Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Exhibitionist

by Linda Chorlton
(October 2001)

I can almost come off by just knowing that someone is watching me.
There have been plenty of opportunities to let people be voyeurs.
Since I was very young, about 12 or 13, I can remember actually posing in
front of my bedroom window, touching myself, regularly, while some men
and some boys from across the way were watching and wanking.
I supposed that they thought I couldn't see them. But several times a week
I would do it and they would always be there, waiting with their lights
turned out, hoping I would give them a free sex show.

Even now I will walk around the house naked with the lights on and the
curtains open, if I know that some man or boy may look in. My husband really
enjoys my exhibitionism, and encourages it. So the house rule, rarely ever
broken, is that I have to find a way to show myself naked, "accidentally",
to every male who comes into the house. So far this has featured our
relatives, delivery boys, friends of friends and even unsuspecting,
but appreciative, passing acquaintances.

My earliest serious sexual experiences combined my exhibitionism with
masturbation. As I said, when I was roughly, 12 or 13, I used to regularly
exhibit myself at the bedroom window of my house. In particular there was
a family of brothers across the backalley who I started teasing, by letting
them see me partially undressed, with my Venetian blinds open. Of course at
first I couldn't even tell if anyone was watching me, but, as time went by,
I became bolder and would sit with my lights out until one of the brothers
would appear in a room where I could see him or a couple of them. Then I
would turn on my light and pretend not to see them as I stripped to my
underwear and then walked around the room, brushing my hair, plucking
my eyebrows, rubber-knecking to smooth my bum, or rub with body lotion.
As time went by I would leave my room as if to go to the shower and
go to the room next door and look out under cover of this darkened room,
to see if anyone was watching my lit room. What I discovered was that three
or four boys were sitting together peeking out of the darkened room over the way.

After a while I would go back to my own room with only a towel wrapped
around me and, after what must have been weeks of just teasing like that,
with my heart pounding with terror, I finally just let the towel drop off me.

For awhile I would just dress quickly but sometimes would stand casually
brushing my hair, moving in and out of their angle of vision, but
ultimately making sure that they could see all they wanted to see.
Things were held at just that level for awhile, but, as time went on,
I became even bolder.

I began touching myself, my breasts and then my cunt, although they
were still hidden by underwear. After a short of time, I don't remember how
long, after I had put my light out, I noticed a light shining into my window
and upon investigation, saw that one of the brothers was returning the favour
--he was standing near his window, with the lights on, jerking off for me.

I came, right there, and then, instantly. As that became part of the game
I became more explicit, less pretending that I was only accidentally
letting them see me. As luck would have it, one night my brother was visiting
another house on their back street and he saw me putting on my show.
He came out their back door and when I saw him coming I quickly shut
out my light and pulled the covers over me. To my alarm he came directly
to my bedroom. Although I was pretending to be asleep he said that he saw
what I was doing and that he would tell our parents unless I masturbated
right then for him to watch. So I did. And things went from there --
about which more another time.

My husband really gets off on my exposing myself and has found
different and entertaining ways to do it. How it is done depends entirely
on who it is and what we wanted for him/them to see. At the college
library the freshers got my cunt peeking out from a dress left open in the
front. The fifteen year old who lives next door occasionally sees me naked
through a window. My younger brother got a dropped towel in the hallway.
One thing that I really would like to do but haven't yet is a game of strip
poker in which I lose, and lose quickly, then have to masturbate while
everyone watches and finally get fucked by the winner with everyone else
looking on at us.

Oh well that's enough for now. Watch for the next instalment.

The story continues... Scene...................... Several Years Later.

In general, the more illicit the situation, the more exciting it is
for me. That's why I especially like letting young boys see me. Not too
long ago I stayed overnight at my sister's house. The house is tiny, so
to make room for me she took the younger son, who is about 9, into her room.
I took his bed, a twin bed in a tiny room with my older nephew. This, I
thought, was really going to be fun.

When I went to bed (his room is on the third floor) I made sure to
make enough noise to waken him. Just to be sure I actually turned on the
light 'til I was sure he was awake, although he was pretending to still be
asleep. Then I turned out the light, though the hallway light was still
on, and slowly got completely undressed. When I was naked, I stood next
to my bed which was only about two or three feet from his, and calmly lit a

Then I stood looking out of the window at the foot of the bed.
After the cigarette was finished I walked over to the dresser and brushed
my hair by the light coming from the hall. Then, even though I know this will
be hard to believe, my cunt was dripping so badly I went back to my bed,
lay back sort of half sitting up, and began to masturbate and did so until
I came a couple of times, moaning just audibly.

All this time he lay there holding his breath, not moving, his head
just slightly inclined toward me. The sexy episode must have taken
about an hour, and he didn't move the whole time. As soon as I finally
stopped touching myself and rolled over, he got up and went to the bathroom,
I expect he wanted a wank, I imagine that his young balls must have been aching.

What I most like about showing myself to very young men and boys is
that they always have to leave the room to go jerk off. Last summer, I
had a 16 year old boy painting in the house. While he was working in the
living room, I got up on a step stool in the stairwell, on the pretext of
examining some woodwork. Of course I was wearing only a tiny men's tee
shirt with no panties. When I stretched my hands up, the T-shirt rose up almost
to my waist.

He, obviously, had a very clear view of my bum cheeks and cunt,
which I suspect he very much liked, since he kept finding reasons to leave what
he was doing on the other side of the room and come over to the stairs.

That was a particularly good "show-off" day, as my brother-in-law came over,
later on, and I gave him the exact same treatment, which was a first for him.
The upshot of this is that I don't have any trouble finding anyone to help do
work on the house.

Here's something that has worked for me and is even legitimate --
well maybe semi-legitimate. Once or twice a girlfriend of mine hosted an
erotic lingerie party, sort of X-rated Tupperware. One of the activities is when
the demonstrators ask if any of the women want to model the lingerie for
the boyfriends and husbands. Of course almost everybody tries something out,
but most of the women find the most modest possible outfit to model and
essentially just rush downstairs in it, run through the room and rush back
upstairs even though the men are dying for more.

What I did was find the raunchiest outfit possible, and show it
provocatively. It was black lace, see-through through panties and the top
was only string fringe shot through with silver strands, that fell over
my breasts that did much more to show them off than to hide them.

It was more shocking than if I were stark naked, since no one could really
object but I was as exposed as possible. My breasts were just being caressed
by the fringe which drew more attention to them more than it hid them.

The panties were barely there; my mound of Venus cunt hair was accentuated
by the white of my ass and made it stand out beneath the black lace.

The men at first became completely quiet, then realizing that calling
attention to me would make it forbidden they began to cheer me even more
than the others. Even the women loved it and it inspired some of them to
be a bit more bold!
One of my very favourite stories was more recent, and involved my
husband and me planning a display. We invited a neighbouring boy, over
to our house, who occasionally mows our lawn, and who we sometimes
helped with schoolwork, on the pretext of playing ping pong with my husband.

The kid is about 15 or so, skinny, blonde hair, and generally randy with
puberty. Tom, my husband, took him into the basement playroom and began the
game. As prearranged I just stopped in to say hello and that I was going
up to take a shower. After a short while I called down on the intercom to
tell Tom that I had left my cigarettes downstairs and could he please
bring them up.

He tossed them to the boy and asked him to take care of it.
Of course, how was I to know who was bringing the cigarettes upstairs?
By the time he arrived I was brushing my hair over my face, the radio
playing so that I could not hear him coming, my bedroom door partly ajar
so he could see me from the hallway, without my seeing him.

I was naked of course, standing in front of my full length mirror
so he could get a full view of me, front and back. But that's not the
best part. As we anticipated, the surprise was really too much for him; he
couldn't really enjoy the view, being too nervous and afraid to take his

He immediately coughed as if he had just come into the hallway and I
modestly covered myself as he came to the door. But, as I said, we
anticipated just that reaction, so that when he went back to the ping pong
table Tom very soon arranged jar his back out -- the kid knows he has
a bad back, it's why he does our lawns and garden work.

Tom feigned that he was in a lot of pain and had to lie on the
recliner in the playroom. After a couple of minutes, he asked the kid to
get a beer from the refrigerator on the first floor. It was summertime
and the weather was pretty hot. When the boy came back down, Tom said
that he was out of action for awhile and asked him to take a beer up to me
and entertain himself on the computer, until Tom's back recovered enough to
continue the game.

Well this was a stroke of genius because the kid now
had free run to move about between floors without worry that his absence
would be noticed. Of course, since his earlier trip up to the second
floor he had had ample time to kick himself for not really taking
advantage of the sex show situation. This time he was determined to be
much more stealthy, and to really find out what a naked woman looks like.
As soon as he left the playroom Tom gave me a quick buzz on the intercom
to alert me and I displayed myself even more boldly than before. Now I stood
in front of the mirror, with a cassette playing pretty loudly, and dancing
provocatively. I could just catch enough movement through the doorway to
know that he had arrived and was just standing, hidden away, watching my
exhibitionism. After a short while I began to touch my breasts, then my ass,
finally my hands ran up my long inside thighs, eventually playing with cuntlips.

After several minutes of touching myself in that fashion, I arched my backside
to the doorway, giving him a bird's-eye view of the labia, which were stuck out
like elephants ears by now, God I was so randy. I lay back down on the bed,
with my head positioned so there was no danger of seeing into the hallway,
and began to masturbate in earnest. I made sure to keep moving all around
to give him a very good view of my whole body, and slowly began to
moan softly, then more loudly. Excitement ran wild in my brain, and throughout
my whole body, every nerve was jangling. At last I sighed as my multiple
orgasms climaxed, and I lay back, exhausted, and I heard him creep away.

The show had lasted about half an hour. Though I never did get my beer,
when I came downstairs a little while later, I was pleased to see that he
must have ejaculated during my show, uncontrollable, because it was plain to see
that he had a damp stain on the front of his pants. Bet he wanks off every night
re-viewing my writhing and fingerings exhibition, "through the keyhole".

I have big hopes for this lad, until he goes off to Uni and gets a real sex life.
We need a new rockery building, and Tom's back is not up to it.

Do you think that it would be a nice surprise present for Tom, when he returns
from his next overseas trip, to find the job done?

I wonder if the boy will last out the many sex sessions we'll be bound to have,
and get the rockery made in time for Tom's homecoming.

My juices are starting to run already, at just the mere thought of how I'll
turn this boy into a man in just a four day crash course.

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