Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Viva-Ponata: Stiff One

One of my new diversions is Viva-Ponata. If you have not heard of it, you can check it out at the following link: http://viva-ponata.com/register.php?REF=142. If you use the link, I get credit for the referral (if you reach Level 5), and I get 25 diamonds (which is a type of currency in the game). Anyway, it makes me happy.

The game is a sort of a sexual simulation game, and in order to make a little more cash, I am whoring. There is a lot of ass on the site, and to turn more tricks and stand out a bit, I will write about the various johns from the game. Yeah, I know most johns want their anonymity. But every once in a while, a john will want to roar, "I fucked the crap out of this whore."

This is one of those stories; This story is for Stiff one, but I am going to change his name slightly, to Stiff One. It looks more like a proper noun, though when he uses my services, I use the name with the lowercase "o". Enjoy."

Leesa accepted Stiff One's money, then led him to the back room.

"Sorry," Leesa said, "the normal room is . . . occupied. The only room that is available is our studio's room where we just got finished making a porno. Something about schoolgirls, but since none on the set was even a teenager, it was a bit . . . funny."

Leesa stripped down, and placed her clothing on the pink dresser. Then she got on the bed. The bedspread was My Little Pony design, a bedspread more fitting of a ten-year-old than a teenager's room.

Leesa said mockingly, "My parents aren't home. Johnny, are you sure you want to do this."

Stiff One grinning. Not sure he wanted to be called Johnny, but he was aroused.

Leesa felt like a vixon, and she changed to a position with all fours on the bed, butt higher than her shoulders. She started wiggling her butt in the air, and then she began fingering herself.

She turned over, and continued to finger herself. She wanted to give Stiff One a show. After about eight minutes, Leesa was writhing in a self-inflicted orgasm, Stiff One just watching from the bed.

Afterwards, she turned over again, butt in the air, waving it around again. Leesa could feel herself and when Stiff One entered, she had just had a last spasm of her orgasm.

Stiff One slipped in easily, Leesa still being completely drenched. Stiff One started a slow but powerful pace. He placed one hand on her butt, when seemed warm against her coolness. Her pussy was on fire but her ass was stangely cool.

Stiff One continued, picking up the pace.

"My parents won't be home for hours," Leesa said, pretending she was a teenage girl.

This caused Stiff One to quicken. His pace was stronger and faster. Leesa concentrated and squeezed Stiff One with her pussy. It was hard to do because his pace was fast and strong. She wondered if he liked it.

Stiff One continued the onslaught, and after several more minutes, Leesa felt Stiff One spilling into her. Leesa just realized that she had not placed a condom on Stiff One, and wondered if he had done so.

Stiff One came out, and Leesa looked back, moving her hair from her face. Sure enough, Stiff One came inside of her. She could feel his semen inside.

He stared are her pussy, and Leesa forced some of the cum out. She had learned this trick while working for her studio.

A little surprised, Leesa felt Stiff One beginning to lick her pussy. Leesa was excited, having just been loved from behind, and now Stiff One was eating her, and she was all messy from the fuck. Leesa grabbed her own tits, then began playing with herself. She was so excited, and loved the feel of her own erect nipples. Every time she touched herself in this state, she remembered the phrase, "they can cut glass." Her ex-husband would always say that her nipples were erect enough to cut glass. She had not heard that phrase before or since, but every time she had her nipples hard, this phrase would invade her consciousness.

Oh, but her ex- did not eat her after sex. Never. She was getting close to an orgasm, and she had so many thoughts. She loved the way she was cumming, but she wondered if her pimp would miss her for some time. She knew she was spending more time with Stiff One than he was paying for, but oh, she was getting so much in return.

Her pussy brought her thoughts back to Stiff One's actions, as she was nearing orgasm. She tousled Stiff One's hair with her right hand, and then all of a sudden, she was bucking in a surprise orgasm. She normally could anticipate them, but this one surprised her.

She continued to move, and then Stiff One did something surprising. He quickly re-mounted her, she still orgasming, and he quickly coming in her.

Leesa wrapped her legs around Stiff One's body, and he continued to fuck her, she in an orgasm and he pumping strong.

A hard knock was heard from the door.

Knock-knock-knock. "Leesa, you in there."

Leesa whispered, "Daddy's home."

Stiff One re-doubled his efforts.

Knock-knock-knock. "Leesa."

"Don't stop," Leesa whispered in Stiff One's ear.

Stiff One was excited and continued to pump Leesa.

Knock-knock-knock. "Leesa!"

Leesa composed herself, and said in a commanding voice, "Just getting dressed. Out in a minute, asshole." Leesa worried that her word "minute" definitely had a fuck-like punctuation to it.

In less than a minute, possibly helped by the fear of getting caught, Stiff One spilled inside Leesa for the second time.

Leesa smiled and said, "No charge for the second fuck!"

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