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A Brief Encounter

by (January 2001)

I don't know why I do this but it's becoming a bit of a regular thing. It started some years ago after my husband had lost all sexual interest in me. I began to feel unwanted and unattractive. Then I read an article in a woman's magazine about people who were into exhibitionism and flashing.

The more I thought about the subject, the more I got turned on by it and found myself fantasising about doing it myself. Whenever I had these daydreams, I became very wet and usually ended up frigging myself off. It was the only sexual release I had.

At thirty one years old and with a husband who hadn't touched me for three years I suppose I wondered if anyone would still find me attractive. I stood in front of my bedroom mirror and took a long and critical look at myself. I had a 34c bust, which wasn't at all sagging, and a waist that any twenty year old would be proud of. My ass was firm too. So why was I unwanted?

I thought very carefully about my fantasies, developing them into plausible encounters. I would wear a thong and a skirt that just covered my knees. The skirt would be loose enough to lift above my waist. The top didn't really matter, but all the same I thought about it and decided to favour a tight fitting T-shirt without a bra… I would wear knee length leather boots and no jewellery. I would use make up and wear a wig… gypsy curls, light brunette in colour.

The fantasy was really taking shape and every time I thought about it, I became so horny. My stupid husband didn't realise what he was missing out on. His loss.

I found myself regularly visiting lingerie shops and amassing a superb collection of lacy underwear. I would return home and lay my fantasy outfit on my bed then think about the location of my flashing. Then I'd dress and put on my makeup and wig and flash myself in the mirror then frig myself off before I bathed.

One day I had been looking at a new outfit on my bed and it didn't turn me on. Instead I found myself thinking

"What a pathetic wretch you are… all this planning for something you'll never do!"

I was right, it was pathetic and that really made me feel stupid and worthless. I decided that I would wear the outfit and go into town. Not to actually flash someone but to see what the reaction was and if anyone looked as though they recognised me.

The following morning I heard my husband leave for work without saying anything and I instantly decided that my day had come. I laid my clothes out on the bed and went into my bathroom. I sat in the chair, trimmed my already neat pubic bush and had a shower. I stood in front of the mirror in the bedroom and appreciated the body that nobody else was. I stepped into the thong and pulled them up over my knees and settled them around my neatly trimmed crotch. Then I pulled my T-shirt over my head and fastened my skirt around my waist. Finally I zipped up my high heeled boots and checked the mirror.

"Slut." I said, as I smiled to myself.

After I prepared my makeup I could barely recognise myself and when I put on my wig and set the style, I didn't recognise myself. My own mother wouldn't have recognised me if I were standing in front of her.

I walked down the stairs, through the kitchen and into the garage via the linking door. I stepped into my car and started the engine, took a deep breath and as the electric door opened I put the car into drive and set off. I was on the adventure of the bored housewife.

I headed straight for the city and parked the car at a department store. I went into the store and walked around looking at perfume, clothes, cameras, shoes and anything else I could see. All the time I was aware that men were watching me and I liked that. I felt good and had built up enough confidence to actually show something of myself to someone.

I walked into the coffee shop and sat at the bar while I waited to be served. I looked around the room and noticed several potential targets. Two men in business suits sitting at a table discussing a report or something. A guy on his own watching the world go by out of the window. Even the young waiter as he whizzed around delivering orders and picking up dirty cups. There were so many that I didn't know where to start.

I ordered my coffee and the server told me that he'd bring it over if I wanted to sit at one of the tables. I walked over to an empty table, picking up a newspaper as I passed the stand and sat down. I was directly in front of the businessmen and one of them was facing me…

"This is it" I though to myself as the waiter delivered my coffee.

I crossed my legs, knee over knee, and opened the paper. I read a few items and then the suspense got to me, I had to know if I was being looked at. I lowered the paper and rested it upon my knee while I reached for my drink. He was talking to the other man but he was looking right up my skirt, I had succeeded and he should be rewarded for his interest.

I placed the cup back on the saucer and resumed my reading. The businessman had not noticed me looking at him so I absentmindedly lifted my leg until my ankle was resting on my knee. The view for the businessman would be complete. He could see all the way up my skirt and the front of my thong. Knowing this made me feel weak inside… my stomach was a mess of butterflies and I was trembling so much that the paper began to rattle. I needed to regain my composure, so I lowered the newspaper and my leg at the same time. I looked over the top of the paper as I folded it on my knee and he was still staring. I felt sexy and I knew I looked it too.

Moments later the businessman stood up and as he walked past me I knew he was going to the lavatories to relieve himself. I felt so aroused and needed to rearrange myself, I didn't want to leave a wet patch on the seat. After a couple of minutes I stood up and went to the washroom.

I stood in the cubicle and lifted my skirt, hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my thong and pulled them down to my knees. I looked at the gusset and it was soaked. I raised my hand to my slit and cupped my fingers around the smooth skin. My middle finger felt the warm, wet folds of my lips and there was no resistance as I casually dipped it inside myself.

I needed to bring myself off, I was desperate. I stepped put of my thong, parted my legs and leaned forward over the cistern. As I reinserted my finger I moaned softly. I was in ecstasy as I smeared my cuntjuice around my lips and between my buttocks. I gently rubbed my anus and then fingered my cunt, it was fantastic but what I really wanted was to be penetrated by a hot throbbing cock. I closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild as I fingerfucked myself.

The door opened behind me and I didn't move. A hand reached between my legs and stroked it's way up my inner thigh, I moved my hand away and rested it on the cistern with my other hand. I pushed my ass out and arched my back to give my suitor complete access. He gripped my buttock and squeezed tightly as I moaned softly. Then I felt his warm breath on the backs of my legs and the feel of his tongue as he licked his way to my cunt. The tongue trailed around my slit, licking up and down each of my lips and I felt like I would die if he didn't touch my clit soon.

I felt his palms on my buttocks as his thumbs gripped the tops of my legs and his tongue touched me again. It started right in the middle of my cuntlips and slid forwards to my clit. He began to suck and lick pushing his face deep into me. I could hear him breathing, gasping for another deep breath before resuming his ministrations. He licked from my clit to my anus jabbing his tongue into my slit as he passed. I began to cum and my knees began to shake.

"Fuck me, please fuck me now!"

The licking stopped and he stood up, I heard the jingle of his belt as his trousers fell to the floor and braced myself for the penetration. I closed my eyes and felt my cunt open around his cock, just the head at first and then all of it. He was big but I was so wet that he slid in easily. I could hear him groan and I could hear the squelching of my cunt as he pushed in and out of me.

I braced myself against the toilet and pushed back against him.

"Fuck me hard, faster. Ooooooh…"

His speed built up, faster and faster. Then I felt him lean back against the door and with one final, heavy thrust he grunted and splashed his cum deep inside me.

I stood there with my legs apart, his cum was running out of me and pooling on the floor as he pulled his trousers up and left the cubicle, closing the door as he went.

I reached between my legs and pushed two fingers inside my sopping cunt, I had been fucked properly and I had loved it. I mopped his cum off my slit and put my thong back on. Then I washed my hands and left the toilets to pay for my coffee.

When I got back to my car I drove home in a dream. I kept clenching my cunt muscles trying to keep the sperm from running out and staining my seat. My gusset was soaked and just wanted to do it all again. I hadn't been fucked in years but I was going to make up for it now.

This story is written for those who actually have the balls to go out and do this sort of thing in whatever capacity. May they live healthy and prosperous lives!

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