Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girl Play Time

by Sabrina (October 2001)

I live in a small apartment complex on the edge of a large urban metropolis.
Until a few months ago, the view from my bedroom window was a lovely
meadow. Then an absolutely huge apartment tower was constructed. As soon
as the building began to be occupied, I felt like thousand of eyes were
watching me when I didn't have the drapes pulled. Tonight I'm feeling
mischievious. I want them to watch.

Too much wine at supper had left me more than tipsy and very horny. My
partner was abroad for at least a fortnight on business, so no relief there.
Solitary play was the agenda for tonight.

Setting the stage, I close all of the lights except the aquirium and lava
lamp. When I open the curtains, the light of the full moon shines in. The
bedroom is bathed in a milky blue light that picks up on all the details.
The peignoir I've chosen leaves nothing to the imagination. In the light
you can clearly see the outline of my breasts, my dark nipples, my hips and
pudenda. I sit on the edge of the bed and then recline slowly backwards,
facing the window.

Undoing the satin ties at my throat, I carefully spread open the peignoir, I
am now fully exposed, surrounded by folds of the gossamer gown. Luxuriating
in the feel, I stretch all of my limbs, for the moment I am naked and spread
eagle for all to see.

Leaving my legs wide apart, I slide my hands down as a lover's, cupping and
then squeezing my breasts. Carefully I pinch each nipple, rolling each
between my fingers like a pill, teasing them even more erect. Looking
down, I admire each firm, erect breast. Sucking on a finger for a moment I
then tease each nipple with the wet finger, picturing a lover's tongue.
Every fiber in my body is tingling, my pussy is throbbing, eager for it's

Reaching for my bedside table, I grab a small bottle full of warm oil.
Squeezing the bottle, I spray the warm oil all over my breasts and lower
belly. Inhaling the scents of the oil, I place both palms on my chest, and
begin to rub the oil all over my breasts and belly, my nipples small points
rocks. I slide my hands over my hips and down my thighs, allowing them to
glide back up along my inner thighs en route to my breasts, but never
touching my aching pussy. I am quivering with excitement and need.

Keeping my left hand at play with one slippery nipple, I slide a single
finger back down across my belly, eliciting a shiver of anticipation. The
finger glides down, ever slowly, across my engorged clitoris, straining out
from my freshly shaven mound. There's no friction as I slip my longest
finger deep inside me; I am absolutely dripping with excitement. I pause to
savor the feeling of having something warm and firm in me, even something as
small as my own finger. Tightening the muscles around the finger, I finger
fuck mymelf for a moment, hips rising to meet this small intruder.

In my mind, I imagine a soliatary man looking down on me from the towers
facing my building. I picture his initial shock, then pleasure at opening
his drapes to find this scene.

A beautiful woman, spread eagle on her bed, one hand busily at play with her magnificent breasts, one finger slowly pumping in and out of her spread, obviously moist pussy.
Warming to the thought I remove the finger and keeping it's moist warmth
against me, bring it up to rest on my clit. Involuntarily a moan escapes
me, I am soooo close to coming and I have barely begun.Carefully, trying to prolong the moment, I flick the clit over and over with

my blunt finger nail, savouring each brief contact. I am squeezing my
nipple harder now, knowing I can't hold off much longer.
I run my hand back up to my breasts, allowing the palm and fingers to again
become slick with oil. I return my hand to my pussy. My need is too great,
I can't postpone this any longer. I let my whole hand glide across my
mound, teasing my clit with the contact, and thrust 2 fingers deeply into
me. Hooking them to stroke my G spot, I bring my oily thumb against my
throbbing clit. My whole pussing is being gripped by my well greased hand.
This won't take long I think, almost with disappointment.

My hand is now almost passive. The pad of my thumb covers my whole clit, my
hips come up to grind my clit against my thumb, my 2 fingers stay deep
within me as I fuck my thumb and them at the same time. Busily I use my
other hand to keep rolling and squeezing my nipple, mmmm, my breath is
getting ragged from the exertion. My pussy feels like an iron vice,
sqeezing, harder, tighter. I feel the catch in my throat and know what's
happening. Yes, (thrust) yes (thrust), yes! ahhhhhh. I shudder all around
my hand, as my back arches, I'm suffused in heat.

I smile and close my eyes.

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