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The Bell Hop

by Julie Winston
(August 2001)

I am on a flight coming back from America, having only flown there this morning. I needed to have a meeting face to face with one our US distributors, though, in retrospect a phone call or even just an e mail would have done it. Still, it's done now and I will know for next time.

Anyway, I thought I would type this tale up whilst I've got my laptop handy it's still fresh in my mind.

I suppose it started when the airport lost my luggage. I say luggage but it was just one overnight bag with a change of underwear, a business suit and my wash bag. Having flown in overnight, in the company of children whose idea of sleeping is to run up and down the aisles all night, I was in no mood for the loss. When it became apparent that the case was not going to turn up on the carousel I went to report it. I must admit to losing it slightly when presented with a form to fill in.

I gave the girl my business card with the name of my hotel on the back. At that point she asked me my size. 'What's that for?' I replied. Almost politely she said, 'we have a courtesy bag that has a change of underwear, toothbrush etc. I need to know what size.'

'Small' I said 'UK size 8, 32aa top, is that what you need?'

'That's fine' she said and went to a cupboard behind her 'here you are' she said as she gave me a carrier bag that had pre teen written on it in graffiti style writing.

Looking at her, the middle aged heaving bosom type, she seemed to be somewhat contemptuous of my small size. (Why is that? If you are one of those people or if you have had the same experience feel free to e mail me).

Anyway, by now the driver who had been sent to collect me was about to give up waiting. I just got there in time and the journey to the hotel was uneventful. My boss was reluctant to let me have a hotel, so I asked her where she expected me to shower and change and she relented. The hotel was very nice, better than I had expected. I had about four hours to kill; the shower and new suit shopping would take that up.

I had a quick look at the underwear provided by the airport, they would do the job when I was showered. I stripped off ready for the shower and went into the bathroom. I caught sight of myself passing in the mirror and went back for a proper look. At 25 I still look pretty good. My mum always says that if you have got a flat tummy then you can get away with a small bust. Against my small frame the 32aa breasts don't look too small, in fact they look quite cute.

I was in danger of dwelling too long on my body and the resultant fun that that brings, thinking about the fresh cotton bed linen on my body. Maybe if there were time, it would be a shame to not use the bed!

So, into the shower. And what a delight that was, plenty of hot water pouring down on me. I washed and shampooed and got out to dry myself, then brushed my teeth. That's when the door went. I was still naked so I picked up a towel and held it up to my breasts. 'Who's there?' I called out. 'Bell hop, your luggage has arrived.'

The bell hop came in with my lost bag, that would save me a shopping trip. Thinking ahead, I would get to try out the bed linen, lucky me! I searched around for my bag for a tip. As I struggled to get the foreign currency out of the exchange envelope the towel dropped, as I picked it up I realised it was just a hand towel that had left me exposed from the waist down anyway.

I dashed into the bathroom and came out wearing the bathrobe. It was obvious to me that the bell hop was aroused, the bulge in his costume trousers giving the game away somewhat. He looked about 16 years old and had probably never seen a naked female before. I spoke first 'er, sorry about that!'
'No, no, ma‚am, it's my fault'
'How's it your fault?'
'I shouldn't have looked, sorry.'
'Who wouldn't have looked?'
'I should go'
'Wait, I haven't tipped you'
At this point his erection was obviously uncomfortable so he Œadjusted‚ himself. Seeing the boy do that was a real turn on and I felt a rush of fluid release between my legs, 'Let me do that' I said and went to unbutton his trousers. 'Ma‚am, they‚ll miss me downstairs' I did not want this opportunity pass so I picked up the phone ad dialled reception:
'Joe will be a while, he is helping me unpack' The name was on his badge, I hoped reception hadn't seen that I only had one small bag.
'Thank you ma‚am, that is not his job, I‚ll send a maid up.'
'No, thanks. I think Joe can manage, is that OK?'
'Thank you ma‚am, that‚ll be OK.' I finished on the phone to see that Joe had dropped his trousers to reveal his boxer shorts. 'You won't need those' I said then added 'get on the bed' As he lay on the bed, his knob pointing skywards I got a sheaf out of my bag - I always carry one ˆ then unwrapped it and put it on him. He didn't look like he‚d know how. I climbed astride him and guided his knob into place, I was already moist from the excitement of this unplanned visit. Gently I slid up and down, fingering my clitoris because I didn't think that he would have the staying power to make me come on my own. In a minute or so his hips were bucking, out of time with me. 'Sit still' I said, 'I‚ll do this' I could feel his knob as I squeezed it tight with my female muscles and I kept going until I had come.
After a moment I climbed off and sent him to the bathroom to freshen up, use the hand towel I instructed. When he came back I was slipping out of the robe ready to have another quick shower. He looked straight at my breasts and said 'Just like my kid sister!' I looked back and answered 'how old is she?'

Puzzled, he replied 'Thirteen, why?'

'Do you want to shag her? Tell me her name' I asked, shocking myself with the thought and the language.

'It's Kirsty.'
'Come to Kirsty' I said, fingering my still moist crutch.

I gave him another sheaf as I lay down on the bed, knees raised, legs apart still fingering myself. He put it on and laid on top of me, his knob now recovered. I put it in for him and he began to thrust, slowly and gently.

'Feel Kirsty's little breasts' I said, putting his hands on them. 'Your f***ing your thirteen year old sister and feeling her breasts!' He was soon pumping furiously before collapsing in a heap on top of me, I didn't get to come!

That's the whole story except to say that another bellhop turned up to collect my bag, not Joe. I hope the guy next to me on the plane can't read this, I don't think he can, the laptop display isn't so good (or bad).

I've got the 'airport' bra and panties on. They are a nice soft cotton fabric. The bra is actually flat cupped, not for someone with any shape so my breasts looked a bit cheeky hanging out the sides, not something you see too often with 32aa cups. I'm going to finish up now and get a blanket from the stewardess:

I need to renew my subscription to the mile high masturbation club by feeling myself in the teen underwear.

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