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Jade, Megan and Eddy

Written by Eddy (February 2001)

dear camilla: my name is eddy and i am from a small town in central minnesota by the name of cold spring. included with this letter to you, please find a story that i wrote about two friends and myself. this is my first attempt at putting my writing on the internet and i would be privileged to have my first story on your site. i hope that you find reading about my experiance fun for you as i had writing about it. so settle back in a comfy chair and read on.......

"Damn," Jade muttered to herself as the phone rang.
"Just as I was starting to relax."
The phone rang again as she tentatively put a wet foot on the floor and reached for a towel.
"Awww, screw the towel" she thought.

The soap suds ran smoothly from her body as she dashed to get to the phone before the answering machine would pick up.
"Hello," she said, with some annoyance in her voice. Nothing.
"Shit, the voice mail must have picked it up." Jade quickly scooted back to the warm confines of her bathroom and bubble bath.
She looked at the caller i.d on the phone and smiled as she read the number. Eddy.... a smile rose from her lips as she hit the redial.

The phone rang twice and a voice answered "Hello?"
"You rang?" Jade asked.
"Yeah, I did... I left some stuff over at your place after your party today...."
"And I suppose you want it back, huh?"
"Yeah, that would be nice... Are you busy?"
"Welll kinda, but what if I want to keep what ever you left?"
"You don't even know what it is," Eddy responded.
"You never know," Jade said, "I just might want it."
Jade always played this game with him. Trying to get the upper hand by saying things with a sexual undertone and trying to see if he can figure it out.
She moved in her bath and the water made a wet sloshing sound.
"What was that?? Are you taking a bath?"
"Yup," she smiled "and I'm all alone and naked too."
"Awwwww that's to bad," Eddy said, "where's the man?"
"Working, won't be home till later. Where's Megan?"
"In the other room," he chuckled.
"It's too bad we left when we did, Jade, I could use a bath, too."

A familiar tingle ran through her when Eddy mentioned that and Jade unconsciously ran her hand from the top of her knee down into the water lightly touching her pussy. "But," Eddy said, "I could always pretend...." Jade smiled at that.
"Ok" she sighed and stretched her body out in the tubslightly parting her knees, "I'm all comfy."
"Are you sure you can do this with one hand and not get the phone wet??"
"Shut up and do me, will you??" was Jade's answer.
Eddy chuckled to himself and said "Ok... I want you to take your hand and lightly move it down your body from your shoulder all the way down to your pussy.. Slowly now, move it down" Eddy said quietly "but I want you to touch your nipple and give it a little tug."
"Mmmmmm that feels nice." Jade was starting to feel it!.
A small swirl of electricity starting in her belly moving outward. When her hand reached her pussy, Jade was told to lightly touch her clit..
She felt another shock. "Can I play with it yet?" She asked Eddy.
"Nope, not yet.."
"But I want to..."
"Nooooooo, but pretty soon.... Now, take that finger of yours down there and move it around your lips.. Tracing out its shape, feeling the folds of your skin.. Around and around... Now take your finger and slide it inside just a little ways."

Jade twitched as her finger entered her.
"Ooooooooooo Eddy, that feels sooooo nice, " Jade purred.
"Now slide it out and around your lips.. When you get to your clit, take your finger and rub around it.."
"Yeah... Nice..... Mmmmmmm..... Wow Eddy," Jade breathed, still rubbing her clit.... feeling the orgasm beginning to form, "you're good at this"
"I know, I must be " Eddy said, "because Megan is sitting here in front of me doing what I'm telling you to do."
A grin appeared on Jade's face, "you little liar, I thought you said she was in the other room."
"Well, she is. She's in the living room on the couch and I am in the dining room."
"I thought so" Jade sighed.
"Well, then let's have our own little party.. Tell Megan to grab the phone."
"OK," Megan chimed in, "I'm on"
"I bet you are" Jade said.
"Now, Jade" said Eddy, " where was I? Ooh yeah, your finger... Is it juicy down there??"
"Mmmmm hummmm it sure is and it feels really nice... What's Megan doing now??" "She's just walked over to me." "And I'm unzipping his pants... I'm gonna give him a blow job, while he plays with you over the phone!!!"

"You guys make me sooo horny!!!" Jade repositioned herself on her tub sliding further down so she could raise her legs higher.. Now that she was comfortable she began to slowly play with herself while listening to Eddy talk and Megan giving him head. Her finger began to move rhythmically to their sounds. Jade could hear the soft moans of Eddy and the sucking of Megan.

The electricity was building in Jade's abdomen as the thought of Eddy's hard cock raced through her mind. The soft lips of Megan circling the head and shaft of Eddy, was beginning to drive her crazy and her fingers moved faster. Jade had tasted his cock before, but now she was really hungry for it and what it could do to her if she had it in her grasp. She imagined Megan's hands moving around the shaft and her breasts rubbing on his legs. Megan's soft curves really made Jade hot.
She liked this feeling she had toward the two of them and she loved how they never made her feel left out of the picture when they were all together. The sounds of sex with the three of them was reaching a peak when Megan got back on the phone and said, "I hope you like this, Jade.. I'm gonna screw him now!!"
"Oohhh Megan, that's not fair.. My hand is gonna get sore," Jade pouted.
A smile crossed Megan's face as she climbed up on Eddy and brought herself down on his hard cock.. Slowly Megan eased down, letting Eddy's cock fill her.
"Ooooohh Jade it feels sooooo goooood." Megan cooooed as Eddy leaned back to let her ride him.
"Jade," Eddy moaned "I wish you were here, I want to taste you while Megan does this....."

That really set Jade on fire. Her fingers were dancing all over her body stopping in some parts, letting the pleasure of the moment flow through her. Her back arched upward as her orgasm finally hit her "OOOhhh god you guys, I'm cumming!!"
The wave of erotic energy flowed over her body as she heard the sounds of Eddy and Megan on the other line. She could tell that Megan was reaching her boiling point, too. "Eddy, you feel soooo nice, move your hands over my breasts.. Yeah.. Like that... Mmmmm oooooooo Jaaaaadddeee!!!"

Eddy's hands were all over Megan's body and he moved them down to her butt and lifted her up and down while she road him.
He knew he didn't have much time either and arched his hips up to feel her whole weight on him.. His hard cock hit the end of her inside and in a mad rush, Megan came in a rage. Jade could hear her cum and she fell over that blissful edge again. Eddy's mind was in a state of urgency...
He knew that it was going to hit hard, and he came after he heard Jade scream in passion over the phone.
Jade's body ached to be fucked.

"You guys...... Get Over Here NOW!!!!!"

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