Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Coffee Shop shock

by Linda Chorlton
(October 2001)

John walked into the coffee shop and sat down at his usual table, without a
look at any of the other customers. When the waitress walked over, all he
had to do was grunt, "the usual," and she knew just what to get him. He
never talked to or looked at anyone, despite the fact that he'd been going
to the same coffee shop every Friday, as regularly as his schedule allowed,
for the last five years. That's why it was so funny when the girl sitting
in the booth next to him caught his eye.

She was reading a book while drinking cup after cup of coffee, John figured
she'd gone through about three cups in the last fifteen minutes. A serious
caffeine addict. She was sitting in her booth facing him, and he could see
her biting her lip as she read. He didn't know what was drawing him to her,
she was cute, but nothing special as far as he could see. Then she looked
up at him. He gasped, and smiled at her involuntarily as he saw her eyes
for the first time. Bright blue, and beautifully complimented by her auburn
hair and fair skin. This was no girl, this was a woman. Without a doubt, a
sexy woman.But of course he had a job to do, and he couldn't stay around the
coffee shop drooling all day. Sighing, he threw a ten down on the table,
and left.

He forgot all about the girl, of course. She was beautiful, but he had
bigger worries than some woman who had caught his eye. That was until three
weeks later, when he ran into her at a company function. He saw her eyes
first, really, from across the room. His gut reacted before his head, and
he stared, trying to figure out who he was looking at. He looked her over
in her black slip dress, the slit running up her thigh, and as his eyes
focused on her hair he remembered. The coffee shop. She'd been reading that
day, weeks ago. Who was she?

He walked across the room, and asked her name.

"Julia." She smiled at him, returning his lust filled gaze, pound for pound.
"Julia, would you like to go out with me sometime?" He couldn't believe the
words coming out of his own mouth. He didn't even know who this woman was,
but here he was, asking her out, willing to do just about anything to get
her to accept him. She was, without a doubt, the sexiest, most alluring
woman he had ever known, and all he was sure of, was that he had to have

"Here." Without another word, she handed him her business card with her
address on the back. "Tonight, 9:00." And she walked away.
Exactly at 9, he knocked on the door.
"Hi." She smiled, and waved him in
He followed her into the kitchen and smiled. "You look gorgeous tonight."

Julia, in a blue velvet turtleneck and black jeans, looked spectacular, and
knew it. She smiled. "You don't look half bad yourself." She looked up at
him, wondering when he was just going to kiss her. She never really did
things like this, but ever since she saw him in the coffee shop a few weeks
ago, she had wanted this man, without really caring who he was.

She returned the kiss with vigour, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth.
John took Julia's head in his hands and kissed her, running his tongue into
her mouth and over her teeth. He buried his head in her neck and inhaled
deeply. "You smell like roses." He ran his hand under her t-shirt and
lightly flicked a nipple with his finger, hearing her fast intake of breath
at the sudden spark he caused. "And you like that." He flicked her again
and she moaned, pulling his face up to hers.

"Make love to me John," she breathed, unable to believe what she was doing
with a man she didn't even know, and kissed him deeply.
"With pleasure." He pulled her shirt over her head and threw it to the side
of the couch. Lightly, he traced circles around her breasts as he licked
his way around her stomach and her hips, as she squirmed and moaned beneath
him. When he felt she was excited enough, he fastened his mouth on one
breast and sucked gently, biting down on the nibble ever so gently. Julia
cried out and pushed her hips against him, her hands trying,
unsuccessfully, to undo his tie.

"Damn." She said softly as she tugged again on the tie, pulling it tighter
and tighter around John's neck.
"Stop." He reached up and grabbed her hands, unfastening them from his tie.
He unknotted the tie, and threw it off.
"Sorry, it wasn't coming off..." Julia panted, desperate in her passion.
"That's ok." John slipped his hand down Julia's pants and stroked gently
between her legs.

"Why do you need to be so damn abrupt about this..." Julia gasped and
clutched his chest.
"Sorry, habit." He whispered, and kissed her deeply, plunging his tongue
deep into her mouth in rhythm with his fingers.
"John.." Julia moaned into his mouth as she pulled at his shirt, ripping
the buttons as she opened it and wrapped her arms around his bare skin.
"Most people wait for the shirt to come off first..." John said softly,
amazed at Julia's eagerness as she kissed his nipple, rubbing his back, not
even caring that his shirt was still on his arms and shoulders.

"I'd exposed what I'd wanted..." Julia whispered, sucking on his salty

He moaned and ran his hands through her hair. Seeing her kissing him like
this was too much like a dream come true, he hadn't thought a woman existed
like her. So hot, so ready, so incredible..."God, you're beautiful."
Every man should have 15 minutes with a woman like you, so as to die happy.
Julia looked up from his chest and smiled. "So are you."

He pushed her down into the bed with his hips, trapping her in place.
"What?" She looked up at him, her eyes wide with anticipation.
He slowly unbuttoned and pulled them off of her. Silently, he unbuckled his
pants, and removed them too, systematically undressing the two of them
until they were both naked. "Now." He settled back into the cradle of her
thighs and smiled.

"Now. Make love to me." Julia spread her legs wide and wriggled her hips,
feeling him push up against her.

John entered her slowly. He teased her a little, pulling all the way out,
then reentering again just as slowly. She grabbed his back, pulling him
down to her, refusing to let him do what he wanted his time.
"Roll over." Julia whispered breathlessly.

John smiled and did as he was told. Julia scrambled to straddle John's hips
and slowly settled herself down on top of him, enveloping him deeply. She
leaned back and moved her hips in a small circle, watching John's face
contort as her movements became faster and faster.
With a cry John grabbed Julia's hips and bucked up into her, needing to
fill as much of her as possible. She bounced up and down on him, bracing
her arms on his chest as she felt her body erupt with fire, increasing in
intensity with every move she or John made. "Oh John..." She moaned,
looking deep into his eyes.

"Julia..." He held her hips tightly to him as he pushed up into her, the
world melting round him.
"John..." She cried out as her senses exploded, the wave that had been
building inside of her finally broke through. She rocked back and forth on
John in ecstasy, her breath coming in gasps as she finally came, her body
tensing like a coil and then suddenly, completely relaxed.
John moaned as he exploded into her, feeling as thousand firebolts were
shooting through his body.
She collapsed on his chest with him deep inside of her and lay there trying
to catch her breath. "Wow."

"Julia." John said softly, playing with her hair.
"John." She kissed his chest and felt a shiver rush through his body.
"You are amazing, I want to spend my life making love to you." John looked
deep into Julia's eyes.
Julia felt herself involuntarily squeeze him inside of her as her stomach
dropped. Her mouth opened wide in shock. "I, uh..."
John grinned. "You don't have to say anything. I felt that. That was
enough. I want to spend my life inside of you." As he said it again, he
felt her twinge again. Grinning, he flipped them over and slid deep inside
of her.

Julia buried her head in John's shoulder, moaning softly. "Oh god..." She
whispered in his ear.

He kissed her deeply, slowly beginning to find a rhythm with his hips, back
and forth, in and out, always slow and steady. Julia found herself again
crying for him, begging him to give him what she wanted. Finally he
relented, pushing deep into her faster and faster until they both
simultaneously came, each one's pulses setting off the other's. John
slipped off of Julia and stretched out by her side, wrapping his arms
around her hips and pulling him towards her to snuggle. "I love you." He
said again.

Julia looked up and him and smiled. "I love you." She snuggled into his
arms, content, and fell asleep.

John looked around and saw a blanket folded up at the base of the sofa. He
pulled it up over them, pulled Julia close against him, and fell asleep.
Six months later she was killed in a car crash. What a God Almighty waste!
Better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all, they tell you.
What a bloody great load of bullshit that is !!!!

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