Monday, March 30, 2009

My Best Friend's Wife

by Linda Chorlton (Story # One)
(October 2001)

Just to give a little background information. Me and my friend, Ian, have been friends for years and he has been with his wife Linda for most of the time I have known him. Linda and I have always been good friends also. Linda is a gorgeous woman and it's pretty hard to not be sexually attracted to her. She is about 5'6 with tan Latin skin. Her breasts are a large C and her ass is not petite, but is nicely rounded.

In the beginning Linda didn't show any real interest in me. It wasn't until about a year before they were married that she started flirting with me off and on. I heard her mention once that she wasn't getting much from Ian at the time. Anyway, Linda started doing things like putting her arm around me when we were sitting next to each other as well as hold my hand and give me hugs. I thought it was kind of nice, but I was pretty sure Ian wouldn't like it if he saw her doing it.

She was pretty subtle about the whole thing. She would do things like I mentioned when we were just out of Ian's line of sight or when he was in the next room. She turned me on like you wouldn't believe. We, (Ian, Linda, my girlfriend(Debbie), and I), would all go out dancing or go on holiday or just go hot tubing together just us or with a group of friends and some of the out fits she wore drove me wild. We went to a club one time and she was wearing this short black dress with a lace up area from the neckline to just above her belly button. She had it tied tight, but there was about a one inch gap so she was showing a nice amount of cleavage. She has a lovely pair of tits, but never shows her nipples to the world. I really needed to see hers. Curiosity was really going to kill this cat. I had to touch her boobs, or die.

There were five of us dancing at the time, Ian, another guy, myself, Linda and Debbie. Debbie had to use the bathroom and at the same time Ian and the other guy took off for the bar. Linda and I continued dancing and the club was packed so we were dancing pretty close. We start doing the grind and by this time my dick is totally hard from looking at Linda and all the other hot girls in the club. I knew that she must have been able to feel me bulging through my pants, but we both had a couple of drinks by that time and I know I didn't care. She looks up at me and smiles then turns around and starts grinding her ass into me. I put my hands on her hips and slightly pull her toward me, but not like she was my girlfriend or something. I'm buzzed at this point, but I still have some respect for Ian.

She kept grinding her ass right into my stiff cock and I couldn't help but get extremely turned on. She new that she was poling a stiffy, because I started to stroke her arse, push her away and grab her to pull her in to me tighter when she stood up with her back to me. She took her hands and laced her fingers behind my neck as she arched her back, still keeping her bum against my stiff cock. I love it when girls are arched and their tits are nice and firm. I was too horny to resist so I started sliding my hands up and down her sides. This started to get her hot, too. I would go down her legs as far as possible and then move up her sides each time getting closer and closer to her breasts, finally I went for it and slid my hands over her tightly stretched breasts. She was wearing one of those half-cup underwired, platform bras.

I could feel the lacey effect as I caressed them gently and waited for a response as I moved them. She said nothing and turned around and started to dance normally again. Moments after this I heard "Oh there you guys are". A friend came over and said everyone was at the bar. The three of us started walking toward the bar when Linda reached forward and gave my ass a firm squeeze without the other guy seeing. I was still a little shocked at what I had done, but that gave me a good assurance that it was all right with her. This was the first most exciting sign that I was getting somewhere nearer my goal, to shag her. That was the first time I had really touched her.

The next time I saw her in private I was a gentleman and apologised for what I had done. She accepted and said it was alright. The next erotic encounter we had together was when we went on a holiday together. The four of us stayed in one room to cut down on cost. We didn't mind the lack of privacy because we could have sex at home when ever we wanted. We all had a good time but it was also the first time I saw Linda naked and actually I got to see her twice. The first time was on the first night. Linda had gone to bed with a sweat shirt on as her only top.

I am a light sleeper and in the middle of the night I guess she got hot and wanted to take it off. I heard her rustling around and I woke to see her stripping off her top and laying back down with no covers on her chest. I stared at her beautiful breasts by the light of the parking lot lights. I was in heaven, those dark pointed nipples were all I'd ever dreamed they would be. My lips had to suck, tongue an nibble them.. The next time I saw her naked was when Linda was coming out of the shower. All of her clothes were outside the bathroom door so she began to change there. She was behind a wall blocked from our direct view, but what Ian and Debbie didn't know is that I was getting a perfect view of her from the reflection in the mirror. I was trying not to look obvious and trying not to let on to Linda that I was checking her out, but she caught a glimpse of me. She didn't acknowledge me, but I knew she saw me ogling her.

It must have turned her on because she gave me a nice little show. She bent over at the waist to give me a great shot of the tight, rounded, cheeks of her ass, then she put her foot up on the vanity unit to dry her leg off ,which gave me my first nice view of her pussy. I had to stop looking when Ian went around the corner to see her. Nothing much exciting happened for the next couple of months after that. It wasn't until the four of us went to a cabin in the Lake district together that the most exciting thing happened. The plan was that Ian and Debbie were going to go down to the lake in the early morning to do a little fishing.

Both Linda and I wanted to sleep in so they took off with out us at about 6am and planned to be back at around noon. I woke up at about 8:30 and walked out of the room to go to the bath room. As I was half way down the hall and approaching the door, Linda walks out of her room and greets me in a pair of loose silk shorts and a low cut, loose fitting silk top that cuts off just at her tummy button. I couldn't believe how good she looked, I got an instant hard-on and got kind of choked up as I offered to let her go first. She exits as I walk in and as I finish and open the door I hear from downstairs "Come help me with breakfast!".

I walked downstairs to see her standing behind the stove starting to cook eggs. I stared at her tan legs for a second and then continued down the stairs. I started fixing different things when she bent over right in front of me. I got a perfect view of her braless tits, even her nipples. I was in heaven. I continued to peek at her when ever possible, but the best was when we sat down in the living room after eating. We sat down in big chairs that were opposite each other. We started talking when she pulled her legs up to her chest so she was totally on the chair.

The way her legs were positioned I saw right up the leg of her shorts to her pussy. I had all kinds of images going through my mind at that point, I wanted to fuck her right there. I couldn't stand it I had to walk away or I was going to explode. I walked over to a bank of windows that looked out over the lake. I said "Hey check it out, there they are." Debbie and Ian were in a boat in the middle of the lake with poles in the water.

So what should we do till they get back, I asked her. "Wanna put in a movie and soak in the hot tub." Linda says. "It's kind of early isn't it?" I say. "Ya but that's OK, c'mon it's all warmed up" she says.

So we go get our swimsuits on and she comes out in this neon orange string bikini. It had a thong bottom to show off her great looking ass and the top was so small it barely covered her nipples. Her body looks incredibly tan in the contrast. I said "Wow, you look great" she mentions that it was new and that she bought it for this trip. We picked out a movie and popped it in the VCR. We grabbed a jug of water and settled back. In the first two minutes Linda had her legs resting on mine. We watched the movie a little and I started to give her a foot rub. She shaves her legs, and creams them, making them as smooth as silk. She enjoyed this "footsie" so I started to rub up her leg.

I inched farther and farther until I was at her thigh. At that point she moved over next to me. She urged me to continue stroking with my leg, so I did. She rolled onto her stomach and I continue to rub. I moved up to her bum, and back, and then up to her shoulders. She kept giving me moans of approval, so I started to push to the limits.

I inched my fingers onto the sides of her breasts and began to push them together ever so slightly. This sensation of firm and soft is so exciting for me that I gasp, and this made her moan and gasp in return. At this point my dick was so hard and I was so horny I really stopped caring about anything else. I just wanted to bury my dick into her pussy. She didn't seem to mind my advances so I started working my way around to the front of her chest.

I rubbed around her breasts first then up her cleavage, then finally I slid my hand underneath her top. I went in from the side and as I did she let out a low "Yeeeesssss". I used a free hand to untie her top and remove it. After caressing her firm breasts for a minute more, I slid my hands down her back and over her ass. I spread her legs apart and ran one hand up and down her inner thighs and massaging her pussy while the other went back to massaging Linda's breasts. I was working myself as well as Linda into a frenzy.

Finally I took hold of both sides of her thong bottom and stripped it down to her ankles as she stepped out. I drew myself close to her and whispered to her how badly I have wanted to fuck her over the years. She said nothing, and just turned to start taking my shorts off. I step out of them as Linda turns back around and bends over the side of the tub. Her legs were spread wide as I slid my fingers along her pussy rim, and with out waiting a second longer I eased my cock into her aroused vagina.

I slid my head into her cunt hole and Linda moaned "Ohh Yaa". I gently started pumping my cock into her. Bit by bit it slid in farther until with one last push, it went all the way in. She was mine, and I was hers..... we both wanted it, and lost ourselves in a pool of desire.

Linda moaned with pleasure as I thrusted my cock in her. The warm water mingled with her juices to produce a interesting lubricant. The water splashed and spilled over the side as I grabbed her hips and fucked her like an animal. She had obviously needed this shag, as she was gripping, grabbing, hugging on to me with an equal passion and intensity, way beyond the normal sex acts we experience.

The hunger was obvious.Then after she had about three orgasms. I sat her onto the side of the bath and started licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. It drove her wild. She laid back with her knees in the air and her cunt in my face.

One of my favourite positions is the face-sitting one.I was still horney and I still hadn't cum yet, so I sucked on her clit and brought her to orgasm again and she repaid me by cumming all over my face. Her cunt lips were sucking at mine, dragging my tongue deeper into her vulva. I needed to fuck her again so I got onto the seat and while she lay back still recovering from her last orgasm, I slid my dick into her again. I had only fuck her like this for a few seconds before she wrapped her legs around me, sat up and started bouncing up and down on my cock in the water.

I couldn't stand it any longer, my body was screaming to ejaculate. I needed to pound her. I bent her back over, grabbed her hips, and shoved my dick into her as hard as I could. I tensed up, gasped with ecstacy just before I was about to cum. Just as I shot my load into her pussy she came with a loud scream.

Our hot juices mingled together inside her and then oozed out into the water around us. As we sat back enjoying the after glow I realized The best fuck of my life had just been with my best friend's wife. Both Ian and Debbie returned on time at noon with two fish each and by that time we had cleaned up and there was no clue that I had just fucked the living daylights out of Ian's wife, Linda.

The weekend went on and no one was the wiser, but Linda and I never looked at each other the same way again.

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