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by Richard (November 2001)

I've known Kate for a long time. A very long time. In fact, we were at school together (and that seems like a very long time ago indeed). Anyone who knows her will realise two main things about her. Firstly, she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous her pretty face, pale blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, I could go on for ages about how attractive she is. Attractive she might be, but tall she certainly isn't.

At just five foot one she is certainly petite, but perfectly formed. The other thing about Kate is her brain. Its a sharp as a razor. She put her intelligence to good use and got a very good set of A levels and then went on to do Computer Science at University. And got a 2.1 in it. Brains and beauty, and unbeatable combination.

That's what I think anyway! Like most graduates Kate soon discovered that finding suitable employment isn't easy. So she phoned around local companies, seeing if any of them could find her a post. And wrote. And emailed. Nothing. But one day that all changed. According to her, she bumped into an old friend in town and they went for a drink together. They chatted about what they had been up to and Kate listened as her friend told her that she was working as a secretary for a company that does satellite TV installation. Kate said that she trying to find work, preferably writing software.

Her friend told her boss might be interested in some "one off" programming. Kate was intrigued, and agree to meet the boss later that week. Dressed like someone going to a job interview, Kate went along to the premises of the company (whose name will remain anonymous). The boss greeted her warmly and they talked about various things for over an hour. That's something else about Kate, she's a bit of a chatterbox. Finally the conversation got round to why Kate was there.You don't just stick a satellite dish up and hope for the best. All the satellites that are used for satellite TV sit somewhere over the equator, in geosynchronous orbit (ie that appear stationary from the Earth).

If you want to receive a signal from one of these satellites then you have to point the antenna (dish) at it. The angles you need (the look angles) depend on your position, your longitude and latitude. Working this out involves some fairly hard maths (certainly A level standard stuff) and takes most people about half an hour. Additionally you need to do calculations (as anyone like me will tell you) to work our the gains and losses in your system, what strength will the received signal be, what losses will you suffer in cables etc so you can select the right dish, amplifiers and so on. Speaking (from my experience) doing these sums would take at least an hour.

Time is money in business and the cost of this time spent doing the sums was causing the firm to be undercut by a cowboy outfit that just points the dishes vaguely in the direction of the satellite and puts on the most power (and expensive) amplifiers and the biggest dishes possible. Can you see the problem? Kate was asked would she be able to produce some software to do it. Kate replied yes, and they soon agreed a price. Kate said she would have it ready within three weeks.

They shook hands and Kate left. That afternoon, Kate sent me an email telling me all about it. To be honest when I read it, I groaned. I had once tried to write a similar program (at Uni) and got it wrong. I mean it appeared to work, but it gave the wrong answers. Kate asked to meet up with me that weekend. We did, and we discussed how I had tried to do a similar thing before. Anyway, she soon had a plan of action. She would break the whole problem down into different parts, write small programs to do these parts, then join them together.

That's how all software (and everything else) is designed. Over the next couple of weeks Kate slaved away in front of a hot PC. Actually that's not true, she probably spent most of it with a pen and paper, trying to figure out how to do it. But she did figure it out.

She spoke to me a couple of times to ask about the calculations and to explain what it all meant, but the programming was entirely hers. She contacted the firm, on my suggestion, and got some test data (made up locations) to try her program with. She decided to leave the testing to me. I went to her house one evening and found that the rest of her family had gone away. She invited me in and sat me down in front of her PC. She quickly described her program and what it did, and how to use it, and then she showed off how her program was user friendly. She handed me the sheets with the latitude, longitude and altitude of various fictitious locations.

As I started to input the data, she headed off for a shower. I was pleased to find that the computer produced the correct answers (someone had done them manually). Kate came back into her room wearing a towel. As I told her told her that it worked, her towel fell away. I couldn't resist looking at Kate's sexy body and after a few seconds I had a real hardon.

Kate looked at my embarrassed look and burst into laughter. I was very embarrassed and left soon afterwards. That Saturday I was at her house again. She had finished copying the program onto disks and writing the user instructions to go with it. She phoned the company up and spoke to the boss.

"Its ready" Kate said "and it works fine".

"Good" came the reply "and you've written instructions go with it?"

"Yes" Kate smiled and said "Using it is as easy as taking your clothes off"

The company boss told her to prove that. Well perhaps he shouldn't have said that, but that just gave Kate an idea. Why not include pictures of her taking her clothes of as she used the program? Kate fetched a digital camera and started the program.

She was about to start stripping off when I suggested that she wasn't wearing the best of clothes for what she intended. She was wearing a white T shirt and some blue shorts. Nothing else. I thought she looked fine like that but it would be better if she started off with more on.

About thirty minutes later Kate came back into her room. She was wearing a white blouse (but no bra as she never did), back trousers and a pair of stylish shoes with a two inch heel on them. She smiled at me and told me to get the camera ready. She started the program. As she used it, she removed her clothes. First she slipped off a shoe, then took it off completely, then the other, then she started to undo her blouse, before removing it. The she undid her trousers......

This went on until she had demonstrated everything her program could do and by now she was nude from head to toe. She held the print out of figures up and she sat on the table next to the PC with her bare feet gripping the table edge, her legs apart like she was in a girlie magazine. She looked at me and said "Now I've got to put these pics on paper with the writing". As she got of the table, she glanced at my hardon and smiled. She told me that she was wet too.

If you look closely you can see. She was on her hands and knees now. I couldn't see anything. She moved back to try to make me see. She moved too far, too fast, and her bum was right in my face. Touching my face, in fact.

Yes I could see her wetness now. I could resist having a gentle lick. I pulled away as soon as I realised what I was doing. She told me to keep going. So I did.

She pushed a couple of fingers into herself and rubbed her clit as I listened to her breathe deeply. I ran my tongue along the length of her now soaking fanny lips. Kate urged me to lick "deeper, faster" as she frantically frigged herself. I used a finger to separate her labia, and I sucked on her lips. As she gasped, I felt a her foot rubbing against my hard cock.

She told me to get my cock out and I did. I almost came instantly as she squeezed my hard cock between her feet. As she started to climax her juices gushed out of her. My cock twitched as she gripped it between her feet, pumping backwards and forwards.

A few minutes later Kate screamed as she reached orgasm. She pumped away with her feet, sending me over the edge a few moments later. I grunted as I shot hot cum all over her feet and ankles. We collapsed into a heap and laughed. After a few minutes she grabbed an old T shirt and wipe the cum off of her feet and ankles and wipe my cock and balls, before zipping me up. She started to load her pictures onto her PC and creating the instruction pages using desktop publishing software. As she did this, she sent me down to her kitchen to get a coffee.

She had the instructions (complete with pictures) ready within an hour. She delivered the program to the company the next Monday, along with eight (one for everyone) sets of instructions. The boss thanked her and paid her for her software.

Now Kate had an idea. Why not set herself up as a one woman band offering custom software for small businesses? And home users too. The possibilities are endless. She set herself up in a small industrial unit that belonged to a family friend. I helped her kit it out as on office with a couple of PCs (one for programming, one for general use), a fax machine, phone and answering machine, printer etc. She has started to contact firms (of all sorts) with details of what she can do (the different computer languages she can use, the type of things she can produce and so forth).

Because she reckons there is a market for custom software for home users, Kate is considering a very unusual advertising ploy. She has had more photos taken and made into a brochure of what she can do. Most of these photos were girlie magazine type ones.

She also is doing a normal brochure. She is thinking of advertising "free pictures" in magazines (Mayfair, Men Only, Club International etc) and sending details to anyone who replies. If she decides to it, she'll probably also set up a website like it.

But it is still "IF". But whatever happens, she still produce software, and probably be happy to do nudie pics of her whilst designing and writing it. Or in the instructions.

So Kate's doing her bit to solve the skills crisis. And do some nudies pics at the same time!!


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