Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Secluded Beach

by David
(February 2001)

I had just settled down on the beach, on a remote section that I knew I would be alone for the week. After about 2 hours I heard a voice and looked up from my book. A tall thin woman was standing about 6 feet away. She was completely naked.
She raised a hand to her eyes to shield from the sun. Then she raised both hands behind her neck and arched her back and stretched. I saw her totally smooth armpits (my favorite turn-on) and her tiny breasts flattened out to just nipples.

"Well, well, I'm not alone! Hi, I'm Janice."
"I'm Dave"
Wow. What a greeting. She just stood there showing me all her intimate female charms, bold and unashamed.

Finally she stepped closer and extended a hand. I took it and squeezed. It was cool. I glanced at her miniature breasts pointing down. Her nipples were hard and extended or always that size. I had a strong urge to reach out and cup one in my palm.
"I come here each year for a week. I love the seclusion. But its nice to have some male company."

She chatted some more and then asked me to join her being naked. She kept at it until finally I stood up and pulled off my swim trunks. My member was full and extended, but not raised yet. She looked at it with a smile and said, "Well, well, I think you and I will get along just fine. By the way, my daughter will be joining me for a day or two. I want you to promise to keep your hands to yourself. She is very sexy, she has boobs, not like her flat mother!"
"Some men like flat," I replied.
"Are you some men?"
I smiled real big. She smiled back.
"I like you," she said. "lets go take a dip!"
She ran off to the water.

We splashed in the surf and twice she backed into me on purpose giggling.
"You're not helping my erection any." "I think I could help it quite a lot." She teased. We finally went back to my towel. She slapped me on the bottom and said she would be back later in the day. I watched her wiggle away. I knew we would have sex later, but the question was, could I? I was still married but had not had sex in years.
Could I do it? Physically and emotionally? She was getting it up, which is something my wife could never do, and had lost interest in doing! With her daughter here I could rest easier . . . I thought.

I was awakened by Janice rubbing my chest. When I opened my eyes, her nipples were only inches from my face. I started to open my mouth when I looked past her and stared.
A wispy teen stood there watching us.
She was naked and had bronze skin, long kinky hair, a wasp-like waist, rosebud nipples and coltish legs. Her skin was moist from ocean spray or perspiration.
Her breasts were bigger than moms, but not much!
As full as perhaps half an orange, her breasts sat up high on her chest. Her nipples naturally lilted upwards. As Janice was saying something to me I was eyeing her daughter from under my eyelids. She stretched deliberately, arching her back, with her hands supporting the small of her back.

Like mother, like daughter! This pulled her tummy taunt, her legs thinned and muscled up, her nipples appeared to be reaching for the sky. She turned her head into her shoulder and forearm. I thought she was wiping the sweat from her brow.

She tasted the salt from under her arm, and sniffed her soft upper arm and shoulder area. As her mother lingered over me her daughter kept working her arm, smelling and licking it.
My cock started thickening.
"This is Kara," Janice finally said. Kara lowered her arm and as I reached up and shook her hand I glanced at the red, wet spot where she had sucked her arm.
"Please sit down, want a coke?"
She nodded and I fished one out for her.
When I turned back, she had taken a seat in my low slung beach chair. This caused her to lean back and open her legs.
I took a peek between her legs as she took the coke. I gulped.
Her clit was sticking out!
That elusive, shy little pleasure bud of every woman. A bean shaped pearl, polished and shiny, peeking out to take a look at this stranger.

My cock lurched. I took too long. I noticed her wrinkled pussy lips folded back, her pubic mound with wispy blonde hair making a weak attempt at covering her slit, her flat tummy and pierced navel. I took a closer look at her breasts!
My lord, so perky and firm, they must have only been b-cup at the most, I love small tits! At the angle she was sitting her nipples were pointing straight up. They were round and stood up a full inch! Her areolas were light brown circles just about the size of a quarter, and they were slightly wrinkled! My mouth watered to pull on them. All she wore was a shell necklace.

My cock started lifting and I sat down. They chatted awhile and invited me for dinner. At this point Janice said she had to pee and stepped behind my Toyota truck. I was looking down the beach and then turned my head to say something to Kara. I forgot what it was. It looked like she was scratching her pubic area, but when I saw she had her eyes closed, I looked again.
Two of her fingers were slowly circling her clit! She was openly masturbating! When she looked my way, she smiled coyly and withdrew her hand. She made no attempt to close her long legs. My gosh, what a tease! I was loving it.
My cock had lengthened and thickened.
This was like a "Show-me-yours," and I will "show-you-mine," game.

Her mother was starting to come back so I just let my legs open wide for a few seconds.
I was on my back resting on my elbows. I opened up, revealing my balls and heavy penis. I pulled my stomach muscles and my member lifted up slightly, like an accusing finger pointing at her. Kara raised her eyebrows and stared hungrily at my manhood.

Janice came over and I sat up, shielding my visible appreciation for her young daughter! When they started to leave, Kara asked for a hand getting out of that low chair.
I got up, thankful that my cock was hanging down although thick and full. I walked over and she opened her legs in order to stand. I stared again, briefly.
Her clit was unashamedly extended.
It stood there proud and firm, looking all the world like a miniature erection.
Her pussy had parted and I had no trouble seeing that dark mysterious entrance to her vagina.

She was sexually turned on! Her mother had started off and I hesitated longer than was normal, entranced at her erotic beauty, taking advantage of her unique posture that opened her up to me like this!
She made no attempt to close her legs. When I looked her in the eyes she was smiling broadly.
I pulled her up and she fell against me lightly.
"Oops" Oh, my! So warm and soft.
Her skin smelled of salt, jasmine and sweat. I put my arm around her tiny waist and stood her up straight.
"By the way," asked Kara, "Do you have any suntan lotion?"
"Meet you at our place," said Janice, already a few yards off.

I got the lotion and Kara asked me to put it on her back. I agreed. Rubbing her back was highly erotic. The smooth flawless skin and sinewy muscles were a pleasure to massage.
"All over," she insisted. I went lower to her waist and to the top of her bottom.
"Don't be shy David," she said.
Shy? It wasn't shy.
I was afraid of where this was going!
I worked the lotion over her buttocks and down her legs. She opened her legs and arched her back. Her pussy lips were puffy and accessible. I will not go there, I insisted as I almost cupped her genitals. I had no idea how young she was but sure she fit the jail bait category!

I did not think she would mind, in fact I think she wanted me to do this! I was on my knees and I bent my head and looked up at her pussy. It was puffy and gaped open. I could see an inch up into her vagina. A drop of clear, feminine lubricant glistened at her holes entrance.

I gulped. I stood up signaling I was done. My cock was extended, pointing out in front of me, a little smear of pre-cum had formed at the slit. I did not try to hide it. She may as well know!

She glanced at my condition and smiled contentedly.
"Front?" My mouth was dry. I was shaking a bit with nervousness as I kneeled in front of her.

She held her arms over her head. I had no choice to rub her chest and breasts.
Her rubbery nipples pressed and batted against my palms. She had her eyes closed and was cooing. I did her armpits and almost came right there.
I lightly brushed her sparse pubic hair and watched a trickle of her lubricant run down her inner thigh!

I paused and looked down at one raging hard-on! Who were we kidding? Why this torture?
We both were wanting and ready to fuck each other.
" How about you?" I nodded and stood slowly. My penis moved stiffly and painfully in front of me, it had turned to iron!

She moved behind me and started applying lotion. She was working my buttocks, and her smooth hands were so sensual! A finger slipped part way down my crack.
She sighed softly. My cock lay against my belly and throbbed for release. A cool breeze came up.
I felt so sensual, so naked and exposed. I could not remember ever being this hard! Then she totally blew me away. She reached around to the front and wrapped her hand around my hard-on. She pulled on it up and down.

"Don't want to burn this big guy!" she cooed.
She had herself pressed against me and was peering around my waist watching her handy work. It was as if she was working her own cock!
"Damn youâre hard, and huge!" She whispered in my ear, "You want me don't you? You want to go down on me. You want to fuck my little pussy, huh? I saw you looking at my clit. I was looking at your cock and it made my clit hard! Want to suck on it?"

What a damn teaser! She was making me come fast.
Her lotion slick hand glided smoothly up and down my vein laced rod. Her petite fist couldn't quit reach around my thick member.
She kept talking dirty, "You want to suck my hard nipples, don't you? I saw you getting a hard-on looking at my tits! You like my little girl body huh? I think you want to fuck me with this hard thing!" and she shook my dick around.

"My god, your hard! I didn't think a cock could get this fucking stiff." I moaned and arched my back.
I was so ready! Sensing my desperate need, she cupped my tight balls and rubbed my dick faster.
I stiffened. She paused.

I was coming, I could feel the semen rushing through my shaft, and she had stopped! Don't stop now I screamed in my head. I bucked my hips, thrusting into her clenched fists. She giggled. I stifled a loud yell and it came out as a growl-moan.
At this point I feel the need to explain to the women readers how a man might cum in different ways. Depending on the level of sexual excitement and charge and depending on how long a man has been in a state of erection, will make a difference on how his ejaculate comes out.

Over a period of time an astute female may observe these different ejaculations and may even wonder why they are different from the same man. Sometimes semen may just surface and quickly flow from the head and down the shaft in a thick viscous cream. The most common is for the semen to shoot out from the penis several inches in 4 or 5 pumps in white strings or sticky ropes. If a man is in a high sexual charge for a length of time, the semen becomes almost watery.

If the head is squeezed at the crucial point of orgasm and stops this pumping action for a second or two, the pleasure peaks way beyond normal and the manâs seed is expelled much like a stream of urine, in one continuous stream, and the distance is usually very impressive. What happened next with little Kara behind me was precisely this last type of cumming! If she knew what she was doing I still don't know but she did it. Her little fist squeezed my cock head with all her strength for a second or two. When she let go, I recoiled from the release. Kara had her eyes glued to the slit on the head.

One long blast of translucent, fluid shot with force from my penis, straight into the air as high as my head, did a slow turn and plopped onto the sand in front of me, some landing on my feet! My knees buckled. She held my sensitive cock and supported me from falling. I heard her swear behind me at seeing the geyser erupt with such height. White pearls kept forming at the slit. She gently shook them off. She lifted her hand and several knuckles were coated with watery cum. I turned to see her licking her fingers.

She whispered in my ear, "I think you needed that!"
She licked her lips and told me not to be late for dinner!
She started to walk off. I looked down to see my cock still stiff with a 2" string of semen reluctant to fall from the head.
The pungent-sour odor of sperm caught my nose. I was dizzy. I had thoughts of sex with Janice and now only hours later, her young naked daughter had jerked me off, masturbating me until I ejaculated onto the sand!

"Not so fast, you little tease!" I lunged towards her, my member still standing on end and waving stiffly.
She only pretended to run off.

I grabbed her around her curvy waist with my large, calloused hands and lifted her off the ground. She was giggling the whole time. I hugged her to my chest up high. Her tiny breasts were covering my face, or trying to. Now keep in mind, my cock was still rock hard and standing totally vertical. All I did was lower her slowly and she sunk down on top of it, impaling herself. She was so slippery wet that the only way I knew at first that I had penetrated her was the glowing heat surrounding my cock from inside her body. I also noticed that her jaw dropped and her eyes closed in pleasant concentration.

I lifted her up and let her drop. I repeated the motion. She muttered some profanity and sucked in air with each drop. I whispered in her ear.
"You wanted this hard cock in your little, bald pussy huh?"
"You get off fucking older men, huh?"
It was my turn to talk trash! "Your poor dripping snatch was begging for this meat, right?"
She whimpered, "Oh god, yes, yes"
"I saw your girl goo dripping when I was rubbing your tight little ass."
"I bet you have been so horny all day that you couldn't wait to fuck the first thing with a cock! Am I right?" "You know what I need! Do me, fuck me hard!"

With this I lifted her up and pulled her down. She squealed. I started walking in circles while pulling her off and on my cock.
She was a rag doll as I repeatedly slammed her onto my rigid member. Her head flopped forward and back and she moaned loudly. She tried to push up with her knees to help and then just wrapped her legs around me. She shuddered and gasp with a clenching orgasm.

But I was not through. I wanted to cum again, and not by hand, and not on the sand! I walked her over to the Toyota still buried inside her. I lay her down on the hood of the truck and gave her a long vigorous tribute to her feminine charms.

I came twice as hard the second time. After a few minutes I withdrew. I watched in satisfaction as a glob of snotty, lumpy goo oozed from her gaping pussy and slithered its way down the hood and over the grill. I re-inserted myself inside her and carried my new sex slave over to the towel and lay her down. She was too spent to walk just yet. I withdrew again and stood up.

She lay staring up at my cock like a schoolgirl just fallen in love for the first time. It had lost its rigidness and was hanging at a downward angle, but it was still very firm! She opened her mouth. I knelt over her and let her take it into her waiting mouth. She alternately kissed, sucked and licked it clean. "I think you needed that!" I said. She murmured and nodded with her mouth full.

While she kept making out with my manhood, I leaned over to kiss her swollen, red genitals.
She parted those skinny legs as wide as I have ever seen legs spread. I kissed and licked a bit and got her scent all over my nose.
With tremendous effort I stood up and she kept reaching for my cock.
I had to send her back before her mother came looking and found us in a 69!

The rest of the week was just as hot.

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