Friday, December 05, 2008

My Alter Ego

Written by Marc (January 2001)

Christine was hungry with desire for my unique way of making love. Over and over she moan’s "please, I need to be filled, I need you to fuck me with your tongue" Turning to face me I ask her with a wicked smile "are you sure you want me to eat you some more, or should I stop?"

With that Christine pushed her hot, wet, shaved pussy up against my face, bucking up and down on my tongue & nose with every last drop of energy she had. All I could do was grab on to her perfect (and I mean perfect) ass cheeks and hold on while she came like a garden hose. As her orgasm settled down I just kept running my tongue up and down her pussy and the crack of her ass, not wanting to miss any of the sweet juices that she covered my face with. Christine reached back and rubbed her sore little clit as I flicked my tongue around her small pink asshole.

She was in sexual heaven and I couldn’t help but wonder how I got to be lucky enough to be here with this goddess, after all, I’m not your average guy.

You see I’m disabled, a wheelchair user with a cock that no longer works like it used to. I’ve always loved eating pussy so pleasing a partner was possible, it was finding the right partner, and that’s Christine. Christine is gorgeous. About 5’3" tall, 100lbs, blond hair, and a body that is just right. Christine has full breasts with nipples that get hard as nails with just the slightest touch, a shaved pussy that is always wet and ready. She has always enjoyed men, but has fantasies about women all the time and that’s were I come in. Making love to me is much like having another woman, I’m very oral & I’m good with a hand held dildo. What Christine likes most it that she gets to be treated to the best of both worlds at one time. She love having her arms around a man, the smell of a man, the feel of my large hands on her body, and she loves the feel of my beard on her shaved pussy while I eat her to orgasm.

Christine and I have discovered the perfect way to make love. We love to visit the adult book store and that’s where we found my "Alter Ego", a 12" real looking dildo that I’m able to hold onto while Christine fucks & sucks it like it was me. Our love making sessions usually start off with the two of use just softly kissing & touching each other. I love kissing Christine. Her soft lips and tongue drive me wild. Sometimes just being there kissing, cuddling, and touching will bring Christine to the point of cumming. While we explore each others body Christine will take hold of my "cock", slid down between my legs and suck on it like it was really me (and as far as we are concerned it really is). I just love looking down, watching my "cock" sliding in and out of her hot mouth. Her tongue flicking around the dark purple head, then licking up and down the large vein on the hard shaft. Down to the balls at the bottom, licking them one by one into her mouth, then coming back up and deep throating as much as she can in one swift swallow. All the time stroking the full shaft with her free hand. As you can tell Christine love giving head and she will suck me until her jaw hurts. She loves sucking my "cock" because it never cums. Christine say’s that most men cum to fast when she gives them head (I wonder why) so my "cock" is a nice change for her. Christine knows how horny I get watching her suck my "cock" so after she has had a good dose of hard cock sucking she will swing her hips around and get on all fours, hovering her pussy over my face.

While she lays her head on my lap I take hold of my "cock" and slowly trace her pussy lip and the crack of her ass. I watch as her pussy lips seem to wrap around the shaft as it glides up and down through her wetness. Slowly I start to slide my "cock" into her, inch by inch, moving back to the point of almost popping the head out then all the way back in again. We slowly build a rhythm, moving slow at times then speeding up to a pace that would start a fire if we were two sticks rubbing together. All this time I’m licking around Christine’s pussy lips, sucking them between my teeth and tongue.

We have found that if I place the "cock" just above my forehead Christine can slid all the way down to the balls and I can nibble on her clit at the same time. It’s truly amazing to see all 12" fit inside what I consider a small pussy, and then to have her start cumming all over the "cock" and my face is really special because Christine cums in gallons & I make sure it swallow every drop. After we have fucked Christine’s pussy to the point of no return she turns her attentions to me and will start kissing my neck, pinching and sucking on my nipples, touching all the areas that I have feeling in. This always sends me into wonderland.

Knowing how much I love to eat pussy and knowing that she needs some tender loving care after her hard fucking Christine will slowly, softly, slid onto my face for a gentle tongue bath. I can eat pussy for hours, just licking, sucking, fingering, and rubbing every inch. Paying attention to her inner and outer lips. Sucking them into my mouth one side at a time. Sliding my whole tongue as deep into her as I can and slowly pulling out in one long firm lick. I love to slid my tongue from her clit, along her wet lips, all the way up her ass crack to the end and back again.

I love to hear her sighs as I flick my tongue over, around, and right on her asshole. Christine is not into anal sex but she love when I tease her ass in this way. I always make sure to satisfy Christine like no one else ever has. We have talked about bringing another woman into our love making so Christine can experience the pleasures of another woman and with my "cock" at hand things should be very exciting and pleasurable for us all.

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