Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a good turn can lead too

by Silverflash (September 2001)

I was leaving the gym after one of my many visits there, when Dawn caught up with me “ you know its Janis’s 30th in a couple of weeks time” Janis being a flame in my past. “Well the girls are organising a party for her at the social club and we have managed to get this giant cardboard cake that someone can hide in then spring out to give the birthday person a surprise, we’ve also got a stripograms Tuxedo outfit and a number of the girls wondered if you would do the surprised strip”, well at first I said no way, then Dawn pointed out that quite a number were ex’s and would be seeing nothing new, and also Dawn is very persuasive, so in the end I agreed, “be at the social club at x next Friday for Half Eight, go in the back door so no one sees you and I’ll meet you there, I’ll also bring everything you need” were Dawns parting words.

Dawn rang up on the Thursday night to check I was still game, I nearly chickened out, but dawn pleaded with me saying she could not get anyone else at such short notice.

On the Friday night I got to the club parking round the corner so no one would see me and I thought I was a little early as I let myself in the back door, but was greeted by Dawn who had got in a flap thinking I wasn’t going to turn up, There was the “cake” about four foot round and three foot high, with a top that completely came off and sides that were hinged to be able to get out easily, they had covered all this with Happy Birthday Janis right round in paper.

“Come on off with your kit” Dawn said “don’t be shy I’ll see it all in a few minutes, when I had got striped off Dawn said “I hope we will have a stiffy when this come off” passing me a black leather G string, I don’t think so I exclaimed, with that she got hold of my cock and started wanking it, sinking to her knees to give it a suck, when it got rock hard at its eight inches she tied a string of old tight round at the base, “that’s what the professionals do” she exclaimed, as I pulled the g string on she helped get my rock hard cock into the tiny pouch, which ended up very well filled. Next was the tuxedo which was entirely held together with Velcro as it was designed to come off with one pull, Dawn said “one pull here on the black tie and it will drop away, have a go”, I got hold of the tie and gave a pull and in a second it was down round my ankles, Dawn fit it back together and helped me into it again. Then she said she would go and get the “toast” going with the Champaign and she would be back in a minute and to be getting into the cake, about a minute later she was back, “I’m going to push you in when they start playing Happy Birthday, two of the girls by the doors will hold them open, here is the cake to give to Janis as you kiss her” as I sank down into the cake Dawn passed me the real cake and put the top on, I was a little uncomfortable having a raging hard on and whether the costume would hang together with the strains put on the Velcro being doubled up in the cake. Dawn last words were “ good luck and play to Janis not the other girls.

As Happy Birthday started to ring out my heat was in my mouth and I could feel the cake rolling, then the cheers and whistles as the girls saw the cake, then the tap on the lid which was my cue from Dawn to make my appearance.

As I burst out of the cake the girls went wild and the look on Janis’s face when she saw who it was. As I danced round making my way to Janis with the cake the girls went balmy, as I presented the cake to Janis she put it on the table so Dawn could light the thirty candles, whilst she was doing this I kissed and wished Janis Happy Birthday as well as reading a poem Dawn had given me to read out. Then as she blew out the candles and made a wish I stud back. When the last candle was out Dawn said “let the fun begin” and “I want a hero” started blaring out of the PA system, with that I sat Janis on a chair in the centre of the stage dancing round her for a minute or so before I pulled on the tie and the tuxedo dropped away, leaving me in just the G string, my nerves had now completely gone and I was quite enjoying it, the girls were going mad and Janis was completely mesmerised.

I could tell the song was coming to a end so I sat on Janis’s knee facing her and asked her to undo the two fasteners which she readily did, as I stud up the G string dropped onto Janis’s lap leaving me stark bolock naked, Janis leaned forward and kissed my cock and whispered “ I’ll be out to see you in a minute”, with that the record was ending and I started to make my exit, the girls made a grab for my cock and bum, it was not bad having all those baying girls after you. As I went through the doors into the back room Dawn gave my bum a swack and said “well done” and passed me a large glass of Champaign.

I had just sat down and was untying the sting round my cock when Janis walked in “I cannot believe you just did that, I want your cock”, within seconds her knickers and skirt were off and I went and laid on some new seats, I had no sooner laid down that Janis was on top sinking her cunt over my cock and started thrusting, I reached up and liberated her tits from her bra, god it was one of the best shags I had had in a long time.

I was well paid for doing it, Janis and I have got back together and are getting married and she is now my manager for all the stripograming work I got because of that Friday Evening, I even persuaded Janis to do a stripogram out of a school mistresses outfit, but that is another story.

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