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Alexander and Evelyn

by Alexander (September 2001)

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Title: Alexander and Evelyn

Last summer, we sat in the Restaurant and we enjoyed our meal. I looked at my girl-friend .... God, I was absolutely crazy about her and I still am. Even more so after the things happened in time to come.

Evelyn hails from Hong-Kong and has everything going for her. She is of eurasian race, with an oval face, big black oriental eyes, long black hair with a dark-blue glow to it, straight, long legs and the tinyest feet I have ever set my eyes on. Her mother is english and that accounts for her straight legs, I presume. She wears 75C bras and has the slimmest of all waists and fairly broad shoulders. At 120lbs she has all the right cushions at the right places. Her 5"6 frame suits my 6"2 real fine and my nordic appearance with long blond hair compliments her asian beauty. She just became 28 and the 21 year age-bracket is nothing we worry about.

In any event, when I met her at a mutual friend's party, some 11 months ago, she was a "normal" girl in flat desastershoes, stoned jeans and ugly T-shirt. That has changed a lot. As I am a true sucker for CHANEL and Thierry Mugler, we went and bought her some outfits, virtually the next day after we met. She looks like she has never worn anything else. Her flatoes have been exchanged for 4" and 5" stiletto pumps and sandals and her pop-socks went to the bin in exchange for sheer nylon stockings.

The amount of money I've spent on her lingerie alone! Suspenders-, bra- and panty-sets, negligees and the rest of it is nothing in compare to what joy it brings to the two of us. She became a real Lady and an imaginative fuck-pot of the finest sort.

"Hey Alex!" I heard her call through the haze of my memories. "Lost in little Worlds, darling?"
"Yes, sorry, but I was recollecting when we first met and how you have changed."
"For the better, I hope!", she exclaimed smiling all-over her beautiful face.
"You have a mirror at home, dear?!"
"Shall I .... now?" she hissed, leaning over the table.
"Any time you want to." I answered back, grinning an "evil" grin.

I've got to let you in on our plans, first. We decided to give the waiter a good look up her short skirt and naked pussy. We discovered her strong exhibitionist-streak and she gets real worked-up when she lets strangers peek up her short skirts, flashing her stocking-tops and shaven love-pot. When she gets home from shopping, she tells me all about her sexploits in detail and we always end-up in absolute furious love-making.

The waiter approached our table and she dropped her napkin. Her timing was perfect. When the waiter crouched to pick the napkin up, she moved her legs towards him and crossed them high, straight looking at him. I saw that he just couldn't stand the temptation and virtually sucked-in the sight on offer. She smiled back at him and I could see little perls of sweat appearing on his forehead when he came back up again, slightly blushing. He handed her the napkin back, mumbled something and fled the scene. I knew, looking at her, she was wet. "That makes me so hot, Alex. I could make love to you, right here on the table!"

I must admit, that I had a nice boner which started to dribble. "Come on, let's get the bill and go home." In a jiff, we were out of the Restaurant and in the car. As soon as she sat down in her passenger-seat, she lifted her skirt and started fingering herself. I looked down at her sandaled feet in black nylon stockings. Her toe-nails were bright red and shining through the nylon. Her 4" sling-back sandals accentuated her lean calves and were leading the way to the top of her stockings held-up by taut suspenders.

Her index-finger was firmly pressed against her clitoris as she lay back in the comfort of her seat with her eyes closed. "Alex, I'm burning! What are you doing to me?"
I reached over and caressed the inner of her thighs. Goose-pimples appeared and her movements sped up. "Uhhh. uhhh!" She became louder as she approached orgasm. My prick was rock hard, forced down one leg of my trousers as I began to stroked it. The World could have popped, we wouldn't have noticed.

When we came home, it was like two animals fighting - no love, no care - just hard sex. I had discarded my trousers and shirt with Evelyn still fully dressed. We always make love with her being fully dressed. She knelt on all fours, her skirt hiked up around her waist and I hammered her from behind for all I was worth. She sometimes looked over her shoulder right into my face, biting her lower lip in extasy. "What has he seen?" I asked her. She knew exactly what I meant, right away and replied: ".... my stocking-tops .... and .... and .... my wet pussy ....!"
"Are you sure?", I demanded.
".... No .... I don't know ...."
"Next time you make sure he does!"
".... yes ....", she said ".... yes, .... I'll make sure .... that .... everybody .... sees my pussy."
I thought it was the perfect time to introduce her to one of my favourite fantasies: "What would you think of letting somebody touch it?", I asked under my breath.
".... yes ....!" came back from her.
"Would you like that?"
".... yes ....!"
"Would you let him fuck you, too?"
".... if .... if .... you .... want me to ...."

Now it was my turn to say "YES" and when I did, we exploded into a mutual orgasm. I really had spasms, pain, my eyeballs were twisting like the dials of a slotmachine. I pumped and pumped what seemed to be a never ending stream of sperm into her dripping wet pussy. We finally collapsed on top of eachother trying hard in catching our breaths. When she was coming to her senses again, she drew herself closer to me, kissed me and said: "That was fantastic, darling!" I kissed her back and smiled.

During breakfast, the next morning, she probed:" Did you really mean that, last night?"
"Am I the kind of man joking about things like that?"
"No, but wouldn't you be jealous?"
"No, darling, it's only sex, you know? Mind you, I wouldn't like to see if you'd look at it in another way."
"No, Alex, you know that you can trust me."
We left it at that and I rushed off to the office.

At about 11:45h my phone rang. It was Evelyn from her mobile: "What are you doing for lunch?"
"It looks like I have an appointment with a very sexy Lady called Evelyn."
She laughed and said: "Where and when?"
"La Tratoria, 12:30h."
"I'll wait for you there. I have a little story to tell ...."
 of an hour can be very long. I finally made it there and I saw her sitting by our favourite table looking towards me when I entered. She looked stunning in her black, tight two-piece. She waved her hand and I rushed to her, kissing her as I sat down.

"So, tell me!" I demanded.
"I bought some new shoes ....", she had that sparkle in her eyes when she continued: ".... just around the corner from the bank. It's a new, small shop with very elegant shoes. So I thought to myself "let's have a look". When I entered the shop I realised, that I was the only customer. A nice-looking young girl of about 16,17 or so came from the back greeting me. She offered me a seat and asked my wishes. I stated, that I would like to have a look at their stock of high-heeled pumps. She asked my size and commented, that she doubted they had a small a size like that. She vanished behind some curtains only to step from them again in what seemed only a matter of seconds, carrying 4 boxes piled-up in her arms.

She sat down in front of me and opened the first box to produce some beautiful, low-cut 4" patent leather pumps. When she gotten the shoes from the box, she stretched her right leg to balance her move. Doing so, I had a beautiful view of her crotch sending tingles to my pussy.

I think she caught my glimpse and smiled at me. I thought, that it was only fair to have her look at my pussy, too. So when she opened the straps of my sandals, I crossed my legs high enough to enable her a short peek up my skirt. She fell for the trap and when she looked up, she looked straight into my eyes. We held that look for some seconds and then she said: "May I compliment you on your black sandals which contrast beautifully with the tan of your stockings, Madame?"

Listening to this, I was sporting a class1 pecker by now: "Go on, please!", I urged.
"Thank you.", I replied letting the nylon rustle a bit, "How did you notice I am wearing stockings?" I faked.
"I just had to look when you crossed your legs, Madame, but fully unintentional. I swear!"
"I believe you.", I said looking at her. She had the sandal off by now and proceeded to put the pumps on. They fitted very well so I got up and walked some paces watching my feet in the low-angle mirrors. I liked what I saw and said: "I'll take those." The sales-girl was watching every of my moves and I loved the attention I was getting.
"Look, Alex. It's so strange, you know. I got excited by a GIRL looking at me and I still am!"
"Please go on!", I urged her.
"So I sat down again and when the second pair was tried on, I asked her whether she wears stockings, too?"
"I never did, but I would like to. I find them incredibly sexy."
"Why don't you buy yourself some?" I asked her.
"Madame, please understand, I just left school and this is my first job. So I do not have a lot of money. Fine lingerie is expensive."
"I can tell you about that!" I laughed back "I can give you a pair of mine, if you want?"
"Oh Madame, I can't accept your kind offer. After all, you're a customer."
"Uh, don't you worry!", I said to her "When do you finish here, tonight?"
"At 6 o'clock, Madame."
"OK, then you'll grab yourself a train and a cab from the station, which I will pay and come to my place. Nobody will ever know. How's that?"
"Oh Madame, you're too kind!" her face blushing and looking down onto her knees."

During my buying another pair of shoes, she was really looking happy as can be and when we parted I handed her my card and she said that she's very much looking forward to our meeting, tonight."
"Alex, I have been on heat since then. Will I turn to be a lesbian after all?"
"No", I said "it's just the heat which comes from that young and innocent girl. It's most likely the innocense which gives you that feeling of power and sexyness."
"So what shall I do, tonight? I have no idea!"
"I'l try to be home before the girl comes and you pretend that you're alone. Let her try some sexy stuff on and just let things happen. I'll get the videocam ready and put everything on tape. How does that sound to you?"
"You should feel my heart beat!"
"You should feel my MEAT beat! I have a darn rocket in my pants! I don't know how I'll get through the afternoon!"

Around 4 in the afternoon, I wasn't able to stand it anymore and I just had to head home. I told my secretary that I'll be off for the rest of the day and drove to my house. The hour's drive went very quickly and Evelyn greeted me in a long, pink, silk robe. She had a silk scarf around her head indicating that she's put curlers in. I interupted her doing her nails. "Darling, I'm so happy you're early! I've sent Emma home and played with myself three times already!"

I unzipped my flies and my boner sprang free. I went to where Evelyn was seated and she took it right into her mouth sucking on it for all she was worth.
"When you just played with yourself, what were you thinking of?"
She stopped sucking and looked at me, childishly: ".... The girl .... !"
"What were you doing to her in your fantasy?"
".... Oh, Alex ...."
"Tell me!"
"She .... she .... touches me .... everywhere!"
I shot my load in no time and she swallowed everything, as usual.
"You're coming like water from a firehose!", she said "It does turn you on ....".
"Turn on is just not the right expression, my dear. I'm getting hay-wire about it!"
"What if she doesn't want to go any further than getting her stockings and leave?"
"It's in your hands, Evelyn. She'll be like hot wax in your hands, from what I sense. It all depends on you, I guess."
"I feel like a pupil right before a big math-test. I am all butterflies."
"I see you're really getting ready for her - doing your hair - is it for her?"
"Yes, I want to look my best when she arrives." and then she said, after a short pause: "She's so young ...."
"Does that add to the turn-on?", I asked.
"I suppose so .... thinking about it .... YES!"
"Decided on what you'll wear, yet?"
"Yes. Have a look, it's all laid-out on the bed."
I turned on my heels and rushed upstairs to our bedroom. She had carefully arranged everything on the bed. A new pair of black fully-fashioned nylons, 50s style, still in their pouch, a black see-through lace, fish-bone enforced corset with Þ cups. Black sling-back 5" sandals consisting of only 2 straps and a pink and black two-piece CHANEL costume with a very short skirt. Seeing all of that lined-up, I felt that certain itch in my groin again, although I just fired my load a couple of minutes ago.
"If the girl doesn't get hot on that number, she never will ....", I thought walking back downstairs.
"Your choice is exellent, Evelyn. That'll do the trick."
"Don't you think that the seamed nylons are a bit .... too much?", she asked.
"The only question is: Do you want to wear them?", I replied.
"Yes, I'd like to, but they might be just too much of a hint ..."
"From what you've told me, she's going to melt away, seeing your stockings. Just forget about the 'give-away' business. If she appears here, she's set to do whatever you'll like her to do. In my books, she's submissive."

That was my verdict. I thought immediately, that she was devot and liking to be dominated in a mild sort of fashion when Evelyn told me about her little adventure.
"That could be the case.", Evelyn replied with a face of thought.
"Do whatever you like, dear. Chances like that will come about again, sooner or later."
"Wouldn't you be sorry if nothing'd happen?" she claimed with a quizzical look on her face.

"I must admit that the situation is absolutely perfect and it would be a crying shame to let it pass without having taken the opportunity or at least giving it a good try. AND, it's the first time for you being attracted to a girl, isn't it?"
"Yes, I have a somewhat mixed feeling for her. I can't put my finger on it. It's just a funny feeling. Maybe I'm afraid to be a lesbian."
"Aw, come-on! I guess that you're discovering a bi-sexual streak inside yourself. Nothing close to being a hard-core lesbian. Don't you worry, I'll still love you even when you turn a lesbo!"
She laughed and continued varnishing her finger-nails by saying: "I'll have to get this done, darling, and after that, I'm all yours."
I left her to it and went upstairs to get the video-equippment ready. I also had to find a good hiding-place to watch all of the action - if there was any ....

God, I was getting hard again figuring in my mind what was about to happen. "This ain't a movie, mate!" I thought to myself and my heart started to beat a little faster.

After 20mins I had it all sussed-out. I filled Evelyn in on the whats and wheres: "I'll be hiding the camera in the planters over by the window. When she comes in, you'll be talking to her for a little while in the salon. Check her out a bit. How old, boyfriends and specially girlfriends, school, etc. Then turn the conversation to lingerie and stockings, dresses, whatever and don't forget to cross your legs once in a while to test her reactions. Ask her whether she has many customers wearing stockings and what she feels when she sees them, touches them, and so forth. Tell her about the feeling actually wearing them. If you'll find her ready for the next move, invite her up to your dressing-room. I'll zoom-in from the wardrobe in our bedroom." Evelyn said smiling: "It seems to be your major worry, to get it all on tape alright. Good for us we have two vidicams."

"You can say that again! Let's go back to our plot. Once you're in your dressing-room, you're in charge. You'll have to decide where the ride will take us. Do you think you can handle this or will it be a problem? We still can call the whole thing off."
"No, you fool. It's ME wanting it, too! Remember that I started it all?"
"Yes dear, I know, but I don't want you to get hurt. That's all."
"You're a gentleman, a true gentleman." and with that she kissed me lovingly and deeply.
"I'll tell you when I'll start to get dressed", she added "because I'll want you to tape the preparations, too!"
"I'll go and make the final check on the equippment." I replied.

A half an hour later, when all the checking was done, the first camera and cables were hidden well, I was called to the bedroom, as Evelyn told me that she was about to get ready. The time was 6:15h already. When I came to the bedroom, Evelyn was still wearing her pink Nightgown and high-heeled mules, she wore for most of the afternoon. Her hair was in long waves cascading down over her shoulder-blades. Her make-up was super-sexy. Her bright red full lips matched the color of her nail-varnish. She looked delectable.

"You're ready?"
I grabbed the camera and put it against my right eye: "Yes, dear." The red light was on.

Evelyn made it appear as though nobody was around and during the whole filming she not once looked at the camera.
She slowly peeled-off her nightgown and let it drop to the floor. She turned around, facing our full-length mirror. She brought both of her hands to her magnificent breasts and took her nipples between her thumbs and index finger, pinching them lightly. While continuing doing that with her left hand, her right hand sloped down to her pubic area, where she just playfully sank her middle-finger into her naked slit. What a sight!

Then she turned back to the bed and picked-up her corset. Turning around to the mirror again, she held it against her body as she would test the fit. When she had nested her tits onto the cups, she reached back closing the hooks, one by one. The Þcups just barely covered her nipples with see-through lace. The corset was so thight fitting, that her already wonderful figure was converted into a perfect hour-glass shape. She adjusted the position of her tits again and then slowly swung around to sit on the bed. She opened the pouch of her stockings, got them out and creamed them over her arm, one after the other, to test for ladders or faulty fabrication. When she was satisfied with her test, she slipped off her left mule and started to put-on the first stocking, ever so slowly. Half way up her thigh, she got up to put her stockinged foot on the bed, finishing it off by connecting the clasps. She sat down again to put on her left sandal.
This wasn't a woman getting dressed - this was a most seductive dance.

She did just the same with her right stocking and sandal.
Then came the skirt. She stepped into it. Carefully setting one foot after the other and slowly wiggeled her way into it. She turned facing the mirror again and checked on her looks then she put on her jacket. Done.

Without a motion to me, she went pass me and slowly decended to the salon. She went to the bar and fixed herself a large brandy. That's where I couldn't keep the silence anymore. I switched-off the camera and said: "You look wonderful, Evelyn!"
"Thank you, Alexander.", she said in her typical voice "Will she think that, too?"
"Any gender will be flat on their bellies just to please you."
"You want one too?" she said, pointing at her glass of brandy.
"Yes, great idea. We'll need some loosening-up, I guess."
"I am trembling.", she added.
"So am I!" and I must admit, that I was a bit weak in the knees.
As soon as we finished our drink, the door-bell went. we looked at eachother in what can be best described as a mild form of panic.
"That's her!", I whispered.
"Yes, darling. Where will you be?", she hissed back.
"I'll be on the upstairs landing from where I can hear and see you. I'll know, when you'll be ready to come upstairs, but keep your time. I've got to have some minutes to be able to hide!"
I kissed her on the cheek, not to smear her lip-stick and made my way upstairs, hearing her high-heels clicking towards the front door.
"The race is on!" I thought to myself trying to get my violent heart-beat under control.

I heard Evelyn say: "Oh hello, my dear, come in please! It's so nice to have you here. You found it alright? It's a bit remote but most people know where we live."
"Yes, Madame", I heard her say "it was quite easy. I took the cab as you said"
"Can you imagine, we have not even introduced ourselves, yet!"
"My name is Helen, Madame."
"My name is Evelyn. Nice to meet you Helen. You may call me Evelyn."
"I'm sorry Madame, I'd rather call you Madame, if you don't mind .... "

There was a short break, but long enough for me to notice when I heard Evelyn say, cheerfully: "If you prefer Madame, then Madame it is."
"Thank you, Madame."
They have arrived at the settees and Evelyn offered Helen the place opposite her.
"Would you care for a drink, Helen?"
"I don't drink, Madame."
"A tiny little one wouldn't hurt, would it?"
"I guess not, Madame."
"So, what you'll have?"
"The same as you'll have, Madame."
"Then it'll be brandy for the two of us."
"Evelyn made the two drinks, gave one glass to Helen and then she sat down. Evelyn was with the back to me but I was able to see Helen's reaction. Since she came in, her eyes were feasted on Evelyn and when she sat down and crossed her legs, Helen was all eyes up Evelyn's skirt. I was able to see that very closely, as that very moment, I was zoomed on her face with my vidicam. Helen was a nice girl with fair hair and a blossoming figure. But I never thought she'd look THAT young! In my books, she looked the most 14! Although she had some curves, there was nothing, really, to write home about, but I detected what Evelyn saw in her: Beautiful INNOCENSE, submissivness, shyness! I guess that Evelyn saw something in her which she has lost, not too long ago. Maybe Evelyn wanted to teach her what I had tought her?

Evelyn raised her glass towards Helen, smiling at her: "Cheers!"
Helen took a small sipp and started coughing. Evelyn laughed it off by saying: "That's only the first sipp, Helen. The second-one will be a lot nicer. I promise you!"
"I'm sorry, Madame, but it suddenly burned my throat." After a few seconds Evelyn asked:
"When do you have to be home, tonight?"
"Oh, that's not too important, as my family doesn't mind anymore since I'm working. But I inquired about the last train and that is at 23:15h, Madame."
"What's your boyfriend say when you're not around, tonight?"
"I don't have a boyfriend, Madame."
"A beautiful girl like you and no boyfriend?"
"No, Madame."
"No Mr. Right came about, yet?"
"I'm afraid not, Madame."
"What's your work like? Do you have a lot of customers .... like me?"
"No, Madame, you're the most beautiful customer I've ever had."
"Thank you Helen, but I think you're overdoing it a bit."
"No, Madame, not at all ...." But before Helen was able to explain, Evelyn butted in:
"I felt that you were fascinated by my stockings. I thought that more women prefer stockings to tights than just me."
"If I may say so, Madame, it's your stockings, your legs, everything." Her voice suddenly died and she looked down blushing.
"I guess that you have nice legs, too. Unfortunately I can't see too much of them, as your skirt is a bit on the longish side. Would you mind getting up and lift that skirt a bit for me?"
"No Madame, I think that's fine."

She got up, slowly and clutched her hands to the hemline of her skirt so hard, that I was able to see the white of her knuckels. Slowly she started to ease her skirt up looking at Evelyn waiting for her to say "stop". Instead of that Evelyn said: "Go on .... higher!"

Helen was midway up her thighs and still no end of those lovely legs in sight.
"More?", she asked.
"Yes!", Evelyn demanded certainly starting to enjoy being in the drivers-seat. The alcohol was starting on her, as well. She had finished her second big-one in a, for her, very short time, already.

Helen's skirt was up  by now and there was no sign of Evelyn asking her to stop. I zoomed-in for all the vidicam was worth and I saw her inner thighs starting to curve-in. The perfect sign for her panties to come into view, soon. Then Evelyn suddenly said: "Stop!" I thought that she must be out of her mind!
"You may sit down again, Helen." When Helen was seated again, Evelyn continued:
"You just have the perfect legs for stockings, my dear!" Helen smiled blushing again.
"In a few minutes we'll be going upstairs and you can try some on, if you want to?"
"That'd be wonderful, Madame.", she exclaimed all smiles.
"First, finish your drink, so that we can take a fresh one upstairs." Helen did as she was told. She slightly chuckled, but the drink went down, quickly. I think she felt that she needed that and that it'll help her overcome her shyness.

When Evelyn got up to fix the announced drinks, she made an absolute show uncrossing her legs. She slipped forward on the sofa and with this move, her short skirt slipped back and stocking-tops came into view. Evelyn looked at Helen, Helen looked at Evelyn's stocking-tops and I banned the whole scene on tape. Perfect! Whe Evelyn finally stood, she gracefully went over to the bar, Helen's eyes glued to her stockinged legs and shoes. I was flat on my tummy pressing my prick to the wall-to-wall carpeting. I was in a state of absolute frenzy and Evelyn appeared so cool!

"I should have had another drink, too!", I thought. Still wondering, it suddenly came to my mind, that any minute they must be on their way upstairs! I got up quickly, avoiding to make the slightest noise and retreated to my hide-out in the wardrobe. Soon enough, I heard Evelyn's heels clicking sounds come closer up the wooden staircase. Then they came into view when I heard Evelyn say:

"This is my dressing-room - Alex's is over there." pointing to the left with her hand.
"May I ask .... Are you married, Madame?
"No, he's my boyfriend, but I like him enought to be his wife." The girls giggled.

I was surprised. That was the first I heard along those lines, as marriage was never a subject to us. BUT, funny enough, I was sort of .... flattered!

I feasted my eye to the camera again and zoomed-in.
Evelyn pushed one of the fully mirrored sliding-door aside leading to many drawers of diffrent size. There she kept her stockings asorted by style and color.
"That's my stocking-treasure." she said to Helen, opening the first drawer.
"What kind of stocking would you like to try, first?"
"I don't know, Madame. Would you mind making the selection?"
"No, not at all! But at first, you have to take your dress off, because you will have to don a suspenderbelt. Here, let me help you."

Evelyn posed herself behind Helen, pulled the zip down and helped her out of her dress. Helen wore a cotton bra and matching panties. Her tits were somewhat bigger than they appeared under that cheap dress of hers.
The front of my shorts were soaked of pre-come now and my balls started to hurt by the sight of Evelyn dressed-up to the nines and that shy girl in her cotton underwear.
Evelyn opened another drawer to produce a white, lace suspenderbelt.

"Here, look. You like that?"
"Oh yes, Madame!"
"Let me put it on for you." With this sentence, Evelyn swung the suspenderbelt around Helen's waist, hooked it up on her back and looped the straps into Helen's panties. Helen looked at herself in the mirror and touched the suspenderbelt. Her face lit-up in sheer delight: "It feels so soft, Madame. I always thought that lace was somewhat hard and rough to wear."
"You see? Nothing comes at face-value.", Evelyn added.
"What we'll need now, is a matching bra! Please take your's off whilest I get it."

I saw when Evelyn went over to her drawers she was watching Helen in the mirror taking off her bra. You were able to actually scoop sex out of the air. When Evelyn turned around she couldn't resist but to stare at Helen's nicely rounded tits:

"You have very nice breasts and I must compliment you on your legs, too!"
"Thank you, Madame." Helen said, blushing again.
"Let me help you with your new bra, now."
"Yes, you'll naturally keep all the things you wear tonight. It's a half-cup bra. I like them the most."
"Oh, I cannot say anything but thank you Madame, you're so kind."
"Don't you worry." Evelyn said smiling, moving behind Helen's back again: "Now put your hands through the shoulder-straps."
Helen did as she was told. Evelyn pulled the bra tight to Helen's back, to do it up. Then she guided her hands foreward to adjust the bra-cups. When Evelyn touched the girl's breasts, she jumped a little and looked at Evelyn. Evelyn smiled back at her, lovingly.

When my girlfriend went to her drawers again, she exlaimed: "Now it's time for your first pair of stockings!" She took a fresh pack of tan stockings from the wardrobe and opened it.
"Here, Look!" she said by pulling them out and handing them over to Helen.
"Oh, they're wonderful, Madame! May I put them on?"
"Be careful, dear. Ladders come very quickly! Maybe it's better I'll help you."
"Oh yes, please, Madame. I don't want to ruin them."

So Evelyn got them up and asked Helen to point her toes to slip into them. Half way up her leg, she took over and said: "They feel so cool, so wonderful, Madame!"

Quickly she put on the other stocking and Evelyn fastened them to the suspender-straps. Boy, they looked the treat. My head was spinning and I didn't know whether I was coming or going. The palms of my hands were sweatting and I hoped that my camera won't slip.

I overheard Evelyn say: "Now we have to give you some high-heeled shoes, don't we?"
"No, Madame, you already have done so much for me ...."
"Quiet, Helen!" I heard my girl say, playfully hard.
"I have very small feet, but as you are a bit smaller in size, one of my slightly bigger sandals might fit. Look, try these, please."
Evelyn pulled some 4" sling-backs from the shelf and after a short attempt, they fitted perfectly.
"Now look at you in the mirror!"

Helen couldn't get enough of her own image. Suddenly she turned around facing Evelyn and I saw that she was fishing for words. Evelyn saw that too and asked:

"Is there anything you want, dear? If yes, tell me. You may ask everything."
Then she began: "Madame, seeing me in the mirror .... I look beautiful .... but not half as beautiful as you." Evelyn wanted just to but-in, but Helen continued: "Since we met today, I wondered what you do look like under those beautiful clothes of yours. Just in your stockings, suspenders, bra and heels."

"Oh, Helen, that can easily be arranged!"
With that, Evelyn got slowly out of her jacket turning towards Helen and looking deeply into her eyes. "Could you help me out of my skirt, please?"
Helen got behind her and slowly unzipped her skirt. Evelyn let it glide to the floor. They both were facing the mirror with Evelyn closer than Helen.
"Do you like what you see?" my girl asked her.
"Oh god, you ARE beautiful!" Evelyn turned around to face Helen:

"Now we have to get real even, Helen .... you have to drop your panties, as I am not wearing any!" Evelyn tucked her thumbs into the waistband and slowly pulled Helen's panties down. The girls were in extasy. Helen was breathing heavily and Evelyn could hardly keep her compulsion. My girlfriend pulled the panties lower and lower, until she was on face-level with Helen's moistly glistening pussy.

Evelyn must have smelled her musk. She just must have! She just let her panties drop down and Helen slowly stepped out of them, towards Evelyn. Then suddenly my girl embraced Helen and the two girls started kissing. First little pecks on eachothers lips which became more and more demanding until they deep-throated each other's tongues, breathing heavily with blowing nostrils.

Evelyn pushed Helen's bra up and started to fondle her right tit. Helen was so far gone, that she just stood there kissing my girl for all she was worth. Evelyn brought her left leg up right into Helen's crotch and masturbating her with her stockinged thigh. It was really seconds only when Helen exploded into a loud orgasm, first muffled by Evelyn's lips.

I thought she'll die or at least .... faint! Evelyn had started to masturbate herself with her left hand and shortly after Helen, she also came in everlasting waves. Both girls cramped into embrace with their eyes rolled back, I wasn't able hold back any longer. I just touched my prick twice and nearly died, myself.
When I opened my eyes, I saw the girks kissing again. Small, repeated kisses, smiling at eachother, still breathing heavily. Then Evelyn spoke:

"Did you .... like that?"
"Madame .... it was wonderful .... I have .... I have never dared to dream ...."
"I still want more of you, Helen. Come to bed." Evelyn smiled and took her by the hand and guided her to our XXL-size bed. I pushed the button again and the red light went on.

Evelyn crawled onto bed and lay down on her back with Helen about to lie on top of her, when she suddenly halted her motions: "Madame, I still have my shoes on. "
"Don't you find it looks sexy, those shoes and our stockings?"
"Yes, Madame."
"So keep them on." The girls giggled.

When the small giggle died, Helen was already looking down the whole length of Evelyn. When Helen's eyes slowly wandered over my girl's bald pubic mound, she said: "Your pussy looks so beautiful!" Evelyn pulled her legs up and parted them with her feet still on the bed-spread: "Would you like to kiss my pussy?"

She took Helen's hand and guided her to her honey-pot without waiting for an answer. When Helen started to massage my girlfriend's clit, I heard how wet she was. Evelyn was looking down to watch Helen fingering her now fully spread love-pot. When Helen's motions became more demanding, she arched her head back and closed her eyes.

By then Helen's head approached my girl's sweet pussy and she started, first seductively slow circling the tip of her tongue around her clit and then lapping more and more, harder and harder until she had my girl's bum spinning with sheer lust: "Helen, lick me, lick me, lick me!" she repeated under her breath. Helen was on all fours licking for all she was worth and simultaneously fucking her own hole with two of her fingers. From where I was, I could see her lovely young arsehole which really looked like a pink rosebud. God, I wanted to have my dick in there, badly.
My thoughts were interrupted by the girls climaxing again. My balls were on the boil again, too, but I missed the opportunity being busy filming.

The girls lay side-by-side smiling and after 5mins or so, it looked like they'll dozed off. I waited for another 5mins and left my hide-out. I stood at the foot of the bed and I tell you: "What a sight it was!" I could have spent the rest of my life just standing there. AND, naturally, hopping into bed with them for the occasional fuck, but I shouldn't have been caught. That would have spoiled it all.

So I made some more close-ups and sadly left the site. The thing took an unpredicted swing. What am I going to do now? Then the idea popped-up. I'll get my car from the garage, drive a mile down the road, have a drink, to let them sleep a little longer and then call home from my mobile. I remembered Helen having to be on her way at, at least 22:45h, to catch her train. Maybe I could see her to the station? that would be great.
So at 22:15h I called home and after 5 rings, Evelyn answered, still half asleep:

"Darling, where are you?" I quickly filled her in on the story and then she said:
"So you'll be home in 15mins?"
"Yes!" I replied.
15mins later I was rolling up the drive-way, left the car in front of the house and let myself in. The girls must still be upstairs, I thought. So I called:

"Evelyn, I'm home!"
"Darling, I'll be with you in no time!"
I thought that 15mins was not enough for 2 beauties in their own respect to recover completely from such love-making and a good dose of sleep. But how wrong I was! Down the stairs came Evelyn and Helen, fresh as daisies. I approached them, kissed Evelyn and said to Helen:

"Hello, my name is Alexander." Helen and I shook hands while Evelyn introduced Helen to me: "It's the girl from the shoe-shop! I told you about it over lunch."
"Oh yes, I remember.", I lied.
"Darling, could you see Helen to the train-station for me, please?"
"Yes, certainly! Come-on Helen, let's go!"
With that Helen turned around and looked at Evely reaching her hand out saying:
"Thank you, Madame. It was the most beautiful evening of my life."

"Never mind, Helen. I'll be in touch with you before the weekend. I might have a surprise for you!" Helen blushed again, turned on her new heels and we were headding for the car. I opened the passenger-door for her and watched her getting in.
"She's not used to stockings, yet.", I thought, as she gave me a full view of all her undercharms, including her nearly hairless hole.

The trip to the station went quiet. I guess she was thinking about what has happened during the past hours. No wonder! So when I've let her out at the station, I just told her good-bye and I rushed back to my girl to give her the shagging of her life-time.

If the cops would have caught me, they would have not arrested me for speeding but for low flying. I virtually hammered the gas-pedal through the floor! I wanted to hear her talking about her feelings and how she experienced the last hours. I wanted to hear it from HER mouth, directly.

Out of the car and into the door was one move. Evelyn fled into my arms and kissed me: "This was something, darling! We were so exhausted that we went to sleep!"
"I saw that! Tell me the whats and whens!"
"Let's go upstairs, Alex!", she said, leading me by her hand, as she's done with Helen but with one difference - we were running!
"You've seen everything?" she asked me looking over her shoulder.
"Yes, darling!

We flew into the bedroom and onto our bed. We were kissing heavily. She helped me tear my clothes off and her right hand found it's way to my plonker.
"It was so exciting ... my heart beat like a drum! I just had to kiss her .... I was so wet!
"She was too, I bet."
"When I pulled her panties down, I smelled her wettness .... it made my head spin!"
"I thought so." By now she jerked my foreskin up and down like a bitch on heat and pressed her body so close to mine as if she wanted to melt into me. Her tongue darted into my ear:
"I love you, Alex .... I love you!"

I turned her around and took her from behind with hard, long strokes. Her head was on the bed and her arse high up in the air. My prick was just sucked in. With every stroke, her pussy tightened like a small hand wrapped around my tool.
"Tell me more!" I demanded, breathing heavily. "What .... what do you have in mind? .... What's the next move? .... Tell me."
"I .... I want to see you .... want to see you .... fuck her!", it broke out of her. I sped-up my moves and said: "Like this?"
Growing louder with every stroke: "Yes .... yes .... YES!" .... "Make her .... make her .... feel .... like I feel! .... Fuck her! .... Fuck her like .... like you fuck me now!" Her moaning and breathing grew louder and I was on the edge when she continued:

"Tell me .... would you like that?" My mind raced, my balls tightend and I felt the first spurt coming, shouting: "YES!" She came instantly, at the same time I shouted the word and again, I pumped and pumped and pumped. I thought it'd never end.
I collapsed onto her back, similar to the fashion I wittnessed just some hours ago.
We still were trying to catch our breaths, when she broke the silence:

"I will invite her for the next weekend."
I showed no reaction, as I still was miles away.
"Alex, dear, I will invite her for the next weekend, I said."
I slowly rolled-over towards her saying: "That's a wonderful idea!"
"She mentio anything on the way to the station?"
"No, nothing. She was very quiet. Matter of fact, we hardly spoke a word."
"That funny", Evelyn replied.
"What do you think she should say? Oh Sir, by the way, I just fucked your girlfriend?"
Evelyn laughed holding her belly: "God, your funny, Alex."

I looked down to her pussy and saw my sperm dripping out of her hole due to her laughing. I found that funny and I told her. When she realised, her laughter excellerated and she rolled from left to right, holding her belly.
"She is so cute, my little-one", I thought. And I think that this was the point I really fell in love with her.

The next morning, subject #1 was on the agenda, again:
"Your plans for next weekend are real fine, but I might have an even better idea ....!"
"What is it?", she inquired.
"What would you think, if the three of us hop on a plane to Mallorca?"

She rushed over to me kissing my cheek: "How wonderful! That's a wonderful idea!" When she came towards me, I was treated to a full view of her legs, as her robe parted. Her stockings were tan and sheer and I could feel my groin starting to stir again. Only last night she told me, that she loves the feel of stockings so much that she would even wear them over night, if I wouldn't mind. --- Who am I to mind THAT? ---

"It's not only because I think it'll be fun, but I also think that our neighbours might be curious as to why a complete stranger, a stranger THAT young, stays with us over a weekend. They know all of our relatives and someone new might encorage them to investigate. I'm not saying that I feel spied upon, but I find it a lot better not to give them any reason. Besides, anybody moved in to the Miller's house, yet?"
"No, not that I'm aware of ...."
"For how long are they trying to find a buyer now?"
"Just three month, darling. Mind you, the price they're asking is a bit steep."
"I remember Phil (the mill) Miller always spying on you when you were sunbathing."
"Did I tell you that it turned me on?", I added matter-of-factly.
"No, you didn't!" she replied smiling. "We weren't together long enough for that kind of thing, I guess."
"You might be right, there.", I returned smiling knowingly.
"He'll come down in price, I'm sure, as he can't afford keeping two houses at that level."
"He would have loved to come down on me - at any level!" she returned.
We laughed loud. A girl with a sense of humor. Where do you find that, these days?
"Would you have liked that?", I insisted.
"PHIL MILLER? NO! He couldn't tell his dick from his ring-finger!"
We laughed again.
"To come back to Mallorca for a sec, I think we'll take that hughe suite we had in the Melia last year with the adjacent room for Helen."
"That's a very good idea, darling." she said pouring me another cup of coffee.

"Tuesday", I thought. "Why is everybody on my road going to London on a bloody tuesday? Stay at home, fuck your ugly wives, pick your noses, empty a crate of beer, chop your willy off, but keep off of my flaming road!"
I had this hughe concentration-problem. My head was filled with sex and the road was filled with jerks. "Why am I still working my ass off?", I asked myself "don't I have enough money?" "It's never enough!", I answered my own question. I used to be a stock-broker for 25 years of my life and then some arsehole put me in the slammer for 2 years on some fake shit. That was in Geneva, Switzerland, some 4 years ago. Since then I call it: Shitsterland. I had to start from scratch and as I couldn't return to my old profession, I have chosen to engage myself into the internet-business, very, very successfully, I must say. I have my old standard of living back and even more.
"So what am I asking for? Become a second Bill Gates?" I said out loud.
No, I don't have any inclination to that. I am happy as the proverbial pig in shit. It was then, I decided to take it a little easier. After all - the boss is me! Working two days a week should do the trick. This time, I had very carefully selected my staff. I am the kind of guy who learns from mistakes. The lethal ones, at least.

Entering the office, I was greeted by my secretary: "Sir, you have following agenda ...."
"Be quiet and get me Mr. Lueck, please."
"Yes, Sir."
"Thar she rolls!", I thought. I like my female employees fat, ugly and fat and ugly. That keeps my guys from flirting their asses off and productivity is mantained at high levels.
My old friend and co-owner Juergen came in and said: "What's up?"
"I quitt!"
"You can't!"
"I can't WHAT?"
"Look, mate. I have built this thing up, with your help in the final stages. I am 49 and ready to go to the island, forever. But before I do that, I'll give retirement a good try. I will come to the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays, each week. Any contrary?"
"No. I thought you'll quit in all!"
"No. Just a little shocker ...."
"Well, that sounds OK with me."
"Now get the staff in and break the news, that you're the new Hitler in our Reich!"
We laughed that one off and Juergen went to get the staff.
The story was short told. I saw some smiling and some unhappy faces. I finished the small speech by saying:
"As it's Tuesday today and it's one of my work-free days, I'll be on my way, now. Linda, please get the staff some buffet for lunch. Juergen, would you mind joining me for a little drink downstairs, before I go home?"

I must admit that I wasn't really fit for driving home, after an hour's drink, but I took it very carefully. I know, I shouldn't be doing that .... I promise to be better in the future.
When I came home and told Evelyn, she was so glad about my decision:
"The things we can do in all of that free time ....!" she smilingly whispered into my ear, wiggeling her bottom, sitting on my lap.
"We have to call Helen. I need to know her propper name for the reservations. Flights, hotel and soforth."
"Yes, I wouldn't have thought about that!"
"Give her a call now and ask her private telephone-number, too."
"Yes, darling! .... Mmhhh, just the thought of talking to her again after yesterday's happenings, makes me all wet again!"
To proove she was right, she got up, took my right hand up her skirt and guided it past her stocking-tops to her pantyless pussy, pushing my index-finger in. Yes, she WAS wet! I smiled and rushed her: "Go on, dear, give her a call, now."
"Yes, dear." With that she went to get her hand-bag. She opened it and held up a business-card: "Found it in the shop's carrier-bag."

She sat down by the telephone, picked the receiver up and started to dial. I was even able to hear it ringing. A female answered the phone, but I could figure-out what she said.
"Hello, this is Evelyn St. John, I'd like to talk to Helen, please." The voice replied something.
"Oh, that's fine. But could you please ask her to call me back? My name is .... yes, that's correct. My number is 0349 555-3211, just in case she mislaid it ..... Yes, thank you .... Good-bye!"
"She's out for lunch, dear."
"A bit ...."
"You really like that girl, don't you?"
"Yes, I do."
"Is it like a motherly feeling?"
"Yes, I suppose so."
"That would be incestuous!" I said laughing.
"It is quite common in many civilisations, you know?"
"Yes, in the ancient Egypt, it is delivered, that daughters married their fathers, for example."
"You don't want to reflect on our age-bracket?" she smiled.
Before I could answer, the phone rang.
"Go and get it, it might be your girlfriend." I winked.
She rushed over to the phone and picked it up:
"Evelyn St. John! .... Hello Helen, how are you? .... We have a surprise for you! .... (I heard somebody queek on the other side) .... Yes, a big surprise! .... (and now speaking slowly) .... Do .... you .... have .... a .... valid passport? .... (another queek over the phone) .... YES! .... We're going to Mallorca for the weekend! .... (both were laughing with joy) .... We'll be flying out on Friday and we'll be back Sunday night .... You're coming? .... How wonderful! .... (Evelyn's face darkened a bit) .... Yes, Alex will be with us .... (and lighting-up again) .... Don't you worry, everything will be fine .... OK .... We'll meet at the airport and I'll be calling you, when .... YES, WEAR your stockings! ..... Are you wearing them now? .... NO! .... NO!! .... That is nice .... OK then, I'll be calling you with the exact time-schedule, tomorrow .... Yes, bye for now .... bye-bye."
"What was said when you said NO, twice? And what's NICE?" I asked.
"You won't believe it! .... She hasn't taken her stockings off, since! She sleeps in them, too. Like me!"
My prick was up like a tent-pole again. Evelyn checked that immediately and come over to my settee.
"That excites you."
"How about you?"
"Test it, darling!"
My hand krept up her skirt and stockings to her love-pot. Even her thighs were moist!
The same night, I booked the flights and the hotel for the coming weekend.

Following Wednesday and Thursday were dull. I had to put real long hours in and fell dead into bed shortly after I came home at about 12:30h, each night.
Linda, our care-taker who's in daily from 10 to 5, came to my conscience more and more. Usually she starts work when I'm gone and leaves before I get home. On weekends, she's only with us in the mornings. As I like to sleep long and have breakfast in bed, I hardly ever see her on the weekends, too. She is an old hag and she doesn't like the idea at all of me being home so often. But what do I care? If it gets on my tit, I'll sack her. Bingo. The only thing I wanted to avoid is her getting in our way!

I slept until 10:30h that Friday and was greeted by my lovely girl with a tray of breakfast. Since last Monday's night, I really haven't seen her without stockings. She was a happy girl before that Monday, but she seemed even happier since then.
She was already dressed, wearing a raw silk, bright yellow, low-cut summer-dress, yellow sling-backs and tan stockings. Her daring cleavage allowed a good peek at her breasts just low enough to hide her nipples. After breakfast, I had a quick shower, go dressed and went downstairs. Evelyn stood by the door, talking to Linda who looked like being about to leave.
"Linda has already packed our suit-cases."
"Fine. Linda you're done for today?"
"Yes Sir, my sister came for a visit and I asked Madame if I could leave a bit earlier today."
"Oh, that's fine with me, Linda. Have a nice weekend, but don't forget to check on the house once a day, or so."
"No Sir, if I could bring my sister, we'll be here two or three times a day."
"Yes, why not?"
"Thank you Sir .... and have a nice trip."
We both said good-bye to Linda and Evelyn closed the door, when we heard somebody knock on the terrace-window. A happy-go-lucky couple, in their mid/end-thirties, was waving frantically through the window-pane.
"May I introduce to you? OUR NEW NEIGHBOURS!", I said. Evelyn smiled.

As I slid the door aside, the two came virtually pouring in:
"We're the Henson's. We bought the Miller's house."
We properly introduced ourselves and when they filtered, that Evelyn was NOT my daughter, their mood became a bit more on the reserved side. I poured them a drink and we were invited for the evening. I said that we can't be there, as we had an appointment with a plane going to Mallorca, they said, that they'll be glad to invite us over, just now. We agreed and strolled over.

Jack, the insurance-broker, was quite a nice guy, from what I was able to judge, but Mary eyed Evelyn up in sheer hostility. She tried her best to conceal it, but no dice with me. as we entered their living-room, I saw that most of the furniture was in place, already. We were offered a seat and a drink to both of which we agreed (Joke!). Mary was talking to Evelyn and Jack tried hard to keep his eyes focused on me. I saw very well, that about every 30secs, his eyeballs wandered over to Evelyn, resting there for just a split of a second and then returning to me checking whether I caught him. I put him at ease. Suddenly the door swung open and a nice looking youth of about 12 came in and introduced himself as Oliver, the Henson's son.

When he shook Evelyn's hand, he blushed. As my girl was sitting and he was standing, he must have had a good look down her cleavage, which sends every boy blushing, at that age. He sure was his father's son. Not from his looks. They were quite pleasant, but from his obvious fancy for Evelyn. What Jack didn't dare, because of the presence of his wife, the little-one did. He sat down exactly opposite Evelyn, eying her up. Hidden though, but detectable for a careful observer, like me. I got up and walked to the garden-view window to distract Jack's attention from the boy's looks. I positioned myself with the back to the window having Evelyn and her new admirer in full view over Jack's shoulder. After five minutes or so, Evelyn looked at me pointing with her eyes into the boy's direction. "She got it!", I said to myself.

Mary was seated on the settee beside Evelyn, looking her straight into her eyes while talking away. Evelyn's legs were placed side-by-side into the boy's direction. She could have sat like that in church! The boy was sliding a bit lower to get a better angle looking at the triangle formed by her thighs and the hemline of her skirt. The only thing that would have helped him getting a view up her skirt was a flash-light! In that very instance, Evelyn moved her legs more towards Mary and I knew immediately what would come next.

There were two pairs of eyes set to tunnel-view mode, now as Evelyn slowly lifted her right leg to cross it over her left. Even I heard the swishing sound of her stockings, as her tops and a suspender-clasp came into short view, before her skirt settled over her naked thighs again. I saw that my girl tested the effect she had on the young boy by throwing a short look out of the corner of her eyes. I detected an appreciative smile. I was able to look a little longer ....

Wooof! The boy's little prick was stiff! He desperately tried to conceal it with his hands and forearms, alternatively. He was bright red in the face with excitement. He didn't know whether he was coming or going. I bet! I smiled and Jack said: "What's funny?"He just called me back from cloud9, the prick-head! I had a soft hard-on in my pants and my mind was orbitting when this dick interrupted my flight.

"Nothing funny, just smiling thinking about what a nice couple we have as new neighbours!" (Smooth talking liar!). Whilest saying that, the boy made a swift exit. Shame I didn't see his crotch.
We had to listen to their jabbing for another half an hour when I decided it was enough:
"Jack, Mary, you know we have a plane to catch and we haven't packed, yet. We'll continue this nice conversation next week."
"Oh yes", Mary came flying towards me "we don't want to keep you over due."
We made our exit quickly and when we were in a save distance, we were both laughing like kids on the run. Evelyn said:
"You saw the boy?"
"Oh yes! You won't guess what I saw as well?!"
"What?", she urged me.
"I saw his little stiffy!"
"Oh, isn't that cute?"
"Do you think cute is the right word?", I smiled.
"Yes, cute and sexy.", she replied. "Can you imagine what his little prick looks like when erect? Do you think he's able to ejaculate?"
"Sure he is!"
"What would his come taste like?"
"Would you like to find that out, Evelyn?"
She looked up at me and in a girlish way, half jokingly said: "Yes!"

My imagination went wild. I saw Evelyn giving that little boy a blow-job. I was rock-hard in an instance.
"Look at what you're doing to me again!" I said pointing at my starining trousers.
"Feel what the young lad and YOU are doing to me!"

Closing our door behind us, she hiked her skirt up and spread her legs, looking me deep into my eyes. I bent down and saw little wet perls nesting everywhere around her shaven mound and thighs. I put my mouth onto her pussy and started licking her clit grabbing her buttocks. I could feel her tightening muscles in her bum and legs, as she approached orgasm. I carressed her stockinged legs and arse whilest licking her until my tongue was close to a cramp and she exploded.
My face was full of her juices when I got up to kiss her deeply. When we broke the kiss, she said: "Will Helen's .... pussy .... taste as good?"
"I'm sure you're about to find out."

We were on time at the airport an Evelyn spotted Helen near the meeting-point. Helen looked very nice and I immediately noticed her wearing her new stockings. She also wore the sling-backs. Those and the stockings made her legs look fantastic. I again was surprised that she looked all that young. She wore a nice summer-dress, but nothing to write home about. "We'll be taking care of that, soon!" I thought.

Evelyn had to change her dress due to some more love-making on the kitchen-floor. She now wore the same number as before, but in pink, this time.
"You look fantastic, Madame!" Helen shrieked on top of her voice and embraced Evelyn like a friend for the past 100 years.
"I see you're wearing nice underwear!", Evelyn whispered, winking.
I greeted Helen and she kissed me on the cheek.
"Nice beginning!", I thought.

The check-in went surprisingly fast. We sat down for a drink, boarded the plane and 2Þh later we were in sunny Mallorca. The whole flight the girls were talking about fashion and women's things. I was busy hiking Veuve Cliquot's turn-over and overhearing the girls. Sometimes I was treated to a nice view - not from the window - but across the aisle, when the girls crossed their legs. The two got along like a house on fire.

Touch-down, taxi, short check-in, finally in our suite. I ordered a maid to assist the girls unpacking the suit-cases and when that was done, we all settled on our settee with Evelyn doing the drinks. Evelyn joined Helen on the sofa and I took the arm-chair opposite the two. I had the best seat in the whole of the cinema and the movie was just about to commence. Evelyn included me in their conversation by asking:

"Have you noticed Helen's stockings and heels?" Helen looked at my girl as though she would object her telling me all these very intimate things.

"Yes for the heels and a clear No for the stockings, as I don't believe she's wearing stockings!", I replied playfully.
"She is, Alex, she is!", Evelyn insisted.
"Well, I guess, there is only one way to prove it." I gave back.
"Show him, Helen!"
"Shall I really, Madame?"
"Yes, get up, dear."
Slowly and unsteadily Helen got up looking down at Evelyn who notched her along.
Helen looked at me and took her dress by the hem, starting to lift it, slowly.
"Go on, higher! Don't be shy!" Evelyn demanded.
First, the dark band of her stocking-tops came into view and then the clasps showed. My prick started to stir. Helen looked down at m girl again.
"Go on!"
"Madame, I don't wear any panties!" Evelyn got up saying:
"If it helps you, I'll show my stockings and I don't wear any panties, either!"

My girlfriend grabbed the material of her dress by her hips and pulled it up, playfully rubbing her knees over one another until her pussy came into clear view. Helen was trembeling when Evelyn's love-pot came into clear view. Evelyn looked down at Helen's hemline and said: "It's your turn, now."

With that, Helen took all her courage and jerked her dress up a little too far. I was even able to see the top of her suspender-belt and to my surprise, she had shaven her pussy as well! The girls giggeled and let them fall backwards which sent their legs up into the air for a split second. What a view!
As we were hungry, I ordered something to eat from the room-service. Brandy, wine and now Champagne was served. The girls have gotten tipsy already and the mood became sexier by the minute.

The girls were back on the sofa again, when all of a sudden Evelyn lay her right arm around Helen's shoulder. She looked at Helen and then me, laying her head to the side saying in a probing kind of way: "What would you give us, if I'll tell you what the two of us were up to prior to your arrival, last Monday?" Helen giggled. She lost her inhibitions about an hour ago, judging from her gestures towards Evelyn and her open admiration.

"I'd go shopping with you, tomorrow."
"Is that enough?", she asked Helen who shook her head.
"You see, darling, that's not acceptable." Evelyn replied playfully.
"Let's see. What if I return your favour showing me your stockings by showing something of me, according to your wishes AND go shopping with the two of you, tomorrow?"
"We'll have to talk THAT over in private!"

With that, the girls got up and left for our bedroom. The sliding-doors went shut, but I heard them whisper and giggle until they appeared again, just after less than a minute. Swaying a little and supporting eachother by having their arms crossed behind each backs, Evelyn said:

"We decided that you'll undress completely for us!" The girls giggled again.

"No, that's out of the question!" (what a liar!)
"Oh come on, Alex, it's fun!"
Even Helen foldet her hands pleaing.
"OK then girls! I don't want to be called a spoil-sport!"
The girls went back to their sofa again when I got up. I pulled my shirt off, behaving like a female stripper and the girls burst-out in laughter. I pulled through the whole act until I came to my underpants. The giggeling stopped and I was standing still, looking at the girls.

My prick started to become erect when I slowly showed the the first bit of my pubic hair. The lower I came to the base of my prick, the harder it became. When I was half way down the shaft, I saw Helen hold her hand over her mouth and her eyes were as big as fried eggs - sunny side up! Evelyn's eyes were flying between Helen and my prick. She wanted to suck it all in. Then all of a sudden, I jerked my underpants down, letting my hard-on jump into view, slapping against my belly. Quickly, I discarded them and sat down, my prick pointing at the ceiling. The girls were looking at eachother and Helen's right hand was still covering her open mouth.

"Now, girls, it's your turn to fulfill your part of the deal!"
Evelyn took Helen's hand from her mouth and said:
"The story is too long to tell. We'll better show you what has happened."

With that, she took the still silenced Helen by her hand and guided her to our bedroom's wardrobe. They repeated everything exactly as it was, last Monday, but with one exception. They put new stockings, bra, suspender-belt and sandals onto Helen, but Evelyn let Helen help her into new underwear as well, with Helen making the choice. A fantastic black half-cup bra with matching waist-cincher tan fully fashioned nylons and black 5" low-cut pumps. They kissed after Evelyn pulled Helen's panties down and brought themselves to orgasm standing in front of the wardrobe. On Monday my girl has then led Helen by her hand to our bed, but this time she led her over to me where I was watching and wanking, asking:

"Do you want to touch it?"
"Don't you mind, Madame?"
"No. Would you like to touch Alexander's prick?"
"Yes, Madame!"

Evelyn put Helen's hand on my prick and I just had to close my eyes, as it felt so good. A young girl in white bra, suspender-belt, black stockings and 5" high heeled black sandals, not looking a day older than 14, touching my prick. I heard Evelyn say:
"Take it inyour mouth!"

I kept my eyes closed and suddenly i felt her young lips engulf my dick. I felt a second hand grabbing my shaft over Helen's hand, expertly jerking my meat. It must have been Evelyn trying to show Helen how to do it. I was sure. The second hand was gone again and I heard my girl say:

"Take it deeper in your mouth! Look - like this!"
Now I felt a familiar drainage on my shaft. Then after about 20secs it was Helen again now sucking for all she was worth and she did a good job, after this short apprenticeship. I opened my eyes and saw Helen bobbing up and down on my prick with her eyes close, now softly moaning. Evelyn was positioned behind her and fingering her own and Helen's pussy, at the same time. Seeing that was just too much to take. I shot my load and as I came, Helen swollowed every drop.

I had my eyes closed still savoring the moment when I heard Evelyn say: "Kiss me!"

When I opend my eyes, I saw the two girls in a deep kiss exchanging my sperm with their mouths. If I would have had a drop left, it would have sure jetted out. I watched the girls slowly walk to the bed, hand in hand, looking at eachother. When they lay down, their stockinged thighs came up to eachothers pussies when they started kissing again. I saw their bums go up and down rubbing their pussies on the other's stockinged thigh. Their movements picked up while they were still kissing. Evelyn got a hold of Helen's right tit and squeezed it hard. Helen moaned louder and pushed her right hand between her thigh and Evelyn's pussy, trying to insert her finger. She must have succeeded, as Evelyn paused in her motions to accommodate Helen's finger.

The girls were moaning louder and louder and I knew that before short, they'd come. My prick was getting into life again. No wonder with that kind of action I was wittnessing. Looking over to the girls again, they were in an absolute frenzy, rubbing, feeling, kissing. I saw Helen stopping her motions, stiffen-up and she let out a deep and muffeled groan. Straight from her heart, when Evelyn's body fell into spasms of her orgasmic waves.
I let them come to a rest, got up and went over to the bed.
"Would you let me in?"

Without saying anything, the girls freed the middle of the bed and padded for me to come between them. Each snuggeled up and I spread my arms to let them lie close to me. I felt one leg from either side drawn up on me, touching my balls and erect tool. Two high-heeled shoes leaving their marks on my legs.
Evelyn slid her hand up to my balls and started to carress them.
"I would like you to fuck us.", she whispered. With that, she lifted herself up and straddled me.

The state of her pussy gave the word wet a completely new meaning. I slipped into that little eurasian hole, like throwing a salami into Albert Hall. But with every move she got tighter and tighter. Life came also back to Helen who carressed my chest and then slowly went down to massage my girl's clit. Evelyn said:
"Why .... why don't you kiss?"

In an instant, Helen's mouth was firmly on mine and her long tongue probed wildly. I reached out for my girl's tits and massaged them half over and half through the cups of her bra. "Alex, please touch her tits." I heard my girlfriend say.
Helen rolled on her back and I started to gently massage her right tit. After a short while, Helen took my hand and pushed it lower to her pussy. I inserted my index-finger and she started her fucking movements while she kissed me hard and longing again with Evelyn speeding up her ride.
"Come here, Helen!" I heard Evelyn say, dismounting me. "It's you now."

Without hesitation, Helen straddled me and I slowly slid into that virgin pussy. I had my eyes close for a second and when I opened them up again, I saw my girl kneeling on my right side facing Helen, kissing her and playing with her right tit. Helen sped-up her moves and was letting out moans, muffled by my lovely girl's lips. I took Evelyn's left tit into my left hand and inserted two fingers into her pussy and my thumb into her arsehole.

She broke the kiss just to whisper under her breath: "Deeper, deeper .... pleeease!"
With all of that fucking, probing, touching, nylon, heels and kissing going on, I wasn't able to hold back any longer. I surrendered into another earthshattering orgasm, when I realised, that the girls were climaxing, too. A heap of flesh, sweat, love-juices and nylon collapsing into eachother. All three of us went to sleep almost immediately, totally exhausted.

I woke-up around 10:00h, the next morning and looked around. The girls were gone. They have left their yesterday's stockings and lingerie on the bed. I picked-up a black nylon stocking and smelled Evelyn's perfume. My thoughts went back to last night's experience and I wasn't sure whether it has been reality or the product of my vivid imagination. When more detail came to my mind, my cock hardened. "Boy, what a night!"

The morning-sun was sending it's yellow beams into my suite as I sat on the edge of the bed, with my head still slightly dizzy. I trotted into the bathroom and immediately saw a sheet of hotel-stationery stuck to the mirror. It read:

"Gone to the swimming-pool, darling.
Evelyn & Helen"

I had a shower, found some fresh underpants, picked-up my vidicam and went out onto the balcony. The camera's zoom comes in handy, when looking for somebody on a swimming-pool when you're 8 floors high. After zooming about a bit, I spotted them. They had two sunbeds directly by the pool-side. Evelyn wore her bright red bikini which looked more like lingerie than swimming-gear, with a cup wired top pushing her tits up, making them quiver with every step she took. Her string-bottoms were so brief, that you had to look twice to see them. Helen wore a yellow string-bikini, only consisting of an irregular pattern of straps supporting eachother, leaving just nothing to the imagination. I pushed the record-button to save this moment.

The two were talking, from what I could see, both lying on their backs with sunglasses on.
Opening up the zoom a bit, I saw that most of the people by the pool-side were women with their kids. Not many kids, though, as the Melia is not exactly the place where you find families with too many children. Most of the kids were between 8 and 15, I judged from up here and most of the women were not 'my kind of women'.

I noticed two youths of about 12, 13 sitting on the edge of a big planter talking and steeling glances to where my girls lay. They were just about 10 feet in back left from Evelyn's and Helen's deck-chairs and whispering into eachother's ears. I zoomed the camera in such a way, that I had the deck-chairs in the lower right-hand and the two lads in the top left-hand corner. Through their trunks, the outline of their semi-hard plonkers were clearly visible. Both lads shifted their meat once in a while, trying to hide their growing errection.

They were clearly at unease, but 10 horses couldn't have dragged them away from this sight.
Suddenly Evelyn got up, looking down at Helen and saying something. She then slowly started walking in direction pool-bar. The young lads were eagerly discussing something seeing my girl pacing away with swaying hips. They must have plugged-up all their courage, when they half crouched, approached Helen from behind.

When they reached her, they sat on their heels and started talking to Helen. They shook hands and ater a little while Helen pointed into Evelyn's direction. The boys nodding their heads. "I wish I could only hear them!", I thought. they kept on talking until my girl came back. They also shook hands, talked to Evelyn for a little while, said good-bye and left, heading for the main building.

"That was awkward.", I thought, majorly quizzed.
The incident with the Henson's boy and this here now, sent tingles to my balls. I lay on the bed and started to massage my cock through my pants with my eyes closed, phantasising about Evelyn sucking a young lad off. My prick came up and I began to masturbate, heavily. I squeezed my left index-finger into my arsehole and came in less than a minute, shooting my first spurt high up onto my hairy chest. "I needed that!", I said getting up heading for the bathroom, still a little weak in the knees. I hopped under the shower again to wash my cum off, when I heard somebody coming into the bathroom. It was Evelyn peeking into the cabin.

"Come out, we've got a little something to tell you!"
"Is it about the two lads?"
"How do you know?", she replied with a disappointed face.
"I saw you from the balcony."
"Come quick."
"Yes, dear."
I wrapped a towel around me and joined the girls in the living-room.
"So what happend?"

"I was going to thebar to order some drinks for us. You know the service here is a bit on the slow side, near the pool."
I nodded my approval when she continued.
"When I returned, I saw Helen talk to these two youngsters. I was curious about what they were talking."
"So am I!", I added.
"To cut a long story short, Helen, please continue."

"Directly after Madame has left these lads joined me, we introduced ourselves and soon they inquired on how long we're going to stay AND who that Lady was. They reconned Madame to be my mother!"
"A very young mother!", I added laughing. The girls joined the giggle.
"I decided that it wouldnt harm if I played along and said that, yes, she's my mother and that we'll be off again, tomorrow night. They were really sad, you know?"
"I guess so!", I replied.
"So when Madame came back, I called her 'mother' to let her in on the plot. She immediately picked up on it and played along so perfectly."
"There's my girl!" I smiled. Evelyn continued the little story:
"They said, that they would love to exchange address with Helen, but they haven't had any paper handy. So I said, that they should come upstairs to our suite, just after dinner. They happily agreed and strolled off. - Now, what do you think?"

I looked at the girls and they smiled broadly.
"You're NOT!" I exclaimed.
"Yes, we will, IF the chance arrises!"
I put my hands against my forehead and let my upper body drop foreward.
"I'll be getting a bloody heart-attack with you two, soon!" Matter of fact, my heart was racing!
"Oh, before I forget!" Helen threw in, "The lads met here, too. They're both from London!"
"I prefer the blond-one". Evelyn marked her claim. I smiled. Helen was frowning a wee bit. My girl noticed it, but she's let it pass uncommented. "Ooops!", I thought, "Stress in Paradise?"
"How do you think Helen fits into my bathing-costume?"
"She looks delectable, indeed. No wonder the boys came."
"I think they only came because of Madame. I can understand that very well.", she said smiling devot at Evelyn.
"I guess I'll have a bath before you'll get me dressed for lunch. You're coming, Helen?"My girl got up

"Yes, Madame." and Helen followed her tracks.
"How long will you be?", I asked.
"An hour, or so. We have to do our hair and soforth. That'll take some time." Evelyn shouted from the master-bathroom.
"I'll be back in an hour, then."
"OK, darling!"

I changed to my swimming-trunks and went downstairs to the pool-area. I intended to just walk around to have a look at the crumpet on display. After a short while, I came to the conclusion, that the good-ones must all be hiding, somewhere, when I spotted the two lads, sitting in the play-ground area near the small beach of the hotel. I strolled over to them, sat down and said:

"What you're up to, lads? Boring, isn't it? Not a nice girl in sight, ey?"
"When I started talking, they sure thought 'what the hell, daddy, get lost', but when I touched the favourite boy's subject, they turned around and smiled.
"No, said the red-haired one, we met a girl and her mom, today!"
"Aw, Jason, that sure doesn't interest the gentleman.", the blond-one said.
"Oh, it does!" I said cheerfully "Was the girl any good?"
"Yes,"replied Jason, "she is fine! She hails from London, as we do."
".... and her mom?", I inquired.
"Cor, blimey!", Jason said, "She is something else!"
"Jason!", the blond-one butted in.
"What's your name?" I asked. "I know that you're Jason, by now, but what's your name?"
A shy "Paul." came back.
"So, what's about her mom, then?" I insisted and Paul took the lead again:

"She is japanese or something and she's got ...." and with his open hands, he formed a curvy figure around himself.
"She's got good boobs, you mean?" I investigated.
"Do you like her too, Paul?"
"Yes Sir, I suppose so."
"So what's on the agenda, then?" I inquired further.
"We're meeting them, tonight! In their rooms!" Jason replied proudly.
"To do what?"
"Exchange home addresses."
"After dinner."
"And how long can you be away from your moms and dads?"
"They're going out tonight and they allowed us to sleep in the same room. They said it's going to be after midnight. But we shouldn't be afraid, as we can always call the hotel staff on the desk, downstairs."
"That's perfect!", I thought and said:

"That's right! .... So if the two would invite you to stay a little longer, you could accept, couldn't you?"
"Yes!", the two of them said, simultaneously, smiling broadly.
"If I was you, I'd give them a call now, telling them when to expect you .... and dress your best, guys!"
"OK, thanks!"they said and ran off.
"Where're you going?" I shouted.
"To the house-phone!"
I smiled. "How did I do again in setting-up a nice little sex-plot?"
I went to the pool-bar, wondering whether they really phoned. I'd find out in a short while.
I took 3 vodka-lemons in a half an hour and went upstairs. Opening the door to the suite, I shouted:
"Anybody phoned?"
Evelyn came from the bathroom in one of her dark-blue silk robes and said: "How do you know?"
"I know everything!" I said laughing.
"You sometimes amaze me, Alex." shaking her head in disbelieve "Yes, the boys have phoned. They said it'll be just after 8 o'clock."
"You know that both of their parents will be out tonight, leaving them behind to sleep in one room?"
"No, I don't. But please, tell me now, how YOU know."

I let her in on the story and there was more of the head-shaking and simultaneous smiles. I also told her, that it was 'mom' they're after and not 'daughter'. I filled her in on my plot and she gladly agreed: "Alex, how you manage those things .... te, te, te.", smiling broadly.
"You see, I'll have to talk to Helen, too. Is she ready, yet?"
"No, just give her some more minutes - you'll be surprised!"
I fixed the two uf us a drink when Helen came into the room. I first didn't recognise her. Wow! What a transition! She returned my look and swirreld around showing herself from all angles. Her flary skirt flew up and I was able to see her stocking-tops and suspender-straps.
"How do you like it?", she asked.

"Good enough to eat!" was my honest reply.
She wore one of Evelyn's extremely low-cut, black cocktail-dresses with loads of peticoats underneath, ending just above her knee, black fully fashioned stockings and patent leather 4" pumps. Her arms were wrapped in full length black silk opera-gloves. Evelyn must have helped her on her make-up and hair. She really looked the deal.
I went over to her and said:
"Look, dear, I have good news and good news. What do you want to hear first?"
Without waiting for her reply I resumed:
"YOU will be fucked by ME, tonight! .... Now is THAT good news?"
"If Madame agrees?!" looking over to Evelyn quizzicaly.
Instead of waiting for Evelyn to say something, I continued:
"MADAME will have nothing against that, because she will be busy eating two young cocks!" I looked her right into the eyes, saying:

"And WE will have the pleasure to watch all of that! .... Now, I ask you again: IS THAT GOOD NEWS?!"
Helen's face flushed with excitement and turned askingly towards Evelyn who said:

"Look dear, since almost a year, Alexander is the director of a beautiful movie called 'my life', starring me. I trust him in every way and he would never do anything which could do me harm. Matter of fact, I have never experienced him doing any harm to anybody. So, inspite of you calling me Madame, it's Alex who's showing the way. Just look at you. We know eachother for just a bit over two days and see what has already happend to you."
"Oh Madame, I have no reason to complain, I just didn't want to be a part of a misunderstanding."
"Don't you worry, Helen, I love the way it is and remember? It was me who wanted you to be fucked by Alex."
"Yes Madame, I remember and I am very happy with everything. I love you both."

"Now that everything is clear, we can go ahead with planning our evening entertainment, can't we?" We were all smiles again.
"So now here's the plot: We know when the guys arrive. We'll be ready for it. When they ring the door-bell, Helen and I will go to her room and switch-off all lights, leaving the connecting door ajar, just a bit to be able to have a peek through it. Then you start to play your game. I bet you, you have them in the nude, in no time."
"I'm really looking very much foreward to it!", Evelyn said enthusiasticaly.

"If you manage to suck their cocks, I will, at the same time, take Helen from behind."
"I will remember, dear .... Helen, could you just help me get dressed?", she added.
"Yes, Madame."
They both went to the bedroom, while I fixed myself another drink.
"I hope, the two of you don't get carried away! That'll ruin your make-up!" I shouted into direction bedroom.
"No, I'm just helping Madame to dress!"

After another drink, the sliding-doors were opened by Helen and Evelyn emerged from the semi-darkness of the bedroom. If there wouldn't have been a perfect fuck-night ahead, I would have raped her, there and then! Her outfit was basic black. She had donned a two-piece, that I had specialy tailor-made for her to wear on very special occasions. It consisted of jacket, veeeery low- and horizontaly cut with one line of golden buttons all the way down over her buttocks.

The black silk accentuated her perfect figure. As the jacket was very long, only 4" of the very short and very tight skirt came down to hardly mid.thigh. The skirt was so tight, that her suspenders and even her stocking-tops were producing clearly visible marks through the silk. Her legs were enceased in sheer black nylons and her tiny feet stuck in 5"slig-back sandals. The bright red of her toenails shimmering through the nylon. The air was filled with her heavy perfume. She stopped in her tracks and swirrled around, being a very happy girl.

"Isn't she just beautiful? Helen said softly.
"Oh yes, she certainly is .... Come here, daring." I said.
She made a real show of walking just the few paces over to me. She sat on the armrest beside me and kissed my cheek.
"I love you, Alex. I am so proud to be your woman."
"I love you too,my dear and I am very proud to have you."
She kissed me again and asked Helen to get us a drink. She looked at her watch and said:
"Ooops, in about a half hour we, sorry, - I - will have some visitors .... I'm really a bit nervous ...."she smiled.
To ease her mind, I said:

"I have forgotten the camera! Where shall we put it?"
We all got up looking for a good hiding-place.
"The only adequate place I could imagine is the planter besides the tv-set.", I said. "But the plants are a bit on the low side and there's not a lot of them, either!"
"And you've forgotten the mags!" Evelyn said.
"Yes! .... I'll get them!" I rushed out of the door to the elevator and downstairs to the concièrge.
"You still have the english girly-mags?" I asked.
"Yes Sir. Which one do you want?" He showed me a whole collection of them.
"All of them!"
"All of them?"
"YES, all of them! Put them on the bill, please!" I shouted being half way to the elevator again. Going up, I flicked through the pages. The stuff was just perfect. Full of women in stockings.

That was part of our plot, if 'PLAN#1' didn't work. I arrived at the door hoping that the lads weren't there already. I rang the bell. Evelyn opened and was very happy that she saw me instead of the boys. I rushed in like a thief.
"Close ..." Evelyn said.
"Have you found a place for the camera?
"Yes. They won't have any eyes for the furniture, dear!" Evelyn laughed.

"I guess so." smiling back.
By now, everybody was nervous. I mean real nervous. "Would it all work-out?" I asked myself. Usually, things I set do work, but there's always a first time, they say. "Hope my first time is not this time ...."I thought.
"Put the glasses away, Helen!"
"Yes, Sir."
"Have you switched the camera on?"
"Yes Sir."

At this moment, the door-bell went. I put my index-finger on my mouth as if anybody would make noises .... We had soft music on the radio, so low voices nobody would have been able to hear outside the door. Helen and I made our way to her room, quickly. We turned all lights off and I put the door slightly ajar. My heart was beating like a drum and I was pretty sure Helen's did the same. As I peeked through the inch-wide opening, I could just see Evelyn going to get the door.

The door opened and I heard her say:
"Good evening, gentlemen!"
"Good evening Madame", the young boys returned.
"Come in, please! .... Sit down!" I heard the guys taking a seat on the leather settee.
"Fancy a drink?"
"Yes, please!" I heard Jason say. I looked at Helen. She also was peeking through the crack, but all we were able to see was Evelyn. When I looked at her she looked up at me and made a quick waving move with her right hand in front of her chest, indicating that her heart'd beaten wild. I losened my belt and indicated to her, that she should help me getting my trousers off. When she pulled my zipper down, I heard Evelyn say:
"What would you care for?"
"A coke, if you don't mind?" Jason replied.
"A coke only, for such strong lads? How about a splash of brandy in it?"
"Sounds fine?!" 'BIG' Jason replied.

I heard her pour the drinks and then she came into view with two glasses in her hand. The color of the coke was fairly light, so I guess she has poured a good measure of brandy. She left my sight again to go to the bar to get her glass, I presumed. I was right. She returned with a large tumbler of an equally large scotch in her hand. She looked at the lads on the settee opposite and began to sit down. She kept her legs paralell and bent-over, letting the lads have a good look down her cleavage, saying:
"Cherio!" it came back from the guys.
"Take a good gulp. It'll make you feel real warm and cosy."

Helen drank and said:
"That was a nice-one, lads."
With that, she pushed herself back into the arm-chair and the inevitable happend: SHE CROSSED HER LEGS! It was not simply crossing legs. It was a celebration. To me, her movements appeared to be in slow-motion. She crossed them real high and real slow. Even I was able to see her stocking-tops and an extended measure of thigh. When her leg came to a rest, I thought I still was able to see some flesh above her stocking-tops. Meanwhile my trousers, my shoes and my socks were off and Helen started to play with my dick, absentminded like me, totaly mesmerised by the action.

"Maybe you've noticed, that my daughter couldn't make it, tonight. Her boyfriend came from London and they're out dancing. You don't mind the company of an OLD Lady like me?"
"You're NOT OLD!" the lads huried in. "You are just the right age."
"The right age? .... For what?" Evelyn contered.

The lads stuttered away and my girl started to laugh her sexy laugh. She uncrossed her legs and said: "Chirio!" again.
I guess the guys were happy to get away this easy.
"Chirio, Madame!" it came back.
"You can call me Evelyn .... What's your name?"
" .... and yours?"
"Shall we drink to brotherhood?"
"What's that?" Jason asked.
"We get up, stand opposite eachother, then we form two loops with the arms holding the glass and interlink them like segments of a chain and thus finish our drinks. When everybody has done that with everyone, we're in our own brotherhood.
"That's fun!" That was the first, Paul said. I gussed the alcohol was doing the trick.
After they finished the ceremony under a lot of giggles, my girl said:
"And now comes the final bond. We have to seal it with a kiss!"
I could see the lads looking at eachother when Evelyn said:
"Lost your courage? Who's first?"
As nobody wanted to be first (stupid idiots), Evelyn said:
"Paul. You're first." Evelyn pulled him a bit closer and gave him a short peck on his lips. I thought he'd faint. It was exactly the same with Jason.
"Let's sit down again." The lads followed her orders and they sat down. but my girl kept on standing.
"Now that we're having our own brotherhood, we have to make an oath. Is that OK with you?"
"Yes Madame!" the two replied.
"Call me Evelyn!"
"Yes, Evelyn."

"OK, the oath is that noone will tell anybody anything about one of the other brothers. Not even to your parents or teachers!.... Oath?" The lads somewhat repeated what Evelyn has said and they swore that nobody will ever learn anything about another brother. The table was set.
"Oh Jason, can you find some better music on the radio?"
"Certainly Evelyn!" He got up and soon came into my view. His head was bright red through the heat the brandy and coke produced. After a bit of probing, he found some modern disco-stuff and my girl said:
"Like to dance, Paul?"
"Not really ...."
"Aw, come on Paul!" She leaned over the table and suddenly appeared with Paul by her hand. She positioned him opposite and started to dance very seductively. Both lad's eyes were glued to her figure. Every inch of her body was virtually sucked-in by them. Jason started dancing, too. Evelyn stretched her arms out over her head, her hemline rising showing her stocking-tops. Her boobs were quivering like jelly when she moved to the music.
"Do you like my dress, fellas?", swaying her hips.

They nodded their heads in quiet admiration.
"Or do you think it's too short, Paul?" With that, she looked down herself and lifted her hem a bit, with her right hand, looking straight at him.
"No, Evelyn, just right."
"It allows me to show-off my legs. All guys like looking at legs and I like when they do."
"Do you like to look at women's legs, too, Jason?"
"Yes, Evelyn."
"You sometimes try to look up their skirts, too?" Without waiting for an answer she continued
"How do you like my sandals? You can talk openly, lads."
"I think they're very sexy." Paul said.
"Do your moms wear sandals like that?"
"No.", Jason answered, this time, chuckled with laughter.
"Paul, what do you find sexy with my shoes?"
"The high-heels, I guess."
"And you, Jason, do you like my shoes, too?"
"Yes, Evelyn."
After about 5 more mercyless mins of dancing very seductively she asked the two:

"Do you have girl-friends?" The lads denied that.
"Do you fancy a prticular girl?" The lads denied that too.
"Have you ever REALLY kissed a girl, Paul? Not a peck, though."
"No, Evelyn."
"And you, Jason?"
"Me neither."
"Would you like to know what it's like to kiss a girl for real?"
"Yes!", their faces lit-up to an even brighter red.
"You would like to kiss ME, Paul?"
"Yes, Evelyn."

"Then come here!" She pulled him closer, the two embraced and, as he was a lot smaller than she was in her heels, she had to bend a bit in the knees and with her head down, she kissed him. They were only six or seven paces from where we were and I could exactly see when Evelyn pushed her tongue in between of his lips. He found-out that he had to involve his tongue too and soon enough, their mouths were wide open and kissing heavily. Evelyn put her leg foreward to touch Pauls little prick, which was fully erect by now. Evelyn broke up and said that it was Jason's turn now. The same procedure as with Paul and the same effect.
"Oooh it's still hot, isn't it? Let's sit down for a while." The guys were taking their seat on the sofa again while my girl let herself slump into the arm-chair, swinging both her legs over the right-hand arm-rest.
"Did you like that?"
"Yes, Evelyn", they both returned.

The lads must have been stealing the odd glance up her skirt, when, after a little while, Evelyn started to talk again:
"Do you have a good view from there?" Silence.
"Do you have a good view from there, I asked!"
"What do you mean by that, Evelyn?" Paul said quietly.
"I have been watching you two gazing at my legs and trying to look up my skirt all the time and I wonder, if you have a good view from there."
Not a word from the lads. Dead silence.
"Do you have a good view from over-there, I asked?"
"We're sorry, but you have such beautiful legs, Evelyn." She went on questioning him:
"Do you like my legs so much or do you want to see what I'm hiding under my skirt, Jason?"
"Your legs are so beautiful and ever so long!"
"And you, Paul? Do you find them long, too?"
"They're very long and sexy, specialy in your black tights."
"I'm not wearing tights! .... So, wouldn't you like to have a closer look to find-out WHAT I'm wearing underneath my skirt?"
Again, no sound from the youths.
"I wouldn't mind you having a closer look - in fact - I would like it!"

"Jason! Wouldn't you find it more convenient to come a little closer to have a better view? As I said - I wouldn't mind."
"Yes." It came silent, but he must have plugged-up all of his courage to admit it.
"Then come here and sit on the table."
I heard him get up and he came into view waliking around the table where he then sat down on the very edge, just in front of Evelyn.
"That's no good. You're too high up! This way you'll never be able see up my skirt. Paul, help Jason to move the table out of the way."
I heard Paul get up and them carry the table to the side.
"Now sit on the floor in front of me, you two."
The lads did as they were told. We had a perfect view of the three of them, now. Jason and Paul were fire-red in the face looking down on the floor, when Evelyn swung both her legs from the arm-rest over Paul's head into the middle of them.
"Now, don't you want to have a look?" The lads looked up and she slowly crossed her legs high. They sucked it all in. By now, her trouser-fronts were like tents and she knew, that she was in total command.
"Sitting down there, gives you a better look up my skirt, dosen't it?"

The lads said "Yes.", ashamed.
"Have you seen what I am wearing underneath?"
"Yes Evelyn.", Paul said.
"What am I wearing on my legs?"
"Stockings.", Paul answered.
"Have you ever seen a woman wearing stockings?"
"No", was their answer.
"Do you find them sexy, Paul?
"And you, Jason?"
"Do you wonder what they feel like, Jason?"
"Yes Evelyn."
"You both can have a feel at them, if you give me something in return."
"What would that be?" Jason asked.
"Your jackets and shirts!" Paul looked at Jason and nodded his head. The lads pulled their jackets and shirts off, without letting their eyes drop from underneath Evelyn's skirt.
"That's fine .... Now you may touch my stockinged legs."
The two youngsters immediately started to carress her legs with both hands. Paul fingered her right leg and Jason her left. When they tried to creep-up over her knees, Evelyn suddenly said:
"Hold it, young men! If you want to get higher, you'll have to pay for it!"
The youths were beyond the point of no return, now. The haze of the alcohol, the unusual situation, the sheer beauty of my sexy Evelyn and their own sex-drive took all inhibitions away from them.
"What is it you want us to do?" Paul asked.
"Your trousers are next!"
Inspite of being seated, they had their trouser off, in no time and started to work their way higher on Evelyn's legs.
"As high as my stocking-tops, only!" They obeyed her order.
Evelyn was taking it all in. The lads, their little stiffies, their shame, their horniness, their youth. She teased them by moving her crossed legs a bit from left to right and by raising and lowering her left crossed-over leg.
"Do you like it?"
"Yes.", they mutually answered.
"As you are real gentlemen, obeying my orders, I'll give you a bonus-treat." God, she was playing hard. So was Helen with herself. My prick was dribbling pre-come like pea-soup from the mouth of 100-year-old.
Evelyn got up and started slowly to unbutton her jacket from the bottom to the top, the boys still caressing her legs. When she reached the top, she slightly parted either side of her jacket, to bring the center of her black, lacy bra into view. The lads were hypnotised as she commenced parting the sides of her jacket further, until all of her beautiful tits, nested on her half-cups, came into view. Her erect, hard nipples were clearly visible. The youths mouths were wide open.
"Do you like what you see?"
"Yes .... yes .... yes.", the lads kept on repeating, quietly.
"Have you ever seen the breasts of a woman so closely, Paul?"
"No, Evelyn.", he whispered.
"Would you like to touch them?"

"Would the two of you take all of your clothes off for me, then?"
Without an answer, Jason started to take everything off and when he slid his underpants off, his young 5" prick sprang into view. I saw that Paul had the same size tool but was circumsized. Both of their prick-heads were glistening with pre-come. When Evelyn set eyes on those naked youths, she sucked-in air, making a noise. She put her hands on either side of her hips and slid her skirt higher, slowly, until the hem reached her stocking-tops. She then sat slowly down and said:
"Now get up and stand on either side of me." her voice was trembling, slightly.
The lads were uneasy on their own feet. They nearly stumbled the two paces to her side. When they reached her, Evelyn slowly said:
"Now you can touch them" and closed her eyes, letting her head fall back.
The youth's hands were shaking, as they closed-up on her tits. Paul made it there first and ever so gently he cupped her right tit into his right hand beginning to squeeze it lightly. Jason did likewise and Evelyn was starting to breath heavier. Paul swithed to his left hand to enable his right to caress Evelyn's thighs. As Jason saw that he did the same. After about 5 mins, she opened her eyes, slowly looking at her tits and the tiny hands massaging them, then looked the lads straight into their faces, one by one.
"Do you like that?"

"Yes!", they said in a voice so low, I could hardly hear.
"Would you .... would you like to see more?"
"Yes.", it came again.
"Would you .... would you like to see .... what's hidden under my skirt?" I felt that it was hard for Evelyn to conceal her excitement. She didn't want to scare the youths.
"Yes!", so quietly.

Evelyn got up and pulled the zipper of her skirt, slowly. Nearly tooth by tooth. Equally slowly, she pulled it down looking at the lads alternatively. When she stuck her bum out a bit, after her skirt had slid over it, the lads must have realised, that she wasn't wearing any panties. Their pricks moving faster with their excellerated heart-beats.
"Go and ly on the bed, you two!"
The lads did as they were told, swaying like drunken seamen on their way. Evelyn turned around and approached them, slowly. She too had it hard to keep her footing. When she came to the bed, she knelt down by Jason's side and said nearly completely in control again:

"I will show you something really wonderful, now. Women like to do it and it's completely natural. So don't be afraid!"
With that, she took Jason's little pecker into her mouth and as soon as she did, he came with a loud moan. She sucked him dry, swollowing every drop and then went over to Paul.
"Would you like me to do that to you, too?"
"Yes, Evelyn."

She grabbed his little tool and he spurted his first shot even before Evelyn had managed to put her gorgeous mouth over it. Nevertheless she sucked the last drop out of him. She smiled at them, got to the foot of the bed and lay down on her back, in the middle of them. As soon as she rested, she spread her legs wide and said:

"You can do with me what you want." and closed her eyes.
The lads were all-over her stockinged legs and tits, probing every orfice of her body. Suddenly she said:
"Paul, kiss my stockinged legs and you Jason, kiss my feet." The lads immediately did what Evelyn had ordered.
"Come up to me, now.", she said after a while.

By now, Helen had moved in front of me, guiding my prick to her soaken pussy. We both peeked through the crack as I fucked her for all I was worth. The lads were rubbing their stiffies on her nylon legs and she grabbed one, in each hand and slowly started wanking them. The boys were breathing heavily and Evelyn said:
"Paul, lie on top of me." He clumsily lay upon her, she raised her legs on either side of him and guided his little prick into her cunt. He immediately started pumping in and out. Jason was watching it in delight when my girl said to him:

"Would you like me to take it in my mouth again?"
He nodded his head and moved to the top of the bed, bridging of her head and she inserted his little tool.

This was just too much for me and Helen to take. We climaxed with the strength of a hurricane. I held my right hand over her mouth to stop her from making any noises. It was hard to keep silent myself, but any disturbance would have been desasterous for all of us, but mainly the young lads. When I came to my senses again, I saw that the lads have changed position. Now Jason fucked her and she had Paul's little pecker in her mouth. What amazed me was, that Paul did to her mouth what he just learned doing to her pussy! He fucked her face, well and truely. Evelyn was mentally gone. I saw that from her moves. She was all sex.

I got dressed again and motioned to Helen to follow me. We left her room and went down to the lobby. She just vanished into the "Ladies" to check on her make-up and after she came out, I said:

"We'll have to stop this, upstairs. The lads have to come to a rest - a long rest - before their parents come back!"

"That's right! Can you imagine them coming back and seeing those heaps of sex-craved, utterly shaken lads? My God, they'll suspect something immediately! Then they'll investigate and we're in deep ....." She didn't want to say SHIT, but that's where we would surely end-up in.
"Exactly!" I stated.
"Leave them some extra minutes to recoup, Sir." She was right.
So after another 10mins, I called Evelyn. It didn't take too long for her to answer.
"St. John?"

"Evelyn, it's me. We have to get the lads out of our room! I'll tell you why, later. You'll say: Oh darling, you're here? and tell them that I am at the airport and that they should not let on that you know eachother, when you meet inside the hotel. Tell them to go to their room, directly and call us in the bar as soon as they're out. Get what I want to say?"

"Yes, darling."
"Now say it!" and she said:
"You're at the airport, how wonderful! Yes, I'll be expecting you. See you in a minute, darling! Bye-bye!"
I turned to Helen:
"That worked!" and grinned.
"Madame is right. You're really something in working-out plots.!"
"Yep! Let's go to the bar and have a drink .... Makes a change!"
As we sat down, I ordered Champagne to toast to that highly wonderful experience we just had.

"Sir, can I say something?"
"Go ahead, Helen."
"WOW!" she said virtually ripping her eyes to maximum size in a face of utter surprise, putting her hand on her forehead.
"I never thought that possible. Remember when she said whether they had a good view from where they sat?"
"Yes.", I giggled.
"What an opening-line!"
"Unbelievable, isn't it just?" I added.
"Certainly, Sir ... I immediately went wet as an ocean." Now SHE giggled.

People in the bar looked a little disturbed by us. People just can't get into their brains, that young and mature mixes VERY WELL! Most of the times it's just jealousy. I don't care a monkey's toss, I guarantee!

The bartender came up to me and said:
"It's for you, Sir" and handed me the mobile.
"Yes, dear."
"They're gone."
"We'll be upstairs in a jiff." Turning to Helen:
"The air is clear, Helen." grinning. We finished our Champagne and set off to the elevators.

Knocking on the door, Evelyn opened. She had a black robe on and still looked a bit shattered. She embraced me immediately and whispered in my ear: "Thank you, darling. I love you!" I kissed her and returned:
"I love you too!"

Helen said: "Madame, I don't know what to say .... You were gorgeous! .... May I kiss you?" Evelyn offered her cheek and Helen kissed her.
"Let's sit down, girls!" I said and then to Evelyn: "I guess you need a drink!"
"Oh yes, I'd love to have one."
I poured her a stiff scotch and gave it to her. She had a big gulp.
"Tell me - how did you experience it?" After a little pause, she started:

"It was heaven. I felt so much in control." She continued shaking her head: " .... I still can't believe it really happened! .... When they came in, I could feel the dampness on the top of my thighs, already! .... I could feel their looks virtually burning on my legs when I fixed them their drinks. They must have felt immediately what was about to happen, I guess .... Their faces .... I could read their horny minds .... 'Please, take us' was written all-over them .... At least, that's what I sensed. You were right, Alex. The plot worked as you predicted."

"I was a horny lad myself, some uncounted number of years ago, you know?", I said smiling. Then she continued. Helen was glued to her lips:
"After I crossed my legs for the first time, they couldn't conceal their little stiffies any longer and I knew, that we wouldn't be needing the girlie-mags anymore."

"Why the girlie-mags, Madame, Sir?" I lifted the mystery:
"If it wouldn't have worked-out by now, Evelyn would have given some fake excuse to leave the suite for a little while and then would have put the mags on the table saying something along the lines of .... There you have something to read until I come back, or: that'll shorten your waiting for me, etc..

The Evelyn would have returned and would have asked them what girl they'd prefer, if there wouldn't have been a sufficient answer, she would have picked one with stockings on and would have asked them if they like that. If they would have said yes, Evelyn would have said that she wears sockings too and if they would like to see them, touch them and so on. If they wouldn't have fallen then, we would have called it a day. It's that simple."
"Simple is something else, Sir. What a fabulous plot!" Saying that, Helen quickly clapped her hands, smiling all-over. Evelyn continued:

"I decided to get them in the mood a bit further as I asked them to dance. I was feeling so good with their eyes feasted on my body sawaying to the music. When I asked them if they found my dress too short, I first wanted to pull it up that far, that they'd be able to see my pussy, but I held myself back. It wasn't easy, I tell you. Then after I've put them through some questions, it came real natural, when I asked them for the kiss. They were over-due for action. So was I. I selected Paul to be first, as he appeared to be the shy one.

When I felt his tiny lips on mine, I had to force my tongue into his mouth, but then he picked it up, very quickly. I was close to climax. Jason has seen, what Paul has done and he opened his mouth fairly quickly, after our lips have met, but he didn't check that he had to use his tongue until I started to search for it and when I found it, he responded real nice. He'll be a great kisser, when he grows up. What I found real funny was, that they were actually finding my sandals sexually exciting. Did you hear that when they remarked about their high heels? The hardest thing to me was when I asked them whether they had a good view from where they sat. Iwas afraid, they'd not understand what I meant, or run away. So that has taken me some convincing myself. Even when I said it, it was like somebody else said it. Funny, isn't it? But when it was said, everything else thereafter was fairly simple. When I ordered them to move the table, I could see their little stiffies and when they finaly sat down just inches in front of me, I was in heaven. They were so ashamed of their own sexuality and yet eager to continue. You should have seen their faces when I started to unbutton my jacket. When they saw my breasts, their last resistance was broken. They were beyond the point of no return. So was I. I was going crazy when I saw their little, exposed pricks for the first time and when they felt my breasts I started climaxing immediately until I asked them whether they wanted to see what's under my skirt. When I got up to remove my skirt, sliding it over my bottom, seeing the way they were looking at me, I had a second wave. I was in a haze, I tell you. It was a dreamlike setting. Cotton-wool everywhere. You know what I mean?

Without seeing our nodding heads, she continued:

"I think I just came again, just talking about it! .... Can you imagine? .... When they looked at me, completely naked but for my underwear and sandals, I ordered them to get onto the bed, as I wanted to have their pricks in my mouth. I just had to taste them! .... And they tasted sweeeet .... When I have let them fuck me, they did everything they could to re-pay me my favours. I have lost count on how many times I came, since they entered the front-door. Paul spunked into my pussy and Jason into my mouth again. After all that, they were just exhausted .... like me. We had a little rest on the bed with me caressing both of her flacid pricks, when you called. I said that my husband is at the airport and it would be a good idea for them to leave immediately. They grabbed their things, got dressed in a flash, I told them to move the table to it's original position again, before they left AND, the most important, pretend not to know me or Helen, if we'd meet again anywhere on the hotel-grounds AND to remember the oath of our brotherhood! I checked their clothes for unwanted marks .... and off they went. Now, here we are."
"God, I'm wet again!" Helen said. She spread her legs and had a look down to her pussy, dragged her hand through the cleft and showed us the result by saying: "Look!" Evelyn and I looked at each other, starting to laugh instantly. Helen looked at us in disbelieve and than bursted with laughter, as well. Rest assured, we had dinner and went to bed fairly early that night. Sex was no subject.

The next morning, having breakfast, I decided we pack our things and get the early flight home (no package-tours with me, lads! Never had and never will!), as I thought that there might be a problem arising with the two lads.

First they shouldn't see me with the girls and secondly - who knows, what an oath means to them, when they see Evelyn and Helen by the pool-side again? Too many unpredictables in this.
The porters came to bring the luggage to the taxi. After 5mins the girls went downstairs to check and then they called me to join them. Nobody we didn't want to see saw us. We felt like thieves leaving the crime-scene. When we sat in the cab and were around the first corner, out of sight of the hotel, we bursted with laughter. The cab-driver didn't know what hit him. He looked into the rear-view mirror, over his shoulder to Helen in the passenger-seat, his head flying. Seeing that, our laughter became hysterical. And when the cab-driver started to laugh himself, we totaly went over the top. What a crazy, horny weekend. BUT! It wasn't over, yet.

On the plane, Helen sat beside an old, horny tosser. She pulled an "Evelyn" on him, showing her stocking-tops - her teasing was mercyless. The guy had all the symptoms of a major heart insufficiency: Sweat on his forehead, in the palms of his hands, red head, white hands - the lot. He wanted to have her address, badly. Finally she gave it to him. A fake one. We had a good laugh about that, too!
On the plane, I had an idea with which I wanted to wait telling until we were at home. I think, that was my best idea ever.

I opened the front door and the cabby helped us with the luggage. I paid him and he left a happy man.
"GIRLS, I HAD A FABULOUS IDEA, ON THE PLANE!" I said with all pathos I was able to produce.
"Helen, do you like being a sales-girl?"
"No, not really, Sir. But if all customers would be like Madame, I'd LOVE it!"
"Reality is something else, isn't it?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Who got you that job?"
"I got it myself!" she replied proudly.
"What would your parents say, if you'd all of a sudden, change your employer?"
I looked at my girl and her faces brightened up. She knew already what I was after.
"Nothing. They'd rather have me out of their way, to be honest with you, Sir."
I waited for that moment, one waits before one puts a change into somebody else's life.
"Would you like to work for us?"
Helen opened her mouth - wide-eyed and legless, she was.
"YES!" she shouted, jumping up.
I said: "Wait a minute!" She sat down again, her knees pressed together, looking at her folded hands, when I continued:
"Wouldn't you like to know as WHAT we'd employ you?"
She was up on her feet again, hopping about like a cangoo, insane:
"I don't care as what! I'll do everything for you!"
"Quiet!" I commanded, surpressing my smiles. She snapped seated like a swiss army knife.
"You'll be our maid. Evelyn will tell you your future tasks. You'll get a uniform, a salary, the works. How do you like that?"
"Can I get up now, Sir?"

She totaly flipped. She was all-over the shop. She kissed Evelyn and me, alternatively until she calmed down a bit sitting on an easy-chair holding her heart as if she suffered an attack. She almost hyperventilated. When she came to her senses again, she said:
"That means, I can be with you all the time?"
"I don't believe this. You're pulling my leg!" She suddenly was afraid that I was joking.
"No, it's true."
"When can I start?"
"How about now?"
"What shall I do?"
"We'll get the suit-cases upstairs and Evelyn will tell you where everything will go and you'll unpack."
I wanted to get a suit-case, when she said:
"No Sir, that is my duty. I am happy to do it."
"Yes, Sir."
"We'll be picking-up your stuff at your home, tonight. Is that OK?"
"Yes, wonderful!"
She rushed upstairs, a heavy suit-case in each hand.
Evelyn got up, approaching me:
"You ARE the best man in the World and I am so lucky that I've met you."
"Cut the crap!" We laughed.
"Madame?!", Helen came running to the top of the stairs, "Can you show me where everything goes?"
"She is veeery motivated!" my girl whispered, smiling.
"I do hope it stays that way!" I returned.

Evelyn went upstairs, I switched-on the tv and I fixed myself a drink, which is always a good idea.
It must have been a good quater of an hour, when I saw a familiar face peering through the terrace-window. It was the neighbour's son. I had forgotten his name, already. I'm very bad with remembering names, anyway. I just got up to open the sliding-doors to let him in, when he ran away." What a silly bugger!", I said-out loud. So I went upstairs and found the girls in my dressing-room.
"Guess who was at our tarrace-window, just now?" I said to Evelyn.
"No idea! Tell me."



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