Thursday, December 04, 2008

Enjoying Chris

Written by Marc (January 2001)

I really enjoyed watching Chris open up sexually. Having been ignored for years by her soon to be ex husband she was ready to let loose and I was going to be the lucky guy who would enjoy her freedom. Our sex life started off like none I had ever experienced before. Chris and I went to a XXX movie house for our first date. I had the pleasure of fucking Chris while she sucked the cocks of the two strangers next to us. "Good to the last drop" was all she could say as she licked up the cum from my cock after I pulled out. She had already swallowed all the cum that the strangers gave her.

What an adventure that was. I was hoping to just be able to make out and maybe cop a feel of her great tits on this date. I knew this was going to be the start of a wonderful relationship after that. We hungrily expanded our sexual life to include a lot of oral, mutual masturbation, & adult toys, but Chris let me know that anal was out. I was allowed to rub and lick her ass but no penetration of her rosebud, which was fine with me, after all I was given the OK for anything and everything else. Chris did have one fantasy that we needed to work on, and that was to make love to another woman. This last Friday I called Chris at work and asked her to meet me at the bar around the corner from my office for a drink or two, nothing unusual except I was bringing along one of the temps from work with me for Chris to have her way with. Carmen was about 24 years old. She had dirty blond hair and a cute face. She had a body much like Chris’s, petite, nice firm tits, great legs that traveled all the way up to a nice ass.

Chris knew why Carmen was there as soon as she arrived. I introduced them and sat them next to each other to carry on some small talk while I sat back to observe. After about 3 drinks they each seemed to come out of their shells. They started being very sociable, telling dirty jokes, laughing and smiling. Then they started talking about sex and I knew the evening was going to be great. Chris started telling us about the time in college that she fucked two guys at once in her dorm room. Going into detail about how they fucked her pussy and mouth till she couldn’t walk or talk for a day or two.

Carmen loved the story and told us that her only group experience had been with her room mates and a strap-on dildo. Carmen said that going into college she had been a virgin to everything but her own fingers and that her room mates taught her how to suck cock, eat pussy like a pro, and even enjoy taking a super large dildo all the way into her tight little pussy. By large she was talking one of those 12" super real looking dildo’s. Looking at me quickly, Carmen told me that it was nothing personal but that women are much better lovers then men. I informed her that Chris had never been with a woman and I had never watched two women together so maybe we should leave for my place to find out who’s better. The two girls looked at each other, without a word they started kissing lustfully, and grabbed their jackets. I’ll take that as a yes, was all I could say and we headed for my car. Once in the car the two went at one another like long lost lovers. They never said a word, they couldn’t with their tongues deep in each others mouths. By the time we pulled into my driveway Carmen was sucking on Chris’s nipples while Chris held her tightly by the hair.

We headed right for my bedroom. The girls were tearing off their clothes as fast as they could. I went to the kitchen, grabbed some wine and glasses knowing what was waiting for me when I returned to my bedroom. When I entered the room all I could do was sit in the side chair and watch these two go at it. Carmen was the leader directing Chris on what to do, when, and where. Chris was a quick learner. They had gotten into a 69. Watching these two women eat each other was fantastic. They almost looked like twins but Chris shaves her pussy and Carmen only trims hers, other then that, their tits and nipples were the same size and shape as were their asses.

Chris always loved the way I would eat her to orgasm and I could tell that she was treating Carmen to everything she learned from me. Long licks followed by a good tongue flicking along her clit and asshole. Chris was of course the first one to cum and Carmen didn’t waste a drop of her juices. No other woman on earth cums like Chris. It’s like a garden hose letting go.

Carmen was off and cumming herself within about 30 seconds. She didn’t removed her tongue from Chris till she was sure that there was no more juices for her to lick up. I had never been so turned on, my cock was rock hard and needed some attention too, so I slid into the bed between the two of them. Shyly I asked if they might have some energy left to help me out. With that they both slid down my chest, then my stomach, down to my hard cock.

Each one of them taking turns deep throating my throbbing cock and balls. It didn’t take long for me to start cumming large globs of hot, salty cum all over their lips and tongues. When I stopped cumming they each licked up a tongueful of cum to share with the other. Kissing deeply they cleaned up all my cum and then we all cuddled up together. For the next two days we fucked, sucked, masturbated and basically enjoyed the best sex of our lives together. Needless to say, I’m waiting for Chris’s next fantasy…..

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