Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In-flight Entertainment

by Linda Chorlton
(October 2001)

I am a professional woman who has only just discovered her
submissive side in the last few months. I was reading a
romance novel (only about the second one I have ever read,
someone left it in the seat pocket in front of me) on a
long flight and found that I was soaking my panties and
almost hyperventilating while absorbed in the story.

It was mostly about a woman who is held captive by an 'evil' Prince while
she waited rescue by her 'good' Prince. I wanted her to
stay with the 'evil' Prince. I have a dark side to me.
My husband is 10 years older than me and a great lover, but
he is somewhat bewildered by this new interest. He was
worried that I was having an affair with a man who was
bringing this out in me, especially since I travel alone
frequently. But, since he saw my libido rise he is trying
to get into it and has played some Domination games with me.
Mostly blindfolds and tying me to the bedposts.

I had a late evening flight to a west coast trip meeting
recently, the trip was to end on a Friday and my husband
decided to come with me so we could have a weekend in San
Diego. We do this quite a bit since his work is very
flexible. On the plane I was in a middle seat, my husband
on the aisle and a very handsome older, maybe mid 50's,
gentleman was in the window seat. I was whispering to my
husband that I hoped we could play some Dom games in San
Diego and he whispered back that if I could give the guy on
my right a hard on he would buy some props and play with me
in SD. I never thought about involving any third parties and
it made me both scared and very hot at the same time.

I hiked up my skirt a little trying to get his attention,
even brushed him with my breasts when I turned his way to
adjust my pillow. None of that worked. We did strike up a
conversation after my husband went to sleep, I told him
that as much as I fly I can never sleep in the air.

He laughed and confessed that he used to have the same problem.
He was reading a what looked like a spy novel and I asked him if he
liked it. He said that the story was so-so but that some of the
steamy parts were pretty good. I raised my eyebrows a bit and he said
here, have a look. He gave me the book to read excused himself and
turned out his light. I read two pages, this part of the story
was about an interrogator who used 'soft' methods to get information
from female spies. It included a lot of Sado-masochistic stuff.

I was getting excitedly wet. Since the cabin light were off I figured that
I could put my blanket on my lap and maybe get a little self relief.

The men on both sides of me seemed to be sleeping.
I turned out my light and and leaned back. With the blanket in my lap
and my legs crossed I figured I was being pretty private. I waited a
few minutes and slid my fingers under the hem of my skirt and started
running the edge of my nail up and down my clit against my stockings.
It felt great and I knew relief was in sight if I could control my
breathing. Suddenly I could feel a hand against my right thigh right
above my knee, I looked over and my new friend gave me a coy little
smile. I smiled back and he lifted the arm-rest between us.

I uncrossed my legs and he slid his hand under my blanket and replaced
my fingers with his. He used his little finger and slowly massaged my
stocking clad clit. I glanced at my husband, who was sleeping
soundly. I masked my orgasm with a stretch and a yawn but my neighbor
knew exactly what he had accomplished. He lifted his fingers to his
nostrils, and savoured the musky smell of my jizm like some expensive cigar.
I reached over to reciprocate under his blanket and he let
me stroke his hard cock for a while. But after a few
minutes he put my hand back on my lap and whispered that it
would be too messy.

When we started to land the light came on and I introduced
him to my husband. At baggage claim my husband surprised
the hell out of me when he said "I guess you won that
challenge". He had witnessed the whole thing and was very
turned on by it. I was a lttle bleary for my meetings in
the morning since we stayed up half the night playing games.

One question I have for anyone else who understands my fetish, we are
new to this and would love to know what kind of games other couples

Particularly D/S and a little S/M. Write us, via this site.

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