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Babs birthday treat

Written by Billy (February 2001)

After 25 years of marriage and two late teens kids Babs and I had settled into a comfortable rather than exciting sex life. At 47 she is still a very attractive woman with bobbed blonde hair and a very curvaceous figure and after a few drinks can be fun in bed.

She was a virgin when we married and although we had fantasised about having her serviced by one of my friends we never really took it further than that. For my 50th birthday my wife Babs booked me a treat - a three week trip for us to Bali.

She promised it would be special in every way including her shedding a stone in weight to a trimmer 38c 28 39 and buying some very sexy new clothes. She had booked us a good hotel just outside Kuta, in order that we could either sample the nightlife of Kuta or have a quieter time in.

The first week was idyllic with Babs working up her tan wearing just a tiny scrap of thong bikini bottoms which barely covered her large public mound and which split her big jutting buttocks in a most exciting way. With her sunbathing topless and her pussy and ass well displayed in her thongs , and showing off her figure at night by going braless in revealing tops and wearing short tight skirts virtually sculpted to her big rear , she did turn quite a few heads. She enjoyed the attention and I must say it also turned me on to see so many younger guys do a second take when they saw her. That and no work to worry about certainly rekindled my libido and with her feeling sexier we made exciting love virtually every night.

I really fell in love again with this new slimmer sexier wife and the only thing that frustrated me was that after lusting after her big ass all day and evening , she wouldn't let me have her anally. Over the years we had tried on a few occasions and it had hurt and I had left it. But when I saw the big globes of her ass bouncing as she walked around the pool in her g string ,I felt I really had to have her there. But when I tried her again the second or third night she claimed once again that I was too big for her there.

On the Friday we went tuna fishing with Jack, an Australian businessman ,we had met in our hotel, on a boat he had chartered. Babs came to sunbathe on the forward deck. Apart from the crew there were five young Australian guys fishing. It was one of the trips where food and unlimited drinks are part of the cost and after a few beers the young guys lost interest in the fishing and concentrated on the beer and wine. They all got quite merry and when we stopped for lunch and Babs decided to take a dip I heard a few ribald comments when she came out of the water with her white bikini almost transparent and her breasts/nipples and big bush almost perfectly on view through the wet stretched material.

After lunch it was no surprise to see them join a topless Babs on the forward deck to sunbathe while Jack and I fished. In a funny sort of way it quite turned me on to see these three young guys in their late teens lust after Babs and in spite of her protestations when I mentioned it to her when we got back, it had obviously turned her on too because she was very responsive when I tumbled her on the bed and went between her thighs.

Jack had invited me to meet some Balinese business men that evening and Babs had told me she was going to have a quiet dinner in the hotel and an early night but after our romp she told me that some of the young guys had invited her out for a drink and did I mind. I jokingly said so long as you behave yourself and she smiled and said "don't be silly they're about the same age as Josh" ( our eldest).

I did have second thoughts that night , when I saw that she was wearing a rather see through tiger skin top with no bra which left nothing to the imagination about her big heavy pendulous breasts and thick nipples and a pair of very tight white knee length trousers which really emphasised the ripeness of her thighs, pussy mound and buttocks. But I thought so what if she does get a bit of a kiss and a fondle it will make her all the keener for me when I get back.

I kissed her good bye and got my cab to Nusa Dua to meet Jack and we had a great evening with some of his Balinese contacts with the prospect of some good business. It was nearly two thirty when I got back and I fully expected to see Babs tucked up in bed. As I know nightlife goes on in Kuta 24 hours a day I didn't worry unduly as I expected her back anytime. However when it got to 3.30 I went looking for her.

When I approached the guys bungalow I could hear the music on and there was , when I looked in the window in the low light I was stunned to see Babs on the bed virtually covered in bodies.

I felt anger ,jealousy and real excitement when I saw my wife taking on three guys young enough to be her son. What was really exciting was seeing that she had her three orifices filled and a guy was giving her ass some meat. And even more exciting was the fact that from her very responsive movements and her very loud moans was that she was as keen for the servicing she was getting as the guys were to give it to her.

The guy in her mouth was the first to climax and as he eased out from under her the other two guys increased their tempo and Babs came up off the bed to meet their thrusts with her big boobs bouncing. The three bodies were locked together in frenzied animal lust with them mouthing obscenities and her exhorting them to greater efforts, until Babs came off to a screaming climax and as she writhed in a very noisy climax the two guys obviously came to theirs and the three of them collapsed in a heap in the bed.

As the two guys disengaged the third by this time sporting a handsome erection again muttered "I'm going to have that big ass" and I myself nearly climaxed when I saw him part her big creamy ass cheeks and enter his cock in her anus. I watched as she very willingly let him mount her, and he too was soon sodomising her roughly. In fact she seemed to be responding fully to having her rear filled a second time.

He very soon climaxed and Babs was once again taken on by the other two guys - one in her mouth and the other in her rear. I stood and watched my wife's very receptive coupling with these young guys as they used her big willing body , time and again. Although I felt like joining them I decided to save my energies for her return.

It was almost seven when she slipped into the bedroom and she absolutely reeked of sex and alcohol. By this time she had very obviously sobered up and muttered that she had got drunk and been a little foolish. When I asked her how foolish - she said she had gone back to the guys apartment and let them make love to her.

She seemed relieved when I kissed her and pulled her into bed and we were soon making rather frenzied love. Her top and trousers soon came off and when I whispered I want your ass she unprotestingly turned over and put her rear up for me to mount. Parting her big creamy cheeks I could see that her " rosebud" had been well used by all three guys and she winced when I inserted the head of my now huge erection.

The thought of reclaiming her rear for myself and how I was going to enjoy it in future -really heightened the sensation of the new experience of going into the tightest and most taboo of her orifices. Initially she suffered some discomfort and I have to admit this turned me on even more but she soon was responding fully to my thrusts and I soon climaxed in her rear. However the thought of her taking so much young cock there really turned me on and I had her twice more like that before we went to sleep.

When we woke she was really ashamed of having let herself go with the young guys and worried about seeing them that day. I encouraged her to put it down to experience and encouraged her to dress as sexy as normal that night. That however is another story.

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