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Written by Damian (December 2000)

He took the plastic card from the motel room door and pushed it open, moving to the side to allow her to enter the room. It was a familiar occurrence, and they each experienced the rush that they always felt at such times, both so anxious for what they each knew would follow. It had been a while since their last such encounter, and the lunch they had, with it’s accompanying wine and conversation filled with sexual innuendo, had left them myopic; they both knew exactly what they each needed. He closed the door behind them and latched the chain lock. As he turned away from the door and toward the room she was there, her lips reaching up to his, their tongues interlaced, the first of countless kisses that would follow. Their body heat rose as their hands explored the other’s body, as buttons were opened and clothing was removed.

She wore a skimpy, tight, mid thigh royal blue silk dress, low cut with spaghetti straps and buttons that ran its length along the front. He undid the top button as his mouth kissed down her slim neck, to the skin he had just exposed. As he kissed her his hand moved on to the next button. She tore at his blue blazer, and then began unbuttoning his dress shirt, worn without a tie. When he had reached the button that allowed him to kiss the lower part of her sternum he removed the spaghetti straps from her shoulders, allowing the dress to fall to her waist, her firm breasts now fully exposed to him and he looked at her in wonder and awe. He kissed, licked and sucked her rapidly hardening nipples, as her aerolas expanded beyond their usual size. He could hear her moans as her hands stoked his neck, slowly working their way down his body until she reached his behind, which she pulled toward her, grinding her pussy against his hardened cock.

He began unbuttoning the dress from the bottom, and with each button undone he stroked the inside of her thigh, gradually moving closer to the prize he sought while her moans grew ever louder. When the last button was undone the dress fell away, and she was left only in her matching silk blue bikini panties. He stood shirtless, his tan slacks unbuttoned, her hands working to remove them. He swept her up in his arms and carried her to the bed, laying her softly down on the bedspread, pulling his pants off and lying next to her. He took her face in his hands, their mouths interlocking in a kiss that lasted forever.

His mouth returned to her neck, kissing there before he moved to her breasts, which she was begging him to suck. As he did so his fingers traced ever so lightly down her body until they found her pussy, already wet and eager, and she lifted herself off the bed so that he could have sufficient clearance to remove her now soaked panties. He removed his own underwear and pressed his cock against her opening as she spread her legs, anticipating his first entry. Instead, he teased her with it as he alternately kissed her and licked her nipples, allowing his hardened rod to only rub against the lips of her vagina, or to barely enter. She could feel her first orgasm rising within, and could hear herself speaking to him,

"Oh, God……….. please, fuck me…………….. oh, fuck me please…. I need it."

"I will, baby, I will, but there are a few things I have to take care of first," he whispered in her ear. She knew that she would enjoy whatever he had planned.

He could hardly wait to drive in between those perfect legs, but he restrained himself, knowing that the longer he could wait the better it would be for both of them. Instead he left her nipples, which were now enlarged and stiff, and kissed his way down her firm stomach, pausing at her belly button to tongue fuck it, while his hands continued to stroke her breasts and nipples in an ever changing variety of ways. By the time that his mouth reached between her legs, she had unconsciously spread them wide, so that they were perpendicular to the bed, her toes pointing to the ceiling as she opened herself to him. He started at the lowest point, slowly licking his way up her lips, working both sides until he reached her clitoris, his tongue’s first stoke on that enlarged organ brought on her first scream, as she put her feet on the bed and thrust toward his mouth. She came almost immediately, the orgasm taking control of both her body and her mind, waves coursing through her one after the other. She expected him to stop, to mount her and fuck her; she wanted that so much. But he did not, instead he kept eating her pussy, which soon exploded a second time, new waves, stronger than the first overtaking her, and then lessening. He continued licking her clit and she was again consumed by yet another orgasm, again stronger, again overwhelming her.

By the time this happened for the fifth time she feared that she would pass out, and heard herself begging him to stop as she tried to push his head away from her pussy. He grabbed both her hands in his, pinned them to the bed, and continued his attack on her clitoris. She came again. He still did not stop, and she could feel another approaching, and although she had first thought that she wanted him to stop, she also wanted him to continue. She wondered how far she could go, she was enjoying the pleasure that had taken control of her, almost like some narcotic to which she had become so addicted that she could never get enough. She came again, having now lost all count and all track of her situation, but she knew she had to stop him, before she had lost all strength to do so. She used all her remaining energy to throw her right leg to her left and over him, so that she now lay mostly on her stomach, forcing his mouth from her pussy. He let go of her hands, allowing her to lie flat, her face in a pillow, which she did while she continued to moan with pleasure as orgasmic aftershocks rolled through her. He came up her body, asking her if she liked it so far, and before she could respond his cock drove deeply into her pussy from behind, and she immediately climaxed again, this time screaming his name over and over into the pillow.

He loved making her come. Each time she did he became more excited, each time her cries of pleasure reached his ears he wanted her more, wanted to give her more. She was the most orgasmic woman he had ever been with, and that alone made him hers, for as long as she wanted. He understood that she had entered some kind of orgasmic trance and was trying to see how long she could maintain it, and how she would exit. He took her orgasms as the ultimate compliment, as if each confirmed her love for him, as if each made him more important to her. This time each of her orgasms had seemed to be gaining strength, and with each the next became easier, as if she was permanently entering an orgasmic state. The strength that she displayed by turning herself over surprised him. But he knew what she wanted, and as he drove into her from behind and she immediately came again, he knew he was right. He continued to slam his cock into that perfect tight pussy, slowly at first and then quickening his pace, and she let him know it was exactly what she wanted as she begged for more,

"Fuck me, oh please…. That’s it, fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can….. come in me………… please……….Give it to me, oh God, give it to me…… I need it, I want it……..yes……oh, yessss…….I can’t believe it….. I’m coming again…….oh, ohhh, ahhh, aaaaahhhh……. God, don’t stop……… keep fucking me…...."

She could not get enough. She had known many men before him, but there was something special between them, something that had allowed her to open herself, to experience things that she never had happen before. When she was younger she hardly ever reached a climax, blaming herself, thinking there was something wrong with her. But since they had met, her orgasms often arrived in bunches and she had never failed to reach at least one. In addition to the intercourse, she had allowed him to finger or eat her until she would come, almost anywhere, whenever they were alone, and sometimes when they were not so alone. Elevators, offices, lavatories, deserted hallways, parks, beaches, parking lots, boats and nature trails were just a few of the places that they had used. Each time she came deliriously. She had come in the front seat of the car while going to or from lunch almost every day they were together.

When she thought back, she couldn’t believe she had done it, she could hardly believe she had wanted to, but most importantly of all, she knew that whenever she was with him she would do it all again in an instant. She knew that he would want her again almost immediately, and she knew that she would share his desire. When he would compliment her on her sexuality, telling her she was "great," or "unbelievable" or "fantastic" she would always have one simple response, "only with you, baby, only with you." She meant it; it was true. She would do anything with him, anything he wanted. She was addicted to him.

He felt as if he grew harder with each word she uttered, although he knew that was impossible, because his cock simply could not get any larger. He knew what she now wanted; she wanted him to also lose all control, to explode into her, screaming her name, telling her she was everything he wanted and more. She was and he did, and he came harder than he ever had before. He was amazed at the pressure of his first ejaculation, the jism forced out with such thrust that he knew she could feel his excitement. He could feel his cock immediately reload, shoot another round, and continue to do so until he ran dry and it hurt, his hard cock wanting to go on, his body unable to do so. Her screams of pleasure drove him on. He told her everything she wanted to hear, that she was perfect, that she was the sexiest woman he had ever met, that she was too good for him, and she rewarded him with yet another orgasm, and then she lost consciousness.

He held her as he regained his breath, then got up and turned down the second bed in the room. He picked her up and moved her there, tucking her in under the blankets. He laid next to her, his arms around her, holding her as closely to him as possible, feeling her still hard nipples against his chest. He would wake an hour later, to find her staring into his eyes, with a look of contentment that he had never seen in anyone else. She asked him if he wanted to make love with her. He did.

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