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Written by Anon (January 2001)

Professor McGonagall made her way out of Gryffindor tower and walked to her office.

"Oh, Severous, you frightened me," said Professor McGonagall when Professor Snape came from a side corridor.

"Excuse me, Minerva, I did not mean to scare you," said Snape with a hidden smile.

"Well, I guess I’ll see you later at the board meeting"

"True, but I was wondering if you would like to come to my office" said Snape willfully.

"Well, I do have things to do but they can wait" said Professor McGonagall smiling.

They both turned and went down the stairs to the dungeons.

Snape’s office was the darkest office in Hogwarts but it was also the most interesting. The cupboards in it were filled with potion ingredients and books on how to make very complicated ones.

Snape opened the door to his office and let Professor McGonagall in.

"Would you like to have a drink?" asked Snape. Minerva McGonagall nodded and smiled.

Snape took his wand and swung it. On the table were two glasses and a bottle of one of Snape’s wines.

"It’s mine, I completed it just a few days ago" said Snape looking at Professor McGonagall.

"Well, aren’t you going to pour me some?" said Professor McGonagall smiling.

"Oh, yes indeed" smiled Professor Snape and picked up the bottle.

Professor McGonagall took her glass and took a sip. She looked at the wine and then on Professor Snape who was smiling at her.

"That’s one good wine, Severous," said Professor McGonagall as she took another sip.

"Yeah, it is" said Snape with a wicked smile.

"Why Severous, I never noticed how handsome you are," said Professor McGonagall after a few sips.

"Well, you are very Beautiful yourself, my dear Minerva," said Snape smiling.

"Oh thank you, lover boy, now, come here," ordered Professor McGonagall in a seducing voice.

As Professor Snape came closer Professor McGonagall took her robes off and remained in her cotton dress.

"Well, Minerva, wouldn’t you think it is not to decent?" Whispered Snape as Professor McGonagall took another step towards him.

"Who wants to be decent here?" whispered McGonagall back at Snape, now a few inches from his face.

"Well, if you put it this way then" said Snape quietly and kissed Professor McGonagall on her lips.

They stood kissing for about a minute when Professor McGonagall took Professor Snape’s Robes off and he remained only in his Boxers.

"Minerva!" said Snape astonished.

"Oh, shut up Severous," she said and took off her dress.

They were together in Snape’s Office. Snape was in his Boxers and McGonagall remained wearing her Bra and Panties only.

In a flick of a wand all the things on Snape’s desk disappeared. McGonagall was pushing Snape to the desk until he lay on it. Professor McGonagall got on him and started kissing him from head to chest.

"Would you like another drink Minerva dear?" said Snape smiling for Professor McGonagall was now kissing his midsection.

"I can’t see why not," said Professor McGonagall stopping casually to breathe between kisses.

Snape swung his wand and the bottle rose and poured some drink into one of the glasses, the glasses rose too and started floating it’s way to Snape’s hand.

"Here you are, Minerva," said Snape.

"Oh, Thank you Severous," said Professor McGonagall taking the glass and drinking the wine.

Snape got up and lay Professor McGonagall on his desk. He took her bra off and let her breasts burst out of it. Her beautiful round tits were so perfect and stiff that Snape was amazed.

"You have the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen," said Snape looking at Professor McGonagall.

"Yeah well, you think you are the only one who knows how to make potions? I went to ‘StiffStuff laboratories’ and they gave me a potion that made my tits look just stiff and perfect as they were when I was eighteen" smiled Professor McGonagall.

"Well, they did a marvelous job" said Snape smiling and started kissing Professor McGonagall’s hard nipples. Professor McGonagall moaned softly.

Snape kissed and sucked on Professor McGonagall nipples for about quarter of an hour until he started getting down to her midsection and down her beautiful panties.

He bit the tip of the panties and started dragging them down her legs exposing her well-shaved beautiful vagina. He kissed his way up her legs back to McGonagall’s Vagina.

Snape licked McGonagall’s vagina until he could feel her body rest after a great orgasm. Her vagina juices tipped on his tongue and he sipped them.

"That was wonderful Severous, that was godlike" moaned Professor McGonagall harshly.

Snape got up and took his boxers off. He leant on Professor McGonagall and started kissing her passionately while putting his Penis right on the edge of her Vagina.

"Ooh" jumped Professor McGonagall as she felt Snape’s penis penetrates her body. She smiled as Snape pushed his penis harder inside.

"It has been a while since someone was in your situation, Severous" smiled Professor McGonagall.

"Well, do you think it was too early?" asked Snape smiling.

"No, no, not a moment too soon. This is just the way I need to relax now in all this mess," said McGonagall.

Snape lowered his face towards McGonagall’s and started kissing her while pushing his penis harder inside.

"Oh, Severous that feels so good" said Professor McGonagall.

"Well, did you think you are the only one who can transfigure?" said Snape "I transfigured my Penis to be longer and thicker than he really was".

"Wow, I didn’t know transfiguration can be so useful in one’s love life," said McGonagall smiling.

"Yeah, and I found in one of the muggles… what are they calling them? Ah, yes, Pharmacies. I’ve found there a pill that can make me go on all night".

"Well, Severous, we can’t do it all night because we have to attend to the board meeting later," said Professor McGonagall in a firm voice "we are the heads of Gryffindor and Slytherin".

" Well we can continue later on if you would like to" smiled Snape.

"We’ll worry about that later" said McGonagall "in the meantime go ahead, do it faster".

Snape smiled and increased his speed and heard Professor McGonagall moan in pleasure.

"Yes, yes, hard, now" moaned Professor McGonagall.

Snape was ready to explode. He pushed his penis harder inside until he felt his cum splashing out of his penis inside Professor McGonagall’s body.

"Oh, Severous, that was wonderful," said Professor McGonagall softly as she raised her body towards him, wrapping her hands around his body.

"Just meet me later and we’ll do more great stuff" said Professor Snape as he kissed McGonagall’s neck. They got up and put on their clothes.

"See you in thirty minutes at the board meeting" said Professor McGonagall and closed the door.

The board meeting was not very interesting but two of the people inside the room seemed to be very interested, Not in the meeting but with each other.

On dinner Garry could see that Professor McGonagall was acting weird and Snape was not so bad-tempered as he always was.

"What do you think is happening?" asked Garry looking at Ron.

"I don’t know" answered Ron looking at Snape.

Snape, in opposing to everything Garry and Ron knew was looking happy and he even had a little smile as he looked towards Professor McGonagall.

Dinner was over, Garry and Ron went back to the common room.

"Let’s go spy on Professor Snape" said Garry to Ron whispering.

They gone up and took the invisibility cloak and went down. They were lucky the common room was not full so they waited a few seconds until someone opened the fat lady portrait and got out without someone running into them.

They went down to the dungeons and got near Snape’s office.

Suddenly the heard the voice of Professor McGonagall. "Yes, Now, Severous it’s wonderful" they heard Professor McGonagall scream and moan.

"Oh hell, what kind of trick they are planning on now?" said Ron furiously.

"Shut up," said Garry "they are having sex".

"What?" said Ron astonished and continued listening to the voices coming out of the office.

"Alright. Let’s get moving, we don’t want them to catch us," said Garry listening to Professor McGonagall moan heavily.

That was the sign that she was finished, he thought she sounded just like Hermene at that part.

They went up back the stairs and up the marble staircase until they reached the portrait hole. They took off the invisibility cloak, and Garry put it inside his robes.

They got in and Hermene was still sitting there doing homework.

"Where have you been? I was looking for you," said Hermene "I didn’t see you leave".

"Yeah, well, we gone to make something and we couldn’t take you," said Garry

"We’ll tell you some other time," said Ron and they both got up to the boys’ dormitory.

The Christmas holiday was over and the rest of the students got back. Draco Malfoy was again at school and Garry was sorry the Hogwarts express’s wheels did not kill him.

The first lesson was "care for magical creatures" with Hagrid. On the way to Hagrid’s hut Garry could hear Malfoy talking about his father and how he wants to get rid of Hagrid. "Don’t pay attention to him," said Hermene looking at Garry’s face.

"Just give me one chance and I’ll hurt him" said Ron angrily.

"And you’ll get expelled" said Hermene with a teacher like look.

Ron muttered something to himself and continued walking.

As they got to the hut Hagrid was waiting at the door. He smiled when he saw Garry, Ron and Hermene.

"Today we’ll learn about snakes," said Hagrid looking at all of them.

"It looks like you’ll finally have someone intelligent to talk to, Potter" sneered Malfoy.

"And it looks like you are alone again, Malfoy" said Garry.

Crabbe and Goyle were looking at Garry angrily but still not understanding what he meant. Pansy Parkinson was looking at Garry and she looked angry and as if she was trying to bewitch him.

As they got to the place the snakes were. All the snakes stood up and looked upon Garry. Garry was astonished and so was all the class.

Garry told the snakes to sit down and all of a sudden the snakes got back down.

"Friends of yours" sneered Malfoy.

Garry whispered something in parselmouth and one of the snakes got out of his basket. All the students backed off but the snake kept crawling in the direction of Malfoy.

Malfoy was pressed to a tree when the snake reached him and stood in front of him.

Garry whispered another thing and the snake came towards Malfoy’s face and took a deep look into his horrified eyes. After a few seconds that looked like eternity to Malfoy the snake backed away and crawled back to his basket.

Malfoy was breathing hard and looked at Garry who was smiling at him.

All the class started laughing at Malfoy’s look. Hagrid coughed and the attention was turned back to him. The rest of the class went on quietly and Malfoy did not speak.

When they got to the castle the Gryffindors parted from the Slytherins and went to a history of magic lesson with the ghost of Professor Binns.

On their way to their next class Pansy Parkinson was looking on Malfoy watching his every move.

She walked closer to him and pulled him to an empty classroom on one of the dark corridors. "Close your eyes" she said to Malfoy and he obeyed.

She locked the door and then took out her wand and swung it.

A large king-size bed appeared in the middle of the classroom. She took Malfoy and led him to the bed. Another swing of her wand transformed Malfoy’s robes into black vinyl tights and shirt. She lay him down and commanded him to take his arms above his head. Malfoy now nervous, eyes closed, started wondering what’s going on.

Pansy swung her wand one more time and Malfoy’s hands and feet were tied up to the sides of the bed.

She took off her clothes and she sat on Malfoy’s midsection.

"Now, you’ve been a very bad boy Draco Malfoy" said Pansy in a way that made Malfoy shiver (he hadn’t opened his eyes yet).

"Why? What have I done?" cried Malfoy still eyes closed.

"You let this stupid Potter make a fool out of you! And now all of the school is going to talk about your encounter with the snake" said Pansy with an angry voice.

"But what could I have done?" cried Malfoy not daring opening his eyes.

"It doesn’t matter you still need a punishment" said Pansy determinedly

"What?" jumped Malfoy and opened his eyes.

He suddenly noticed that he was tied to the bed and Pansy was sitting on him bare-naked.

"You opened your eyes before I told you" said Pansy "you insolent, now you’ll get your punishment" she smiled a wicked smile.

Malfoy was helpless he hadn’t had his wand and he was tied up.

Pansy got up and turned Malfoy’s body and spanked him on the buttock. Malfoy shouted and she silenced him. He shut his mouth and Pansy spanked him some more.

"Now, I want to be satisfied" she told Malfoy with a firm voice.

Malfoy could see her stiff tits and hairless vagina moving towards him. Pansy now sat extremely close to Malfoy’s face. And Malfoy could smell her vagina juices.

"Lick it" she ordered him. Malfoy looked at her bewildered. A second had passed and she gave him a slap on his face. "Lick, Now" she ordered and Malfoy took out his tongue and reached her vagina. He started licking her clit softly. Pansy let her head fall backwards and moaned with joy. Malfoy continued licking it until he heard Pansy groan heavily and then stop at one groan. Pansy’s juices flowed on Malfoy’s face and he sipped it joyfully.

Suddenly he felt a great slap on his face, "you are not supposed to have fun, its your punishment" said Pansy.

"But…But…" said Malfoy.

"Don’t but me mister" said Pansy angrily "Now, let’s go on with your punishment shall we?"

"Ok" said Malfoy humiliatingly.

"I want to be satisfied again, Draco" she said "and don’t let me catch you enjoying it"

"Alright" answered Malfoy.

Pansy got up and took her wand, she drew a circle around Malfoy’s waist and the circled vinyl cloth disappeared leaving Malfoy with his penis out stiff and ready for duty.

"Good" smiled Pansy. She moved towards Malfoy’s penis and slowly inserted it to her vagina. She moaned a little and inserted it all the way in. Malfoy closed his eyes.

"Are you having fun?" said Pansy looking at Malfoy angrily.

"No, no it’s not fun at all," said Malfoy right away

"Good, go on then" smiled Pansy. Malfoy started again moving his body up and down as much as he could because he was still tied up to the bed. Pansy groaned hardly time after time and Malfoy could feel he was going to cum. He did not say anything and after a few seconds he exploded inside Pansy’s Vagina. His cum filled Pansy’s vagina and she moaned heavily.

"Bad boy" smiled Pansy "you enjoyed it even though I told you not to".

Malfoy smiled too, "yeah" he answered.

Pansy leant on Malfoy still keeping his penis inside her.

Suddenly Malfoy noticed that pansy had dropped her wand by his hand. Quickly he took it and freed himself. Pansy hadn’t noticed that.

In the meantime the class was over and next was potions with Professor Snape.

Garry, Ron and Hermene got into the classroom and sat down they noticed something is different but could not have pointed it until Snape called Malfoy’s name.

"Draco Malfoy… Draco Malfoy where are you?" asked Snape angrily.

"He’s not here," said one of the Slytherins "and he wasn’t in the previous class either and so was Pansy Parkinson".

Garry thought and saw Ron and Hermene looking at him with the same worried face.

Was Malfoy really hurt by that snake Garry set on him?

"This is ridiculous," said Snape "where could they be?"

But that question was not about to be answered. At least not very soon because Malfoy was now in an abandoned locked classroom with Pansy Parkinson.

Malfoy wrapped his hands around her body and turned her over. She looked surprised.

Malfoy now on Pansy’s naked body looked at her and smiled.

"Now, I want you to satisfy me!" he said with a firm voice. He rose her up and brought her mouth straight to his penis. "Suck it" he ordered her.

Pansy opened her mouth and put Malfoy’s penis inside. She started sucking it and Malfoy moaned softly. He reached with his hands and grabbed her buttocks. He started massaging them softly at start and harder as he came close to cumming.

Pansy felt he was moving faster and started sucking faster. In a few seconds time Malfoy splashed all his cum inside Pansy’s mouth squeezing her buttocks so hard that they gone red. Pansy swallowed all the cum from Malfoy’s penis and continued sucking it leaving it clean and shiny.

Malfoy turned her body and he was now facing her buttocks.

"Please, do it gently" said Pansy begging.

"Alright" said Malfoy with a wicked smile on his lips. He cupped Pansy’s tits in his hands and put his penis right outside her butt hole. With a snap he penetrated her butt and pushed his penis all the way in.

Pansy screamed but Malfoy put his hand on her mouth quickly. Tears came from Pansy’s eyes as Malfoy started pushing his penis harder inside and outside every time harder than before.

Malfoy cupping Pansy’s tits in his hands and his penis inside her butt started moving faster. Pansy cried for him to stop but he didn’t until he felt he was about to cum. He took his penis out and turned Pansy’s face to him. He masturbated a little until the splash of cum was shot straight to pansy’s face. She reached with her hand to Malfoy’s penis and started masturbating him until the last drop of cum came out.

She kissed his penis and licked it.

She stood up and took her wand. She swung it and they were back in their robes clean and tidy, the king-size bed was gone and they were standing in the middle of the abandoned classroom.

"Oh, hell, we lost an hour of potions with Professor Snape. He’ll kill us," said Malfoy.

They hurried to the dungeons. Making it barley to Snape’s second hour.

"Where have you two been?" asked Snape angrily "well, doesn’t matter. Ten points from Slytherin each".

Malfoy smiled, it was sure worth twenty points. Garry and Ron were furious, if they had missed a potions class Snape would have taken fifty points each from Gryffindor at least.

"If I just knew where that stupid brat was" said Garry to himself.

Suddenly as if he heard him, Malfoy turned to Garry and smiled a wicked smile.

"Thanks" he whispered "and don’t get used to it ‘cause I won’t say it again".

Garry now was curious then ever to know where Malfoy had been. But when he looked at Pansy he knew where he was and what he was doing.

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