Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picture Window

by Jack Flash
(August 2001)

When I pull the matched set of elegant black enameled handcuffs out of the bag beside me on your livingroom couch, you laugh.

"What's with all the bondage stuff?" you tease. "Doesn't anyone just fuck anymore?"

Grinning, I take you in my arms. "I'm middle-aged," I say. "I need help getting a hard-on." Then I kiss you. "Mmm," you whisper after a few moments. "Doesn't seem like it's going to be a problem tonight."

"No," I say, unbuttoning your blouse & stripping it off as you unbutton my shirt & yank it out of my jeans, then unsnap your bra & let it fall on the floor.

"Not with my slut to play with." You're not used to being called that word, but I can tell you like it. There's a light thatch of hair on my chest & it tickles you as we grind together, your breasts mashing against me, & kiss deeply, our tongues sliding & probing in each other's mouth.

"But you never know." You giggle as I turn you, holding one hand behind your back in a mock police hold, & march you across the living room, kissing your neck as we go. "Are you going to arrest me, officer?" you ask playfully.

I stop in front of the picture window facing your front yard. "Don't know yet, ma'am. But I'm going to have to restrain you for the time being." I quickly snap a cuff on each of your wrists and display you against the window, the handcuffs secured through bolted curtain rod holders at the upper corners of the glass. I stand close behind you, caressing your breasts and looking at the lights of town only a few hundred yards away.

"But anyone could come..." you say, suddenly worried. You yank the cuffs, but they're solid. "What if someone comes?"

"This is why I need the 'bondage stuff,' " I explain.

"To make you do things you wouldn't do -- to make you take risks."

"But wait..." you say, almost ready to panic. I turn your face back & stop your words with a long, deep kiss. As I kiss you, I rub my hands over your breasts & belly, unsnap & unzip your skirt & slide my hands into your panties to discover you are already wet.

"You're my cunt," I whisper. Again, you start at the word, then I feel you surrender to it, to your helplessness, I peel your panties down your legs & you help me, stepping out of them.

"Let me look at you." I stand back & you are beautiful from behind. Shiny vibrant hair, graceful neck, & your trim, perfectly proportioned upper body moving into the tense V of your upraised arms.

Somehow you sense what I want & bend forward slightly, plant your bare feet wide apart & raise your ass to me. It's so lovely, your strong shapely legs & firm rounded ass, your pussy showing between your legs like a soft pouch --

I feel such pleasure looking at you, desiring you. You can see me as an indistinct reflection in the window glass as I undress & approach you, not a big man but strongly built, my cock darker than the rest of me, purple-tipped, raised stiffly in front of me. I stand behind you & guide my cock between the cheeks of your ass & you shudder.

I rub it all over your ass & reach around to touch you with my hands, spread the hair on your pussy & part the pink flesh. I stroke & tweak your clit & you watch in the window as the muscles move in my forearm, as the strong slow hand, which seems to come out of darkness, touches you.

"You have to fuck me now," you say in a low, urgent voice.

"...right away!" I guide my cock between your legs & you squat slightly to help me.

"Please?" you moan. I push myself into you slowly. Both of us gasp, then sigh. I move as slowly as I can, though I know you would like to go faster, because I see something in the darkness of your front yard. Your eyes are closed; you haven't noticed & I don't tell you.

It's your friend, Lily, standing about 20 feet away, watching us.

She's wearing very short shorts that show off her long legs & a black leather jacket, over which her blonde hair spills. I can see that she's shocked, but she doesn't turn away. She stands in the darkness & watches you.

I know she can't see me, except as a dim shape & a pair of hands holding your hips, guiding you up & down, in slow circles, but you are framed by the window, lit by the light of the room.

She watches your body -- stiff- nippled breasts pulled up by your raised & bound arms, soft belly & hips grinding -- but mostly she watches your face as the pleasure moves through it. In the half-darkness, her pretty features shift from amazement to desire.

As we slowly fuck, her hand creeps down, equally slowly, over her belly to her crotch & she rubs herself lightly, gently, as though trying it out, as though this is a dream she is having.

Without you knowing, I motion to her & she seems to wake up. She looks at me, what she can see of me & then disappears. Before I can decide if she's run away or not, she's in the room with us.

You sense her & open your eyes, confused, but she gives you no time to wonder what it means, moving quickly to drop to her knees before the two of us. We stop moving, both of us looking down at her blonde head as she spreads your pussy lips & finds you, finds me, with her tongue.

I put my hands in her hair as we begin to move again, your friend lapping & sucking at your clit, her tongue sliding against my cock as it moves in & out. Her mouth moves with our movement, busily,her hands stroke your thighs, & I can feel that you're about to come.

Oh sweet baby, I feel the shuddering in your legs & belly as you let go, your groan becoming a low-pitched scream, as wave after wave of ecstasy pushes you again & again against her eager mouth, grinds you again & again on my hard fuck pole, until your climax finally subsides & your breathing gradually returns to normal.

Although my cock is throbbing on the very verge, I've managed not to come -- & for a reason. I breathe with you for a while, then reach up & unsnap the handcuffs. I slide my cock out of you & you whimper. Thinking I have come, you start to turn, limp & spent & grateful, to give me a kiss, but I turn you back & push up against you, sliding my hard cock between your wet thighs so that it protrudes 4 or 5 inches in front.

Your friend thinks it's over too & is starting to climb off her knees, but I push her back down.

"You're not done," I say to her. She looks up & sees the stiff cock sticking out of the soft hair below your belly. She understands immediately.

"Can I suck it?" she asks submissively.

"Do you want it?" you ask, your voice shaking with excitement.

"Oh yes," she croons, taking it gently in her hands, rolling her cheeks against it, giving it tiny kisses along the shaft, running her tongue over the swollen head. "I want it in my mouth. I want you to come in my mouth... Please..."

"Yes, OK," you say, voice pitched low, vibrating with pleasure.

"Suck it...suck my cock... slut," you whipser in that low whisper.

She begins, lovingly, transported into a kind of worshipful ecstasy, & your shapely woman's hands, handcuffs still dangling from them, caress her blonde hair. Your thighs tighten on me & I can feel that you want to thrust, but I hold you back, teaching you what men know or ought to know, that woman wants to love your cock, that the greatest pleasure lies in letting her.

We watch together, feel together, as the purple-pink head disappears, reappears, engulfed by her soft mouth; watch as her cheeks fill & hollow, as her long fingers with the perfect shiny nails move up & down the shaft, squeezing, pulling more urgently, jerking us off in her mouth, as the sound of her cooing & slurping increases & a deep, excited growling starts in the back of her throat. I can't hold you back any longer -- the muscles of your thighs & ass begin to tighten & relax as you thrust me into her mouth.

The handcuffs clatter against her leather jacket as you clutch her hair & force her mouth to take more & more inside & then the first massive spurt jets into her throat.

"Come now," I groan in your ear.

"Come, baby!" & you're moaning with me, shuddering with me, our bellies & legs fused, the muscles stiffening in our legs and ass, as we shoot into her sucking mouth, pour out our essence into her & she gulps & gulps, the muscles moving in her long beautiful throat, until she has swallowed it all. God, we're all spent now, leaning against each other weakly.

My soft cock slides out of your friend's mouth & you loosen your thighs & let it slip back to its accustomed place between my legs.. Your friend is the first to move. She kisses your wet thighs & pussy, moves up, kissing your belly & breasts, kisses you sweetly on the mouth with her glistening mouth.

The two of you stand arms around each other, kissing long & deep, then smile into each others eyes & I put my arms around both of you & nuzzle & kiss first you & then your friend.

For a long time there is no need for words.

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