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Getting it up!

by Dave (July 2001)

I had been having a really hard time – sorry for the pun – in business; I was drinking too much and then I found I couldn’t get a hard-on or keep it up.

At first, I thought it was just a passing phase but my babe, Sue, was getting pissed off with having to put up with a tongue job and being finger fucked. She pointedly bought a huge vibrator which she used in front of me and even shoved it up my arse to see if this would get my cock up and hard.

One day Sue said that a girl in the hairdressers’ told her of a Sex Clinic which dealt with droopy penises or Male Erectile Dysfunction, which was on the card she had been sent when she rang up. I was a bit annoyed that she had done this without talking to me, but I realised how much she must be worried about our sex life and me, so I made an appointment for a few days later.

When I arrived at the clinic which was adjacent to the local hospital, a really nice girl of about twenty in a white coat let me in and gave me a sheet to fill out my details like name; next of kin and a brief description of what was wrong. She sat behind a desk and I couldn’t help noticing her legs were apart under the white coat and her panties were tight. Trying to fill in the details of my problem, was obviously causing me a bit of embarrassment. She glanced over: smiled and then came over to sit beside me on the couch.

“Having trouble, Mr Molloy?” she said and her white coat was straining at its buttons and she was showing a lot of leg. “ Here, let me help you”

She took the questionnaire and said, smiling, “ Oh, it’s the Medical Problem section that always causes problems. We call it the “Hard” part “ she said with a sly grin on her face. I looked at her with amazement and she said. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. Tell me what is wrong and I’ll tell the doctor.”

I said that my partner had arranged the appointment and that I wasn’t able to get an erection as easily as before. She asked a little about our sex life which had been normal up to recently and whether we had tried various practices; anal; oral and did we use sex toys. She asked me what got me hard and I said a good blow job was a help. At one stage she put her cool hand on my thigh, as if to steady me and show that it was going to be OK. She asked if I had difficulty in cumming and what sort of sex stimulated me most.

Jesus, I thought this was a bit personal from the Receptionist. I told her as best I could that I came best when I was getting a blow-job but that recently the power of my orgasm wasn’t as good as before. “ Does that mean you don’t shoot as big a load or just that you don’t get the same pleasure from cumming?” I told her the load was down to a trickle and that I couldn’t spurt my cum.

Again, I was gobsmacked by this, but she said it was usual for guys to be embarrassed and did I think she had no sex experience of her own? She looked at my crotch and smiled at the obvious arousal in my pants. She then said to follow her into a room to meet the doctor. She led me into a bright room where there was an examination couch and a couple of chairs. The “Doctor” was female, a blonde aged about thirty and beautiful. I gulped and they both smiled.

“I’m Doctor Lopez and I guess this is a bit of a surprise, eh?” I sort of gaped and she said that they sometimes found it helpful that the therapists be women. She asked me if I minded, as there was a male Doctor who could deal with my case. I said I had no worries - I was beginning to enjoy this. I noticed the Receptionist had not gone out and Dr Lopez, said, “Oh, Jenny will stay to help” Just take your clothes off and lie on the examination couch. “

She took the notes from Jenny and read them, making some marks as she went along. “We better do a count” she said and Jenny went over to a cupboard and got out a bowl and some tubes.

“ When do you find you get the strongest erection” asked Dr Lopez, I was beginning to look at her white coat which didn’t seem to cover anything else.

By now I had taken off my clothes and was lying naked on the couch with my hands over my cock which was harder than it had been for a while.

I looked at them both and decided to tell the whole truth – after all I wanted to be cured, didn’t I ? I told them that I got hardest and came best when I had a vibrator shoved up my ass. Once I had said this, they both smiled and looked at each other, as if this was what they expected to hear. Jenny went back to a cupboard and opened it and the shelves were packed with vibrators of all sizes; dildos; butt plugs and other toys. Jenny took out a fairly big silver job and a tube of KY.

Dr Lopez told me she wanted to examine my penis and genitals to see if there were any obvious physical abnormalities. She lifted my hands away from my cock and felt gently along the shaft several times. She examined the top of my cock closely, squeezing it slightly. She said that was to check any existence of discharge. Then she fondled my balls while holding my cock and I started to moan. “No, don’t cum” she said, “ Just cough” I did so with difficulty and then she left my cock down.

Well there doesn’t seem to be any obvious physical problem. You have very attractive genitals, Don’t you think so Jenny? Mmmm said Jenny with a smile on her slightly parted wet lips.

“Now Mr Molloy”, said Dr Lopez, “ I want you to give us a sample of semen for examination. Please don’t feel shy about this, it is perfectly natural.”

Jenny handed me the small bowl and I started to stroke my cock as they both watched. I thought I would cum immediately, but nothing happened and my cock seemed to get soft.

“ Jenny, will you help Mr Molloy” said Dr Lopez in a very business like voice.

“Yes Doctor, of course” and Jenny moved towards me, unbuttoning the top three buttons of her lab coat. She sat down beside me and took my cock in her hand and began wanking me slowly. She was leaning against me and I could feel her young breasts moving against my chest. She was wearing no bra and one of her tits had come out of her coat. She rubbed her hard nipple up and down my arm. I looked over at Dr Lopez and she was watching with a smile on her face. She was holding the bowl. My cock was taking a long time to get hard again. Jenny said very softly, “ He said in his notes that he needs a blow job to get hard”

“Well, Jenny, go ahead and help our patient” said Dr Lopez.

They asked me to stand up and Jenny knelt in front of me. Slowly she took off the rest of her lab coat showing only a tiny g-string.

“Well, if I’m naked, it’s only fair that you should be as well, I muttered.”

“ OK, said Jenny as she squirmed out of her g-string, showing a perfectly bald pussy. She took my cock and held it up, licking my balls one by one, sucking them into her mouth and rolling them around.

“That seems to be working Jenny” said the Doctor who had come behind me. Jenny put my cock into her mouth sucking and licking while wanking the shaft. I was tensing when suddenly I felt the cold head of the vibrator which had been well lubed with KY pressing against my ass. I relaxed my asshole and Dr Lopez slipped it in and started to move it in and out vigorously.

“ Like that do you?” she said, All I could do was groan. I was in ecstasy. Jenny was sucking like there was a machine in her throat. I was beginning to feel the build up to orgasm.

“ I’m Cumming” I shouted. Expertly, Jenny took me out of her mouth and held the bowl under the head of my cock which she continued to wank. The vibrator was still humming away and Dr Lopez watched while my cock began to pour cum into the bowl. It sort of poured out rather than squirt but there was quite a lot of cum, some of which has spilt over Jennys’ fingers. She took her fingers and licked the sticky white cum “Tastes normal, Doctor” she said, laughing.

Jenny then poured some of the cum into two tubes; labelled them and laid them on the table. Dr Lopez probed what was left with a glass wand and seemed to think it OK.

“We will analyse this semen, Mr Molloy.” You just seem to need stimulation such as provided by the vibrator and Jennys’ mouth. Tell me, have you ever had a bi-sexual experience with another man?”

“ No, But I have been curious about anal sex”

“Could you ejaculate again,Mr Molloy, if we helped you” asked Dr Lopez, “ I am a bit concerned about the lack of power of your ejaculation. As you said in your notes, it trickles rather than spurts”

I’ll try, I grinned and Jenny moved towards me again.

“No, Jenny, I’ll handle his penis this time” she said putting some KY onto her hand and closing it around my stiffening shaft. She wanked me slowly looking me straight in the eyes.

She fondled my balls, squeezing them gently in one hand. At the same time Jenny was pressing her tits against me and fondling my bum. Her gloved fingers snaked in and out of my asshole and I saw Dr Lopez licking her lips. I took a chance and slipped my hand in between the buttons of her lab coat. I was right she was wearing nothing.

I felt her bush and she allowed me slide a finger and then another into her cunt which was dripping wet. She started to move faster on my cock.

“ Any sign of him cumming Doctor” asked Jenny, “I think so,” gasped the Doctor, “ I think he’s hard enough now”

Jenny left my asshole and came around to the front. She slipped something over my cock and rolled it down to the base. “ That is a cock ring “ said Dr Lopez, who was now shaking a bit.

“ It helps to keep a cock hard and full of blood” She and Jenny both worked on my cock. Jenny had her ass near my hand and her legs were wide open. I took my wet fingers from the Doctors’ cunt which was sopping and stroked Jennys beautiful bald slit.

It was wet and I was able to get two fingers inside her. She pushed backwards onto my hand and I could feel the hard bud of her clit which I rubbed with my thumb. She rocked back and forth and the two were still at my cock, the Doctor sucking it and Jenny playing with my balls when suddenly I erupted. They could feel it coming even as I tensed and moaned. They moved away and my cock flew upwards and a big squirt of white cum shot out almost six feet. Then another and a third small one.

The Doctor and Jenny both sat watching me as I recovered from one of the best cumms I had ever had.

“That cock ring worked, said Dr Lopez, I will order one for you. Jenny will help you clean up” Jenny came over with some hospital wipes and began to clean us both.

She couldn’t resist licking the cum off my cock and giving it a friendly suck. I heard a humming noise and I looked around. Dr Lopez was leaning back against the couch with her legs apart and her coat open. She was stroking her pussy with the vibrator and rolling one of her hard nipples in her fingers.

Jenny said, “ What’s started has to be finished”

“OK, I said” and I took the vibrator and began to shove it in and out of her love-hole. She rubbed her clit furiously and shortly began to tremble and moan, “Yes. Oh yes” and she began to buck. Then she just moaned and tightened her thighs around the vibrator. Her cunt was slimy with juices, so Jenny gently took some wipes and helped clean up. I noticed, however, that she slid her fingers into Dr Lopez’s cunt a few times.

When we were all cleaned up, I asked if this was a standard treatment. Dr Lopez said that they took whatever action was required – provided it worked as it seemed to do in my case and as long as the patient did not object. I said I couldn’t believe any patient would object to this type of “alternative medicine”.

Jenny said she enjoyed the job so much she thought she was a nympho and her boyfriend was getting new experiences every night – although he didn’t know what her real job was. He thought that she was a hospital receptionist filling out forms. !

I paid the bill with pleasure. I was told to come back when the tests on my cum had been analysed and to collect my “cock ring”. I jokingly said that I might want to “road test” the cock ring. They smiled and said that would be a good idea.

On my way out, I saw another stunning receptionist in the hall and a young blond guy who had started filling in the form!!!

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