Monday, December 01, 2008

Forbidden love & Unspoken dreams

Written by Nik duke (Jan 2001)

It was fast becoming morning and there
I was running my hand down the length of your hair;
I could feel your breath warm against my chest. I moved my hand down to the back of your neck you lifted your head up slightly, just enough so I could catch a glance of the top curves of your breasts.

I move my head down so my lips meet yours. I feel your breath increase as our lips move closer together I stop... just far enough away so our lips are touched but not quite in the firmness of a kiss. My hand traces the contours of your body as it glides gently down towards your petite waist lightly bending the fine silky hairs that stand aroused from your skin. Desire, want and need force me to taste other areas of your skin. I break away from your lips and move my head down so I can kiss around the bass of your neck.

You roll on to your back forcing me on top your hands searching for the opening of my boxers. I lift my self up allowing you to achieve your goal. I feel ready to explode there and then as your fingers grasp around me pulling me closer with every second tug.

My kisses become more intense against your skin as I feel you rub my tip against your moistened lips. I pull back savouring the feeling of the urge to penetrate. A groan escapes from your lips when I whisper over your nipples causing you to arch your back.. I run my tongue back and forth over the top or your fully erect nipples sending shivers to travel down your spine.

The desire to bury myself inside you becoming unbearable as my swollen tip pushes against your opening forcing you to move your legs to allow me better access. I tease your nipples a few seconds more until your unable to stand any more. You grab hold of my arse and pull, I enter you so fast and hard that we both gasp. Our bodies are one. You arch your back more still pulling at me so I feel my self-pushing deeper and deeper in to you.

I freeze unable to move waves of pleasure causing my body to shake. Eventually I start to move slowly at first every stroke timed on the forth beat of your heart. I feel your body tense as the first signs of orgasm makes itself known causing me to increase the rhythm.

My balls start to contract ready to dispense their contents as you lightly squeeze them between your fingers. I lift my body up on my hands making it easier to deliver harder and faster thrusts each stroke now causing you to cry out in breathless pleasure. You move your head to the side with your eyes tight shut. Your long dark hair brushing over youâre breasts exciting me more. I bend down not being able to resist suckling on them, as I do you turn you head burying me in hair.

I nibble gently on the ends of your nipples you return the favour by squeezing harder on my balls I can't hold on any longer I have to release into you. I lift my self back up on my hands you have to keep rhythm as I start to lose control to passion. Each stroke now causes me to shudder. You feeling that I am close scratch your nails lightly down my back and take a firm grip of my rear.

For you also the anticipating of orgasm is fast becoming reality you lift up your head towards my chest and start doing some suckling of your own that was it you had found the detonator to release the charge and I exploded into you. You sucked hard on my nipples.

The feeling of me pumping away inside you had set off your own explosions your nerves tingled it felt like every hair on your body was sending its own version of what was going on to your brain.

Body tensed the first wave of orgasm hits you drawing your breath you pause quivering. Iâve let out a groan as I feel your muscles tighten around me I bury my head between your breasts and thrust one more time into you. This sends a tidal wave of sensation surging up through your body expelling the air in your lungs making you cry out from the shock and relief. As the orgasm releases its grip you wrap your arms round me. We hold on tight to each other savouring the moment and listen to each others hearts and breathing waiting for sleep to finds us.

Even in sleep my thoughts turn to you and before long I was caressing you again with the same passion and desire as I had when I was awake only this time you were the one in control. I was on my back you had your knees either side of my head. As I tilted my head up you positioned your self so your clit was inches from my mouth only by sticking out my tongue could I taste your sweetness.

By gyrating your hips you allowed my tongue to slide up and down the lengths of your lips only stopping briefly when my I hit the most erotic point. I lifted my arms up to touch you but you just pushed them away only allowing me only to watch you pleasure yourself.

You moved your now moistened lips closer to mine so that I didn't have to stretch out my tongue so far. Your fine short brown hairs tickle my nose with every rotation of your hips causing me to nuzzle deeper into to you. Slowly you edge your way backwards until you are squatted over my groin. You lean forward and tease my nipples with your mouth you sit back up and I notice my nipples glistening, with your moisture in the candlelight.

I look at you and I see a slight hint of a smile flash across your lips as you think what do next. I close my eyes and I feel your lips against my stomach making their way down to my rapidly enlarging cock. You stop. I wait; I open my eyes to see you holding a burning candle above my chest. You tilt it slightly so the hot wax drops of the side directly on to my moistened nipples causing me to flinch and tense up.

More wax hits my chest causing pain to shoot through my body you rest the candle on my chest any slight movement would cause it to fall. I close my eyes again itâs only then do your lips touch the head of my cock. I can't move for fear of burning, you lick around the rim of my cock flicking your tongue over the moist head.

Then with your hand you lift up my cock so it is standing erect like the candle and insert it into your mouth. I want to writhe about in pleasure but I can't for fear of the candle falling. You run your lips down the length of my shaft and begin to deep throat me.

I can't help myself I have to touch and look at you I run my fingers though you hair as you suck contentedly away. Just as I feel my self-start to cum you stop and grab the candle.
No I Cried.
Still holding my cock in your hand you pour hot wax down my length. It fizzes as it hits my juices and then runs down towards my balls and then..
I woke up

The End

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