Sunday, March 08, 2009


(October 2001)

Laura cursed as she turned the ignition one more time, what a desolate
place to break down, nothing for miles, and not a garage in sight. She
grabbed her jacket and got out of the car, 'Shit!', she said as it was
starting to rain. She locked the door thinking that this was going to be a
long walk. As she looked down at her three inch stilletos, she wondered if they'd
make it to the nearest safe haven.

She'd only walked a couple of yards, although it seemed like miles, when
she heard the familiar hum of a car engine coming along behind her.
'Thank God' she thought.

His headlights caught her black stockinged legs in their blaze. She
turned and waved in a frantic bid to stop the car.
He could hardly believe his luck, he slowed down and studied her body,
yes he'd stop for this one.

'Thanks for stopping'

'No problem get in'
She glanced sideways at the driver as she slipped into the passenger
seat, her skirt momentarily rising to show a glimpse of stocking top. She
felt his eyes mentally undressing her, going past her thighs through the
black silk panties and resting on her firm pussy.

It thrilled her, her dilemma was already becoming a memory.
His eyes strayed all over body, mentally removing the skimpy dress. He
could imagine what was underneath, she was the sort of girl who either
wore no underwear or black silk. He could feel himself start to drool and
he began to talk gibberish nonsense.

She felt uncomfortable as his inane conversation quickly turned to
inuendo, her insides writhed as he began to talk about how dark and
deserted it was outside, how they hadn't passed another car for miles
and how she couldn't possibly know where she was.

It was obvious she was feeling uneasy so now was the best time to make
a move. He pulled the car over to the side of the road, she made a grab for
her seatbelt but he got there first. He could hear her heart pounding as he
leaned over her, she felt her breath catch in the back of her throat.
'You didn't really think I was gonna let you out of this car without
some fun first did you'

He fumbled at her breasts feeling them warm and soft underneath her
blouse, he wanted to suck them but she pushed him away, he slapped her
face and tore at the flimsy material which instantly gave way revealing two
plump and rounded mouthfuls.

Her heart was beating so fast she could hear it in her ears as she tried
for the door handle, it flung open and they fell half out in an awkward
position. She struggled from under him falling to her knees outside the car
grasping onto the door,
'So you want to hold onto the door do you? well let's see what we can do
about that'

Rooted to the spot she couldn't move as he went to the rear of the car
and took out a length of rope. He wound down the window and with skill and
speed quickly bound her wrists to the frame of the door. She gasped as he
forced her legs apart and grabbed at her cunt through the silk panties. He
could feel the moist lips of her clitoris stiffen and jerk at his touch.

He stopped for a few seconds to admire the view then producing two
longer lengths of rope proceeded to tie one leg to the front fender and the
other to the back. She felt her body splitting in half as he pulled tighter
on the ropes. Her skirt was straining over her thighs as he pushed it up to
her waist and ripped viciously at her panties. They gave no resistance and
came away in his hand to reveal a shaved pink pussy.

Her body writhed against the frame of the car as she tried in vain to
loosen the grip of the ropes. She could feel him behind her, his breath hot
on her neck, his hands touching every inch of her body, then with the power
of several horses as he rammed his cock between her legs, she screamed. His
erect penis entered her dry cunt tearing at the sides as it pushed further
up relentlessly. She felt the hard cold steel of the door handle dig into
her stomach as her body moved with every thrust of his animal passion.
She screamed for him to stop but he couldn't hear her, his mind was
firmly fixed on what was going to happen next.

He pulled back, he could feel the tense anticipation in her and wanted
to draw it out as long as possible. Moistening his finger slowly in his
mouth he began to rub her arse up and down, backwards and forwards, gently
very gently then with a single swift movement he pushed her down on the car
door and jammed his finger into her tight hole. She screamed loudly as his
nail ripped her flesh as he withdrew it. This called for something harder
and bigger, he began to strokehis cock and it got harder, stiffening more
with each stroke, his hand skillfully knowing just how far to go. He wasn't
going to come yet. He licked his hand and wet the throbing muscle until he
could see it glisten in the moonlight. Pushing his free hand in her mouth
to stifle her screams he could hold back no longer and thrust his solid
penis in her arse. Her teeth bit down on his hand as she tried to free
herself to scream but he could feel no pain as his mind was on a higher
plane of ecstasy as he felt the tightness closing around his throbing prick.

He presssed further in wondering how high up he could go. It felt as
though his whole body would disappear up her. She was writhing but the taut
walls kept his prick firmly in their grasp, the dryness of the hole
clinging to the delicate skin of his cock. He needed to rest and catch his
breath so he withdrew his still rigid with a feeling of ecstasy.

He unleashed her hands and dragged her limp body to the back of the car.
She was exhausted from trying to free herself of her bonds and had no
strength left to resist anything else he would do to her. Realising this he
had one more plan in mind before he reached his final climax.
The undergrowth on the side of the road was too good to resist and in
dragging her over he felt the abundant nettles stinging his legs.
'Now bitch I'm gonna shut you up properly'

He knelt over and sat on her stomach watching her face contort as he
pushed her onto the stinging leaves below her. She felt the needles
biting into her, bringing her back to some sense of reality. She began to
fight, her nails ripping at his flesh. He responded by slapping her again
and again across her face, her tits, her stomach, in fact anywhere he could
could make contact. Picking up a nearby branch he whipped her body.

He could feel himself getting further and further out of control, Grabbing her
wrists he forced her hands above her head and pushed his hard cock into her
mouth. He knew the end was coming and pushed his prick down her throat till she gagged. He ignored her strangled gasps forcing it harder and further till he could feel it go down
her throat. He watched as her face turned red as she fought for breath.
Grabbing her hair he held her head to the ground and kept pushing until he
could hold it no longer and felt as if he was going to explode.

'I'm gonna come, bitch, I'm gonna come! Swallow all my jizm, bitch!'

He let go and it felt like a train running through his body and exploding
from the end of his cock. She felt the stream of warm salty come slide down
her throat. He relaxed and pulled out of her mouth, wiping his now limp
organ across her face. He let go her hands and kissed her lips gently.

She sat up and brushed her hair away from her face, noticing that they were
both covered in mud and nettles. Smiling happily she said
'Next time we play this game, for God's sake make sure it's not raining'.

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