Monday, December 08, 2008

Dangerous fantasy

Written by anon (January 2001)

My wife's mother and i have been screwing together for over six months. My wife and i had been married for ten years before i fell in love with Jean,her mother.I had always fancied her, thinking sexy thoughts of her while i masturbated or when i was fucking her daughter.

Jean and i fuck about once a week, during one love-making session Jean described how she had always fantasised about being in bed with two men, sucking greedily on one cock while being fucked by the other. Although my mother in-law is getting on in years, she is still quite fit, good looking and she and her husband still have an active sex life together. Jean does admit,however, that Bill, her husband doesn't get as stiff as he used to.

As i run my own business, i can have plenty of spare time. One morning Jean called me to see if i wanted to go round her place and that she had a surprise for me.
When i got there i got a surprise alright, Bill was there! I was expecting such an argument, but no, he shook my hand and thanked me for making his wife horny as hell.
"Don't worry" said Jean "this is my surprise, i want to be fucked by the two men in my life i love"

She explained if i didn't like the idea it would be cool, and our relationship would carry on. We went upstairs to the bedroom and undressed, all three of us a bit apprehensive.
Jean smiling at my now erect cock, took her gaze to Bill's.
His penis was a fair size but not as big or stiff as mine.

Jean knelt in front of Bill slowly taking his swollen cock in her mouth, sucking and licking up and down his shaft. I stood beside Bill and then she alternated between his cock and mine, i was thrusting my hips fucking her mouth getting so turned on, knowing Bill was watching his wife give me a fantastic blow job. I told Jean to get on the bed so i could eat her cunt.

She lay on her back, her legs spread wide, giving me easy access to her sexy damp pussy. I licked and kissed her beautiful cunt she was pushing her hips up to meet my tongue, Bill was beside us watching every move, rubbing his cock.

I moved out the way so Bill could have a taste of his wife's swollen pussy. He went at her cunt wildly, pushing his tongue all the way in her love hole I couldn't believe how horny a man sucking his wife's cunt could be.

I was rubbing my cock watching her writhe and squirm on his expert tongue. I needed desperately to fuck her hard and fast and i knew she wanted the same. Bill got up from between her legs then Jean said she wanted another part of her fantasy fulfilled before we could fuck her.

She wanted to watch Bill and i masturbate each other. I was shocked and embarrassed, i had never been with a man before, hadn't even thought about it. Jean just said if you don't do it you don't fuck me.

Nervously i lay beside him, reaching for his manhood slowly stroking his cock up and down. I was getting faster stroking his fat cock, Jean sat on the chair legs spread wide fucking herself with four fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.

Bill found my erect cock rubbing it furiously, he had a firm grip, we were doing each other good. Jean was in exctasy moaning loudly, encouraging us on. I don't know why, i still don't, but i moved down on Bill and took his cock in my mouth.

Sucking on his surprisingly tasty cock i could hear Jean scream "oh my fucking good God that's fucking beautiful, i'm cumming i'm fucking cumming"

I felt Bill's body tense then emptied his big balls into my mouth. Swallowing his cum Jean rushed over kissing me full on my lips wanting to share Bill's cum with me.

The three of us lay together trying to let what had just happened sink in, fuck i couldn't believe i had given a bloke a blow job.... and enjoyed it! Jean knelt up and started masturbating the two of us together, Bill's hard cock was now limp she took his cock into her mouth encouraging it to stiffen up.

I moved behind her nudging my big fat cock into her wet lovely slut of a cunt.
Slowly pushing it in inch by sexy inch, Bill watching every move while his wife was fucked by a man twenty-five years younger than him.
Jean was screaming "don't tease me, fuck me, fuck me"

I started fucking her so hard pushing my cock all the way into her pussy then all the way out so fast so hard. Bill's cock was stiff now and i knew he wanted to fuck her.

We swopped places but i slid under Jean in the "69" position.She sucking on my cock while i rubbed her clit and Bill's cock pistoning in and out of Jean's cunt. Jean moved and frustratingly for Bill, stopped fucking him mid stroke, she climbed on top of me my cock slipping straight up her cunt to the hilt.

I fucked her like a man possessed. Both screaming both of us on the crest of the best orgasm we had ever had.
I was cumming i screamed "i'm cumming i'm cumming you fucking slut "i'm cumming into your whore of a cunt"
She screamed back"me too you cheating shit, FUCK ME!"

My cock erupted sending my hot cum powerfully deep inside her body, she started shuddering while she had her first ever multiple orgasm.

I am still fucking Jean regularly, but Bill hasn't joined in, Jean wanted our session to be a special memory none of us will forget, ever

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