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Garry POTTER and Hermene's Christmas present

Written by Omer (January 2001)

It was Christmas Eve the common room was quite empty.
Garry was sitting by the fire with Ron and Hermene.
Neville Longbottom was sitting on the corner reading "improving your magical self".
"Isn't it fun sitting like this by the fire" said Ron petting his little owl.
"Yeah" said Garry watching the flames curiously.
"What are you looking for?" asked Hermene looking at Garry.
"I was just thinking about some things bothering me"
"What is it? You can tell us " said Ron.
"Well I'm about to turn sixteen this summer"
"And what's wrong with that?" asked Hermene bewildered.
"Well, I've found out I'm a wizard and went to Hogwarts, I've managed to dodge Voldemort three times, met my godfather, won the Quidditch cup, insulted Draco MalfoyÉ" "I still can't find what's wrong with that?" sighed Ron.
"Well in all my life I hadn't been with a girl" said Garry still confined with the flames. Hermene blushed a little and Ron saw it. Neville was coming nearer when he saw the conversation was beginning to be interesting.
"Well, Garry, I was never with a girl too" said Ron staring Hermene.
"Yeah, Me too" said Hermene instantly.

The three of them were looking at Neville who was hiding behind his book.
His eyes slowly coming up from above the book gave him away.
"Why are you looking at me?" asked Neville with an innocent look
. "We were just wondering whether you have something to share with us," asked Ron.
"Me? No, what can I have to share?" asked Neville looking astounded.
"Well it's Christmas time and we should share our secrets and thoughts with our friends" said Ron.
"I don't have anything to share" declared Neville and left the common room back to the boys dormitory.
"Cheer up, Garry" said Hermene to Garry cheerfully "we should be happy, your time will come".
"Faster than you think" thought Hermene to herself.
"Anyone for a game of chess?" said Ron desperately trying to change the subject.
"No, I'm tired Ron" said Hermene and got up from her chair.
"I'll play with you" smiled Garry rotating his chair towards Ron, finally taking his look off the fire.
"Cool" smiled Ron back and started placing the pawns.
"See you two tomorrow morning" smiled Hermene.
"Bye" said the both of them together now confined to the chessboard.

The door to the girl's dormitory opened. Hermene was walking to her cupboard opening it's doors.
She took off her robes and took off the long shirt that was under it. She was standing bare naked in the middle of the room when a cool breeze came through the window.
She came towards the window and let the cool wind go through her hair. She put back the robes on her naked body and went to her bed.

Garry was beginning to get very tired and Ron's eyes began to slowly close. They decided to leave the game as it is and go to sleep.
They'll finish it in the morning. Ron put his owl in his cage beside his bed and Garry had petted Hedwig's beak.
Ron was already in bed when Garry was taking his clothes off and getting inside his bed too. "Goodnight" said Ron.
"Goodnight" answered Garry while taking off his glasses.

The night was beginning to get warmer and Garry pushed the blanket off him. Then a sudden click made him awake. It was the door to his and Ron's room (Neville was sleeping in a room next door).
He saw a hooded figure walking towards him. It was not a Dementor because he could see the figure's hands.
It was not a teacher because the figure was too short. And it was not a stranger because no one can get into Gryffindor tower without knowing the password to get through the fat lady portrait. So who was it?

Suddenly a sparkle of light came from what seemed like a wand and it was pointed strait to Ron. He couldn't reach for his glasses and could barley see who it was until she was very close.
"Hermene, what are you doing here?" asked Garry surprised.
"Think of it as an early Christmas morning present" smiled Hermene.
"What?" whispered Garry. He hadn't had the chance to complete his sentence when Hermene's Robes came off.

In front of Garry's astounded face was Hermene naked and she was walking towards him.
Garry twitched his leg to see what will happen. Still in front of him stood Hermene bare-naked.
"Can I come in to bed with you, Garry" asked Hermene with a smile "Its getting cold".
"WellÉ yeahÉ sure" mumbled Garry as Hermene took another step towards his bed.
"What about Ron?" asked Garry.
"I gave him a deep sleep spell he won't get up even if will bring the whole school in." Garry shook his head in agreement and took his blanket again and covered himself. Hermene raised the blanket and lay beside Garry who was still partly shocked by her.

She looked at Garry and before he could do anything he felt her lips touch his. Her lips were so sweet that Garry thought they were like one of Honeydukes's sweets. He didn't want her to stop. He felt her hand strolling over his body from the arms to the midsection and to the chest.
He too was softly moving his hand on her back and to her neck feeling her soft hair. Garry now was so confused he was carrying away with Hermene.
"What got into her?" he thought to himself when suddenly all the thoughts flown away. He felt Hermene's hand reaching his boxers. He slowly moved his body up so she could do it more easily.
There he was naked in his bed with another girl who was naked too. His thoughts stranded to the idea of a teacher coming in but he was quickly distracted by the fact that Hermene was now on him. He felt Hermene's body pressing towards his. He felt his mind racing between enjoyment and confusion.

He felt his penis hardens and he saw Hermene smiling. He was not sure what he was supposed to do but he felt Hermene would explain it to him when the time comes. He again felt her sweet lips kissing his lips and slowly going down to his chest. He stroked her hair as he felt her approaching his midsection. Suddenly he felt Hermene's Hand reaching his penis. She was wrapping her hand around it and moving her hand very slowly up and down. Garry felt his body about to explode. It felt like nothing he felt before.

The Quidditch cup winning feeling was not even close to that. In a split second he felt his insides burst out of his body in a splash on Hermene's hand. Hermene took her wand and flashed it.
All the cum on her hand disappeared. Garry gently holding Hermene's body turned her on her back and lay on her body. He kissed Hermene on her lips and gently gone down her neck to her breasts. He kissed her nipples with utmost lust to her body. They remained like that for a few minutes when Garry from time to time going down Hermene's midsection and up her lips. Hermene gently reached her hand back to Garry's penis and aimed it at her vagina. Garry felt his penis penetrating Hermene's body.

It was very humid and it felt divine. Hermene was smiling and Garry felt like living in a dream. Garry was moving slowly in and out of Hermene's body. They were kissing gently when Garry heard Hermene breathing hard and in a second calm down. Again he felt his body ready to explode but this time he was inside Hermene's body. Suddenly without he was ready for it his cum burst out of his penis inside Hermene's body. Garry felt his body shivers as Hermene calmed him down. His penis was in Hermene's vagina for another few minutes. Garry turned off Hermene's body and lay beside her.
Hermene turned on her belly and put her head on Garry's chest.
"You know" said Garry to Hermene "when I was living with my aunt and uncle at privet drive I was told that this is how muggles bring their kids to the world". "Yeah I know" said Hermene still her head on Garry's chest.
"It was the most sensational feeling I ever felt, but isn't it dangerous for us to do it?"
"Garry I'm a witch, a little young, but still a witch. Trust me". Garry smiled and kissed Hermene on her head. It was the best Christmas Eve he ever had. "I'd better get back to my room before Ginny will notice I left," said Hermene kissing Garry. Hermene got up to her feet and went to the edge of the bed crouched and reached for her robes. She put her robes on her naked body and Garry was looking at her confined.
"Will it happen again?" asked Garry looking hopefully at Hermene.
"Sure, bye" she said smiling at Garry.
The door to the room closed and Garry could see that a small flash comes through the keyhole at Ron.

Garry was still thrilled by what happened to him last night that when Ron came to wake him up he was already awake.
"Wake up, its Christmas day" called Ron at him. Garry was lying in his bed and when Ron called him he jumped out of his bed enthusiastically. He looked at the presents on his bedside but he was happy even without them. He opened his best present last night. Packages from all sizes were by his bedside. He picked up Hagrid's present, "dragons: the fascinating world of the winged demons" by Drago Pyros.

Garry thought that this was an expected present from Hagrid who thought dragons are cute. Hagrid had a very twisted perception about dangerous creatures, he once had a three headed dog and a little dragon as pets. He picked Sirius's present it was heavy. He opened the package and inside was a photograph of him and Buckbeak on the background of a tropical island.
The picture was moving in the traditional way the magic pictures moved, and Sirius was waving at Garry. Inside the package was a bottle filled with something Garry knew right away. It was butter beer. Ron hurried and sat beside Garry and they both shared the bottle. They saved some for Hermene.

The Dursleys sent their Christmas Greeting that seemed like they wished that would be the last one they would ever send. And finally Ginny's present was left last. As Garry picked up her present he could tell it was a book. So he opened it, "Kama Sutra: The muggle art of love". Garry opened the book the looked inside it. There were pictures and explanations about how muggles make love and ways to increase the love pleasure.
Ron was looking at the book bewildered "who sent it to you?" he asked.
Garry embarrassed looked at him and the book "I don't know, there is no note".

They cleaned the room from the wrapping paper and went down the stairs to the common room of the Gryffindor tower. Hermene was sitting in her chair by the fire and Ginny was sitting on a couch reading the daily prophet and chewing gum. Garry looked at her but she was busy reading the paper.
Hermene was looking at Garry smiling and yearning him to come over. Garry came and sat next to Hermene holding her hand in his. He took out the bottle of butter beer and poured some to Hermene in a glass. Hermene was smiling at Garry and leaning her head on his shoulder.
Ron was looking at them not understanding what's going on.
"Can we continue our chess game from yesterday?" asked Ron looking at Garry. "Yeah, sure" answered Garry "go get it".
Ron got up and went to the edge of the room, picked up carefully the chessboard and went towards Garry. Hermene got up too and gone to get a table so Ron would be able to put the chessboard on it. Ginny deserted the daily prophet and went sitting beside Garry.

Hermene looking angrily and frustrated at Ginny got up and went sitting beside Ron. After about an hour of playing, the chess game was over and Ron as expected won. Hermene smiled and hug Ron and Ginny comforted Garry. Garry stared at Hermene and was thinking about Ginny's bizarre gift. Neville got in the common room.
"Hi guys, I heard strange noises last night from your room. What was it?" said Neville scratching his head. "I didn't hear anything," said Garry quickly "did you hear something Ron?"
"No" said Ron innocently. Hermene smiled a little smile that only Garry could see and apparently Ginny could too because she looked at Garry embarrassed. It was lunchtime and the dining hall was full of decorations with various colors, the tables were full of glorious food and the five Gryffindors ate with much pleasure.
It was time for afternoon nap and Garry felt his eyes close from exhaustion. He didn't have much time to sleep last night and Ron woke him up very early. Garry went up to his room and lay down on his bed. Ron and Neville stayed down and played a game of chess.

Hermene stayed in the common room and read the paper and Ginny went to her room. Hermene was looking sideways to see if someone is coming through the fat lady portrait or if Ginny was coming down the stairs. Swoosh, a flick of a wand made them fall asleep.
A figure covered with robes went up the boys' dormitory. It got a few feet from Garry's room and then she heard a little noise coming from outside the common room. Professor McGonagall was at the fat lady portrait. "trillidius" she said but the fat lady did not move.
"What's wrong?" asked professor McGonagall.
The fat lady did not answer she was sleeping.
"Wake up!" ordered Professor McGonagall but the fat lady remained. It was only when Professor McGonagall took out her wand when the fat lady woke up with a yawn.
"What's wrong?" she asked again. The fat lady opened her eyes "suddenly I felt tired so I went to take a nap".
"Oh, alright, just open the door" muttered professor McGonagall. She entered the common room watching Ron and Neville playing their chess game, Hermene sitting reading the paper and Ginny sitting by the fire watching the flames.
"Is everything alright?" asked professor McGonagall.
"YeahÉyeahÉyeah" answered Hermene and both Ron and Neville. Hermene got back to reading the daily prophet. Professor McGonagall was looking at Ginny "are you alright, dear?"
"Yeah, I'm just thinking".
"Well, just remember that if you have a problem I can help you, you can come to me, alright?" said Professor McGonagall.
"Alright" said Ginny still watching the flames burning the wood. "Ok, have a merry Christmas everyone, goodbye" said professor McGonagall and disappeared through the fat lady portrait. Swoosh the flick of a wand came again.
The hooded figure again made her way to the boys' dormitory. She opened the door to Garry's room and closed it behind her. She took off her robes and remained naked.
She touched Garry and he did not wake up. She took off his Blanket, and he was turning in bed lying now on his back. She slowly took off Garry's boxers and he was naked too.
She touched Garry's penis and it stiffened she slowly closed her lips on Garry's penis and began moving, pushing her head against Garry's body.
Garry woke up watching someone kissing and sucking his penis.
"Ginny" said Garry surprised but not quite.

Ginny gently took Garry's penis out of her mouth and reached her finger to her lips, silencing Garry. Garry leant his head on the pillow and looked at the ceiling. He pinched himself again on his hand to see if this was a dream. But as last night it was not a dream. Ginny continued sucking Garry's penis until he felt the same explosion feeling he felt last night.
Only that this time he had splashed all the cum from his penis into Ginny's mouth. Ginny swallowed all of it but a little of it slipped through her lips so she licked it with her tongue. She crawled closer to Garry and kissed him on the lips.
Her little breasts were rubbing and squeezing to Garry's body. Ginny continued scanning Garry's body with her lips kissing every inch of it.
Garry stroked Ginny's hair, gently squeezing her nipples, kissing them. Ginny straightened and sat on Garry's midsection. She raised herself a bit and inserted Garry's penis into her virginal hairless vagina.
She made small voices of pain when her virginity skin was torn. When Garry's penis was all inside she rested for a second and then leant her body forward to Garry and they kissed. While kissing she started moving in very small movements forward and backward. She straightened up and let her head fall backward from joy.

Garry reached with his hands to Ginny's breast and wrapped his hands around her tits. Ginny continued moving slowly and then faster until she felt her body about to explode. In a minute Garry felt her vaginal fluids flow on his penis. He continued where Ginny stopped and a few seconds later he came too. His cum filled her vagina and she leant over him again this time absolutely exhausted. She stayed in that position for a few seconds just to feel Garry inside her a bit longer.
Garry stroked her hair gently and she got down and lay beside him. Ginny got up and put her robes on.
"Why didn't you tell me anything?" asked Garry "I just knew that Hermene was here yesterday"
"That's why you came?" asked Garry smiling. "No, I wanted it for some time now, so I came" she smiled softly "hope to see you again Garry" she continued and walked out. Garry got up and put his boxers on. He went to the window looked outside for a few seconds and thought to himself "life is funny" and got back to bed. After a few hours Ron came up and suggested they'll go and visit Hagrid.
"Professor McGonagall forbid us to leave the tower" said Hermene when they came to call her.
"Why?" asked the two of them.
"I don't really know. She was here earlier asked if everything is alright and told us not to leave the room until dinner"
"That's odd," said Ron looking at Garry.
"Yeah, wellÉ let's go upstairs and sit in my room"
"Ok" said Hermene and Ron together.

They got up and gone up the stairs.

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