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The Tax Inspector

by Dave (October 2001)

I saw her walking into the Reception of our Law Offices. Tall and of slender build, she was no more than nineteen or twenty years old, but she had a quality; a charisma which caught my attention.
Her blonde hair was fashionably short and styled. Her face was delicate with high cheekbones and with luscious bee-stung lips. She had a designer brief-case, but there was something more about her demeanour. It was an attitude; a definite in-your-face “take it or leave it” independence which was the clincher.

I asked my P.A, “ Who is that who has just walked in?”
“ I don’t know but I’ll find out – fancy her, do you? “
“Watch your mouth and your filthy mind. I just want to know more about her. Is she a client or what ?
I should say that Angie, my P.A., has an area of interest – We go for a liquid lunch once or twice each week and then back to her pad where we fuck and fuck until we pass out. Her demands are insatiable. Any potential competition was likely to get short shrift. I have been getting bored with the regularity of the “sex” and, having picked up a few enthusiastic chicks on the side, I have been sort of looking for something new and a relationship based on intellect - as well as raunchy (and hopefully) incredible sex . Angie is brain deficient !.

I am no Richard Gere; nor Jack Nicholson nor Leonardo De Capriol, but I have a good sex life, a rampant thick seven inch cock and no complaints from my partners. Women now require more of their men or partners than just financial contributions and week-end sex sessions. A female/gal/babe/chick now demands a full sex service – on her terms – say three times a night when she is randy, and fuck the fact that you might just be knackered. Perform, Sex Machine, or else.

Angie sashayed back into my office, smirking.
“O Lord and Master, your new Lust Object is an Inland Revenue Tax Inspector and she is here to conduct an audit. Her name is Samantha Glugstein, isn’t that just sooo sexy ? Do you still want to leap into her pants? By the way, I’m think she might be a lesbian, or at least bi, so I just might be interested myself. You may have to get into line”

Oh Fuck, Oh Shit, a tax audit. These things take on lives of their own and no matter how squeaky clean you think you are, they always find something to make you feel guilty. I hate the bastards - and bitches, no need to be gender offensive as well – and I would shoot my daughter if I had one, rather than let her marry a fucking tax inspector.

Angie brought me back to reality. “ Would you like me to get your files together for inspection? What about the “special” account and the little blue cheque book in the safe”.

She grinned because she knew that the little cheque book was the one which paid for our trips to Austria, and all the little fripperies which she enjoyed came out of the “special “ account.
“ Would you ever go fuck yourself, you sarcastic cunt, “ I snarled. “This bird means trouble.”
“ I hear they offer a reward for whistleblowers, “ she smiled.

“ Well, you should be good at blowing whistles since your mouth has been clamped around my cock and God knows how many others in expert blowing mode for most of your fucking life”
“Ouch, that is nasty but why don’t we try and work things out? I could try and find out if she has any specific targets or if it is just a routine visit.”

Before I could ask how she proposed to subvert the forces of the Revenue, she offered “ We P A,s have ways and means of “ enquiring”. Leave it up to me - and then you will owe me”
Owe you a kick in the ass and a hot firework up your cunt, I muttered to myself. However, it was probably the best way to start discreet enquiries.

I heard from Angie later that she had wandered around the office until she found “ Samantha” sitting at a desk in Bookkeeping and having numerous files ferried to her by terrified clerks – as well as being offered tea/coffee and whatever else she wanted.

Angie sat on the side of the desk and introduced herself. Samantha looked up and seemed to recognise a friendly sympathetic face. Angie swung her long leg back and forth, close to the tax inspector. “ Can I help you in any way” she said – emphasising the last two words.
“Maybe” murmered Samantha, “ Do you have access to all internal partners’ information about the firm?”
“ I suppose so, but that would be very confidential. By the way, I just love your blouse. I suppose it is “Designer” of some sort?”

“No, she smiled, it’s more upmarket, Marks and Spencer, as a matter of fact.
We both laughed.

“Goodness, your dress sense is fantastic - the co-ordination and the style. Those trousers must have cost a mint” In fact they were so tight that the outlines of a thong or g-string were evident.
Angie told me that she then said she had to go to “ freshen up” and languidly walked towards the Ladies restroom. There was no-one else there. She went into one of the cubicles, leaving the door a bit open. She took her skirt off and rolled her panties down her legs. She sat on the toilet seat with her legs spread. She started to rub her slit; this was beginning to get exciting.
Sure enough, after a few minutes, the door opened and Samantha came in and started to brush her hair at the mirrors. She pulled up her skirt, checking her pantyhose, then, looking around, she saw the slightly open door.
She moved to the cubicle pushing gently at the door. Angie grinned up at her and beckoned her inside. Samantha smiled and closed the door behind her. She saw Angie with her fingers in her cunt, and noticed her clit ring.

“ Well, Well, what is this all about ? Do you need help with having a pee?”
“ Only this,” said Angie, standing up and kissing Samantha full on the lips. They came together and their two tongues passionately rolled around each other. Samantha dropped her hand and pushed it between Angie’s open thighs, feeling the wetness of her cunt which was shaven, gently twitching and fondling the clit ring, making the clit grow and pulse. Angie put her arms around Sam’s neck and they kissed deeply.
“ I guessed from the start that you would be attracted to me” said Angie, whose left leg was up on the toilet seat, allowing Sam’s frantic fingers to frig her cunt and her hard clitoris. Pressure on the silver clit ring gave her almost unspeakable pleasure. Angie pulled the others’ head to her and swished her tongue around her mouth, her probing tongue being scraped by the small white teeth of the younger girl.

Sam’s fingers were spreading Angie’s cunt and she was starting to bunch her hand trying force a hard fist in, but Angie’s cunt was not elastic enough yet, so she squealed and moved off her hand.
“Wait, wait” she gasped, we can’t get really going here. Come to my boss’s office – he is off for the afternoon and we can really get down and dirty, c’mon. There is a drinks cupboard we can raid”
“I don’t know “ said Sam, sucking the smelly cunt juice from Angie off her hand. “ I’m here to do a job, not fuck my brains out, but you are cute”

“ Maybe I can help you in your job too “ said Angie with a sly look, sliding her hand up the other girls leg and finding no objection. The very thin cover of a wet G-string was all that separated her hand from Sam’s cunt which was soppy with cum juices. She fingered inside her cunt which was tight and hot.
“ What do you mean” said Sam, squirming on Angie’s persistent fingers.
“Well, I know a lot about the workings of the firm and some of the particular hang-ups and fetishes of the Partners, if you know what I mean”

She slid her hand out of Sam’ by now dripping cunt and licked the copious juices off her fingers. MMM, Tasty stuff.
“ Besides, isn’t there a reward of mega bucks if I can point you in the direction of some tax fiddles.?”
“ Yeah, I would have to check that but normally, a whistleblower will get between ten and twenty per cent of the tax and penalties recovered. How does that grab you?”

From the amount of tax that I knew had been the subject of methodical evasion within the firm, I was well grabbed. Scenes of a villa abroad and a new apartment with a total new wardrobe flashed before my eyes.
They were both cleaning up at the basins, redoing their make-up. Another employee came in and said hi. There was no evidence of the frantic clit –frigging which had just been completed, except for the sweet musky smell of sex in the air and the slight flush of excitement on the two girls faces.
When they got to my office ( which I had conveniently vacated ) Angie locked the door and turned down the lights. She told the receptionist on the phone that she didn’t want any calls and took the phone off the hook – deliberately. What Sam didn’t know was that we had played this game before and I could now hear everything that was going on- it was being taped.

“God, you are beautiful, “ I heard Angie moan. What happened then she told to me later.
Angie walked over to a leather swivel chair and lay back in it, pulling off her skirt. The thong she wore was dripping with juices and she pulled it to one side while spreading her long legs over each arm”
“ Come here Sam,” she purred, “ and lick my cunt; my clit: rim my asshole and lets fuck”

Sam needed no urging. She shrugged off her blouse and unclasped her bra, letting two beautiful tits sway in the half-light. Angie could see that the nipples were hard and long. Angie reached up and unbuttoned the tight buttons of Sam’s trousers and peeled them down. Sam was now naked except for a string thong which just covered her pubes. She had very neat trimmed pubic hair and Angie reached up and rubbed a long finger in and out between her legs, feeling the wetness of the tiny piece of cloth. Slowly she peeled the g-string off and looked up at Sam now standing naked with the light shining through the gap between her thighs. She brought the g-string to her face and rubbed the material all over it, smearing the young girl’s body fluids over her own face; smelling the musky, wondrous scent of her cunt juices impregnated in the material. She spread the material over her lips, luxuriating in the smell and the promise of more cunt-juice.

“ Get down between my legs” and Sam dutifully bent down and started to lick and flick at Angie’s shaven cunt; paying particular attention to her clit and clit -ring. She reached and spread the pink petals of Angies’s cunt and Angie moaned, trying to spread her legs even further to let Sam get her tongue right into the depths of her cunt.

Breathlessly, she licked and pushed her tongue further and further into Angie’s wide open pussy. Angie’s legs were now twitching wildly and Sam used her hands to hold them spread apart. Suddenly, she took one hand off Angie and shoved two and then three fingers into her wide open cunt. She pushed them in and out, fingering on the inside; finding sensitive spots and pushing her fingers further and further into her cunt. Sam bunched her fingers into a single unit and she tried to wriggle them into Angie’s throbbing cunt. It spread and, writhing, she helped to accommodate the fist which had been formed. Angie cried out loudly, but bore down and accepted the hard fist into her tight cunt.

“ I can fuck you like this” said Sam, moving her hand slowly but firmly inside Angie’s love hole.
“” Yes, Yes “ moaned Angie, twisting on the hand that moved relentlessly inside her. She had had hard cocks and big cocks inside her, but nothing like this where the fingers were spreading and massaging the innermost walls of her cunt and entrance to her womb. She was cumming and she knew it. She moaned and screamed and felt feverishly for Sam’s hot pussy, Sam had spread her strong long slim legs and her cunt was fully open and dripping with cum juice. Angie jammed her hand upwards and got three fingers inside which she wriggled around. Sam trembled uncontrollably and collapsed on the floor, pulling her fist out of Angie’s cunt with a big “plop”. Angie jumped out of the chair and ran to my desk from where she took a big ribbed vibrator and a horny strap-on cock.

Sam was out of her mind. She was twisting on the floor and frigging her hole with both hands, her lovely long legs way above her head. Angie quickly fitted the strap – on tightly and pointed the hard cock-head against Sam’s beautiful hole. Sam spread her cunt lips and let the long hard artificial penis slide in and up her cunt. Her legs tightened around it and Angie continued to force it in and rode the rod inside her new friends squishy hole. She pushed Sam’s butt high in the air and shoved a cushion under it. With the dildo, she wet it with the juices from her own shiny pussy and then taking the strap on from Sam’s cunt, she pushed it hard against her beautiful asshole which was slimy with sweat and cunt juices.

“ Cum on, Relax,” Angie shouted “ I’m going to fuck your ass till you scream “
I could hear all this and the shouting was partly for benefit of the tape. Sam was moaning and whimpering with pleasure, holding on to the handles of the chair, with her long legs so wide apart that her cunt was taut, while the strap on plunged relentlessly in and out of her asshole.

“” Fuck me harder, Fuck me: Shove your fucking fingers in my cunt” Sam screamed.

Angie could just about get the vibrator into Sam’s taut cunt but once it was in, she wriggled it around until it was buzzing away deep up in her love hole.

“ Oh Jesus, “ screamed Sam “ I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming “ She tried to spread her legs even further then bucked and bucked in spasm while Angie fucked her in the ass and rammed the vibrator in and out of her cunt which was spasming and pouring out juices.

They eventually slowed and collapsed on the floor; the strap on pointing obscenely to the ceiling. The chair they had been using was on it’s side and awash with cunt juices. Some yellow goo was seeping out of Sam’s asshole, the result of KY jelly from the strap –on, interacting with the shit up her ass.
Angie, got some tissues from my desk and gently, so gently, wiped Sam’s ass and cunt, getting the mess and juices cleaned up, and wiping clean the strap-on. They kissed deeply and locked arms around each other; rubbing their pussies against each other. The frantic pounding of their hearts and the gasping breaths slowly eased and they fell apart on the carpet.

Angie got up and walked (or tottered with bandy legs ) over to my extensive bar, hidden in some wooden panelling. She took a cold bottle of Champagne – Cristal, no less, the greedy cunt, - and brought it back with glasses to where Sam was lying on the floor, flexing her sexy legs and lighting what seemed to be a joint.

“Ok, so you are a good, no, I mean, a GREAT fuck, but what was all that about having info on evasion in the firm “ said Sam.

“Well, if you promise me that both I and my boss get immunity and get 20% of tax recovered, I might just be able to give you a couple of names to focus upon during your audit, OK? I have all the computer codes and passwords – naturally”

“ I promise,” said Sam. I knew she had no authority to do this but I didn’t care.

“OK, here goes. There is a senior partner, corner window office, who has been ripping off the firm for years. He has five or six different “ Investigative Agencies “ which do not exist except in his imagination and on paper and all are owned by him. Each one gets a monthly retainer of £5,000 and expenses, so you can imagine the amount involved. They do fuck all work “

“Then there is his pal, Old George. George has been banking fees earned from dubious clients into an account in the Cayman Islands for years. He has a secretary who sucks him off each day and performs other particularly revolting tasks for him, she has been promised that they will retire to a villa there – soon; every time she massages his cock and balls and rams a dildo up his hole, the date of their retirement comes nearer. I am sure there are others, but these two have almost ten million pounds between them salted away. How is that for starters?”

Sam was thinking furiously. This could be her career break. Could she trust Angie and especially could she trust Angie not to mention their little fuckfest.
“I’ll have to make a call to clear all this. Can you let me use the phone – privately” she said.
“Sure, here use this one” and she handed her the bugged phone. “ I’ve got to go and powder my pussy. See you in a few minutes”.

Sam dropped into my seat, still naked, I guessed, as I could hear the squelch of her arse as it moved on the shiny leather. I could just imagine her leaning back with her legs apart….why the fuck did I not have the place video-bugged at the same time, anyway…..
Sam reached for the telephone and pressing down on the receiver, she got a line. She dialled a number and after a moment, a mans voice answered “ Yes”

“ Hi, it’s me, Samantha at the Law Offices you asked me to visit. Well, I have some hot news, but I need to be able to give immunity to a gal and her boss and a pay-off to a secretary who tipped me off. How much can I offer?”

The guy replied” Immunity is Ok. Pay-off depends what for. Normally 10%”
“This is really hot shit. Two of the partners, an old guy and another have siphoned off at least 10 million over the last few years. One of the guys is called “Old George”
“Holy Shit, said the guy, “ I have been after that old shyster for years. If he is in the frame, you can give up to 20% - but be careful, no illegal entrapment or any illegal inducements, y’hear”
“Sure, Boss” I’ll be just fine.” said Sam, putting down the phone as I came into the room with a towel around me.

“ Well, did you get the go-ahead?” I gave her a friendly kiss on her left tit as she lay nude in the chair with her legs apart. Picking up my glass of champagne, I took a big swig and I kissed her full on her big, bee-stung lips, wetting them and then letting the cold champagne flow into her mouth.
“Mmmm, that’s nice, “ she gasped as the cold liquid hit her throat. “ I have permission to go as high as 20% but if I do, I want something back – 5%. Is it a deal?

Jesus, you canny young bitch, Angie thought. “Sure, deal, “ she said. Now here is what you need.”
Going to a locked safe, she took out a small book which she gave to Sam.
“ This contains as many details of the monies as we could put together, and all the access codes and passwords. When you pull the rug, do not pretend where you got these. Just let them think you are a fucking good computer genius, OK?”

“Sure thing” Sam was getting horny again. She put her long index finger in the glass of champagne and anointed her cunt with the golden sparkling liquid. Angie leant down to lick it out and was tongue –deep in Sam’s love hole when the door rattled and I walked in.

“Well. Well! Is this what you get up to Angie? Who is this naked girl in MY chair? Sam fled across the room where her clothes were bunched on the floor – she made sure to take the little book with her.
“ Oh, don’t be so fart faced you hypocritical old fucker, “ said Angie. “ How many times have you fucked me on this floor – and in YOUR chair too. Samatha is her name and she is from the Inland Revenue. I was telling her about us and in particular about you. As you can see we were getting on well together and you and I are safe from prosecution. SO ?????” I noticed she said nothing about the reward.

“Well, hello Samantha, I said “ walking over to her. She tried to cover up, but I said, “ No. stay naked, it’s the only way to enjoy Cristal. Here I’ll join you” and I started to take off my coat and shirt. Angie got to my trousers and had them down around my ankles in a second. She pulled my cock out of my boxers – it was hard because of all the stuff I had heard, and she gave it a deep sucking, feeling under my balls to the very sensitive part of a guys anatomy.

“Here, Sam, you have a suck. He really is horny” said Angie proffering my thick seven inch stiffie to Sam.
Sam dropped everything and grabbed my cock and shoved it in her so luscious mouth. Her big lips seemed swell even more around it and her sharp teeth scraped across my very sensitive glans. Angie lent a hand –literally – by fondling my balls and wriggling a finger, wet with champagne, into my asshole ( Memo to bosses. A really good P.A knows exactly what you really like ). Sam now hand a hand on my cock and was wanking the shaft. I threw my head back, “I’m going to cum in your fucking mouth Sam “ I shouted. She bobbed her head up and down, waiting and sucking. I came like a train, bucking and gushing into her beautiful mouth” she made a big swallow and then drew back with a string of cum from her lips to my cockshead. She slowing wiped her lips and put her cum covered fingers down to her cunt.

After watching her play with her cunt for a while and having Angies expert fingers still up my ass, I told her to get he ass in the air and went on my knees to put my now hard cock into her beautiful cunt. I pushed it in and began to fuck her hard. Her long legs were quivering and her head on the carpets was moving from side to side. Then, I felt Angie’s fingers, slick with KY rubbing between my arse and into my asshole as I pumped into Sam. Her fingers were replaced by a hard thick rod which had to be her strap on – she used it on me from time to time. Relentlessly it forced its way up my arse and I shouted with delicious pain. It seemed to hasten my orgasm because I suddenly pumped cum into the depths of Sams cunt and she shouted too that she was cumming. We slowed down and collapsed on the floor. Angie cleaned the strap-on and started to use the vibrator on her clit-ring. Poor old P.A., she had been ignored in the fucking which had gone on.
We opened some more champagne and drank it thoughtfully.

“ Well, in view of your “co-operation” smiled Sam, and when we get the goodies on your two partners as I am sure we will, now we have the details; you will get your whistle-blowers pay-off”
“Maybe we can have a get together then, sort of to celebrate, “ Angie said.

“Any time,” said Sam “ I can’t wait to fuck these guys – not quite the way we have just fucked, y’know”
What Sam didn’t know was that Angie and I had had it all planned. I had made the “drop nickel” call to the Revenue suggesting that an audit might be a good idea. We had planned to blow the whistle all right, but had no idea that it could ever be such fun.

Nice doing business with ya.

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