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A Highland Fling

by Sandy (September 2001)

When I was young we lived in the central part of Scotland and I went to a private school where all the boys were required to wear the kilt as part of their school uniform . Most only wore it when they had to on special days and on Sundays but there were some of us who wore it most of the time.
It was a something that I found out as I grew older that girls especially were forever curious about what was under my kilt. When i realised their curiosity could be turned to my advantage was when I started finding out about other things.

I had an Uncle and Aunt who lived in Inverness - shire and it was at one of their daughters weddings that all this happened. The wedding was to be during our Easter Holidays from school and we were going to go up by train to Inverness and be met by my Uncle.
This Uncle had three Daughters, this was the eldest that was going to get married and the youngest one was a year older than me at 14. I was delighted to be going up there, we visited often and I enjoyed the company of Joan, the 14 year old cousin, She was well aware of the fact that I wore the kilt and was also well aware from previous times playing exactly what was under my kilt however I was going to be a page boy to the bride and was being given a new very flash kilt outfit to wear at the wedding.

The day dawned that we were to go up to Inverness and there was a degree of excitement as we journeyed up to the Highlands. I was wearing my usual everyday kilt outfit to travel in, the wedding was to be on the next day. On arriving at Inverness Joan was on the platform to meet us with her Dad. After the usual greetings we made our way to where Uncle Jack had parked his car and Joan naturally fell in beside me and said that she was pleased to see that I still wore my kilt. I asked if she still wore her one and she said that she did sometimes but not a lot, it was getting a bit short for her these days. Excellent said I and she just smiled. She knew very well that I liked seeing up her kilt just as much as she liked to see up my one.

We had actually got to the stage of reaching up each others kilts and feeling what it was that we each kept inside our knickers and I was hoping that we might get a bit further during this visit. As we sat in the back of the car on our way out to their house she was running her hand up and down my leg over my kilt but it was having the desired, as far as she was concerned, effect and she was beginning to notice the front of my kilt being distended and a distinct tent pole effect was becoming obvious. My only concern was that someone else might notice, but they were all too busy chatting to see what we were up to.

On arrival at the house I was told to take my case up to the bedroom I was to share with my Parents and unpack my new kilt and hang it up. Joan immediately offered to help and though I was afraid to sound too enthusiastic she came anyway.

The case was laid on the bed and opened up and my new kilt brought out, Joan admired it saying it looked beautiful, wont you try it on and let me see you with it on. I knew what was on her mind, really all she wanted was me to take off the kilt I already had on so she could see my green kilt knickers with my hardening cock sticking out of them. Joan always said that my kilt knickers were really girl's school uniform knickers but I always said that all the boys at school wore the same green knickers under their kilts so it must be what boys wore when they wore the kilt. Mind you I had to admit they looked almost identicle to the navy blue knickers that joan wore to school but it didn't wory me.

Joan was in the case now and taking things out to put into drawers and hang up. She turned to me saying," I see you still wear the green knickers then !" and as I turned she was standing with several pairs of my kilt knickers in her hand. All this talking about it and her handling my underwear had got me most ways to an erection and as I've said the kilt is not the best garment to hide a hard cock even when you have knickers on underneath. She came over and laid my kilt pants down but brushed her hand over the front of my kilt, " there's something stirring under there," she said, "and I would like to touch it. May I? "
I was feeling the heat by now and managed to nod my head and ask if I could do it too.
She nodded too and moved my sporran to one side and lifted my kilt up at the front exposing my hard cock pushing out the dark green cotton materiel of my knickers.
"Oh," she said," It has grown since last time." and grasped it through my under wear and started to rub it up and down. I had run my hand up under her skirt to the intersection of her legs and was tickling her pussy through her knickers and could feel a slight dampness.
"If I let you see my pussy, will you take your cock out to let me see. Needless to say I agreed immediately and pulling accross the leg opening of my knickers brought my rigid cock into view, she similarly pulled up her skirt and pulled accross the leg opening of her knickers and let me see her lovely pink pussy lips with a little fair hair beginning to show in the area.
I was getting quite excited and was pumping away at my cock but just then we heard someone coming up the stair so we quickly returned our clothing to normal mode. My erection was still very obvious but I managed to keep it hidden from my mother who came up to see how we were getting on.

To be continued:

Highland Fling, part 2.

That evening after we had had our meal, Joan and I were ammusing ourselves playing cards at the table when my aunt said that since it would be a long and busy day tomorrow, it would be an idea for the children ( that meant Joan and me) to have an early night.
Joan aquiessed but I complained that it was only 8 o'clock but Joan gave me a kick under the table. My Mother joined in saying that she felt it would be a good idea too and for me to do as I was told.
I reluctantly agreed and having said goodnoght to everyone followed Joan up stairs to get ready for bed.
On reaching the top of the stairs Joan took my hand and putting her finger to her lips pulled me into her room.
" I thought you might like to continue where we left off." she said, running her hand up under my kilt and fondleing my soft but rapidly hardening cock.

Needless to say I agreed and asked if she would change into her kilt. She said that she would provided that I didn't look. I suggested that I went to the room I was to share with my parents and come back in a few minutes. I left and when I got to my bed room removed my shoes and socks and my sporran. My cock had risen to a pretty good erection and was pushing out the front of my kilt creating the classic tent pole effect even though it was being contained inside my kilt pants. There was a full length mirror on the front of a wardrobe in the room and just to see what it would be like I released my cock from the confines of my green kilt knickers and then dropping my kilt back in place examined the effect.
I was standing looking at the protrusion at the front of my kilt in the mirror when the door opened and Joan stood there dressed in her kilt and said that she didn't think it needed her to put her kilt on to get my cock hard. I told her that I had pulled my pants down a bit and taken my cock out to see what it would be like if I didn't have knickers on.
She came over and stood beside me and once again slid her hand up under my kilt, this time she made contact with my cock and grasping it gently she started to rub it up and down in the classic wanking motion. I was desperate to get my hand up Joans kilt and suggested that we sit on the bed so we could both get to it. She dissagreed saying I should tuck my cock back into my knickers and come to her room. I wasn't sure why she wanted me to do this but with the prospect of getting my fingers into her 'fud' I agreed.
When we got to her room she told me that it really excited her to be able to lift a boys kilt and see his hard cock sticking out of what ever he was wearing under his kilt. When I asked she went on to tell me that there were a few boys at her school who wore the kilt on Sundays and often to perties and the like and that she had been able on several occasions to lift their kilts and see their pants but she had never seen their cocks yet.
I asked what they wore under their kilts and she told me that most of them wore girl's green school knickers the same as I did but there was one that wore navy blue knickers and one just wore ordinary underpants.
She then asked if she could lift my kilt and pull down my knickers to see my cock, she said that a girl in her class had told her that it was a nice feeling when a boy put his hard cock into her fud. I said I'd never tried and she admitted that she hadn't either yet but would like to try if I was game.
If I had beet hard before I was absolutely rampant now, Joan reached down and lifted up the front aprons of my kilt revealing my erect cock sticking out of the bottle green cotton material of my kilt knickers and she was delighted, she took hold of him through the material and gently stroked his length. I was holding the kilt up by now and she reached up further and grasping the elastic waist of my knickers began to ease them down until my erection was in full view. She took it in her hand and started to wank it gently, I was about to shoot and I still hadn't seen up Joans kilt so I pushed her gently back onto the bed and pushed her lovely short kilt up to her waist exposing her navy blue school knickers and then pulled them down to reveal her lovely pink slit with fair hair beginning to become visible. If I had been close to shooting before I was even closer now and when she grasped my cock again saying that I should try to put it in he proceeded to unload in her hand.
I had never got to that stage before and neither of us was very sure what was going on. The ejaculation wasn't very much and as we watched my erection slowly disappearing she asked what had happened. I said that I wasn't sure but said that I still wanted to try and get my cock into her fud when he got hard again. She was a bit concerned that it might not get hard again but as I helped to clean up the mess he started to rise again. However we were by now a bit concerned that some one might come up and so we put off further explorations until our next oportunity She did give me a kiss though and say that she was looking forward to feeling my hard cock up inside her fud and hoped we might manage to do it tomorrow.

Part three of the Highland Fling.

That night I slept dreaming dreams of Joan and I getting it together. In the dream I caught her by surprise, she was wearing her short kilt and was bending over when I came up behind her and lifted her kilt up over her back revealing her knickers but she was wearing green knickers, something I'd never seen Joan wearing. I then eased her knickers down over her bum, down her thighs far enough to let me glimpse both entrances to the promised land. I reached down, raised my own kilt, released my huge hard on from the confines of my navy blue knickers( I'd never at that time ever worn navy blue knickers with my kilt) and introduced the tip of my rigid cock into the lips of her flowing honey pot. Slowly it slipped further and further into her love tunnel and she was pleading with me to give her a good hard fucking. I started pushing my cock in and out of her, the pace quickened and soon I was really humping and then the feeling that I had had earlier that evening when I shot my load in Joans hand came over me again and I started shooting again this time it was inside Joan's fud or so it appeared but when I awoke it was in my pyjamas.

The dream had been so real it felt even when I was awake that I had actually had a ride with Joan I couldn't understand why we had changed pants though but the dream really gave me the courage to try again to get my hard cock up her.
When I got up I was able to get into the bathroom and get myself and my pyjamas cleaned up before anyone else saw what had happened and then with the chaos that surrounds the build up to a wedding going on I was able to keep in the background and just do what I was told.

I got dressed up in my new kilt, the rest of the fancy get up was hired but everyone said that I looked smart, I saw Joan at breakfast but wasn't able to talk there were too many people about for us to have the sort of conversation that we wanted to have.then she went off with her sisters to have their hair done and the next time I saw her was at the church. she looked lovely in her brides maid's dress but I would have preferred to have seen her in her nice short kilt.

The wedding went as well as weddings usually go I had to follow the bride and Uncle Jack down the aisle tending the bride's train and was followed by the bride's maids as we went in I was surprised to see just how many of the male guests were wearing kilts but then I supposed that they did in the Highlands.

After the church bit we all went to the local hotel for what we call the reception which is to all intents and purposes a meal and then a dance and an excuse for all the adults to drink more whisky than they should.

Once the meal was over and the dance had started in ernest we youngsters were left more or less to our devices. Joan and I wandered out into the garden and I said that she looked great in her dress, she said that it was a bit of a pain having a dress down to your ankles, she said she had been terrified in case she had tripped on it as we were going into the church.
I'll have to go and get changed soon anyway I am not allowed to wear this all night and anyway you can't enjoy yourself when you are wearing a long dress.

e found a seat outside in the garden and I told her about my strange dream and how I had shot my load again in my pyjamas and about how she had been wearing green knickers and that I had on navy blue ones. She said that we would just have to swap knickers then and make the dream come true. Talking like this had got my cock on the rise and the fancy dress sporran that I was wearing was beginning to be pushed up, Joan noticed and asked if my cock was getting hard and I said it was to which she said that she hoped it would be able to be hard again when we next got a chance to try and get it into her pussy.
She had to go then and get changed and my mother said that she had brought a jumper for me to change into instead of wearing all the fancy hired stuff. I think they were scared in case I made a mess of the hired clothes.

Anyway I felt much more comfortable wearing a jumper with my kilt and when Joan came down from changing I saw that she had changed into her kilt too.
The dance was well and truly under weigh so Joan and I sat at the side trying to see how many of the men's kilts we could see up as they danced or as they sat indiscretely. Joan had been away some where, she came back and motioned to me,
"See that man over there?" I nodded, " watch him as he twirls, he hasn't any pants on, I'm sure I saw his cock a couple of minutes ago."

The rest of the evening passed in a flash, it amazed us how many of the men had no pants on under their kilts, I had thought it was only soldiers that didn't wear knickers under their kilts but it appeared that plenty of men went that way too.

The party was going to go on for a while so we (the children) were sent home with Joan's sister the idea that we would go to bed and she would go back to the party.
This actually suited us and when we got home Joan said to her sister that we were big enough at 13 and 14 to be able to put ourselves to bed and look after ourselves for a wee while.
She agreed and when her boyfriend knocked on the door she set off to go back to the party.

Once she was well away Joan said that if we were going to act out my dream perhaps we should change knickers, I agreed provided I was allowed to take her knickers off and she could remove mine, great idea but she said that she had to go and put her navy blue knickers on first, she was still wearing a pair of white pants that she had worn with her bride's maid dress. Or I could just go and get a pair of navies for you to put on. That didn't sound so exciting to me as taking her knickers off and then pulling them on to myself so I said she should go and change into a pair of navy blues. When she went upstairs to change I crept out and hid in the hall and as she came down the stairs I caught hold of her and brushed her kilt up over her bum and slid my hand in between her legs to fondle her fud over her knickers.

She could feel my erection pushing up against her and she reached round and grasped the protruding organ through my kilt. The pair of us ended up on the hall floor, I had managed to work my hand up inside her knickers and was tickling the moist lips of her pussy and she now had my kilt raised and her hand inside my knickers and was fondeling my rigid cock.

"Don't do that too much, "I said, " I don't want to shoot off again before I can get him up your fud. "
So she removed her hand from my knicker leg and set about getting them off and so I did the same. It can be most confusing when both parties are trying to remove the others underwear at the same time. But eventually she had my knickers down at my ankles an she stopped to allow me to get her ones down. That accomplished I stood up to put her navy blue knickers on, she looked and pointed, I stood up straight, the front of my kilt stood out almost horizontal, I lifted the front and my cock stood right up to rigid attention.
"Oh get the knickers on, hurry," she said, " I'm dying to feel your cock inside me, please hurry."

I didn't need telling twice, her still warm navy blue knickers were pulled into place and she had my green ones and was in the sitting room bent over the back of a chair when I caught up with her. The chair had a low back and she was bent quite low. It was like reliving my dream, I approached and lifted her kilt up over her back and reached between her legs to tickle her pussy through the material of my knickers. I could feel that she was already damp and so I reached up to the elasticated waist of the knickers and eased them down until I could see the two entrances to the promised land.I lifted the front of my kilt and released my erection from the confines of her navy blue knickers and placed the tip of my cock between the cheeks of her bum. She reached through between her legs and assisted him to get to the proper place and I eased forward and my stiff cock slid in, it wasn't sore for either of us, it just slid in and soon I was starting to hump it in and out of her greasy passage.

"Go on, go on , "she kept saying " do it faster !" By now I was fucking her as hard as I could and then it happened, it was like a thunderbolt, I felt it coming and she started shaking and kept saying that I should keep going and it came her shuddering reached a peak and my cock erupted , it wasn't a wee drop this time it went on and on.

We both dropped to the floor, my cock popped out of her streaming fud and we just lay there for a while getting our breath back and coming to ourselves again. I Looked over at her lying there with her kilt in disarray and my green knickers round her knees and me also with my kilt up in the air and her navy knickers pulled down and my now limp cock still dripping cum into the cotton gusset of the knickers. What a picture!!! It will live in my mind for ever.

The end for now.

Cheers, Sandy.


Anonymous said...

You so have to continue this story please!!!



Anonymous said...

This must be the sexyist kilt story yet. Boys wearing kilts with bottle green knickers underneath and girls also in kilts with navy blue knickers takes me right back to my childhood when My sister and I used to do naughty things and we were always dressed like that with me in my kilt and bottlegreen knickers and she in her kilt and navy blue knickers.

Anonymous said...

Boys wearing kilts with bottle green knickers underneath take me back several decades to when I too was one of those boys. I always thought of myself as being very privileged because I loved wearing girls school knickers and wearing the kilt made it acceptable. Back then if you saw a boy wearing a kilt you could be pretty sure that there was a pair of girls knickers underneath. Girls loved to find out what was under your kilt and just like the story above it very often led to you show me and I'll show you mine and a couple of times it led to getting my stiff cock into a lovely hairless fud as Sandy calls it. Having a ride with your kilt and knickers on is still a very erotic happening for me.