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My Gay nephew

by Julie Winston
(September 2001)

My nephew Pete is gay, which came as no surprise to anyone. He was born to my 16 year old sister, Clare, when I was just 10. Because of those circumstances he was brought up as my little brother until he was six then Clare was lucky enough to find a really nice guy who took Pete on as his son.

As a boy he would always play with my old dolls, even with his own toys he would play girly games. When I would collect him from playgroup he would always be with slightly older girls.
Now he is sixteen and six foot tall. When he has filled out a bit he is going to make quite a man. Pete has not come out as a gay even though his parents know, they are just waiting until he is ready to face it with them.

They are modern enough to cope with it. A couple of months ago Pete started to go to gay clubs. He always gets changed at my flat so that his parents don‚t see him dressed up. That was when it started, one Saturday evening.

Pete came straight from his Saturday job and laid his clothes out on the bed before getting into the shower. He is, of course, open with his sexuality with me so he just strips off. The new clothes looked quite interesting, tight leather shorts and some kind of bondage bra that looked like it was made out of belts.

As you may know, I have disguised myself as a boy before. My 32aa breasts are easily flattened into concealment. So, for a joke, I thought I would dress up whilst Pete showered.
The shorts went on easily. I packed a pair of socks down the front to give myself a nice large bulge.

The top needed a bit more thought. I strapped down my breasts with the crepe bandage that I use when I play squash. My doctor suggested it when I couldn‚t get a sports bra small enough. Over the strapping I put a tight t shirt then spent a few minutes working out how the bra/belt thing went on. The final touch was to put my hair up into a baseball cap. Looking in the hall mirror I could have passed as a boy. The bulging crutch looked good, it felt nice in my hand. I waited until Pete had dried himself knowing he would be looking for his clothes.

'Julie, have you seen my clothes?'
'Here they are big boy,' I said as I walked in.

'Wow, look at you! You look the part!' replied Pete.
'So do you' I said and walked over and gave his naked body a hug. In doing this I rubbed my padded shorts against his knob. I stood back realising what I had done. Pete spoke first 'What happened to your breasts?'

'They are strapped down, like when I play squash.'
'Because you can‚t get sports bras in 32aa' By this time Pete's knob was getting aroused. 'I thought you were gay!' I said pointing at it. 'Sorry, you look so much like a boy! I can‚t help it' It was starting to feel a bit strange, my nephew getting an erection in front of me, my juices were really flowing. 'I'd better let you have your clothes,' I said reaching behind me for the zip. It was stuck.

'I'll help you with that' said Pete 'I don‚t want it snagged' He stood behind me then undid the zip, I reached around for his hands and put them around my waist and onto my bulge and squeezed his hands over them. I knew it was wrong. 'What are you doing?' Pete said.

'What are you doing?' I replied, now sliding his hands up onto my strapped breasts then feeling behind me for his knob.

After kissing me on the nape of my neck, an erogenous zone for me, Pete turned me around and kissed me full on the lips. He slid the shorts off me then laid me onto the bed.

'Little white panties, I love them,' he said looking down at my wet panties before getting on top of me. I asked, 'Are you OK with this?'

Pete nodded and we carried on kissing. Before long I could feel his hard knob sliding against my wet lips. Soon after that he slid down and put his tongue between my legs, he really knew what to do. I put a finger down there to play with my clitoris; I love to masturbate during oral sex. Pete pushed my hand away, I let him. He kissed the outer lips, slid his tongue all around my clitoris which by now was hard and aching. He put two fingers inside me and massaged me from inside. Now he came up, 'where's the durex?' I reached over to the bedside drawer. Pete got one out and slid it over his bulging knob.

He got back on top of me and gently inserted his sheathed knob. He showed considerable passion as he kissed me whilst sliding in and out the full length of his knob very, very slowly. Several times I thought it was going to come out but it never did. My juices were running down my legs because I was so aroused.

I put my hands onto my strapped breasts and squeezed them before putting both hands down to stroke my clitoris and Pete's shaft. I was so close to orgasming when Pete took hold of the bra/belt straps under my arm, put his head over my shoulder, and began thrusting so hard that I had to get my hands away. I gripped around his waist and my hips began to buck as I had a massive orgasm, Pete continuing to thrust as I was coming.

It was some time before we spoke. When we did it wasn't about what we had just done. I made some food and we watched TV for a while, I was wondering what Pete was thinking. Soon he told me 'Now I am not sure if I am gay!'

'Pete, you can‚t decide just like that. I was dressed as a boy when you slept with me. I had no breasts that you could see or feel and I had bulging shorts.'

'Yes, but I knew you were a girl.' So the evening was pretty strange. A girl dressed as a boy, taking the virginity of her gay nephew. For it was only then that Pete told me he had been a virgin. 'How come you are so good in bed then?' The answer was simple 'After clubbing one night, I went home with a couple of lesbians, they told me why they didn't like men. They showed me, how could I put it, their anatomy! In fact they masturbated each other's clitoris in front of me to show me what they liked.' At this point I left the room.

In my bedroom I had a quick wash before getting dressed into some girl clothes. I put on my favourite bra, a tight cotton blouse and fresh white panties under a mini skirt.

Looking in the mirror at myself I felt good, I love seeing the lines of my bra through cotton. I walked back into the front room, not really sure if I was about to do the right thing. 'Wow, where are you off to?' was Pete's comment.

'I thought that you might like to try a real woman.' Pete looked at me, unsure. I lifted my skirt and put one hand down my panties, I was already wet again. 'I'm on the bed if you want me,' and off I went. Pete followed.

I lay on the bed, lifted my knees and opened my legs. As Pete looked on I began fingering myself inside my panties. He stripped naked, his knob already erect. 'That is so horny!' and with that he began to masturbate, standing by the bed.

'Give me that,' I said, sitting on the edge of the bed. With one hand fingering my clitoris and the other around his shaft I began to suck him off. Carefully I teased the end and under the end with the tip of my tongue then with my whole mouth. 'I'm going to come' he said and courteously tried to back off. I held him to my face with my arms around him, giving him a clear message that he could come in my mouth.

I didn‚t let him go until he was ready to collapse, having swallowed his sperm. By then I was really ready to orgasm too. I lay back on the bed still fingering myself then he lay alongside me and undid my blouse.

"'Oh, I never knew they were like that' he said. I still don't know what he meant! I slipped off the blouse and skirt and he moved down to my panties just lowering them enough to get his tongue into my folds and lick my clitoris. I started playing with my breasts through my bra, it felt so sexy.

Soon I was ready to come again. Maybe I said something, maybe he just knew. He reached over and slipped on another durex before getting on top of me again. Pete slipped my bra strap off my shoulders and then the cups off my breasts. My tiny pink nipples stood up as he sucked and licked them, my hands holding each of them to his mouth. Using the same long strokes he brought me to a massive orgasm as he came again. We stayed in each other's arms for at least 30 minutes before separating. Somehow I still had my panties on.

By now the room was dark. 'Well, I really am confused' And he still is, two weeks later. I am not saying I have converted him but he has not gone to the gay clubs since. He has been round three of four times and we have talked through the night. We have made love again, not yet anyway!

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