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Friends together

by Lucy (September 2001)

Hi again - its Lucy again.

A few months ago I sent in a story of how I caught my flatmate Hayley wanking and how she persuaded me to strip off and make myself come. I was delighted to find that you have posted it onto your site.

In June we finished for the year at Uni so we all went home. It was good to get back home and spend time with my family and friends, and of course, my boyfriend, but I was glad when Hayley invited me over to her house one weekend.

Hayley's parents and brother had gone away, so Hayley invited me over to catch up with her. I arrived at Hayley's house on Friday night and we spent the evening chatting and catching up with each other, before going to bed. On the Saturday though things were different, the sun was shining so we went sunbathing in the garden. I was topless to start of with but Hayley persuaded me to go completely nude. It felt good, being completely nude on in the open.

As you can imagine Hayley was nude start to finish. That evening, Hayley and I were chatting and we started talking about how I had watched her bring herself off and how she watched me doing it. I don't know why but I just turned to Hayley and said "Why don't we masturbate together?"

"What? Like before" she asked whilst smiling.

"No, I mean masturbate each other, you wank me and I wank you"

"Mmmmm" said Hayley "OK" With that Hayley walked upto her bedroom and pulled me after her. She was wearing just a pair of shorts and a T shirt. As soon as we were in her room she pulled her T shirt up over her head and dropped it on the floor. With out hesitation she pulled her shorts down, revealing her smooth bum and shaven fanny.

I started to pull my top up when Hayley turned round and I saw a glint between her legs. I looked closer. Hayley saw me looking and opened up her legs, revealing a ring through the top of her fanny lips.

"How do like me pierced fanny?" she said

"Its cool" I paused and said "did it hurt?"

"A bit. But the bloke really knew what he was doing"

I giggled to myself as I imagined Hayley walking into a body piercing place and sitting then with her fanny out as a bloke put a ring through her lips. I could just imagine her siting and chatting normally to the bloke despite the fact that he was looking at her fanny. Hayley looked at my and told me to take my clothes off. I slid my top off, then my trousers, then my knickers. I watched as Hayley sat on her bed.

I sat down next to her and she put and arm around my shoulders. I put an arm around her shoulders and she lifted her right leg and placed it over mine. She smiled at me and said "Lets get going".

Hayley gently placed a hand between my legs and slowly rubbed around the outside of my labia. As she rubbed I was getting wetter and wetter and after a few minutes I was begging her to slid her fingers inside me. She pushed her forefinger inside me and circled it around the entrance of my vagina.

I gasped as she slipped in another, pumping her fingers in and out. I saw her wiggle her body as if to tell me to do my bit. I pushed my hand in between Hayley's legs and could feel how wet her fanny was. I gently parted her lips as I slid my fingertip in. Hayley inhaled deeply as I started to rub inside her. Her juices trickled down my fingers and onto my hand as I moved my finger. Soon I was starting to build up a rhythm and I slid a second finger inside her wet snitch. I bent my hand and touched the top of her clit hood with my thumb.

Hayley gasped with delight and for a few moments stopped masturbating me. Hayley withdrew her fingers from my vagina. She smiled as she held her hand up in front of me, her fingers glistening with my juices. She held her fingers to her mouth and then licked them, before pushing her fingers completely into her mouth and savouring my juices.

I felt so turned on by another (straight) girl tasting my juices.

"Want a taste?" Hayley giggled. I nodded, and with that Hayley pushed a finger into me again and wiggled in inside me for a few seconds. She withdrew it and held it to my mouth. I nervously licked her finger as I tasted my own vaginal juices. It tasted not too good, but it wasn't a bad taste either.

Hayley's hand was now on my left nipple. I love to play with my nipples, or better still, get other people to play with them, so it really got me going. She gently flicked her wet finger across my nipple. Faster and faster, for two or three minutes. She then withdrew her hand from me, and looked at me as if I wasn't doing my fair share. When she ran her tongue around her lips, I knew what she wanted me to do.

I made sure my fingers were covered with her juices, then pushed them to her mouth. Within a second or two she was greedily sucking her own juices of my fingers. I was sort of weird, but I was getting more and more excited. So was Hayley, judging by how wet her pussy was. I pushed my fingers back into Hayley and started to tease the entrance of her vagina. I stroked her inside, up and down, up and down, up and down........... Hayley gasped and breathed deeply as I masturbated her.

I suddenly had a wicked though. Why don't I try to see how many fingers I could get inside her (increasingly tight and wet) pussy? So in addition to the two fingers I already had inside her I slid a third inside. I felt her muscles tighten as they welcome the extra finger.

I stopped circling my fingers and held them still for a few moments. I could feel Hayley's tightness and looked down at her pussy and saw her plentiful juices trickling out, her vagina gripping my fingers gently but firmly. I whispered that she was ment to be masturbating me too.

Hayley mumbled that she was sorry and had her hand back between my legs a few moments later. She pushed her fingers inside me again. My vagina welcomed the attention it was getting, but Hayley was not playing with me like before. Her mind was elsewhere, anticipating her own orgasm. I sighed.

I would have to make Hayley climax before she could give me the attention I needed. So I started to move my hand again. I pushed my fingers deep inside her, as far as they would go. before pulling them out and pushing them in again. As I pushed, I used my thumb to tease her clitoris. I felt Hayley's vagina suddenly get much tighter.

I could feel the tension building up inside her. I pushed my fingers in and out faster and faster, so fast and hard that her juices started to splash all over her legs and belly. I circled my thumb around her clit until it was directly over her clit. Then I started to rub like mad.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Hayley said as she panted " I'm coming........"

A few seconds later she did. Her vagina went into spasm and locked onto my fingers. She screamed as her whole body shook with the force of her orgasm. Hayley lay back as she struggled to get her breathe back. Her vagina continued to hold onto my fingers for a few more seconds before I pulled them out with a squelching sound.

Hayley smiled at me and said "Thankyou". I thought it was best to leave her there for a few minutes so I did. But after five minutes I turned to her and said "I want to come too".

Hayley nodded with agreement so I opened up my legs again. Hayley wasted no time in getting her fingers inside me again. Within moments she was pushing them in and out. At the same time, she reached across with her other arm and started to flick my clit. I could her my climax building now. Hayley suddenly slid a third finger into my already tight and full vagina. Then a forth.

This was getting me off very quickly. I knew that a couple of minutes of this and I'd come like a train. Hayley started moving her fingers faster and faster, just like I did to her. She started to beckon me to come.

"Go on Lucy, come". I was so turned on. I could feel my pussy gripping her fingers. I closed my eyes and that was it.

I shuddered as a massive orgasm flowed through my entire body. We both got our breathe back before showering, getting dressed and going out for the evening. When I went home again I told my boyfriend and it turned him on so much it led to the craziest, most exciting sex we've ever had. So I expect it'll excite you and your readers.

Hayley has agreed to let me send this story in. We're going to be housemates at Uni again next year.

Who knows we might have more frigging stories for you?

Have fun Love Lucy and Hayley xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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