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Melissa and Sheila

Written by Rinaldi (March 2001)

I was working the register, taking care of a long line of teenybopper girls just out from the movies when I first met her. She was probably about 5 inches taller than my full 5'9", but it seemed much more than that.
From the beginning it seemed she towered over me, by at least a foot and a half, a looming and powerful presence. Immediately I was struck quite dumb by her sheer physical presence and great beauty. She was brunette with hair down below her shoulders and curly. Long, long lashes and blood-red lips set off her deep green eyes, and this I noticed before my gaze traveled to her oh so ample bosom, at the time I could only think, "Jesus, those tits!" Her arms were a bit too muscular for her womanly figure, and the too-big hands set me off before her sultry voice. Her blue dress was short, revealing a lot of nice leg, and low cut, for nice cleavage.
"Large caf? mocha, sweetiepie."
"Whipped cream?"
At this she winked at me. "You got that right,
My heart jumped a wink in my chest and I tried not tosqueak as a replied, "lots and lots of cream." I smiled, and she smiled back.
Immediately I was a little puzzled by my own reaction,having never considered myself in the slightestbisexual, and always having had decent luck with theladies, but here I was, flirting with this bigbeautiful woman who I know had no juicy pussy like Iusually craved. Nevertheless, she had beautifultitties and a big, plump, womanly bottom. Not fat, and a flat stomach, but a big wiggly bootie. We made small talk and she asked me what time the storeclosed.

"9," I said, "I'm off at 9:30"
"mmmmmm? that's nice," she breathed, turning on the full flirt. "almost done."
I tried to concentrate on steaming the foam for a small skinny decaf bullshit cappuccino, but I knew my cock was clearly visible, aching to be released from my jeans for anyone who cared to look and my mind wandered. I was almost over myself, my knees with strength returned as I walked out into the balmy night at the end of my shift. There, sitting on the bench out front and smoking a slender cigarette was the same amazon woman. Once again she winked at me and as I said hello I felt the blood rush south and my 3 inches grow to 6?, and then she noticed, and stared quite openly, licking her lips.
"Do you need a ride home?" she asked me. "I've got my bike," I said, a little tentatively.
And a few minutes later there I was, loading my bicycle in her car and on my way to her apartment.

Melissa was her name, it turned out. The name itself got me hard. The place was all done up in bright colors and cloths, no TV, I noticed, just a computer, books, etc. I think she knew I was quite nervous and offered some ice-cold peppermint schnapps, of which I had three shots and felt much at ease.

We wasted little time and soon through liquor and horniness I found I had agreed to let her dress me as a woman, or rather, to use her term, "a little slut."
She undressed me in the bathroom, kissing my lips, my nipples, and my stomach. On her knees before me she seemed less intimidating and let out a little girlish squeal of delight at unbuttoning the first two on my fly, to see that I had no underwear, and clapped her hands together when my cock sprang loose, and she saw the generous foreskin of my uncut and hard member. I was laid back in a bubble bath, ecstatic as she cooed and fussed over me, washing my hair, soaping my back, etc. She stood me up and lathered me, carefully, closely, and slowly she shaved my legs, under my arms, and all my pubic hair. I looked 11 years old again with a hairless crotch, but was very excited when she had me bend over and hold apart my cheeks so she could remove the hairs of my asshole. I was in heaven.

"Now, my little girl is clean on the outside, let's clean inside, ok, baby?"
It was my first enema. I felt I would burst, my insides were turmoil, but I was deliciously happy for all three bags and blushed bright red sitting on the
toilet with her looking at me. She dried me off, and, taking hold of my cock, led me to her bedroom where I sat naked on a red velvet-covered stool in front of a
huge makeup mirror. Powdered, lipsticked, mascara-ed, blushed, perfumed, and earringed, I felt like a doll.

A slutty, horny, naked doll with a hard uncircumcised penis, proud of its baldness. She combed down my hair and looked through wigs and I soon saw I was beautiful, with just above the shoulder platinum blonde hair. Melissa kissed me on the cheek.

"Oh, you look so cute!" she said and poured me another schnapps while she caressed my girlish bottom. She led me over to a three fold mirror in the corner next to a large chest of drawers, opened one drawer and with one finger on her lips contemplatively and one tickling my anus oh so gently, said, "first, baby needs some panties!"

Never have I seen satin so red. I pulled them on, and noticed that they were strong in the crotch, and minimized my cock, keeping it concealed. Then I felt my exposed bottom and realized they were Brazilian cut, making me feel a permanent wedgie and giving me quite the slutty bootie. Melissa contemplated her prize, and decided on stockings. A red satin garter belt and sheer black stockings with a seam down the back made my ass feel even more naked, especially when she snapped the garter strap on my right cheek, bent over and kissed it. In the mirror I could see the red lips from her lipstick on my skin. She stepped back and giggled, clapping her hands, and leered like a construction worker at her handiwork. Especially my butt. I've always had a full ass, like a girl's, and she was appreciative. "Mmm-hmmm. You will shake that little thing, baby, tonight. So cute!"

Fake breasts under a red satin bra gave me b-cup titties, and from the closet she retrieved a red Suzie Wong dress with black flowers embroidered on it. It
came to just cover my bootie. If I bent over, the
world would see my pussy-ass and sitting down would
require talent. Very high red stiletto heels
completed the ensemble and in the mirror, from shoes,
to the visible tops of stockings revealing pale bare
thighs, to titties and pouting red lips and bright
blonde hair, I was beautiful. I was a doll. I was
also a very well dressed Asian-looking Whore. I felt
like a whore, and deliciously so.
She held me from behind, and bent to kiss my neck.
"You're gorgeous, my sweet babydoll. You look like a
Sheila. How's that, Sheila?"
I bit my lip and nodded, pleased, and smiled.
"OK, Sheila, just one thing missing," Melissa said to
me, "and because I believe in a woman's right to
choose, you can pick it out."
She opened a case for me, and in it were ten or twelve
buttplugs of various sizes and shapes. I chose one
from the rosebuds collection, a small gold-colored
thing with a red jewel on the base. I held it out to
her with a look of submissive love. "Good,
Sheila-baby, that will look wonderful. And feel
wonderful." Melissa raised my dress to bare my
buttocks, and slapped them playfully once. She pulled
aside my panties and tickled my anus.
"It's so cute!" she cooed. She kissed my puckered
bud, licked it strongly from top to bottom, and dabbing a little KY on the plug, slowly slid it intomy hole. My outer sphincter closed around it, and there it was. I turned and bent over. Looking into the mirror I saw, with the string of my Brazilian-cut panties on one side, a red glittering jewel for an asshole. And when I stood, it was hidden between my cheeks. I rearranged my little dress, realized I
couldn't have distinguished myself from a really slutty hot bitch, and smiled, flushing.
"So, Sheila! It's Friday night, and only 11:15.
Shall we go out on the town?" Melissa asked. I just smiled, and reached up to kiss her on the lips for the first time. Her tongue was hot, as hot as my cock
felt in my satin panties that no one could see, or couldn't see unless I bent over.

By Rinaldi

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