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A Not So Typical Weekend

Linda (October 2001)

Everyone at one time in his/her life has lived in an apartment.
During the Seventies the swinging singles apartments were in full
swing with sport fucking the most active entertainment. Single
people were all over the place. For some, getting laid was just a
fantasy, for others, a constant reality and for most like myself,
an occasional fling. Living at one apartment complex in the Southport
area, I had many a fantasy, reality and occasional fling. For
me or anyone else to think back to those years can make one very
very horny.

I remember doing some relatively crazy things back
then. For instance meeting a girl at a party who I had never met
and never saw again, and in less than five minutes of some heated
words, we were in my car doing a 69 and for my size that's not
too easy. At other times fucking a woman while her young child
watched, fucking my ex girl friend while her husband watched.
Going to a party dressed as a girl (it worked for a while). Jesus
how did I ever survive? But of all the crazy things I did, one
weekend stands out to me as out of this world.

It really started late Thursday night when I received a phone
call around 12:30 a.m. from a girl friend of mine, Leslie, who lived
about an hours drive away. I answered the phone in a half sleep,
but with her heavy breathing, I knew who it was immediately. We
had often had phone sex before, but tonight was to be an extra
heavy session. We started out with the usual small talk, but she
quickly came around to what she wanted.. a lesbian fantasy. I was
not shocked by this request. It was during our first encounter
that I learned of her bisexuality and her craving for fucking two
guys at one time. Actually it was our second. Our first was over
the phone where I seduced her for the first time. Well back to
that night. Leslie started the ball rolling by recalling the last
time we had been together. We had spent a good afternoon
exploring ourselves for the first time. She loved to 69.

Remembering her squatting over my face turned me on so much it
didn't take too many strokes for my cock to get hard. She told
me she still had on her panties so I told her to keep them on
just for the fun and for the added contact of her panties sliding
up her ass crack. Leslie then asked me to begin her fantasy. I
asked her with what characters and she suggested the female porn
stars in the lesbian movie we watched last week at my place. I
agreed that might be OK but suggested her roommate, "Straight &
Crazy Amy", instead who we both had the hots for. Leslie agreed
with a shudder. I told Leslie that in this story she didn't know
Amy and that they were both at the "Exotic Erotic Halloween party
in the city.

The scene opens with you running to the bathroom to freshen-up.
You're dressed as a devil women wearing a red leotard with horns
and a long red tail. As you enter the bathroom, it was packed
full of women all scantily clad in costume. You can feel your
pussy is wet enough from all the craziness on the main floor, but
in the bathroom you could hardly keep from touching your clit
just a little especially with your bladder so full.

As you make
your way to the toilet, you could see there was no door and
sitting on the toilet was Amy. As you looked down at Amy, pulling
up her panties, you could see her pussy is clean shaven, but
quickly looked away so as not to appear obviously excited. As Amy
stood up she asks you for a hand in getting her leopard leotard
costume back on her. You say yes immediately conscious of maybe
replying to fast, and because there was so little space in the
bathroom, you can't help but brush your hand across the nipples
of Amy titties. (At this time in the story I suggested that
Leslie pull her panties up the crack of her ass just a little
tighter. She asks me how my cock is doing and that she wishes she
were at my side to watch me stroke my cock. I reply its nice and
hard, and I have one hand cupping my balls. I don't really want
to jerk off too fast or I might come. Leslie begs me in a erotic
way not to come and continue with the fantasy.)

You now have Amy's leotard up but can't get her straps over her
shoulders because her breast are to large. You and Amy look at
each other and giggle then both of you notice two other women
standing right next to you in the bathroom. You both watch as the
two of them openly french kiss and reach down with their hands
between their legs and masturbate each other.

As you and Amy turn
your eyes back to each other you both notice each others nipples
are hard. You crack a smile looking for a sign and she returns
the smile and says "Hold on to my shoulder straps". Amy then
presses both her hands against her breasts and you pull the
straps up and over her shoulder. You feel a little pee escape as
a shudder sweeps through your body watching Amy squeeze her
breasts together. (Leslie is now telling me she has two fingers
up her pussy and one in her ass hole. I reply that I'll stick a
finger up mine so we can be together).

As you turn your back to the toilet Amy asks if she can help you.
"Oh Yes" you reply and Amy slips the straps down your side,
smiling as your breasts pop into view. She continues to pull your
costume down over you hips to your knees and you feel so naked
and embarrassed for loosing control. Amy smiles as she looks at
your wet pussy and then says;
"It looks like you really need to go badly"

You face feels as red as a tomato as you sit down on the toilet
Amy suggests that she acts as a modesty shield. You look up at
her and thank here for being so considerate. Amy turns her back
as you relax your bladder and begin to pee, sighing in relief.
Amy turns and smiles and you both start to laugh aloud. You reach
out and grab Amy for balance and she turns around to face you.
You part your thighs and scoot forward on the toilet feeling no
modesty towards this stranger. Amy looks down and watches you
finish peeing. You scoot farther foward until you feel the cold
toilet seat on you over excited clit. The laughter stops and your
eyes meet and she steps closer to you as you wrap you hands
around her ass slipping your hands beneath the leotard. As Amy's
body comes closer you look straight ahead and see her pussy. Her
costume is so tight as the nylon stretch material flows down
between her parted thighs it gently cups her smooth pussy making
her lips appear larger than normal. The costume is french cut and
you can see her skimpy tan line flare up from her mound and up
high across her thighs.

You quickly envision her walking along
crowded Brazilian beach in a bikini which covers only her nipples
and slit with the tiniest of string slipping up between her ass
cheeks. Amy continues to advance bringing her pussy closer to
your mouth. She takes your head and guides it to her pussy. You
open your mouth as wide as possible to cover as much of her pussy
as possible.

Your tongue reaches out and you taste her dampness.
(Now I tell Leslie to slide her panties off and bring them up to
her face. She tells me she's first stuffing her panties in her
pussy and masturbating just to make sure they're plenty wet
with her joy juices, then brings them up to her face and begins
to lick the crotch. By now we both can't stand it and both begin
to jerk off closing in on a wonderful orgasm. As Leslie begins to
come I release my load telling her how high my come is shooting.
That does it for her and she orgasms inhaling her own womanly
After we both calmed down we made plans for the following weekend
to continue the bathroom fantasy and said goodnight. As I hung up
the phone I looked at the clock and realised it was 2:30 AM. As I
fell back to sleep I didn't know that it would only be for just
about one hour, ......

..........but I'll continue this story at another time, maybe.

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