Tuesday, July 14, 2009


by Simon

Ellen, a former girlfriend of mine used to share a large house in Battersea, London with a beautiful friend named Beth. I used to see Ellen usually at the house at least a couple of times a week (she was away a lot with her work as a photographic stylist). As our relationship developed over about six months, we used to have sex as often as we could - at least each time we met.

Beth also had a boyfriend who came round a lot, but often rowed with Beth. I secretly believe that the girls both wanted to swap partners - not just for sex, but permanently on personality grounds! We did seem better suited to the other's temperaments!

Beth was about 5'10" tall, with lovely brunette hair and beautifully round but small breasts. She was super fit and worked out a lot, with a great tight ass and lovely legs.

I secretly fantasised about Beth, and more than once she walked around their house in nothing more than brief panties and a bra whilst I was there. Even though Ellen had a great body, and was more sexually experienced, I think she was a little irritated by Beth's predatory style.

Beth liked to test her men, and as her relationship wore on, she never missed a chance to be contrary or difficult. We became good pals in an innocent kind of way, as I was often there waiting for Ellen to return from work away.

A month or so later, her relationship ended in a spectacular row. She was very distressed, and Ellen, though away on work was concerned for her. With total innocence in my mind I invited her round for Sunday lunch. I prepared the food, and waited. Beth never came.

Within a couple of months Ellen and I had also split. For many months I had thoughts of Beth in my mind, but knew she remained a close friend of Ellen. They both moved from the house to a flat - and I lost touch with them both.

About a year later I was out on the town in Soho with some male friends of mine in the film business. We were consoling a good friend of mine - David, whose marriage had just split up after his wife had run away with her fitness trainer. David, an actor and film producer, is a very good-looking guy, always turning girls' heads. He kept fit, and has dated some amazing women in his time. He is thought of as a catch.

However, having been faithful to his wife, he had taken the divorce news badly.

The evening had progressed well, and by one in the morning we had found ourselves in the trendiest bar in London (at the time) - celebrating its first anniversary. We were considering leaving, but out of the blue I saw Beth glide towards me. As if by magnetism our eyes met.

Beth had had a good evening, actually celebrating her own birthday as it turned out. No boyfriend to be seen in tow either!

I have never been good at reading women, and mistook Beth's obvious delight to see me as politeness. Being a selfless sort of chap, I immediately thought of putting Beth and David together. She would have been the answer (temporarily) to his sorrows. I made my excuses to them both, and left them to chat.

Rejoining the rest of the guys I started the evening with, I had a last (and unnecessary) drink at the bar. As I was leaving David caught me, I thought to say thanks for the great introduction. He surprised me with the words -" I can't get through to her at all, she just wants YOU".

Whilst sorry for David, I was thrilled at the prospect of rejoining Beth.

I slipped in to the bench alongside her, and we had a long look into one another’s eyes. I suggested that we should leave for somewhere quieter.

Waiting seemingly forever outside the ladies, with a stiffening cock, I thought that Beth may have had second thoughts. Eventually she came out - and we enjoyed a tantalising kiss. Our tongues felt electric as a sexual charge passed between us. I held her by her back, but slipped my hands down for the first touch of that wonderful athletic butt. My cock was now straining as she twisted delicately to rub it with a slowly alternating combination of her thigh and her pussy.

I live very Centrally in London - and within four minutes the key was unlocking my front door.

Excited by the intimacy we kissed for several minutes, my cock feeling harder than it had ever felt before.

I offered Beth a drink, but she beckoned to the stairs.

In the bedroom, she bounced into the middle of the bed. I joined her and assisted by lifting her party dress over her head. A beautiful sight was laid out before me on the white linen. Beth's lightly tanned body and black stockings, knickers and bra setting off her figure. I removed my shoes, socks and shirt.

I laid on top of her and explored her small breasts with my hand, her nipples hardening like bullets. Her hands roamed down the front of my trousers and she let out a small gasp as for the first time she felt my size.

I am a reasonably thick eight inches - adequate but not excessive. I think that the gasp was more in the anticipation, from stories no doubt passed by Ellen!, than the actual size.

My priority was to remove her bra, which was quickly accomplished. Taking each of the beautiful nipples into my mouth in turn, I swirled my tongue around them, and kissed the flesh of her small, well formed chest. Twirling my fingertip round the other nipple seemed to increase the noises from her mouth.

By now Beth had loosened my belt, and opened the top of my trousers. Slipping her hands inside the back of my trousers she gasped again as she came into contact with my bare flesh. I was wearing a g-string to maintain the line of my trendy nylon trousers, and in the semi push up position, my honed buttocks were tensed, almost rippling. She pulled and rubbed her pussy against the straining fabric of both our g-strings.

I needed to taste her, and lowered myself, kissing past her pretty stomach and belly button, whilst keeping hold of those lovely tits. My mouth and nose now positioned over the smallest piece of black silk. I opened my mouth and connected with the material - feeling the slippery and damp nature of the material. The aroma and taste were exciting me further. I stayed there working away for several minutes, having shoved the fabric to the side with my tongue.

Her clitoris was very hard and quite proud. Enjoying myself, I was in no mood to move on yet - though Beth began increased call to "fuck me, fuck me know", and "I need you inside me".

A little more licking and playing with this sweet tasting pussy, and inserting a finger or two had caused as much fluid as I have ever known a woman to produce. There wasn't just a damp patch - we were nearly swimming.

By now I too was ready, and raised myself up again to face Beth, who welcomed me with a wholehearted kiss. I slipped my trousers down, and saw that my cock had long liberated itself from its fabric prison. Beth placed her long slender fingers round my shaft and just begged me again to "fuck me now--- please!". How could I resist.

Removing the micro material of her knickers fully revealed a neatly trimmed, full and very very pretty pussy. Taking only seconds to reposition myself, Beth had again seized control of my cock - and assisted me in directing it to the opening of her pussy.

Accompanied by her warning to be gentle (not having had sex for eight months!), which in my eagerness I deliberately disregarded, I eased the head of my now angry purple cock forwards. It was a beautiful feeling of warmth and security, as I was up to my balls in tight but well lubricated puss. Like matched pairs, my cock felt at home and ecstatic in its new home - I almost didn't want to move.

Beth's suppleness and fitness enabled me to lift both her legs into the air, and take a more aggressive, and tighter angle of attack. Pumping gently in and out was fine for a while, but I soon wanted to ream her with my angry excited cock. The sensations transferred into the head of my penis were close to perfection, and her hold on me was like a hand in a well-fitted glove. For some of the time her feet were next to her ears!!

After another few minutes, the tightness, sensitivity, excitement and the gentle slapping of my balls were bringing the inevitable nearer.

Not wanting to be an unmarried father, and having forgotten (perhaps deliberately) to wear a condom, I was preparing to pull out and spay my seed over her breasts. Beth had other ideas, and used her calves and feet to lock-in behind my buttocks.

I came, as did Beth almost at the same instant. It felt like the head of my cock had blown off as I filled her up (literally). Her orgasm was continuing and causing her to buck and buck, and so I kept pumping, with more spunk seeping out of her with every movement.

I really don't remember falling asleep.

What must have been some hour or so later, I came gently round with a pleasant and familiar sensation.

First being aware of Beth's body, curled on her side alongside me, her ass closest. Second, I was aware of a huge erection (with hindsight I think it was all her doing whilst I was sleeping!). Without a moments further hesitation I slipped a hand around her side and played with her breasts, whilst also landing gentle kisses on her should and neck. My hand found its way south, navigated by the smallest area of pubic hair, to the opening of her mound. Still deliciously wet she was clearly aroused, with a hard little clit.

Easing my body closer, I raised her leg and eased more forward. Taking her cue, she curled further forwards, and took charge again of my straining cock. Nuzzling in the moist opening of her pussy was a temporary pleasure, as she eased back against my length and took the whole of it again in a single, tight but delicious movement. This time I was I need of a real pounder of a sex session, so part lifted my body on its side and began pumping.

Our earlier sex had been very slow (well for a while it was) - this was my chance to ream her. Within a few minutes of pumping, and Beth tickling my balls, I could feel the pressure building, and within a few more seconds I began filling her again. This time I had no intention of trying to escape her pussy, and kept pumping throughout. My cock was so hard, and my pumping so vigorous that we were both sweating, literally dripping!. The aroma and steaminess really added to the heat of the moment.

I could feel my cock and balls pump out the contents of my sack, creating a slimy, slippery feel and squelching noise. Beth could feel the cock pump its contents, and she tried to encourage every last drop out with the powerful muscles of her fanny. Not bothering to disconnect, we lay there, with Beth in my sweaty wet arms. We were both truly in the wet patch!

Again, within a few minutes, sleep took us both - aided by the liberal amount of drink consumed earlier. Again, within what can't have been more than an hour I am conscious with another huge erection. This time it is no accident - with Beth also awake. I am keen to take Beth again, but she had different plans.

Kneeling in front of me, Beth took the whole of my cock into her mount and throat. For several minutes I writhed in ecstasy - and would have surely cum sooner - but for the quantity of spunk already produced from my balls. Straddling me, as if hardly satisfied at all Beth impaled herself on top of my slightly sore, but very excited cock.

Adopting a movement which was familiar to me from regular sex with her friend and my ex (Ellen) she used her pussy muscles to stimulate me, seemingly without pumping at all (girlfriends really do keep no secrets). This position always drove me wild, and this was no exception. I reached forward and stimulated Beth's puss, before my hand was removed to the less sensitive area of her nipples. Beth reached back and stimulated my balls. Again, the pressure valve at the base, then midway along my cock - and then at the top was registering explosive energies. What was left in my sac was dispensed, with Beth sliding off me, seemingly exhausted into my arms. Sleep again came quickly.

Perhaps it was the alcohol, and perhaps the inevitable deterioration in our performance that suggests I don't recount the two further occasions that we fucked that night, before Beth rose at six thirty for work (this was not going to be a morning for the gym).

Party clothes didn't seem right for the office - so we cobbled together an outfit for her from one of my shirts (Prada, I distinctly remember), and some of an ex's clothes in my home.

I never did see the shirt again - though I am pleased to say that Beth and I met up three more times after this in the following months. We have now lost contact again - and I carry the hope of bumping into her again. Not just for the fantastic sex, the wonderful fit of my cock and her pussy in particular - but the good times we shared together. She did say that had she come round for that Sunday lunch, she believes that we would have slept together, and that was the reason she simply did not turn up!

I haven't seen Ellen to tell her, and guess that Beth may be keeping this one to herself!

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