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by the Smooth Rebel
(Feb 2001)

This is a story of one of those 'first-time' experiences that all guys have dreamed about having and, I should imagine, the kind alot of girls fantasise about giving. It happened to me when I was alot younger than I am now and sex was an entirly different game....

I was 15 at the time and still a lustful and vastly inexperienced teenager living with my parents and half studying at school. I was good at school, did well at my studies but never had a proper relationship with a girl, it's not that I was unpopular as I had many friends, male and female. My main problem was that whenever I was in the company of a great looking girl, for some reason (and apparently few guys feel the same) I had an uncontrollable urge to be nice to them. To be friendly, warm and understanding. What puzzled me is that girls at this age loved me, they could talk to me about anything, including sex, but not one ever fancied me. I had the hated title of 'friend', it is painfully obvious that at 15 girls want a guy with too many designer labels and too much confidence for his own good. I thought I would never reduce myself to that so I began to think I would be a virgin forever.

On the way home from school on a tiresome Monday afternoon Becky, a sexy brunette friend of mine with a great figure and glases that made her seem even sexier, caught up with me

"I'm glad I didn't miss you" She said, a little out of breath from running after me, "How was Chemistry? Did I manage to avoid any homework?".

She had missed chemisty, the last lesson of the day, to be with her ape of a boyfriend. His name was David something and he was 17 and played for the college football team (Soccer as you Yanks would call it) . He wore expensive cloathes. I hated him.

"Yeah, but you'd better catch it up, Bruford's having another which-hunt on irrisponsiblity."

I'll spare you the rest of the dull conversation and get to the relavant bits, I asked her how things were with 'Dave'.

"He asked me to show him my tits the other day" she admited quietly, I can understand his needs if not his methods, Becky has a great chest that she always does well to highlight with her tight tops and low cut shirts.

"I thought it was sexy at the time but he wouldn't let me get dressed again, we just sat in his car as he kissed and touched my breasts". You can understand I found this concept very appealing and I was getting a little uncomfotable as the image of a topless Becky caused a strain on my tight jeans. I tried to tell her (again) that this David guy was bad news, she seemed almost to agree but was scared of what he might to to her if she broke up with her. I must say that I was concerned as well, she and I had been friends for years and I didn't want to see some numbskull hurt her because she wouldn't suck his dick.

We ended the conversation as we parted for different roads and I went home to think things over. When I arrived my Dad came down and told me that they would be going out around 7 tonight an Sandi (san-dee), the usual babysitter would be here to look after my younger sisters. I was never disapointed to hear she was coming over, I had a huge crush on her. Sandi was 18, she was at the local college taking Fine Art, she was a tall blonde with long legs and fantastic breasts. There were many occasions I laid in bed at night as she watched TV downstairs, imagining her posing nude for my very own artisitc pleasure.

At around 6:45 as my parents started to leave, I got a call from Becky. She was calling to find out the homework she missed but she seemed a little rattled and I knew there was another reason she called. 'Dave' made his second apperence of the day in our conversation. She had gone out for a coffee with him and one of his teammates.

"Me and Dave, we were sitting there, getting close when this other guy, Sam, starts asking questions. "Broken her in yet have you mate?" he says. Dave said we had done it loads of times. He started telling him all sorts of details about our sex life. I've never slept with him Alex (that's me), honest"

"It's OK Becky I believe you, what kind of things was he saying?".

At this point the doorbell rang and Sandi arrived, she smiled at me and poked me in the ribs playfully as she passed, I admired her again despite my 2 inch height disadvantage. It was summer and the evenings were warm enough to excuse shorts and girls rarely need an excuse to wear revealing cloathing. Sandy was wearing a pair of tight denim shorts that hugged her extreemly closely they were cut off well above the knees. Her top was bright red and stopped above her unpierced belly-button. It held her round, firm breasts tight enough to let them move as she ran but not as she walked. The ouline to her patterened bra was clear through the material. Her blonde hair was tied back and fell just short of her waistband, her fringe falling over her smooth face that contained her big brown eyes and delicate lips. One of the great things I like about her was that she war hardly and makeup and this highlighted her natural beauty.

"Loads of stuff" I snapped back to reality,

"He said we fucked in his car, that every time he scored on the field he scored in my bedroom. He said I gave him blowjobs while he was on the phone to his friends. Dave even boasted that while we were at that trophy evening where he got his 'golden goal' award I had my hands down his trousers during the other presentations, that I sroked him off for half an hour before we went out and he came on my tits."

As I sat there my dick got harder and harder, I felt guilty but I had georgous brunette cheerleader on the phone describing erotic situations to me and an 18 year old Arts student in the next room. I eventualy pursuaded Becky to get rid of David before she ended up regretting something and the call ended there. I was now extreemly horny and wanted to get some relief before going to see Sandi. I booted my Laptop PC and pushed my magazine stack against my bedroom door. I loaded up some of my favorite pictures of Britney Spears and unzipped my jeans, as I had done for many lonley nights I reached for the tissue box and stroked myself off as I lusted for Britney's stunning teenage curves. I tried to imagine what she looked like naked as she lay there in her cheerleader outfit and within seconds I was starting to cum. I pumped my hot load into the tissue and then lay back on my bed wishing Becky was here right now. Why did she go for Dave and not me? Why was I not the one feeling her tits?

After a few minutes I felt alot better and went downstairs to see Sandi, it must have been nearly 8pm. I walked in to find her sitting in the arm chair with her silky smooth legs curled up on the soft cotton covers, some re-run of an old soap episode was on the TV.

"Well Hi there chatter box, who was that you were on the phone to all evening, a girlfriend?" she remarked teasingly.

"No, a friend, she's got boyfriend trouble." We taked about alot of things from school to her art course to her old school and rotten teachers. Alot of the time was spent in silence as we watched the TV, at about 10pm Buffy came on, a show she knew I liked.

"Oh yes, this old show, you only watch it for that Sarah Michelle Geller girl, I know you horny schoolboys, you're all alike!" She remarked, laughing.

"Yeah, she's good looking, but I like the action too"

"Who was it last time... Britny Spears wasn't it? Still like her?"

"Yeah" I blushed back, as quietly as possible. She laughed again. It was then that the evening (and this story at last!) started to get good. The conversation progressed onto girlfriends and who I liked and why, then she hit me with;

"You know I was about your age when I lost my virginity, have you ever had sex Alex?"

I went bright red but managed to stammer back in the negative. This whole conversation was getting me hot and randy all over again, I had to cooly pick up a sofa cussion and rest it on my lap to hide my growing erection.

"That's OK Al, most guys are way older than you when they do, I'm not embaressing you am I?"

"No way, I'm fine talking about this" I lied, nervous as hell as I looked at the beautiful babe quizzing me on sex. I didn't know what it ment at the time but I noticed that her nipples were now hard and visible under her thin red top. I was bursting to get out of the room to releave the strian in my boxers. She got up to get a Coke and at that point I fled the room. I made it to my room and switched on the Laptop, this time I loaded some pictures from the internet of some extreemly sexy nude Playboy models. Just as I was about to open my fly Sandi knocked on the door and let herself in, I shut the laptop quickly and stayed sitting on my bed. She slowly padded across the tick carpet in her bare feet and sat on my bed, to my horror she picked up the closed laptop to clear a space next to me.

"I hope I didn't scare you away down there, I guess it was different for me at your age" She said in that lovely soft, sympathetic style that females have.

"Hey, forget it" I replied "I came up to save some homework I had on my PC, I'll be back down in a second."

"This?" She asked and my life flashed before my eyes as she opened it up to find several College Playboy models topless on the screen.

"Oh, this is why you were in so much of a hurry to leave? You are one horny little bastard Alex" She said, grinning at me. I was shaking, not knowing what to say.

"I knew you were hard Al, why didn't you tell me? You think that cusion hides everything?"

With that she reached across and stroked my hair.

"You want to touch me don't you, I know how much it hurts Al, you want me to touch you, you want it sooo bad don't you?" All I could do was nod. She laid back on the bed,

"Go ahead, I won't stop you..."

After a few seconds I realised this was the stuff of my ultimate fantasies and I would probably never get it this good again. I reached cross and ran my hand up her stomach, over her shirt and cupped her firm right breast, she leaned up and slowly brought her lips into contact with mine, we kissed agonisingly slowly. Her tounge slipped into my mouth, the feeling was so sensual and new. I was groaning with pleasure from a simple kiss.

She sat me up and then stood in front of me and pulled off her top, with her back to me she freed her tits and turned to reveal them to me. I was in awe, whe could see I was in shock and she puled me close to her. Once I was standing she looked straight into my eyes and, without breaking eye contact, lowered herself to her knees. I knew what was coming. Her face was just infront of my straining cock, her diminutive, upturned nose gently touching my jeans.

She slipped the belt off and unzipped me ever so slowly, my jeans fell away and my hardon pushed out from under my boxers. Sandi carressed the head of my cock trough the soft cotton material before sliding her thumbs under the elastic and removing them. She left my sensitive 6' shaft hanging in mid air as her thin fingers cupped my balls, she slowly played with them, traced her tounge over them and took each one in her mouth. Then she started to stroke my dick, precum was already wetting the head, the blew lightly across it giving an mazing effect. Then she looked back and forth from my eyes to my cock as she kissed the head and shaft wetly with her soft lips, I was not going to last much longer, with one hand always on my balls she knew I was ready to explode. Her long tounge extended and covered my entire length in saliva before she took all of me into her mouth and began to suck gently. I lost it.

I let out a huge groan and I'm sure plenty of "Oh FUCK YESSSS" as I came into her mouth, she swallowed most of it, some of the white hot liquid ran down her chin and neck but it just made her all the more sexy. Just then she did something that showed just how hot she was, she stood up, wiped the cum from her body with her index finger and liked it off. I almost fainted.

I could have died that night and still been satisfied. But it was still not over.

"Your virgin cum tasted so great Alex. Don't you want to fuck me for real?"

"Oh Sandi I want your body so bad, you're so hot" I struggled between breaths.

She was undressing the rest of me, when I was naked she started to remove her shorts.

"I know how it feels baby, I know how much your virgin hands yern for my flesh" She was naked.

I was hard again already "Oooh, my boy's ready for more, you are horny Al, I now how horny my body makes you"

She walked be back into the living room, walking through my house naked was extreemly sexy, on the TV was Britney, she was wearing hardly any cloathing and was looking like the sex kitten I always imagined her to be. Sandi laid me on the floor and began kissing me all over, the feeling of her nipples dragging across my flesh was electric. I ran my hands all over her. Then I rolled over ontop of her, kissed up and down her entire body, from the back of her neck down to her tight buttocks, down there her smell was intoxifying, it made me high on lust, desperate for her. I kissed her breasts, down her arms, played my tounge across her fingers before licking her all the way down her stomach, along the inside of her thies to her toes. All the time she was urging me on,

"Oh yes Alex, you are a natural, you make me feel sooo good.".

She pulled my face back up level with hers and we kissed deeply, as we did she wrapped her fingers around my cock shaft and slowly guided it into her tight, warm virgina. My hips went into auto-pilot, thrusting my dick deep into her, faster and harder each time.

"Can you hold it baby? Hold it for me, you're making me cum. Cum inside me baby, yessss, does that feel good? Hmmmmmmm" She groaned loudly and my penis ejaculated hard into her just as she climaxed. My eyes were cloased and all I could see in my head was Sandi and Britney naked, kissing deeply. I was falling away from the Earth, and slowly coming back.

I remember we sat there in the glow of the TV, naked just holding each other.

The next day Sandi was back at college, Becky had made up with Dave and those Playboy Models were still on my laptop.

-The Smooth Rebel

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