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Stephanie (1)

Written By (January 2001)

"Just get on with it will you. I don't want to be late!" She snapped.

"OK, how do you want it?"

"I'll lean over the kitchen worktop and you do me from behind. At least that way I get to look out of the window 'till you're finished."

I felt useless but needed a fuck and this is what it had come to. She used to enjoy it, I think she used to look forward to us getting together and going somewhere for a shag. Now... well, it had all changed. We lived together and that's the easiest way to fuck up a relationship with anyone. No mystery anymore, you get to see them in their natural habitat, a real passion killer. Still, that's what people do, that's life… what else is there?

We were supposed to be meeting some friends for an evening out but the sight of her arse as she bent over the washbasin had me turned on and I pleaded for my release. She had reluctantly agreed. It seemed to me that she was just fulfilling her duty.

I walked into the kitchen and she was there. Naked. Leaning over the worktop and staring out of the window into the yard. She had a beautiful body, sculptured shoulders, smooth muscular back, tiny waist and an arse to die for. She had long chestnut brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders and tumbled down her spine.

As I closed in I put my hands on her arse, slid my palms over the soft skin of her buttocks and then in between her legs. Her cunt was warm and slippery. KY jelly is a wonderful thing I thought to myself. My cock was hard as I lunged it towards her gaping cunt. It felt warm and I gasped as the end slid inside her. I began to fuck forwards and upwards. Slowly at first. My legs began to go weak and I splashed my load into her.

"That it them? You're getting worse in your old age." She sneered.

I though about the way our sexlife had turned out over the next few days and became depressed about everything. I was failing in everything. We had to talk and I decided to broach the subject when she returned from work.

It was about seven in the evening when she walked in. I was sure that she wasn't wearing the same clothes that she had gone to work in that same morning but ignored that in favour of the more important matters to be dealt with.

"Honey, are you bored of me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it seems to me that you're not interested in sex anymore and I wondered if it was me that was the problem?"

"Not so, I love sex. Can't get enough actually." She was sneering again.

"Well everytime we do it your mind seems to be elsewhere."

"Probably." She said.

"I just want to get things back on track again and wanted to know if there was something I could do to improve things for you."

She stood there silently and I tried to see through what she was thinking.

Well, is there something on your mind?" I asked finally giving up.

"Come and sit down. We do need to talk."

My heart jumped and I began to feel sick in the pit of my stomach. What the fuck was happening. What's she going to tell me… is this the end?

We moved into the sitting room and sat at either end of the settee. My mind was racing and I said.

"Do you have something to tell me?"

"Yes, I think I do. You're right" she started slowly, trying to feel for my reaction.

"Our sexlife has gone a little dead hasn't it. I suppose it happens to everyone but we only ever really do it in the bedroom and in the time I've been living with you here, we screwed in the kitchen for the first time last Saturday. We've never done it in the bathroom, or in here, and I don't remember the last time we did it anywhere else. I'm bored."

I heaved a sigh of relief. At least I wasn't being dumped.

"So what do you want from sex?" I enquired.

"I just want something a little more exciting. I don't want you just climbing on me in the morning to satisfy your hardon. I want some foreplay. I want to be fucked when I walk in the door after work. I want to do it in a carpark."

I was a bit surprised at what she was saying but then, I had never asked her what she wanted before. We had never discussed fantasies and I knew that she must have some. So I went on…

"Ok, fair enough. So, do you have any fantasies that you want to act out or anything like that."

"I don't really think about that sort of thing."

"Bollocks, everyone has fantasies."

"Like what?"

"I dunno, maybe you fantasise about being screwed by a rugby team, or flashing a stranger, or something like that."

She started giggling and I saw a look that I hadn't seen for years. The corners of her mouth turned up and her eyes sparkled. I started laughing too.

"You're a perve. You just want me to come out with something wild and dirty and then you'll take the piss out of me or tell your boozy mates when you get pissed and I'm not falling for that."

"No, I was being serious. I just want to inject some excitement into our sexlife and I'm prepared to consider anything. If you can't see when I'm being genuine then maybe we're wrong for each other anyway."

My turn to play the hardcase.

"Oh baby, I didn't mean anything by it. It's just that you've never taken an interest in this sort of thing before." I said apologetically.

She looked at me and went on.

"Yes I do have fantasies. I have loads of them." She said in a cooing and seductive voice.

Well, that's a good start. At least you're being honest now. Tell you what, I'll cook dinner and you write a few of them down. After we eat we'll go through them together and then, let's see if we can't put something together to make your life a little more bearable." I said with a chuckle.

That evening we drank a bottle of wine and talked for hours. Turned out that she had a very active imagination. I must have forgotten somewhere along the way. There were notions of being tied up, sex in the park and other public places, cunnilingus from behind while she looked over a motorway bridge. All manner of stuff. I was getting really turned on and wanted to go to the bedroom and ravage her. She had other ideas.

"Ok, let's see if you're really serious about this then. How about we do something right now?

"Oh, come on will you, it's nearly eleven and we've got to be up for work in the morning." I said matter of factly.

Her eyes flashed angrily and she said.

"I knew it, you're just talk aren't you. I should have known that I couldn't trust you. Fuck, I wish I'd kept my mouth shut."

"Whoah baby, if it's that important we'll do whatever you want. Right now." I told her.

She smiled and said.

"I think you'll be glad."

Then she stood up, kissed me on the forehead and walked off saying.

"Just give me a couple of minutes and I'll be ready."

I sat there in stunned silence. She had always been a feisty sort but had never just lost her temper like that with me before. I wondered wheat she had in mind and waited for about ten minutes before I went to see what she was doing.

I could see that the bedroom light was on from the bottom of the staircase so I called up to her.

"Are you ready for me yet honey?"

The reply was curt.

"No, you wait there. I'll be down in a minute. Tell you what, get the car out and I'll meet you outside."

I was a little surprised at this. I had thought that she was getting dressed for me. I thought that I'd be up the stairs and up her skirt all in one fluid move but she had other plans.

"Where are we going." I asked.

"Out." Came the reply.

"Out where?"

"Just out. I'll let you know when we're there but in the meantime, this is my night. OK."

She had an authority in her voice that I wasn't about to argue with.

I opened the garage door and admired the glistening paintwork of the Ferrari Dino parked in front of me. I had borrowed heavily to buy her but kidded myself that the classic car insurance would save me a packet and as such, it was a bargain. There was nothing like the feeling you got just driving a car like that. Drop the roof down and meander about town lapping up the envious stares. Yes, she was a bargain. I opened the door and slid into the leather seat. I turned the key and smiled to myself as the huge twelve cylinder motor sprang into life with a deep throaty growl.

I backed out and parked up in front of the house switching the radio on while I waited. Then the door opened and she stepped outside. She didn't smile as I cast my eyes over her beautiful shapely curves. I think she was enjoying my reaction though. She was wearing the boots that she'd bought six months earlier, she swore that they were comfortable when we were in the shop but after she wore them just once she'd put them away saying that she'd never wear the bloody things again. The boots ran to just below her knees then there was a gap filled with stockinged thigh and then a short black dress which barely covered her knickers. I was wondering if she was wearing any at all but felt that it would be out of order for me to ask.

"You look fantastic. Where do you want me to take you?" I asked.

"Drop the roof, it's too warm to be shut in tonight. Oh, and I'm driving." She snarled.

"Honey, you're not insured in this one." I said.

"I am driving!"

I didn't argue.

I folded the roof away and sat into the passenger seat of my beloved car as she dropped it into gear, gunned the throttle and fired it off down the drive.

"Oooh, it is quick isn't it."

"Yeah, baby, just be careful will you." I pleaded.

We drove for about thirty minutes. I was concerned about the car so my mind was on her driving and I wasn't really paying much attention to where we were heading. She indicated, slowed the car and turned into a service station.

"I want you to get out here and watch."

"Watch what?" I asked almost pleadingly.

"I don't know yet Just keep you eyes open and if things get out of hand come in and get me." She said as she revved the engine and pulled away before I could answer her.

I felt panic. What the fuck was she planning to do?

I started walking towards the lights in the car park scanning the cars looking for the Ferrari. Then I saw it, parked just by some doors leading into a café. There was no sign of her so I realised that she must have gone inside. I opened the door and walked inside. There was a seating area down some steps so I went inside. Still no sign of her. I went back outside and looked around the carpark. There were no lights on in any of the cars there so I assumed that she wasn't there either. I'll try the lorry park I thought to myself. Same story there, no sign. Must have been in the washroom in the café I decided and went back through the doors and down the steps.

I looked around and noticed a group of men talking to someone. It was her. She had her back to the doors and was sitting at a table next to the one with these guys. She was leaning forwards and talking to them. "Everything alright then, she's going to try and make me jealous. That's her idea" I thought.

I bought a coffee and walked past the tables trying to hear what they were talking about. I didn't look at any of them, especially her, I didn't want to spoil her plans. I sat down on my own just near enough to hear some of their conversation, but too far away to hear the hushed tones in which she was speaking.

I had nearly finished my coffee and was wondering if I should get another when I heard her say.

"OK, but not in here. We'll go outside."

For the first time since I sat down, I turned around to look. She was getting up out of her seat. One of the men was grinning at another and then he noticed me looking over and winked at me.

"Cheeky bastard, that's my wife not your bloody conquest." I said under my breath.

They walked out of the café together and I swigged the last of my coffee. As I stood up I instinctively reached into my pocket for the car keys and then realised that she had them.

"Oh, shit. What the fuck am I supposed to do if this gets out of hand. The car may be fast but it's no bloody good to me if there are six big fellas and she's got the frigging keys. How the fuck am I supposed to rush in and whisk her out of danger? Jesus Christ, what the fuck do I do?" I couldn't think clearly.

I walked out of the café and kept a reasonable distance behind the string of walking figures. They were moving slowly and became illuminated as they passed under the sodium lights of the car park. Then in unison they stopped beside the wall of a building and spread out into a line. My view of her was blocked but they seemed to be standing back from her. I wondered what she was doing and decided to move around the building to look from the other side. I hurried around the walls and slowed down as I approached the last corner knowing that I needed to keep my footsteps quiet. Gingerly, I peered around the brickwork. She was facing the little crowd of men who were now smiling and applauding her. Whatever it was, it was now over and I wondered what I had missed.

They trooped back towards the café and I followed at my safe distance. She was walking at the back of the group talking to one of the men. As they drew level with the Ferrari, she said something to him and then as he joined his mates, she opened the door and started the engine. I was exposed by the headlights as she drove forwards to meet me.

As I opened the door and sat in the passenger seat she said.

"Like that did you?"

"Dunno baby, I didn't see anything. What happened?"

"You're kidding, right?" she asked.

"No, I couldn't see what you were doing so I went around the side of the building, when I looked out they were all clapping and cheering. That was it. What exactly did you do?"

"Well, if you missed it I'll just have to do it again won't I."

I asked her again on the way back home but she refused to tell me what had happened. I tried another tack and asked if she had enjoyed it. She reached for my hand and placed it on her thigh then ran it down between her legs. Her cunt was wet, very wet.

"Does that answer your question?"

"Jesus Christ, what the hell happened there?"

No answer, she just giggled.

We arrived back at the house and went into the bedroom without mentioning it again. I dropped my clothes on the back of a chair and slid into bed, she stood at the side of me and began to undress. She turned her back to me and unzipped the dress, then before she removed it she leaned forwards and began to unlace her boots. The dress shifted up as she bent over and I could see her cuntlips puffing out between her thighs. My cock went hard in an instant and I reached out to touch her. Sliding my fingers between her buttocks and down towards her slit. She was sopping wet and my finger slid inside her as she cooed softly. She pretended to ignore my ministrations and carried on unfastening her boots until she could stand it no longer. She pulled away from my hand and turned to face me as she lifted the little black dress over her head.

"Do you want to fuck me?" she teased.

"Too bloody right I do." I gagged.

"Ok, If I let you have your wicked way with me now you have to promise me that we can go out again tomorrow night."

I would have agreed to anything right at that moment but I was surprised at just how keen I was to repeat it all again. Maybe I'd get to see a little more tomorrow.

Part Two.

She had started it about a week before, we had visited a roadside cafe park and she'd done something that she wouldn't talk about. She'd enjoyed it though and wanted to do it again. I wanted to know what she'd done and the only way I ever would know was to let her repeat it.

I came home from work at about seven. Stephanie was in the bathroom and called down as I opened the front door,

"Hi honey. I'll be down in a minute, put the kettle on."

"Right," I mumbled as I dropped my bag on the kitchen floor.

I was spooning instant coffee into cups as I heard her coming down the stairs and looked round when I heard the click of her metal heel on the tiled floor.

"Good God, what's this in aid of?" I said as my eyes ran over her. I was sure that we had no plans for the evening but she was dressed with something in mind. She stood in the doorway wearing a shiny black coat that ran to her heels.

"We're going out again," she purred, her eyes sparkling,

"you never saw anything last time and I thought you deserved a little treat, you've been working so hard lately and tonight your mind will not be on the office."

Excitement hit me like a bolt of lightening. She was right, I had been working too hard and I'd been bringing work home. I needed a break from it all and wasn't about to object.

"Where are we going and just what are you planning to do?" I asked meekly,

she tapped her nose with her index finger and said, "these are my nights remember, you're just along for the ride. Your dinner is in the oven and while your having it I'll be finishing off my makeup OK." She turned on her heels and left the room. I sat down and ate trying to get work off my mind.

"You ready yet?" I called up the stairs,

"nearly, come and tell me what you think of this?" She shouted from the bedroom.

I was up the stairs in a few bounds and opening the bedroom door. She was facing the full length mirrors on the wardrobe and slowly turned to face me.

"I've been shopping today, new coat… it's latex."

"Wow, I thought I hadn't seen it before, you get anything else?"

"only these," she said as she opened the coat revealing a pair of black hot pants and matching bra.

"They're a kind of rubber, come and have a feel," she cooed.

I walked forward and reached out my hand placing it on her left breast. The material was warm and sort of tactile. My hand cupped her breast and she closed her eyes as she gently sighed in pleasure as I gently rubbed my fingers over her nipple. I reached around her body and ran my hands down her beautifully curved back feeling the top of the hotpants and proceeding lower to grasp her firm buttocks.

"I like it," I said "let's stay in and have an early night instead."

"No way," she snapped "we're going out right now. You can have your fun when we get back and believe me, you're gonna be gagging for it. You can drive this time so go and get the car while I lock up."

My heart was pounding, there was nothing I'd have liked more than to watch her parading around the house wearing those shiny black things, the way the latex gripped her skin and curved around her, every mound of her body emphasised by the shine as the light bounced off the shiny black material.

I stopped the car just outside our front door and waited, just like I'd waited a couple of weeks before. The same thoughts were pulsing through my mind, "What was she gonna do tonight?"

The door opened and Stephanie appeared. She smiled at me and then pulled her coat open as she grinned. Last time we'd gone out like this she had worn normal makeup but this time she'd gone for something much darker. Her perfect white teeth glinted from behind the bright red lipstick and her eyes sparkled. She loved this. Who wouldn't? Stephanie is a classic beauty, she's not tall but she's so perfectly formed. Her tits are tiny but the nipples stick out all the time and they're so sensitive that she can cum from just having them squeezed. Her tiny waist emphasises the flare of her hips and her taut buttocks are the finest thing any man could wish to hang onto whilst fucking. But best of all, she's my wife.

She closed the door behind her and sauntered over to the car.

"Ok, drive," she said,

"where are we going?" I asked,

"head for town and I'll decide when I get there."

I slipped the car into gear and set off. It was another warm night and the moon was full, it's light glinting through the trees as we drove towards the conurbation and it bright lights.

"I want to start off at the Crocodile Bar," She said huskily "and then we'll see where we end up. I don't want you getting too close and scaring any of my victims off so you follow me in after a few minutes, OK?"

I agreed as looked at the clock in the dashboard, it was nearly ten, should be enough time to get a drink or two in…

I stopped the car outside the bar and she got out,

"I'll give you five minutes and then follow you in, OK?" I asked,

"sounds fine to me. I'll be in the pool room." She said as she turned towards the door.

I walked into the bar, bought a beer and then made my way into the pool room. The room was almost empty, Stephanie was standing at the table with a cue in her hand, there was a guy standing on the other side of the table taking a shot.

"Bugger! I hate it when that happens," he said as the target ball ricocheted off the table.

Stephanie was giggling as she walked towards where the ball had stopped, she glanced back at her opponent and said,

"it's a pressure thing, you're thinking too hard about winning,"

"honey, I want to see what you've got on under that coat, I need to win don't I!"

I realised that she'd started the game and made some sort of bet on the outcome, her opponent was going to win a look at her new outfit it he beat her. I settled down onto a chair by the window and watched the game intent on not staring at her.

The game was going badly for the guy. Steph is quite a pool shark and had got down to the black ball with him still having four to go. It was her shot. An easy shot for her too but she missed. He potted a couple more and his confidence was boosted, he looked up at her and leered,

"you're in trouble now missie, I can do these with my eyes shut."

Steph was smiling and said,

"better get on with it then hadn't you."

He cleaned the rest of the balls and with a flourish span the cue in his hand as the black dropped into the pocket,

"I win, and now for my prise…"

Steph was still smiling as the two of them left the room and walked to the entrance door, she winked as she passed me.

I watched them walk past my window and round the corner into the dimly lit carpark, I couldn't see where they'd gone and decided to give them a minute or two and then follow to make sure that she was OK.

I walked around the corner into the carpark and saw Steph leaning back against the bonnet of our car. The guy was on his knees in front of her and she was holding her coat open. I could see her underwear shining as it caught the light and she was talking to the guy. It looked as though she was telling him what to do, I couldn't hear because I was too far away but decided to stay there and watch.

She lowered her hand to her crotch and began to massage herself through the hotpants, "wow, she was putting on quite a show."

I couldn't figure out how I felt about this. There was my wife, leaning against our car and showing herself to a man she'd only just met in a bar. I guess it was quite flattering really, I mean, she's seriously good looking and we had a good relationship, trusting each other implicitly and I figured it was all OK if this was turning her on and the guy was desperate to see more of her, so I stood back and watched.

She gave another verbal instruction and the guy got to his feet, he was standing in front of her now and was unzipping his trousers. Stephanie was still rubbing her cunt through the hotpants and she was now squeezing her nipples underneath the bra. The guy was playing with his cock inside his trousers and I could hear him say,

"Oh, yeah baby that's it, keep going."

Her head was tossed back and she was obviously enjoying herself too. Then she reclined completely onto the car bonnet and said something to the guy. He pulled his cock out and began to wank himself furiously.

I heard him grunt as leaned forward over the top of her and then he stood up and packed his flaccid cock away. Stephanie stayed in the same position, laid out over the bonnet while the guy walked off. I quickly ducked behind the corner and then started walking back toward the carpark, nodding to the guy as we passed.

When I arrived at the car, Stephanie was still on the bonnet but she was looking up at me,

"I wondered how long it would be before you turned up. Did you see what I just did?"

"Yeah, quite a show. Poor bastard couldn't believe his luck." I said.

"He made a real mess of my new pants though, just look at this," she said pointing at her pubic mound, "he spunked right onto my cunt. Good job I was wearing these, isn't it," she said as she lowered the palm of her hand into the slippery mess on the front of her hotpants smearing the cum around.

"Did it turn you on?"

"I guess so," I said nonchalantly,

"Well, don't you think you should fuck your dirty little wife then?"

"I'd rather watch you frigging yourself like he did, let's call it your penance." I said as I dragged my erect cock from my pants.

Stephanie laid back on the bonnet and began rubbing her cunt as I started wanking myself off. I was so turned on by her earlier show that it didn't take long before a stream of spunk was spraying through the air onto the hand she was using to stroke her pussy. I let fly several spurts which ran off her fingers and mingled with the other guys cum on the front of her new pants.

"Come on baby, let's go home. I want to lick you out," I said as I packed my cock away and helped her off the car.

Part Three.

We'd made a few more trips out since the exploits documented in part two. I'd found myself less interested in the whole flashing thing, it was getting too physical now.

Stephanie, on the other hand was getting deeper into it. She was now into having complete strangers masturbate in front of her. Sometimes she would let them cum off on her, usually on her legs or her clothes, but lately she was letting them touch her and sometimes she would finish them off by hand. I didn't like it; this was not what we had agreed when it started, it was supposed to be about exhibitionism, not touching.

We had argued viciously when she wanted to go out last Thursday. At first I had agreed but when I saw what she wanted to wear, I just froze up and said that I wasn't going out period. She accused me of acting like a petulant child and said that I was spoiling it for her . I told her that if she really wanted to do it, she'd have to go without me to chaperone her and I'd have no part of it any more.

She stormed off slamming the door behind her and was gone for hours. It was
past one in the morning when she walked through the bedroom door. I was pretending to be asleep and watched her through squinted eyes as she kicked her shoes off and peeled the latex hot pants down her long legs exposing her neatly trimmed pubes. She pulled back the cover and slipped into the bed beside me whispering,

"You should have been there, it was an incredible tonight."

I ignored her, making some mumbling noise as I rolled over and curled around her back and nuzzled into her long dark brown hair. I was dying to know what had happened and the more I thought about it, the more turned on I became. My hand moved over her waist and found it's way downwards to her pubic mound. Her legs parted slightly and I ran my fingers over her labia.

Her lips were hot and wet, sticky wet. I knew she got turned on by her exhibitionism but this was more than usual, she was soaking. I felt her pushing her clit against my finger as I carried on rubbing.

"Wanna fuck me?" she said as she rolled onto her stomach.

I moved my fingers out of her snatch and positioned myself ready to impale
her soft folds when I caught the distinct smell of sperm. The realisation that she had
another mans cum between her legs put me off completely and before I could think
about anything else I demanded,

"What the fuck have you been doing? You stink of cum."

"Oh, baby, I'll tell you all about it later, but I need some cock now. please just fuck me."

I sprang out of the bed, my now limp cock swinging between my legs, "You've screwed someone haven't you?"

"Come on honey, it's nothing, just fuck me," she pleaded.

"Stephanie, I am not going near you until you tell me what happened tonight and that's it. Tell me," I ordered.

"Oh, alright. I'll tell you but you promise to screw me afterwards?" she said.

"Just tell me what happened."

She started to describe where she'd been but I was impatient, I needed to
know what she'd done and with whom.

"Just tell me what you did."

I was losing my temper and knew that if she realised how angry I was I'd get nothing out of her.

"Well, since you wouldn't come with me I picked Jane up and we went to this pool bar and there was this guy staring at us..."

She had told her friend from work about the trips we had made and Jane had said that she'd like to do something like that if only she had the nerve. I had met Jane only once, her husband worked on the oil rigs in the North Sea and spent a lot of time away so Stephanie spent some evenings at Jane's house and they talked.

"…he couldn't take his eyes off Jane's arse, so she kept bending over the pool table when she was taking shots. You should have seen it, there were easy balls every time but she kept taking the long shots so that she had to lean over the table. Eventually she lost and came to sit down, that's when he made his first move.

He bought us both a drink and then I played against him, I won two games and then he said that we should have a bet on the third. I agreed and asked him how much he wanted to offer as a stake. He said that if he won he wanted to feel my arse through the latex shorts and if I won then he'd buy the next two rounds of drinks, I agreed and we started to play. I didn't mean to lose, I just kept getting really tough shots and I think he was a lot better player than his previous form had shown."

Stephanie was in full swing and I wasn't about to stop her. I pretended to be interested in all the trivial details and even asked the occasional question just to convince her that the tale was really turning me on.

"So what happened after the game then?"

"Well, I put my cue down and stood at the side of the table. He sauntered over to me with a broad grin saying something like 'better luck next time' and then told me that he was claiming his prize as he put his arms around me and clasped his hands around my arse. He had a really firm grip of my cheeks and it felt kinda nice as he squeezed them. I said that he'd just got lucky and usually I play better and he said I could try again but the stakes had gone up. I asked what he meant and he said that if I lost again, I was to show him my arse but without the shorts. I thought about it for a while and then suggested that he play Jane instead. She was listening and said that it was OK by her, even with the increased stakes."

I was surprised, Jane seemed quite timid to me but you can never tell what's behind the façade put up by a woman.

"So what happened then?"

"Well, she was doing fine and then it just went wrong. The simple fact is she lost. He told her that he wanted to go into the toilets and said that she could bring me along if she felt worried. I followed them into the disabled peoples loo. It was really big and there was a bar beside the toilet bowl, I guess it was to help people back into their wheelchairs. I locked the door and just stood there as Jane said, 'How do you want me?' He told her to turn around and take her top off. She reminded him that he'd only won the right to see her arse without the shorts, but he said that the shirt would cover too much and it was only fair if she took it off completely. He had a point so she took the top off and then pulled her shorts down her legs and took one foot out.

He was really appreciative and told her that she had a beautiful arse. I was getting so turned on by the situation and I knew that I was getting wet. Then he told her to bend right over to let him have a better view. He must have been a good few feet away so she did as he asked. While she was bent over he got his cock out and started tossing himself off. Didn't seem bothered that I was standing right behind him. The sight of it really turned me on so I started touching myself through my shorts.

Jane's cunt was totally exposed and she was watching him through the gap between
her legs. She seemed so confident for a first timer and began to rub her cunt lips and clit. I was totally dumbstruck, it was incredible. This total stranger was wanking himself off in front of me while perving my best friend and I was frigging myself; wow, what a buzz. I knew it wouldn't be long before he came off and hoped that he'd spurt it onto Jane's arse as she stuck out towards him. It was then that he grabbed her hips and just shoved his cock between her legs. He didn't get it inside straight away but he had a really good hold of her and was saying stuff like, 'You deserve this, bitch!' then he rammed it between her lips as she gasped."

Stephanie paused, looked at me and said, "Are you OK honey?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm just really turned on. Keep going."

"Well, there I am watching Jane leaning over the toilet and this guy has just stuck his cock up her. I was really into it and frigged myself harder as I watched her pushing back against him. It only took a couple of thrusts and he grunted something about coming. She tried to pull away but his grip was too strong and I knew he was filling her up. I shouted at him to stop and told him that it wasn't in the deal but he'd already finished."

I was stunned and asked if she'd done anything like that with Jane before. She told me that they had never been out together and that she'd never seen anyone else having sex before, she was most indignant.

"So, how do you happen to have cum on your cunt then?" I asked.

"Well, it went on from there. By the time Jane had recovered, the man was already past me and through the door leaving it swinging behind him. I locked it again and stood there in silence as Jane washed herself off, pulled her shorts and top back on and said to me 'Wow, that was really freaky!' we started to laugh and then left the loo. I looked around the bar for the guy but there was no sign of him so we went and sat back down by the pool table.

I was thinking about what had just happened and wondering how different it would have been with you there. We talked about it and I started to feel all turned on again. I was thinking that it was really cool with Jane as my slutty partner and how we could really explore our tarty sides. I liked watching her fucking and I wanted to see some more. I asked her if she'd do it again and she told me that she would. she hadn't come and was feeling really horny. I scanned the bar for a likely person and noticed a bunch of young lads. They were the sort we used to look out for in the newsagents, when I would crouch down and inadvertently show my knickers off, you remember?"

This was an amazing tale. I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

"Yeah, I remember," I said. "So what happened then?"

"Well, to cut a long story short, we were chatting with the lads and ended up going back to an apartment with four of them. We drank some whisky, Jane had a lot and started dancing in front of the guys. She was really on form, wiggling her arse in their faces, it was so erotic watching her. I guess it was strange really, I had gone from being the exhibitionist to someone who just observed things happening around them.

I was just watching and then some the guys started getting a bit rowdy and grabbing at her. I told them that she was just dancing and that they should leave her alone. The guy next to me stood up and then put his hand on my shoulders saying that I should join Jane and dance for them too. I told him to piss off and said that we were leaving. Jane was having none of it and told me that she'd only come back with them so she could get her brains fucked out and that I should loosen up.

I told her that she was drunk and being really stupid and that if she wasn't coming with me then I was leaving without her. She just looked blankly at me and then started stripping her top off. The guys were going crazy and cheering her on. I decided that it was too out of hand and made a dash for the door but was grabbed and flung to the floor.

There were so many pairs of hands on me I couldn't move, then my shirt was unbuttoned. I started to scream but someone put a hand over my mouth. I was gagged with a kitchen towel and my hands were tied behind my back, Jane was laughing.

Two of the guys lifted me to my feet and started to pull my shorts off, I couldn't do anything to stop them and stood there with my legs crossed trying to hide my pussy.

Jane walked over to me and whispered, 'Don't fight it honey, we're just gonna have some fun.'

I couldn't say anything because of the gag but I glared at her, she took no notice. She pulled her shorts off and dropped to the floor in front of me, she started to kiss my shins. Then she crawled around me like a cat, when she was behind me I felt her start to lick her way from the back of my knees up to my arse. She stopped, lifted my leg to remove my shorts and then started kissing me again. It felt great but I wasn't at all happy about the situation, the lads were all watching and making lewd suggestions to her and she was doing as she was told.

I could feel her tongue darting between my thighs, my stomach was pulsing and I knew that I was loosing control. She crawled around to my front, reached her hands around me, clasped my buttocks and began to lick at my pussy through my tightly clenched legs. She licked up and down the sides of my pussy but didn't go near my clit , I was desperate to be touched. She was really working me up and then she started on me properly, it was ecstasy. I closed my eyes and let myself go. The next time I opened them my tits were being fondled by one of the guys and my gag was being removed by another. I was panting loudly and the sensations were ripping through me, I couldn't stop myself anymore.

Jane's was still on her knees, her tongue was now licking deep inside my cunt and there was a guy fucking her from behind. My hands were untied and I spontaneously reached out for the nearest cock. I began to wank it and then leaned forwards and started to suck on it too. I was in slut heaven and there was no going back for me.

After a few minutes I was laid onto the carpet and someone climbed on top of me, he had a huge cock and even though I was sopping wet it hurt as he slid inside me. He fucked me like a wild animal and a few minutes after starting he spurted his load deep inside me, he stood up and then someone else took his place. I was fucked on the floor by three different men . When the last one was spent Jane crouched between my legs and licked their cum out of my abused and dripping cunt .

When she finished tonguing me she squatted over my exhausted body and lowered her shaven pussy on to my face so that I could return the favour. It was instinct, I just did what I thought would feel right, pushing my face deep into her and licking all around, she loved it. I could taste her juices and the sperm from however many of them screwed her.

After I had finished licking her out they let us go, we hardly talked on the way back but when I dropped Jane off at her house. She said that she hoped I'd enjoyed it and pushed the car door closed with a smile as she waved me off.

I drove straight back here and told you what happened. Are you alright baby?" she said.

I stood there in silence for a few moments trying to get to grips with what my slut of a wife had just told me, my cock was throbbing painfully. Stephanie was lying on the bed, the covers were round her ankles and l stared at her well fucked pussy. My mind was reeling as I climbed on top of her and sank my erection deep inside.

I was thinking about the men she'd screwed only hours before and imagining how it had been, were they bigger than me? were they better fucks than me? She had said that one of them was like a 'wild animal' and I quickened my pace. Her pelvis was rising to every thrust and she was crying out in rapture. I couldn't have lasted long, it was probably only a few minutes and I shot my load deep inside her to mix with the rest.

I lay beside her thinking about how our relationship had developed, how it had gone from a college romance into marriage and now… now it was a farce and I said,

"how do you want us to go on?

She looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes and told me,

"I want you to come with me next time, I want you to watch me screwing a bunch of guys!"

I knew at that moment that there was nothing left for me, I wanted a 'normal' life, I'd grown past the exhibitionism thing… it had become invasive and I knew it would destroy me. I looked at that demure creature, who's mind was tangled in the pursuit of her lust and said,

"I suggest that you go back to Jane's house before she goes to bed… this is finished!"

Stephanie left that night and hasn't been in touch since, I don't expect to hear from her again either. I came home today to find all her clothes gone and her keys left on the kitchen table. She is wild, she is free and she is out there somewhere, possibly in a bar near you.

The end, I hope you enjoyed it

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