Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No. 7 in the Passion Series

By Jason email: (January 2001)

It was a mid-week "30 Something" night at a well known city club where I was prowling the bars and dance floor for the opportunity to pick up some reasonable lady, hopefully to get laid tonite. I chatted with a few ladies, usually out with a group for a fun night only and just leading the guys on for free drinks.

Eventually I came across a pretty little thing, the usual blonde, blue eyes, and nice slim body probably mid to late thirties. Started usual small talk and gradually warmed to each other. She was with a girlfriend who was already chatting to some other guy, so this little thing was all alone.

She introduced herself as Sandy and I eventually found out she was a single mother, works in a real estate office and lives at home with young daughter. We had a drink and then hit the dance floor. Well, I then realized what a horny thing she was. She could really move and had great rhythm, using her female assets to tease the shit out of me by gently rubbing her tits against me and backing her arse into my crotch. I am sure she could feel my hard on when she did that; probably just checking to see if I wasn’t gay before she went any further.

Back at the bar we had another drink and by now realized we were hot for each other, so I suggested it might be better if we had a quiet drink back at her place. She agreed without hesitation, so off we went and thinking to myself I must get lucky with this babe or I will give up and become a monk.

Her place was about 15 minutes away and we arrived around 11.30pm, still early but great because I wasn’t wasting time at the club. She lived in an apartment covering the whole floor, very spacious and nicely decorated. Obviously did well out of the divorce or has a great paying job, or maybe both. This is my type of lady I thought.

She ushered me into the lounge area and asked me to make some drinks at the bar in the corner whilst she changed. So I obliged and made her vodka and orange as requested and I selected a very expensive scotch, pouring it slowly over the ice cubes. I went to the stereo and huge CD rack that had every type of music you could possibly like. I chose a classic Eagles album and put it on.

I sat back on the large sofa, sipping on a delightful smooth scotch listening to the music for about 5 minutes before Sandy came back into the room.

"Great choice of music Jason," she said, "I love the Eagles type of music, must be showing our age."

I was slightly late in responding to her as I looked around to see her dressed in red satin jacket type lingerie, tied at the waist and down to the top of her thighs. The open plunging neckline exposed her chest between her smallish tits, obviously no bra and ready for action.

"My favourite group still, top music," I muttered in response trying to get my thoughts together.

"I love to lay back and listen to their music with a drink in my hand and relax," she replied as she picked up her vodka from the coffee table and took a sip.

"I thought you might be nice and relaxed by now with those restricting clothes off," she said with a grin on her impish face. "Here, stand up and let me help you."

So I stood up and she moved closed to me, unbuttoning my shirt whilst I eagerly unbuckled my belt and unzipped my trousers. She had my shirt peeled back over my shoulders and off in a flash as my pants dropped to the floor and I kicked them aside, standing there in my boxer shorts. She quickly moved down to the shorts and gripping them with both hands yanked them down revealing my rapidly hardening cock. Sandy took hold of it gently and moved to a kneeling position as she opened her mouth to take in the tip of my dick at first then gradually working into a rhythm, taking it deeper inside her warm mouth. She eased back after awhile and began to tantalising lick the head, causing an amazing sensation wave through my groins. I thought I was going to blow my load early and waste the moment so I eased her back off my cock and placed my hands under her armpits, lifting her up. As she stood up I reached for the loosely tied cord and untied it, moving to push the robe back so it revealed her front. It was my first view of her body, not bad for a 30+ lady. She had delightful smallish tits that were still a good mouthful with those pronounced nipples. Looking down at the centre of her universe it appeared to be shaved, as there were no pubes immediately visible. First I had to feel those tits as my hands gravitated to them. I cupped them from below and gently pushed them up, sliding my hands over the nipples that were like bullets by now. I had never seen such erect nipples so I just had to suck them. Moving onto them at first I began to lick her right boob, circling the nipple with my tongue and then moving down to suck on it like a baby. What a buzz as I carried on like a newborn sucking the life out of this beautiful piece of feminine flesh, until I moved down to consume as much of the tit in my mouth as possible. By now she was breathing deeply and rapidly as it was obviously giving her a real buzz. I moved to her left tit and repeated the process, this time taking the opportunity to slip my hand between her thighs to find that magic slit opening. To my absolute delight I felt she was completely shaven as my hand moved over her mound to the top of her pussy lips, then slipping my finger slowly down between them, feeling the little bump I guessed was her clit, before I felt the warm moisture of her cunt juices. By now she was moaning loudly as I probed her pussy passage by pushing my finger inside her cock canal. I could feel her inner muscles beginning to grip my finger inside her as I moved it in and out. The feel of her wet gushing pussy on my hand was to tempting as I had the urge to bury my face it that watery hole.

I stood back and moved her into a position where she laid back on the sofa with her legs prised willing wide apart. I shifted to the kneeling position this time and had a close look at this red ripe wet flesh that surrounded her hole to heaven. I peeled back the lips to reveal her clit area, clearly visible standing out as a button to be pushed. My tongue soon landed on the little mound sending quivers through her body as I hit the spot. I began to suck it hard causing it become even more pronounced. The smell of her pussy juices was fantastic as I felt them oozing over my face burying my tongue up her love canal while I continued to rub her clit with my nose. My face was awash with her juices as I continued to suck and probe. Eventually I had to surface for a bit more air to breath and take a break. As I did I happened to glance away to the doorway and saw this young girl in a rather baggy tee shirt, leaning against the doorframe with one hand between her legs and the other on her left boob.

"Shit," I said in an obvious startled fashion.

"What’s the matter?’ Sandy asked as she looked at me facing towards the door.

She then looked around as well and said, "Lisa, what are doing here? You should be asleep"

"It was all the music and groaning that woke me up," she replied. "I’ve been watching you for awhile and seeing you guys are really going at it."

"I don’t want my daughter to become a voyeur so come over here and meet Jason," Sandy asked.

By now I was amused about the goings on, here I was naked as a piglet on my knees sucking the lights out of this young things mother obviously whilst she was playing with herself. I must be dreaming or I have got stop smoking that stuff, but what the hell, this was amazing. Sandy sat forward on the sofa as I sat back on my haunches while Lisa walked towards us as mum asked. I got a better view as she came closer to see that she was probably around 16 to 17 years old, blondish coloured hair tied back and wearing a sloppy night shirt with some rock band motif on it. She was quiet pretty in her natural state but impossible to see her body in the shirt she was wearing.

"So you think you liked what you’ve seen?" mum asked.

"Cool mum, you seemed to be really into it with this guy sucking your privates. I was getting a little excited just wondering what it would be like," Lisa replied.

"Do you think you would like it?" her mother asked.

"I don’t know, but all my friends keep talking about how great it is but I have never let a guy do it, mainly cause they are sex crazed adolescents with their brains between their legs."

"How would you like Jason to give you your first lesson, he is a great sucker, one of the best I have ever had?" her mum asked.

I was sitting there listening to this rapport between mother and daughter when I realised she was offering me to at least suck her daughter’s virgin pussy. By now I was getting into the swing with all this commendation and stood up for Lisa to get a good look at my still hard on cock. Her eyes moved to it immediately and her jaw dropped as seemingly surprised.

"My god," she said, "it is bigger than I thought cocks would be"

"Lisa, this is Jason. Jason this is my 16 year old daughter Lisa," Sandy said.

"Pleased to meet you Lisa," I said, "I am sure we can get to know each other better as the night goes on"

"Hey Jason, yeah it might be nice," she replied.

"Lisa, get that floppy shirt off so Jason can appreciate the body your mother once had," Sandy demanded.

With that Lisa took hold of the shirt behind her neck and pulled it over her head, tossing it aside to reveal her naked slim body. She was a tiny frame like her mother with small tits still, but a great shape. Her pussy showed the signs of only a small amount of pubic hair from what I could see. She turned around to give me a view of her slender back tapering down to her tiny butt. Without hesitation she spread her legs apart and bent forward to touch the ground to reveal her pussy from behind. With all the tightness of a young body the hairless slit was obvious but nothing more of the inner pink flesh.

"Very nice darling, come over here and sit on the sofa and I will explain a few things to you," Sandy said motioning Lisa to sit beside her. As I stood there watching this nymph like creature walk past me I took hold of my cock and began to slowly move my hand up and down the shaft. She sat next to her mother who took her by the hand.

"Here, sit right back and open your legs wide and enjoy it," Sandy said to Lisa then turning to me said, "OK Jason, I want you to be gentle with her and give her a lesson in real good sucking, like you were giving me."

"If that’s want you want for your daughter I am only too happy to oblige," I replied, "relax Lisa, just open those legs nice and wide so I can see that pretty little gash of yours."

I was amazed at her willingness and compliance with her mother’s request, obviously a trusting relationship between the both of them. Lisa obliged by putting her feet up on the sofa, knees in the air and wide apart. I moved my hand over her soft muff covering her mound at first to ease the tension and then gradually worked my hand down to her slit. Despite all the rubbing and stimulation going on it was still tight as I prised the lips apart, placing my finger at the top of pussy rubbing until I found the tell tale feel of her clit rising to the arousal. Then I zeroed in on it gently circling it with my finger and then applying pressure down on it. By now she was well on her way to ecstasy land as her breathing became more rapid and her hips began to move up and down to accentuate the movement of my clit frigging. I looked up from perving on her pussy to see her sweet beauty, eyes shut, mouth open and breathing deeply with her small firm tits rising up and down with each intake of lung filling air. I had to feel those tits so my free hand quickly moved to cover her right boob. The feel of a hard firm breast was unbelievable after all these years of having the well used variety, not that I was complaining, but the nymph like state was fantastic.

As I moved to tweaking her small nipple I moved my fingers down from her clit into her now wet labia searching for her virgin love canal. I found it easily and began to slowly insert my fingertip inside, trying to be gentle and not hurt her but suspecting that some guy or girl has probably been here before, at least herself many times. It was probably the excitement of some strange older guy touching her inner regions that was titillating her as well. As I probed deeper in the moist tight hole I could feel her nipple become quite hard and grew in size quickly as the wave of pleasure was sweeping her young body. I looked across to Sandy and saw that she was laid back with her legs wide apart with practically her hand disappearing inside her cunt as she was obviously enjoying the show. By now my cock was aching from the blood rush and the poor things desire to get involved here somewhere but I had to do what Sandy wanted me to do and suck Lisa’s pussy. It’s a tough job but someone had to do it. So I moved into position withdrawing my prying digit and with both hands spread Lisa’s pussy flaps wide like a butterfly to reveal her pink flesh. My tongue began to lick the juices flowing from her passion pit as I steadily nuzzled in so that my nose was touching her clit. I began to suck the sweet succulent flesh taking in ample amounts of her pussy into my mouth whilst rubbing her clit still with my nose. I had to move away occasionally just to take a breath as my face was buried deep into her pussy. At that time I took the opportunity to glance across to Mum watching me feast on her daughter to see Sandy continuing to play with her own pussy and tits.

After awhile, Sandy touched me on the shoulder. "That’s enough for her, she’s got the idea by now," Sandy said. "Fuck me please, fuck me now."

With that I did as I was asked, sadly moving off Lisa’s very wet pussy, to position my now throbbing cock at the entrance to Sandy’s vagina.

"Watching Lisa," I said to her, "this is where it all happens"

She smiled back at me as she now began to rub her own pussy.

Sandy was ready to explode like myself after all this carrying on. She put her legs around my back and pulled me into her, with my cock sliding easily into her moist passage. I tried to take it easy and slow but the passion was running hot as I slammed into her hard and fast, as deep as I could go. Her moans turned to yelling as the fucking frenzy built to its crescendo as I could feel her pussy muscles gripping my cock in rhythmic waves. The surge of cum was now flooding through my cock as it eventually exploded out as I plunged deeper. Her moment of orgasm hit shortly after as she could no doubt feel my hot juices inside her pussy, her vice like grip with her legs tightened as she dug her fingers into my back as she pulled me closer trying to squeeze every last drop of cum out of my dick. My shot had finished but her orgasms were still firing away as she quivered with ecstasy in each wave.

Eventually she too had had enough and I withdrew my now limp cock as we caught our breath, lathered in perspiration. I managed to squeeze between the mother and daughter on the sofa as we all sat there and began to laugh in a happy fashion conscious of what we had just been doing. Without hesitating each of my hands went to both pussies to make the most of this moment of a unique experience. Both females responded by covering my wet limp cock with their hands as we all continued in a post sex phase.

This was the start of relationship that lasted a few months with many such sex sessions, but that is another story for later.


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