the short straw, so approached him at his locker after school one
day. He knew who I was from classes, although we had never sat near each
other. It was obviously not his first time as he was all business. For
$500 he would fix it up just after we wrote our final exams so no one would
have time to notice before the cards went out. "Bring the cash to the
computer club room Tuesday after your last exam, and bring your friend
along. She's not hard to look at". I would have slapped him if I didn't
need his talents so badly. Neither Sharon nor I was "hard to look at". We
dedicated our summers to tanning and sports, and were both a taut size 7.
Sure her chest was bigger (I'm only a 38C), but we both fill out our
sweaters nicely.

I told Sharon the news knowing she would be relieved. No studying for
finals (what did it matter!) and our trip would be assured.

The following Tuesday we showed up for our exams dressed as they say, to the
nines. Having told sharon the nerd's comment, we had both gone all out to
make him drool. While we never dress in matching outfits, for this one
occasion we had both worn our curve hugging angora sweaters over short lycra
skirts. The knee high leather boots made the ensemble a bit slutty, but we
were on top of the world thinking of our approaching vacation.
The computer club is housed on the top floor of the school which sounds
rather grand, except that it's horribly hot up there, explaining why no one
else wants the space. We both had a sheen of persiration across our
cleavage by the time we had climbed the 4 flights of stairs and waited for
his lordship to arrive.

"Have a seat" was all he said as he arrived and sat at the nearest computer.
The place was deserted, so we felt quite safe as we spounted our student
numbers, full names, address, etc. while he tapped into our files. It took
less than 5 minutes, and then he turned the screen for us to see our
"wonderful" final results.

Reaching in her purse, Sharon was about to hand over the money when he stopped her. "I've changed my mind" he said. "I can get money from any sap in this school who will flunk out, or get an ass
kicking from his parents for his grades. This has been a particularly good
semester as a matter of fact. I think you 2 can do better than money". I
have to admit, we didn't catch on right away. When it did, I told him to
fuck off in no uncertain terms. "If you think either of us is going to fuck
you Dwight Marshall, you've got another thing coming. We're virgins, both
of us, and you sure as hell aren't going to be my first!" This seemed to
stun him for a minute, and I'm not surprised. Both of us like to look the
look, and love to play, but that's one line we promised we wouldn't cross,
not in high school anyway.

"Well ladies, I can always change these back, or make them worse". Worse
had never occured to us. We sat stunned for a moment, before Sharon spoke
up. "Suggest a compromise Dwight, but know that screwing you is not an
option". "I'm a reasonable man ladies, but a man I am. You came up here
dreessed like sluts, so now I want to see you act like sluts. If you want
these marks to hold, I get to see what's under those yummy sweaters, and you
each get to suck my root-and swallow he added with emphasis". Sharon and I
looked at each other. What were the chances of him having an STD? The guy
was almost certianly a virgin. "Can we think about it" I asked. Pulling
away from the computer desk, Dwight revealed a huge hard on straining at his
track pants. "I'm sorry ladies, but this is a limited time offer. If I
have to take care of this in, well, my usual fashion, then my next setp will
be to assign each of you your 2.0 So what will it be"?

What choice did we have?

In unison, we slipped the sweaters off. "Mamma mia!" Dwight exclained,
eyeing the view before him. We had both chosen red satin push up bras which
made our breasts look like they wanted to jump out of the fabric.

"Closer!"He commanded, reaching our and stoking each of our breasts with the palm of
his hands.

"Undo them". Feeling more trapped than ever, I opened the catch
at the centre of my bra, my breasts spilling out to his view. "Magnificent"
he sighed, running a finger over my nipples, bringing them erect. I felt a
familiar tug deep in my pussy in response to his attention to my nipples and
hated myself for it. This was a nerd, about to make us suck him off, and I'm
getting all tingly because he played with my nipples!

"Who wants to go first ladies" he asked while freeing the giant erection we
had clearly seen through the cotton pants. He was circumcised and already
dripping with precum. Neither of us volunteered. "Okay, fine, then you" he
said pointeing at me. Dropping to my knees in front of him, I waited for
directions. Wrapping his hand in the back of my long blonde hair, he
slowing pulled my face into his lap. "Just do it baby, your grades suck and
I'm sure you'll be a great student at sucking root". Now I was pissed.

I figured the best revenge was to get this over as quickly as possible.
Opening my mouth, I slid the head slowly in, sliding my tongue along the
shaft, and letting it settle into the back of my throat. I may be a virgin,
but that doesn't mean I don't know how to deep throat. My chin was touching
his balls when I felt him slide my skirt up, showing my nearly bare ass and
red thong. "Just checking out all the merchandise" he said as he ran his
hands over my tight ass. His index finger skirted briefly across the tight
pucker of my anus, pressing gently in as if to invade me, but feeling me
tense and start to withdraw, he chose not to push his luck.

Sharon stood slight to my side so I could see her watching as I bobbed up and down on the
shaft of his hard cock. Both of his hands were now buried in my hair,
controlling my pace and shoving my face deep in his lap on the down stroke.
"Why don't you play with that gorgeous pair of tits while your friend works"
I heard him say, and was shocked to see Sharon starting to pinch her
nipples, and massage her breasts as she watched.

In the back of my mind I was worried that some other computer geek might
come in, cause what a scene! Me on my knees, ass bared to the world with my
face buried in this nerds lap, sucking his root for all I was worth, while
another gorgeous blonde looks on in mini skirt and leather boots and plays
with her tits!

I intensified the pace of my bobbing, and felt the subtle change in the
pressure on my head. I was in control now, sucking my way down, licking my
way up. Letting the head slide to the front of my mouth I tongued the glans
vigorously, then plunged his cock all the way down the back of my throat.

It worked, I heard him gasp at the same time I felt the hot spunk boiling
up through his cock and into my mouth. Holy shit could he cum! Suck
(swallow, swallow!) suck more (swallow)! I was practically choking in the
volume, but good to our word, I swallowed and licked off every last drop.

"Good girl. I knew you would suck like a demon. Now for your friend". I
was shocked. After coming like that how could this guy plan to be ready
that fast? "No, I want you to share with your friend. Give her a nice big
kiss and let her taste me". I stood up and timidly faced Sharon.

Although we were more than a foot apart, our bare nipples were almost touching each
other, and the near contact was making my nipples grow harder. "Get on with
it girls, I'm a busy guy". It was Sharon that moved, closing the distance
between us, she kissed me briefly, full on the lips. "Now thats more like
it girls, but do it like you mean it".

"Okay, but only once more, that wasn't part of our deal" Sharon offered,
quite reasonable given the circumstances. Leaning in to kiss me again, this
time I felt her breasts pressing against mine, I could feel the pillowy
softness pressing against my own hard nipples, and just as I was begining to
realize I think I liked it, she pulled back. "Good enough"? Sharon brazenly
asked. "Good, then lets close this deal". Dropping to her knees she flicked
her hair off to one side, hiked her own skirt up "to save time" she said
briskly, she gobbled up the wet soft cock before her. "hey slow down!" he
gasped, but there was not stopping sharon, she was all business.

In under a minute her ministrations had him hard again, and she was vigorously sucking
on his cock. Watching her, it was almost an act of aggression, she was
attacking his cock, she was in charge not him. Standing beside her my hands
strayed without purpose, up towards my own breasts as I thought what it
would be like to have her suck on me like that.

Dwight seemed too stunned to participate in this attack, and leaned back watching the workout his
member was getting. Sharons face was a blur and she bobbed up and down his
huge purple cock.

"FUCK" he finally yelled, and orgasmed seemingly against
his will. Not losing a drop, Sharon buried her face deeply into his lap,
and pulled back slowly, polishing the softening pole and it withdrew.

Reaching for her bra and tossing me mine, sharon quickly dressed as the
dazed nerd sat there stunned, his limp cock shrivelling in his lap.

"I trust that was satisfactory"? Sharon asked as she picked up her purse.
The dazed nerd only nodded. "Fine, I'm sure it was your pleasure doing
business with us". Turning on her heel Sharon strode from the room before
the nerd could say (or demand) anything further.

Our report cards arrived carrying glowing results!

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